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Microsoft Windows XP Professional UPGRADE with SP2
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Product Description

Upgrade only; previous version of XP required Get the most out of your operating system, and avoid the bugs that can slow down your computer's performance. This upgrade combined with the newest Service pack delivers the enhancements you need for a faster, more capable PC. Security Center offers a central control system for your Windows XP security -- work with the firewalls, auto updates and antivirus tools Great news for people sick of pop-up ads - The built-in pop-up blocker controls them, with a new submenu and status bar icons The new Add-Ons manager gives you instant access to all the Browser Helper Objects and extensions, enabling and disabling them easily The firewall now has its own control panel, for customizing firewall setting to suit any connection Enhancements to the Windows Update service make installing new updates easy -- you can even choose which ones to install, if any Wireless Networking - Multiple wireless connections to choose from

With Windows XP Professional Edition with Service Pack 2, you get safer browsing and communication, powerful security tools, and improved experiences. Windows XP is the operating system release that unifies the Microsoft range, with all the desktop versions now built on the NT/2000 code base rather than the shakier foundation of Windows 95, 98, and Me. That makes XP a great upgrade for users of the now-obsolete 9x and Me line, but for those already on Windows 2000 Professional it is a closer call. Despite the similar name, there is no special synergy between Windows XP and Office XP, which works fine on Windows 2000.

The Security Center lets you check the status of your essential security settings.

XP certainly looks different, with rounded window corners, larger and more detailed icons, and a clean-look desktop that on first installation shows only the taskbar and Recycle Bin. XP is also more customizable than earlier versions of Windows, and includes visual themes that let you change the whole appearance of Windows in an instant. That is the window-dressing, but underneath are some significant improvements. One of the most interesting is Remote Desktop. A standard XP feature, this uses technology from Microsoft Terminal Server to enable users to access their computer over any connection; for example, by dialing into the office from home.

This is not just file access--this technology lets you run applications remotely as if you were sitting at your desk at work. This is mature technology, stable and carefully thought out. So, for example, you can print from a remote word processor to a local printer. A variation on the theme is Remote Assistance, where the user can allow a remote helper to view their desktop, or optionally gain control of the keyboard and mouse, in order to troubleshoot a problem. The feature can also be disabled to ease security concerns.

Laptop users benefit from enhanced power management, with options to extend battery life by reducing CPU speed and display brightness. IrDA support has been fixed so that, unlike Windows 2000, Windows XP can easily use modems in mobile telephones via infrared. A new screen font, ClearType, improves legibility for laptop or other flat screens, and there is built-in support for wireless networking using the popular 802.11 standard. A great feature of XP, also found in Windows 2000, is the ability to synchronize network files with offline copies. Previously, these files could not be stored securely, but now they can be encrypted.

The Information Bar in Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 notifies you when it blocks ActiveX control or active content and then lets you decide what to do.

For Web browsing, XP comes with Internet Explorer 6.0. The enhancements in IE 6.0 are mainly of interest to Web developers, and in any case Microsoft makes IE freely available to all Windows users. Although Java is not installed by default, it is not difficult to download a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Windows Messenger, originally a chat client, has evolved into a collaboration tool that allows for video conferencing and application sharing.

Service Pack 2 allows users to instruct Internet Explorer how to handle downloads from a specific publisher

The most significant new feature for Internet users is the built-in firewall. A firewall protects against one of the most disturbing security risks, in which other users unknown to you might connect to your computer while it is online, reading private files or causing other damage. XP's built-in firewall is a simple affair, but it does prevent most types of unauthorized connection.

Windows XP has strong multimedia features. The new Media Player lets you copy music from CD to hard disk, create your own playlist, and write your own music CDs if you have a CD writer. Although there is loss of quality as a result of compression, the process is easy and convenient. Media Player 8.0 can play back DVD video, but only if a hardware or software DVD decoder is already installed. You can also play MP3 audio files and MPEG videos, but sadly, not the popular RealMedia formats. In the end, Media Player does nothing that you cannot also do with free alternatives, but it is slick and nicely integrated.

The XP user interface is not a radical departure from earlier versions of Windows, but there are a number of small changes that together add up to a significant improvement. The Start menu now automatically features the most frequently used programs at the top of the list, and you can add and remove shortcuts by right-clicking the icon and selecting Pin or Unpin from the pop-up menu. Windows online help is integrated into a Help and Support Center that works like an internal Web site, with searchable help, tutorials, and walk-throughs.

