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Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander WRE54G
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Product Description

The WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander increases the effective coverage of your wireless network. Unlike other access points, this wireless expander doesn't require connection by a data cable. Just place it within range of your wireless router and bounce the signals off remote wireless devices. It's perfect for any wireless home or business network that requires wider coverage: Multi-story homes, warehouses, outdoor spaces and more.

  • Dimensions - 1.1 x 7.4 x 6.9 in (H x W x D)
  • Wireless Standard - IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g
  • Security WEP - 64/128 bit WEP

Customer Reviews:

  • No problems setting up or using the WRE54G
    I was worried about ordering this product because of the negative reviews I'd read here, especially concerning setup. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was to get the range expander up and working. I followed the directions that came with the expander (the ones that have you disable WEP first, set things up, then reenable it afterward). I was able to get it to pick up my Linksys WRT54G2 no problem by using a Windows XP machine to do the setup. The machine requiring the expander is a box running OpenSolaris with a Linksys WMP55AG card. Before I put in the range expander (which I set on my desk, directly by the OpenSolaris machine), I was getting, if lucky, a signal of 2-3 from my router across the house, and I got frequent disconnections (especially annoying if you're running a VPN connection like I am). With the expander, I get a signal of 14-15 that never varies, and I've had no drops of my connection, either. I've been using it for the past two weeks with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

    Now I'll just have to wait and see how long it works. I've seen some reviews that said it doesn't last longer than 6 months to a year. Hope that isn't the case, but for now I'm completely satisfied....more info
  • Wireless range expander
    The expander does not give me a wireless signal across the length of my house which is only 120 feet. It was easy to install but......more info
  • Excellent and easy to use
    I needed a range expander for my home wireless network, since the wireless access point was at one end of the house, and the offices were at the other with concrete walls in between. I plugged this unit it, and and first it didn't work. Then I remembered that I had MAC access control enabled on the network, and turned that off. Then it recognized the network immediately. It now broadcasts the same network ID to all corners of the house. Excellent product!...more info
  • bought 2 over the past 2 years - each one broke
    The good thing about this box is that it's pretty small and has 2 power options. You can plug this right into the wall outlet and it stays flat and out of the way. You can also use a power cord option.
    It is fairly easy to set up. After a year using one, it started having issues keeping the wireless connection up to the access router. After powercycling a few times the thing finally just died. You would plug the ethernet cable into it and the blue link light would go dim. In another case it would be bright at first and then shut off completely. In a 3rd case after powercycling, the link light would turn red. Either way the box was just dead. Resetting it did nothing and I could not get access to it anymore. I bought a 2nd one, and after a year similar issues happened. I think the unit has some kind of power design flaw. It cannot take multiple powercycles, or there is something else about it unknown to me. But I would not recommend it. Perhaps a router/bridge combo that can perform wireless bridging to act essentially as a repeater would be a better choice.
    ...more info
  • Works Great
    After installing the product, which was quite easy I might add, my signal increased from an of average of 11.0 Mbps to 54.0 Mbps. I couldn't be more satisfied....more info
  • Very disappointing
    Only way this thing work out of the box is in a un-secured network.

    Tried every setting, no luck on my WPA enabled setup. I am not trading security for range. The setup program is very bad, 9 out of 10 times cannot find the expander 10 feet away. When the setup program failed to complete, it took my notebook wireless with it. I have to reboot to recover.

