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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition FULL VERSION with SP2
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Product Description

Windows XP Home makes it easy to use your Computer for those Personal projects you enjoy. Service Packs round up the bug fixes and product updates you need for operating more smoothly. This Service Pack bridges the gaps between the original software and user requests more fully, responding to customer wishes -- and making XP even better.
Share your home computing resources with simple-to-use Networking tools Service Pack features - Security Center offers a central control system for your Windows XP security -- work with the firewalls, auto updates and antivirus tools Great news for people sick of pop-up ads - The built-in pop-up blocker controls them, with a new submenu and status bar icons New Add-Ons manager gives you instant access to all the Browser Helper Objects and extensions, enabling and disabling them easily Firewall now has its own control panel Enhancements to the Windows Update service make installing new updates easy Wireless Networking - Multiple wireless connections to choose from

With Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2, you get safer browsing and communication, powerful security tools, and improved experiences. Packed with multimedia features, Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 aims to unlock the full potential of your personal computer. It also looks great, with rounded window corners, larger and more detailed icons, and a clean-look desktop.

The Security Center lets you check the status of your essential security settings.

The best thing about Windows XP is that, because it belongs to the Windows NT/2000 product family, it's designed from the ground up for reliability, security, and networking. XP Home users will soon see the benefits of this. The dreaded Windows crash-and-reboot cycle really is much less common with XP, and, provided the hardware is up to scratch, XP's performance is better, too. The downside is that using a different code base can make compatibility with old applications less assured. Business applications normally run fine, but older games, MIDI software, and system utilities may well cause problems.

Windows XP is more customizable than previous versions, including its visual themes that let you change the whole appearance of Windows in an instant. Fast User Switching is a neat feature for computers used by more than one person--it lets another user log on without killing the previous user's session, and when you switch back, running applications and open documents are as you left them. This is impressive, but what really counts is that XP understands how to deal with multiple users. Each user has their own special folders, such as My Documents, which cannot be seen by other users. And for those with more than one computer, the network setup wizard simplifies setting up a network.

Windows XP Home has many strong multimedia features. New Media Player lets you copy music from CD to hard disk, create your own playlist, and write your own music CDs if you have a CD writer. You can also play back DVD-Video (but only if a hardware or software DVD decoder is already installed) and play MP3 audio files and MPEG videos (but sadly not the popular RealMedia formats). Admittedly, Media Player does nothing that you cannot also do with free alternatives, but it is slick and nicely integrated. There is also Windows Movie Maker, a basic tool for capturing and editing videos that's fun to use, although too limited for serious work.

The Information Bar in Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 notifies you when it blocks ActiveX control or active content and then lets you decide what to do.

For Web browsing, XP Home comes with Internet Explorer 6.0 and MSN Explorer. The most significant new feature for Internet users is the built-in firewall. A firewall protects against one of the most disturbing security risks, in which other users unknown to you might connect to your computer while it is online, reading private files or causing other damage. XP's built-in firewall is a simple affair, but it does prevent most types of unauthorized connections.

Service Pack 2 allows users to instruct Internet Explorer how to handle downloads from a specific publisher

The XP user interface is not a radical departure from earlier versions of Windows, but there are a number of small changes that together add up to a significant improvement. For example, you can add and remove shortcuts from the Start menu by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Pin or Unpin from the pop-up menu. Windows online help is integrated into a Help and Support Center that works like an internal Web site, with searchable help, tutorials, and walkthroughs. Laptop or other flat-screen users can set Windows to use ClearType for screen fonts, for a more readable display.

There are, of course, some pitfalls. Windows XP Home is demanding on hardware, and it would be a mistake to install it on less than Microsoft's recommended minimum. Business users note: unlike Windows 98 or Me, XP Home Edition cannot join a Windows server domain, so the networking is peer-to-peer only--see Windows XP Professional Edition for this functionality. There is also no multiprocessor support, and a mildly annoying anti-piracy measure requires you to obtain a code from Microsoft for full installation and any future system changes. But don't let that put you off: this is Microsoft's best Windows yet.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Features

Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker Makes browsing the Internet more enjoyable by enabling you to reduce unwanted ads and content.
Internet Explorer download monitoring Warns you about potentially harmful downloads and gives you the option to block files that could be malicious.
Internet Explorer Information Bar Provides better information about events that are happening as you browse the Web, so it’s easier to know what’s going on and address potential security issues.
Windows Security Center Allows you to easily view your security status and manage key security settings in one convenient place.
Windows Firewall update Automatically turned on by default, this improved firewall helps protect Windows XP from viruses, worms, and other security threats that can spread over the Internet.
Improved wireless support Dramatically improves and simplifies the process of discovering and connecting to wireless networks.
Bluetooth technologies Enables you to easily connect to the latest Bluetooth-enabled hardware devices such as keyboards, cell phones, and PDAs.
Windows Media Player 9 Series Makes it easy to enjoy music, video, and broadband content with enhanced security.
  • Operating system features -
  • Create and enjoy home movies with the built-in Video support
  • Share your video project with the easy E-mail attachment & mass-mailing features
  • Go Mobile with the ability to Communicate anytime, anywhere
  • Discover and Download online music, with the easy-to-use Internet features

Customer Reviews:

  • Suited my needs
    This product is fine and suited my needs. I did have a couple problems installing it at first (because it was not listed as OEM software on the website, so I wasn't expecting this) but I worked it out. I used this product to install on my Mac to run windows-based programs. Everything is ok now. ...more info
  • It's just windows
    Delivery and service from Amazon was fine, as usual.