Windows XP Professional includes all the features of Windows XP Home, and adds support for dual processors, encryptable file systems, offline folders, the Remote Desktop as described above, and extra administration features that come into play when connected to a Windows server domain. XP is demanding on hardware, and it would be a mistake to install it on less than Microsoft's recommended minimum requirements. There is also activation to consider, a mildly annoying anti-piracy measure that requires you to obtain a code from Microsoft for full installation, and in the future if you reinstall or make major system changes.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Features

Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker Makes browsing the Internet more enjoyable by enabling you to reduce unwanted ads and content.
Internet Explorer download monitoring Warns you about potentially harmful downloads and gives you the option to block files that could be malicious.
Internet Explorer Information Bar Provides better information about events that are happening as you browse the Web, so it’s easier to know what’s going on and address potential security issues.
Windows Security Center Allows you to easily view your security status and manage key security settings in one convenient place.
Windows Firewall update Automatically turned on by default, this improved firewall helps protect Windows XP from viruses, worms, and other security threats that can spread over the Internet.
Improved wireless support Dramatically improves and simplifies the process of discovering and connecting to wireless networks.
Bluetooth technologies Enables you to easily connect to the latest Bluetooth-enabled hardware devices such as keyboards, cell phones, and PDAs.
Windows Media Player 9 Series Makes it easy to enjoy music, video, and broadband content with enhanced security.
  • Automatically keep your PC up-to-date with the latest security enhancements including the Windows Security Center, Windows Firewall
  • Windows XP Professional provides rich, wireless network support, helping you simply and easily connect to wireless networks whether in your home, office, or out on the road
  • Quickly set up and connect all the computers, printers, devices, and an Internet connection in your home with the all new Network Setup Wizard
  • Encrypting File System provides an additional level of file protection from hackers and data theft by transparently encrypting files with a randomly generated key
  • Clean, simple design of Windows XP Professional puts the features you use most often at your fingertips, helping you find them quickly

Customer Reviews:

  • Upgrading to XP Pro
    I was a little nervous to attempt an upgrade from Windows 98 to XP because of some of the problems I've read that individuals had doing so. When I began the upgrade, there was a option to select that would test your PC to see if it was upgradeable and it told me that mine was not. However, when I restarted my PC with the upgrade DISC already installed, the upgrade began it's process. There's an option to print out instructions during the installation, I suggest that one do this so that you can have a paper copy of what to do next. Once I picked the correct options, the upgrade proceded without a hitch. Make sure you have at least 128MB of RAM and free hardrive memory space before you begin. The XP installation was a success and now it's like I have a new PC. I love it. ...more info
  • SP 2 works fine for me
    No idea why people are trashing SP2, since it introduces a lot of stability and security enhancements. In the latter dept. it's still not robust yet; you need a firewall (e.g., a router or ZoneAlarm software) and a free anti-virus program (AVG, from to beef up your security. But in many other aspects SP2 fixes stability and security holes and it installed seamlessly on my PCs and has made things soemwhat better.

    This XP Pro upgrade is for people who have XP Home installed. The added advantages of XP Pro include 1) the ability to encrypt files and folders at the OS level; 2) the ability to control read/write/access rights of individual files and folders; 3) enhanced networking support; 4) dual-processor support; 5) and more. I chose XP Pro over Home for the first two reasons, as I'm paranoid about people snooping on my PC when I take a shower or dump....more info
  • Disaster
    Microsoft's Windows XP Professional is one of the better alternatives out there when it comes to O/S. Of course, Linux is for free, and it is much more stable that Windows. However, if you are not a geek like me, it is likely that you will find Linux Ugly, and hard to use. Solaris is just a no-no for a desktop user because it is even more frustrating than Linux. Mac OS on the other hand is in the class of its own. I am not going to start arguing what is best, but unless you are a Mac Lover, which as Howard Stern says are, "last of a dying breed," then you are better off getting this product. Get the professional version though since it has desktop remoting and much more useful stuff. Now, why 2 stars? For me, Security is the most important thing, and I hate to download zillions of patches everyday just to cover .0001 percent of security holes that Microsoft has left in its O/S. Vista, looks beautiful though. Not sure how the security is improved?!...more info
  • Upgrades are never as good
    Generally speaking, to get the best performance from any operating system a clean install of a full version is recommended. The best choice is to choose a full version of the product and enjoy the benefits of not being left with artifacts and leftover's of your previous operating system which can lead to instability in certain cases. I would only buy this on a limited budget....more info
  • Do not buy this -- Remote Desktop is buggy in this version
    I bought this upgrade specifically to use remote desktop -- however it does not work. There are many reports on the web re. Remote desktop black/blank screen no login dialog box.
    I have used remote desktop on other machines & connections without problem but there is clearly a problem with many connections using the version in WindowsXP sp2. Microsoft has not acknowledged the problem, produced a KB article or a fix for this yet. My suggestion is to avoid this until at least XP sp3 is issued. Concensus seems to think this is due to a poorly designed/implemented remote desktop protocol -- apparently it does not handle fragmented packets.
    [Some have found changing the MTU size from 1500 to 1400 using a third party tool fixes it for them. However this did not work for me.]...more info
  • Windows XP professional, do you need it?
    If you're reading this. You want to upgrade, your old computer to Windows XP Professional Edition here are a few things to keep in mind.