    After 2 hours of re-install efforts, I gave up and returned it....more info
  • Quick solution for range problems!!!
    When i purchased this repeater i had two options: get a new router and turn it into a repeater or just get a repeater... and when i saw that they were about the same price, well i decided to give this product a shot... cannot complain, great signal, easy setup (suggestion: do not use cd, plug it into the router and do it manually, it will take you 3 mins tops for it to sync with router and you are set!) Would recommend to anyone having signal problems. Or you could get an amp, its up to you... but this is really simple!!!...more info
  • Good Product - Fair Technical Support
    The product is excellent. It provides me a better signal for my desktop computer. However, it's not easy to configure. It took me 2 and half hours on the phone with technicians based out of India to finally get it configured. It was a nightmare. They were to charge me $9.99 for the service until the adapter was configured correctly but I got charged twice because the first technician passed me on to her supervisor since she was not able to solve the problem. Finally, the supervisor got the adapter working the way it was supposed to work. Later I checked my credit card account and saw the double charge. I have emailed Symantec to have the second charge removed but I am still waiting for their reply. It has been two weeks. ...more info
  • Tough install.
    We recently installed a Linksys wireless router WRT54G2. It required the two of us about two hours to setup and get operational. We quickly found that it didn't cover more than a few rooms in our house and not the far office about 60 feet away on the same floor. We purchased a Range Expander, WRE54G to cover the other side of the house. My wife, a software programer for a large company, spent 2 hours trying to get this installed before giving up. I, a software designer and training manager for a small company, gave it a shot next. I called Linksys right away to get there help. Linksys gave up after 90 minutes and suggested my paying ten bucks and letting them take control of my laptop to complete the install. Another half hour later and we were up. Piece of cake. Two evenings, a divorce, speaking with an Indian accent now, and we have two bars in the far office! ...more info
  • I was warned...
    The previous reviewers said it wouldn't work, and they were right. Now the setup wasn't particularly painful. I have a WRT54G router and the automatic setup trick worked, almost exactly as described. It did take more than a minute, and three tries.

    Greatly expanded connectivity on my wireless network. Extended range as advertised.

    According to resulted in a 90% reduction in data rate to/from the internet from machines, whether they were connected via the extender or not. Hard wired machines were unaffected, as expected.

    On the plus side, Amazon's return policy was quick and efficient!
    ...more info
  • Works well.
    I bought this to extend a network signal that was at 20-40% according to both my Playstation 3 and my Netgear Wifi laptop card. I plugged in the extender within about 20 feet of both the laptop and the PS3, and I'd say about 100-150 feet away from the router. It boosted both signals to 85% I think was the lowest and 100% the highest, average in the mid nineties.

    The bottom line is the radius from the extender itself isn't great, but if you just want to plug the extender in the room you want to receive a better WIFI signal in, this works exceptionally well.

    Keep in mind I only had this extender for about 24 hours before I returned it to Best Buy- I'm going to buy it from Amazon to save about $30....more info
  • WRE54G Review
    Works good. Used it to get my brother-in-law off his kitchen table, and back into the office. The router was down stairs in his kid's flat. His wife cooked me a great dinner for that. Used another one to get my wife out of my office, and upstairs, so I didn't have to listen to her on the phone while she was surfing the web. Well worth the cost in both cases....more info
  • Excellent Network Expander
    Easy to use and set up. Read many reviews and was weary because a lot people really made it seem like it was an impossible task without help from CS. I am above average netwrok user, but still found no problems in just inserting the disk and following the directions. It only took me several minutes and now I have no deadspots in my home and still have security for my network. ...more info
  • A great signal repeater
    I have to agree with the other reviewers that the intended way to set this up is a pain. You actually need a computer with a wireless card to run the setup program and it will mess with the configuration on your computer. In the end it refused to configure the box because it said that my AP was not compatible... (I think officially only Linksys APs are supported.) However - you can just use an Ethernet crossover cable between your computer and the repeater (or hang them both off the same switch), set your computer to and browse with your Web browser to There is no login and default password is "admin". The setup is straightforward and real easy this way. Enter your SSID and the WPA password and change the IP to fit into your wireless network. Do not forget to change the password first. Hit save. Done. Success is shown by the blue link light. If you screwed up, you can factory reset the box by pressing the reset botton for 5 seconds and start over. The auto-config feature is useless.

    One note is that this is a repeater not an access point. This means it will send and transmit on the same channel and therefore your throughput will be somewhere 40%. I am still getting about 3 Mbps, which is plenty for Web surfing. An interesting obserservation is that the Ethernet port can also be used to bridge the wireless network to another Ethernet cloud and this way there would be no BW loss. On a side note, your AP needs to support WBS (Wirelss Distribution System), many do but not all.