    The product is Winows, so it is buggy, flaky and horrible, as expected. Too bad I had to buy it!...more info
  • MS Windows XP Full Edition
    Product is great - works just like it should. Arrived quickly - like it should. I wish I didn't have to buy it twice, however. I first tried to purchase it from Tech For Less on Amazon - I received an OEM version with no product key. Received no replacement or refund from that seller. So I had to purchase it AGAIN - I chose to purchase it from Amazon, expecting that they would at least honor their own refund policy. Too bad they don't back up the sellers' return policies they let 'sell' on their site....more info
  • Outstanding
    Best OS on the planet! Windows XP Computer is the one I enjoy. It's great now to have a backup. They will alway invent newer ones.
    You no longer can buy Windows XP in the store....more info
  • Windows XP full version
    If you are like us we got fed up with the growing pains of Microsoft Vista. We decided it was high time to invest in a full version of Windows XP before they stopped selling them. It has proven to be a wise decision for us. Our son is back to playing all of his computer games on his new system without any glitches....more info
  • XP and Mac
    I bought this full copy of XP to run on my Mac using BootCamp. After many hours and consults with Apple Support and Windows Product Support, it turns out that while XP will run on the Mac, you can't configure many of the peripherals. Specifically, you can't perform wireless printing through an Airport Express wireless modem, and XP was unable to recognize and utilize the USB ports. These were first thought to be only driver issues, but unfortunately it emerged that the problem is more than that. Eventually Microsoft refunded my $200 and Apple admitted that there are "issues" using Bootcamp to run Windows on the Mac. It will run, but there will be problems....more info
  • Use this at work
    I use XP at my office at work and it's pretty good and secure. But compared to Vista it just seems dated. Still better looking and better functionality than any mac or lame OS X/Linux that limits you to the apple store or Linux forum....more info
  • Couldn't use the product
    My new computer would not allow me to download the program. I am stuck with Windows Vista but I prefer XP...more info
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition FULL VERSION with SP2
    Old pc came with XP. Great! New pc came with Vista. Not so great. New pc now has XP! Nuf said!!!...more info
  • Windows XP purchase
    The product was in good condition when it was delivered. The software was up to Microsoft's standards. The shipment arrived in a very timely manner....more info
  • Solid.
    I've owned XP for a couple of years, and its a great system. It doesnt crash, its easy to use, and its customization is much better then Vista and Mac OSX (but not better then Linux.) Its the most professional, its used by business people. Its also great to have if your a bit geekier. You can change the themes. Code and game if you want. Its just more flexible (Mac OSX/Vista isn't.)

    Right now I'm running Vista (I hate it, and so do all my freinds) and on another computer (a shiny new Imac) I have apple. It comes down to this:

    XP > Mac OSX > Vista. And Linux goes somewhere in there depending on who you are.

    Overall XP is the best. There are a few exceptions, like being dumb/effortless, or being a professional photographer/video maker, but XP is better for normal stuff. And no one, and I mean NO ONE, should use vista.

    ...more info
  • xp home with sp2
    2002 was not wanted or needed, i needed 2003. my friend took me to a computer programer, and he put in 2007 profesionalknow i have radio, and can watch movies and all that stuff. thank i'll be back to buy other products.later....more info
  • It's many stars could it possibly get?
    I bought this to run on my macbook pro. It works fine with the new version of parallels which is a big improvement over the previous version. In retrospect, given the cost, I'd probably have been better off getting an Acer or HP netbook for $20-$40 more. I really just needed it to run a few programs, both of which would run fine on a netbook and then I'd have had a whole other computer! This version really should be $100.

    The installation and updating process for windows still amazes me for the number of steps required. ...more info
  • Straightforward, but...
    I bought a 2-year-old computer from a co-worker, and I wanted to be able to run some recent computer games on it. The computer as purchased did not have a legal copy of an operating system on it. I was tempted to buy VISTA, but it turns out that recent computer games DON'T RUN ON VISTA! Therefore I needed to buy the next-to-most recent version of Windows. Hence XP. The price on Amazon was competitive, and it installed properly. The only hitch is that the newly-installed XP did not recognize the built-in audio/speaker port of the PC hardware, so I had to also buy a sound card, so that I would have the drivers to install (the purchased PC did not come with the drivers). I then purchased a wireless networking card, and that was NOT easy to install. I do not know if the difficulty (which I eventually overcame) was dueto the fact that I installed a disconnected version of XP (as opposed to buying a new PC with XP properly pre-installed), or if the problem were due to the nature of the wierless card driver installation software. In any case, the XP software as purchased from Amazon works....more info
  • Question
    Are these reviews on the product or on the seller. I know what I want, I only want to know if the seller is reputable....more info
  • Poor results running XP from Boot Camp
    I purchased XP Home to use on my MAC with Boot Camp, so that I could use applications only available on Internet Explorer. The loading of XP and the set up took some time, but went well. However, Internet Explorer runs very slow off of Boot Camp and its impossible to be productive. So this was a waste of money from my standpoint. Other Windows based applications might work OK, but I'm probably better off purchasing a cheap stand alone PC to run the few Internet Explorer based applications I need....more info
  • Does what it is supposed to do
    I spent the extra money to buy the retail version. Needed it for some apps that do not run on MAC OSX Currently running it on Paralles Desktop 3.0 for Mac
    The install was real easy. ...more info