    First thing is, you can download service pack two for Windows update. So no need to buy it integrated with XP.

    These are what I consider the minimum system requirements:

    256 MB of RAM. I have found is adequate more equals better.
    500 MHz or higher will do.
    7200 rpm hard drive will help a lot.

    If you're running Windows millennium edition, or 98 upgrade now the stability is vastly improved. Gone are the blue screens of death.

    Frequently asked question: is Windows XP Pro better than home edition?

    Windows XP Pro has a more high-end networking features that most home users will never miss or would even know were missing. So for most users Windows home edition is fine. They both are based on the same code and are almost identical.

    If you're thinking of upgrading from Windows 2000, I did, because I like the GUI interface better. But Windows XP is as stable as Windows 2000. So it's your call.

    The plug-and-play ability of Windows XP is totally great! Windows XP will by default find most drivers for video card sound cards, network cards, etc. that is such a bonus gone in the days of having to search for CDs with drivers.

    I recommend upgrading to Windows XP be a professional or home edition. It is a great operating system

    Have some fun and get it done ...more info
  • XP Bad, SP2 Horrible.
    XP is only "good" if compared to previous, even worse versions of Windows. That is not really a fair comparison, and really shows how little of the computer world most people are actually aware of.

    SP2 is just the latest piece of junk M$ put out to quiet (for a time) their critics. What did they do? Mostly, they turned on a useless firewall (useless because you can get much better for free, not to mention the fact that it breaks a number of applications).

    When I was pushed SP2 a while back, it took me 1:30 hours to revert my laptop to a useable state. So, Caveat Emptor....more info
  • Old Windows XP
    What can you say its software....its was priced OK, shipping was free and it arrived when worries, Mon!! Revived an HP laptop that fried its hard drive.

    CONS; Count 'em 107 updates were required upon installation.....yes you read it right that is 107 updates....took longer to download and install the updates via a wireless connection that it did to install op sys and all the required drivers in the first place. LOVE Windows!!...more info
  • If you value your PC--DON'T GET SP2!
    Windows XP SP2 is a headache especially if you are upgrading. Windows XP started out as pretty good and then the Microsoft Committees ruined it. People who have upgraded have had trouples with devices not working, Anti-Virus software not working correctly and guess what--IT STILL HAS SECURITY FLAWS! The IT world has had nothing nice to say about this crappy SP....more info
  • Have a backup plan ready...
    I work for a small business, and have need of 6 pc's logging onto my computer. We have Windows XP Home edition currently, but Home edition would only allow 5 pc's at a time to log on to my pc. We purchased the upgrade from, and shortly recieved the package. I backed up our data, just in case something went wrong. In the middle of the installation, the setup program was unable to read one of the files on the disc, and caused an error that could not be averted. It would not let me move forward in the installation, nor would it let me return to Windows Home edition. So, in short, I'm stuck until I get another disc in here. The company I purchased it from was very un-helpful (Tech for less) in helping me to find a replacement disc. This setback caused us many problems for us for about 3 weeks, which is an eternity for a small business.
    I don't know how functional this upgrade is, as I never got it installed, but I highly recommend that if you purchase this upgrade, you have a spare readily available or at least a back-up plan in case it fails.

    ...more info