    On a final note, this is not a commercial solution where you can daisy chain multiple of those repeaters to cover a large area. This product is thought to cover bad spots in a residential home such as an outside area where few wireless users are active at the same time. If you want to cover a large space with many users you need multiple APs and probably should look into a commercial AP solution. ...more info
  • Happy Camper
    It took a little bit to get this device set up because included instructions are sketchy at best, but advice posted here by other reviewers was very helpful and I got it going.

    When they say to place the expander at the very edge of your wireless network, they mean it. We were trying to extend/boost a network between two buildings on our property. a laptop could get the signal in the new building, but just one bar. Placing the extender in the nearest corner of the old building didn't help at all, but putting it in the new building brought the signal strength up to 5 bars and we now get reliable network and shared internet connections.

    ...more info
  • works great for me
    I bought this product from Bestbuy. I've had it for a year now and no problems. When I got it I just plugged it in and pressed the auto config button and it was ready in a few seconds. I have the WRE54G Version 3 if that means anything. ...more info
  • Poor product
    I have had 2 of these of the past 3 years as I went and bought a 2nd one when the first stopped working but the first one revived itself the next day. I kept the 2nd one around just for better coverage. Well know 12 months later (only 1.5 years after buying the first one), the first one is completely dead. It will not power on. I popped out the power adapter and tested it - it still has power so it has something to do with the main product itself. Just won't light up and I tried the trick posted on the Linksys Forums:
    1. Hold in the Reset button 30 seconds while plugged in.
    2. Continue to hold the Reset button for another 30 seconds and pull product out of the outlet.
    3. Continue to hold the Reset button for a final 30 seconds after plugging it back in again.
    Rinse Repeat (you may have to repeat this a few times before it revives).

    Well the above worked for some people but not my fine product. So after shelling out over a hundred dollars for this product at the local store - I am out of luck after just 1.5 years. I guess I will lose the other one in about 6 mos or so too.

    Now that I have reviewed the un-reliability of this product, I will go into the performance. This was being used to extend the range of my WAP54G that is on the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. The performance was ok but I would constantly see the wireless signal fluctuating. Upgrading firmware did not resolve this issue. I was not happy about this but lived with it. For the price of this product, I would expect more.

    Setup is the only part of this product that was good. It was a breeze and kudos to Linksys for at least getting that right.

    My recommendation - I would avoid this product and perhaps similar products as well (reading reviews of other ones at this time) and look to just wire CAT5 to your weakest area and point a cheaper and much more reliable product like a second Wireless Access Point (such as the WAP54G). Just my opinion....more info
  • Linksys Wireless-G expander - WRE54G
    I would highly recommend this expander. Used in an office enviornment through 3 walls and a distance of approx. 50 feet. When I first set up my pc, I had little or no signal at all. Others who were at about 40 feet and only 2 walls, had poor signal strength, but, were able to acess the internet. Rather than go through the expense of hard wiring, which was suggested by my local PC store, I decided to purchase this expander.
    Although I did have to call Linksys Tech support in getting it set up, after 5 minutes, I was up and running. Now, all PC's in my office are showing "Excellant" signal strength. Have used for about 1 month with no problems at all....more info
  • It works alright, for now
    Although I was told by a friend that this product would be easy to install, it was not. I have invested far too many hours in getting my network to where it should be and right now I still don't have the nerve to set up my WPA encryption, for fear that the expander will stop communicating with my wireless router. For now I am only using MAC address filtering for my security but that will not work for the long-term. The only reason I got this expander to work at all was thanks to the other reviews on this site that offer advice on set-up techniques. Additionally, perhaps we are doing something wrong, but the actual power of the expander is not what I expected it to be. We have an upstairs patio that we needed coverage on and we ended up needing to place the expander right next to the door to the patio in order to get the signal out there.
    All in all, it works for now but I'm not impressed. Buy it only if you don't have a better option in mind. ...more info
  • Not an Easy Set-up Using WEP
    With 3 cinderblock walls between the wireless router and my computer, this was a very attractive product.

