Summer Infant Deluxe Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5" Screen - Blue
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Product Description

Keep a close eye on your baby, even when you're not in the same room, with the Deluxe Day & Night Sounds handheld video monitor from Summer Infant. This convenient and portable device allows parents to both see and hear their child while moving around the house. Ideal for nap-time, bed-time or play-time, this monitor provides clear viewing with a full color picture, as well as night-vision capabilities.

The Summer Infant Deluxe Day & Night Handheld Video Monitor offers:
  • 2.5-inch color LCD display.
  • 900 MHz technology for a range of up to 350 feet.
  • Included flip stand and belt clip.

Keep an eye on your baby from up to 350 feet away. View larger.
Quick and Easy Operation
The two-channel Deluxe Day & Night monitor installs in just minutes without any tools, so you can enjoy the benefits of wireless video and audio monitoring right away. Compact and lightweight, the monitor can then be attached to the included belt clip or simply placed on any flat surface (a stand is included). You can also use the included mounting hardware and mount it to a wall.

Once installed, the 900MHz camera transmits clear pictures and sounds to the video monitor with ranges up to 350 feet (clear line of sight) and 100 feet (obstructed). And it's a snap to add up to two more cameras (sold separately) if you wish to simultaneously monitor more rooms, an option that's especially convenient as your family grows.

Crystal Clear Reception
This handheld monitor utilizes the latest FM band technology to provide crystal clear reception. It also has a large, 2.5-inch, high resolution, full-color LCD display and LED sound lights. Most importantly, this monitoring solution avoids interference caused by other 2.4 GHz devices commonly found in the home--like 2.4GHz cordless phones and wireless 802.11 computer networks--so you won't have to worry about excessive static.

Keep Track of Baby at Night
One of the most helpful and unique features of the Deluxe Day & Night monitor is its night-vision capabilities, which allow parents to check up on their sleeping baby without disturbing his or her rest. Nine built-in infrared LEDs permit the camera to view clear images within a distance of up to six feet in total darkness.

Another night-time option is to turn off the video button and choose the audio-only option. A super sensitive microphone built into the camera alerts sleeping parents that their baby is making noises, crying or moving around in his or her crib.

Longlasting and Reliable
This sleek plastic monitor comes with rechargeable batteries that lasts up to 10 hours. It also boasts a power-saver feature that times out after three minutes when running on the battery. For added convenience, external audio/video outputs provide connections to existing video recorder or home television, and you can even purchase headphone jacks for private monitoring.

What's in the Box
Video camera with transmitter, handheld monitor with receiver, two AC power adapters, rechargeable battery pack for monitor, wall-mount bracket and hardware for camera, belt clip and stand for monitor, and user's manual.

  • Portable, handheld 2.5" LCD color video monitor allows you to see and hear baby from anywhere in your house, black-and-white vision
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and range, Two channel selection, and up to 350 ft range
  • Rechargeable batteries in parent unit last up to 10 hours, or just use the included A/C adapters
  • LED Sound lights allow you to view baby's level of activity even when monitor screen is turned off
  • Belt clip and kickstand for extra convenience

Customer Reviews:

  • Big POS
    This thing is the biggest POS we ever purchased. Everything that is remotely electrical interfers with it. It is junk....more info
  • Not perfect, but easy set-up and does the job
    I have two cameras attached to this monitor and it does the job just fine.

    It's true that the cameras sometimes intefere with each other and the picture isn't always crystal clear but toggling the "A/B" switch back-and-forth solves the first problem and who needs/expects a cystal clear picture in the dark from and easy to install, wireless, and relatively inexpensive device?!

    During daytime naps when the kids' rooms aren't pitch dark, I can see them clearly enough to know to if their eyes are shut but at night when their rooms are dark I lose lots of detail but can still see clearly enough to know if they're moving around, on their back vs. tummmy, etc.

    Their might be better ones out there, but this has worked well enough for me that I never bothered shopping for a different one....more info
  • Took it out of the box, plugged it in, and it worked perfect
    Effective and easy to use. The rechargeable batteries mean that we don't have to keep buying them. The portable monitor provides sound and video in one unit. The button on the top of the monitor allows for the video to be turned off at night while leaving the audio on. The LED sound monitor means that sound can be monitored in a high noise environment.

