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Rich, creamy, velvety smooth and incredibly delicious are among the words our in store customers use to describe our homemade sugar free, low carb marshmallow cream! Our All Natural Sugar Free Marshmallow is made from scratch in small batches without the use of additives and preservatives to bring you the freshest, highest quality product available anywhere! No horrible after taste as with mass produced additive loaded sugar free items! PLEASE NOTE that we make this item by hand weekly from scratch and there is a very high demand for this product which means sometimes it may take a few extra days to be shipped. It is well worth the wait and you will always know it is FRESH!'

  • Handmade Sugar Free Marshmallow Cream
  • Carb Free
  • Free From Artificial Ingredients & Preservatives
  • Handmade Fresh To Order!
  • Compatible with Atkins & South Beach Diets and for Diabetics

Customer Reviews:

  • A Bountifl Harvet
    While the product itself was excellent, the shipping was way out of line. It doubled the cost of the order.

    I own my own business, so I looked up what the cost would be for me to ship it to "A Bountiful Harvest". The charged me twice the shipping rate.

    We will not buy from them again. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    Ohhh my God, Love this me crazy but I think this stuff is wonderful. I think it taste like the real thing. I put it with peanut butter on a cinnamon rice cake..Fabulous ...more info
  • Nothing like marshmallow cream
    I really rate this item at less than zero, but was forced to give it one star. It tasted awful and had a slimy texture. At least I only had to buy one container....more info
  • Good stuff
    It has been a long time since I had marshmallow creme. Having a good tasting sugar-free version was a flash back to my youth. Being a diabetic, I could not have the real stuff but this product tasted like it was. ...more info
  • GREAT Product if you don't mind spending $71.95 for a small container of Sugar-Free Fluff!
    BUYER BEWARE the SHIPPING! If you are the average on-line shopper at Amazon, you'll notice that each product page shows the cost of the item and the shipping & handling cost in the upper right corner of the screen. I was delighted to find SF fluff and it came highly recommended. BUT, rather than being charged the $13.00 s/h that was on the Amazon page, I was charged $59!!! When I contacted Amazon, I was given a "politician's answer" and was told to contact the vendor. After going to the Bountiful Harvest website, and reading the fine print, apparently if your state is outside of the few approved FedEx 1-day zones, you are automatically charged the EXPEDITED s/h fee, which is over 4x the advertised shipping amount. NOTHING to this affect is mentioned on the Amazon ordering page for this product. It is a perishable product, so no returns are accepted. So for $71.95 I'm stuck with a few bites of sugar free marshmallow cream. I have no idea if the product is worth it, as I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth from the whole transaction!
    ...more info
  • Even Better than the Real Thing!
    Perfect Fluff taste, texture, consistency! Blindfolded, I doubt I'd be able to distinguish this outstanding "sugar free" (maltitol) version from commercial Fluff.

    Great for the GI sensitive!...more info
  • Magical
    Like magic my package arrived in an expidited manner at my doorstep. Inside, a product that will forever change my life... Sugar free, carb free marshmallow creme... The product is SENSATIONAL-- light, creamy and best of all-- there's no "sugar free" after taste... absolutely my favorite new treat. I'm a fan for life!!!...more info
  • A thing of fluffy beauty
    I was expecting a good thing after all the positive reviews. It was even better than I'd hoped. The first container was entirely devoted to fluffer nutters. I had to fight my boyfriend for the second container and he could eat the real stuff if he wanted!

    Once I was down to just a little fluff stuck to the sides of the container, I used strawberries (alright, and the occasional finger) to scrape the last of it out.

    A great product is one thing, but this company has great customer service, too. I called the store because I had a question about another one of their products. They were extraordinarily helpful and friendly. Even though they were very busy, I wasn't rushed off the phone. They treated me like my business mattered a great deal to them. This is a rare thing to find in today's corporate landscape where the customer is treated like the most unimportant cog in the machine....more info
  • Marshmallow Cream NOT!!
    I was very disappointed. It has a definite after taste. I was surprised at the small container size. After tasting I was glad it was small. Would I order it again? Yuck!!...more info
  • unbelievable
    10 stars! I haven't had a fluffernutter since I became a diabetic, which was about 40 years ago. This stuff is too good to be aftertaste, great consistency......more info
  • i wish there were more stars!
    yes! yes! yes! this marshmallow cream is amazing. i'm diabetic with an enormous sweet tooth and this stuff is a g-dsend. sooo yummy and sweet without that weird, cloying aftertaste or mouthfeel. just marshmallow goodness. i'm sure, as other reviewers have suggested, it has many uses. maybe i'll discover some of them with my next batch; the first batch got eaten plain -- it was *that* good. (i am thinking of bringing it camping so that when the rest of the family has their s'mores around the campfire, i can make a little tin foil packet of my own with this, chocolate and graham crackers and rest it in the coals. how good would that be?!)...more info
  • Staypuft Man watch out
    I have to say, growing up my marshmallow Cream always came out of a jar, so half way through the jar you'd have to put your hand inside and get it all sticky. Now with this tub with a wide mouth, my hands aren't sticky. PLUS because it has no carbs or sugar, I can eat more straight then I ever could... without having to worry as much either....more info
  • One Word.....WOW!
    WOW! What else can I say. This is some amazing tasting marshmallow. I made fluffer nutter sandwiches for the first time in almost 10 years! I never thought I would be able to do that again! I don't know what amazed me more, the incredible taste and marshmallow made without sugar and other artificial flavors or the fact that when I called to find out if I could buy it local I was informed that it was only available direct from this company and that they would be making fresh marshmallow the next day if I wanted to order mean it doesnt spend 6 months in a warehouse and a couple of months on a supermarket shelf? WOW! This really is the best thing since sliced bread, at least in my book it is. I was also told it works well to make rice crispy treats, I'll try that with my next tub! I'm so excited about finding this little treat....more info
  • This is some great stuff!!!
    If you have to avoid sugar and miss marshmallow life is good again. This marshmallow is delicious, has the perfect consistency and lasts and lasts. Hot chocolate, fluffer butter sandwiches, home made sugar free rocky road ice cream - you can have it all now!!! Plus the people at A Bountiful Harvest are wonderful. ...more info