    I had lots of difficulty setting this up with WEP encryption already active on my network. I had to turn off WEP and use the automatic configuration to get it to work, hoping to use the web based utility to then add WEP back. The automatic confiiguration worked like a charm, but it was very difficult to add the WEP. It took 2 e-mails and 30 minutes on the phone to get it to work.

    Kudos to the service department, though. I received a follow-up phone call after the second e-mail and the representative gave me the 800 number (800-325-7114. I could not find it on their web site.) I'm not sure that e-mails alone would have worked.

    Anyhow, it is working fine now using 128 bit encryption....more info
  • Linksys Fail
    I purchased the Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander in order to boost the WIFI and go sit out on the porch to surf the interwebs.

    My excitement quickly turned to dismay as I embarked on an incredibly difficult setup process. First off, I attempted to get it up and running using a MacBook, the main computer that would be using the expanded range, but it turned out that the included set-up wizard is Windows-only. My frustration at this stage could have been averted if only there had been an indication of supported operating systems on the outside of the box!

    OK then, luckily there was a Windows laptop available to use for the setup. After trying the auto-config button on the unit, I ran the wizard and received an error message (not much of a wizard if you ask me). I decided rather than continuing to fight I'd call the free, 24/7 tech support number.

    I got a very nice tech support representative (presumably in India judging by his thick accent) who attempted to guide me through the setup. He quickly realized that the problem was not a simple one and asked if it would be OK if he "took control" of my PC. He said that if I allowed him to do that he could have things up and running in 10 minutes. I thought it was sketchy to let some guy "take control" of my PC, but I wanted to get this over with and I agreed.

    "If you want me to do that" he said, "I will have to charge you $9.99." "Charge me!?" I said. I wasn't planning on spending more than the face value for this equipment. Now it's not working and the "free" tech support hotline is trying to charge more!? "It's your choice" he said. "If you want to get it fixed right now I can do it, or you can call back later and have to spend more time on this." Wow, really!?

    In the heat of the moment I gave in and told him to go ahead and charge me the 10 bucks. The next thing I know some guy in India is controlling my PC, going into areas of the system that I would never attempt to mess with, and asking me for my credit card info at the same time. Sketchy!!

    45 minuets later he was still messing around trying to make the thing work, asking me to un-plug and re-plug in the device etc. Finally I decided I couldn't spend any more time on this. I asked him to exit my system and I'll return the time-wasteing device.

    Not only is it ridiculous in this day and age to make a product that doesn't work with a Mac and doesn't auto-configure like it says it will, but to then try and charge me for some stranger on the other side of the world to compromise my security. I don't think so, Linksys. I expected much more from you and your daddy Cisco....more info
  • review of Linksys range extender
    This unit is an excellent receiver but not so great a transmitter. Thus, put it at any distance from the base transmitter (Linksys wireless) but close to the device to be served (laptop or whatever). Their on-line instructions (for Macintosh) are much improved over the past 1-2 years. For those living in large houses or those with thick walls, this is an excellent way to disperse the waves....more info
  • Poor Product
    I like Linksys products as a rule, but this product is too complicated to set up. I needed to expand my wifi coverage in my home, this wireless G expander was rated the best, I read the reviews and many warned that is was difficult to set up. What a understatement! Even with tech support the device never functioned. This is basically a radio repeater, receive and rebroadcast a signal. The set up is so complex only techie can set it up after working hours on it. Don't buy it!...more info
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS WRE54G! It does not support MAC authentication and I could never get it connected to my Wireless G router. (I am a CCNA so it's not an issue of knowledge) This is just a very poor product....more info
  • Prepare Yourself foe setup problems
    Aside from the fact the documentation is incomplete and completely inadequate the the CD is useless as is most of the tech help on I got it to work after a number of hours by connecting it to directly to my PC and doing a manual config. If you don't have a reasonably good understanding of networking and security issues avoid this product. Does it work? Yes, it delivers as but it need to be relatively close to your router (at least this was the case with my setup).

    I think the managers at Linksys should be given this product and asked to install it within 45 minutes on a secure network ...I'm betting 90% them would not make the cut....more info
  • It died after 18 months
    Don't buy this product!!! After 18 months of intermittent behavior, it got a permanent red light and then died. It never worked as expected. ...more info
  • A Tale of Two Expanders
    This is the second expander I have purchased, both of which had the same firmware revision. With the first one, I attempted to join it to my WEP-enabled network that also had MAC Address filtering enabled. It took over three hours on the phone with Linksys to get the expander to recognize my network and required changing my router's timing settings. Since the unit was such a pain to configure, I ended up giving it to my parents who had a WAP network with no MAC filtering. We reset the expander to factory defaults, configured it as instructed ,and were up and running within 30 minutes. Automatic detect didn't work on their network, but 30 minutes was a more reasonable configuration time. I bought another unit for the myself when we added another computer to our house. I reset my router to factory defaults, enabled WAP encryption, and was able to join this extender within 30 minutes. We did not have to change any timings this time around. Given the trouble recognizing a WEP-enabled network and the fact that the auto-detech functionality didn't work, I will only give the expander three stars. Now that it is configured, it's working flawlessly....more info
    Where do I even begin ---- we'll, I'll start off here. While this product says compatibility with most 802.11g routers, it DOESN'T WORK UNLESS IT IS LINKSYS. This product added all of these fake ip address to my d-link to the point where every computer on my network didn't have internet. I had to reset the settings for the box from comcast, the router, every computer, etc... I contacted linksys for 3 hours hoping that they could figure it out but no. AUTOCONFIG IS FAKE!!!...more info
  • Easy set up - on a Mac.
    I read many of the reviews which contained "extra" instructions for set up. I soon realized they pertained to PC set ups. Once the 2 devices discovered each other - I did have to change the SSID on the base back to the default, "linksys" - the Mac and it's Airport software did the rest. Great signal strength throughout the house now!...more info
  • Easy set up if not using encrytion
    This range expander works great if you are running an open network. If you are using encrytion is difficult. Use the tip above about disabling your encrytion before installing the extender and then reset it. Once installed, the increased range is notable and worth the price....more info
  • Terrible product, terrrible Linksys support
    I paid 85.00 for this product so I could have an expanded range in my home. Let me start by saying I am a fairly technical person. My problems began when I following the instructions exactly as stated. I was also trying to get WEP working which is a common problem I read in these reveiews. After I was done, I didn't have any wireless connections from two computers. I called Linksys and they wanted me to pay for support because my "router" (not the extended) was out of free support. I told them that the problem was with the software I just installed but they would not help me. I finally fixed got my computers back to their original state after a few hours, but without the Range Extended installed. Then a couple of weeks later I decided to try this installation one more time with Linksys support on the phone prior to starting. After an hour on the phone they told me the Range Expander was defective and to bring it back to the store. I was pretty sure there was nothing wrong with it, but more of a configuration / compatibility problem of some type. When I took it back to the store they told me that Linksys support always tells their customers the device is broken when the can resolve the problem.

    I decide to then buy a new 310N which claims to have expanded range. This problem was worse then the first. Eventually with Linksys on the phone, my laptop was working but my desktop just rebooted by itself all the time if my linksys adapter (WMP54G) was installed in the desktop. Linksys support told me that the new router was defective, or I should by a new 'N' adapter for my desk top. By the way, the extra range I got out of the new 310N to my laptop was minimal. It is going back to the store also. ...more info
  • Listen to the other reviews
    Even with all of the various set-up tips listed on Amazon's website, and the ones on the Linksys tech support page, the router's setup still took me a full day to complete. Now that I finally have it working, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my power doesn't go out and all of my wireless devices have to reconnect to it! The only upside is that the WRE54G appears, by inspection, to at least be extending my wireless network's range into areas of my house that had very weak signal strength previously....more info