    Great Unit....more info
  • Best Buy ever!!
    Have two of them; one for each of my toddlers. Best monitor EVER!!, no interference, excellent quality (both b/w and colors); portable and good size....more info
  • Love it!
    This monitor is FANTASTIC! And the screen is bigger than some others. Quality is great and after using this for 6 months, I would certainly buy it again if I were doing it over. The video monitor saves alot of trips upstairs to check on the baby in the middle of the night - the extra sleep I get in my own bed makes this worth every penny!...more info
  • One of the best out there, but with caveats
    This model from Summer Infant is one of the best options out there for baby monitors, but there are some caveats and things to watch out for:

    1) This set operates at 900Mhz frequency. Therefore, if you have a wireless router or wireless phones at home that operate at 2.4 Ghz, this is one of the few baby monitors that you can buy to avoid all the interference. However, if you have an older phone set that operates at 900 Mhz (or live in a European country where GSM 800 Mhz is used), then this will have interference. The monitor works beautifully in the US for us, but when we take it to our summer house in the mediterranean, the image gets grainy, and you hear a lot of noise when someone's on his cell phone nearby. So it's important for you to survey your house to see what other wireless devices you have before deciding on this or another baby monitor.

    2) If there is no interference, the range for this monitor is really good. In our house, I can work at the yard, or even visit our neighbor while still getting quite good reception (I live in a detached individual house situated in almost a 1/2 acre land).

    3) The monitor is colored in daylight, but once the room gets dark, it starts using infrared, and therefore the image goes black-and-white. This is obviously by design (or technological limitation), but I'm putting it out there for those that may not be aware of it.

    4) The screen is really large, one of the largest I've seen, while keeping the monitor still quite mobile.

    5) Finally, the main reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars: you cannot leave the monitor on charge all the time, even if it is turned off. If it is left on charge all the time and is not allowed to discharge regularly, the battery soon stops holding charge and you are forced to keep it connected to the adapter all the time. Therefore, you have to show a distinct effort to regularly discharge it from time to time. I usually leave it off the adapter one night a week to let it use the battery power through the whole night (it lasts easily).

    If you do forget it on the adapter and it stops accepting charge, one trick I've tried that seemed to work to reset the battery: leave the monitor on (disconnected from AC) for about a full day. It won't show anything (it shows weak battery, but still works), but that essentially discharges it to the point where you can re-charge it again and it will start holding the charge....more info
  • This thing is a friggin' lifesaver.
    Our daughter is now almost 2 and a half and we still use this every day. When she was tiny, it saved us SO MUCH worry and headache, as we could see what she was doing-we hung it closer to her crib (lower on the wall) and I could actually see her little chest moving up and down when she was sleeping. It even enabled me to shower-I could pop into the shower, and if I thought I heard something, I could pop out of the shower and get a quick visual. As she's gotten older, we've moved it up higher on the wall, and now it's almost at the ceiling, but I can still get a pretty clear view. I cannot recommend this product enough. It is totally, totally worth the money. Hopefully Summer Infant will come out with a long range "Teenager Monitor" too! ;) ...more info
  • Do not purchase
    This was the 2nd Summer Infant Monitor I have purchased as the first one broke....this one broke too!!! It never worked so I returned....more info
  • Peace of mind...
    This is a great little gadget, especially for nervous first-time parents. My husband resisted getting it at first because we already had an audio monitor, but he loves it too. I don't watch baby constantly, but when I hear noise, I can look to see if there is a problem and what the problem is before responding. It's especially useful on my bed stand at night. I just open my eyes, and I can see that he's sleeping peacefully or that he needs attention. I think it's especially great for new parents who are really nervous about leaving their kids alone. Having this has given me the peace of mind to sleep better too!...more info
  • Wonderful product!
    This is a great product and very easy to set up. The video quality is as good as I would have expected and the night vision works well. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Just Great

    Have used the Summer Infant extensively since it arrived. Everything operates as advertised. Picture is fine and there is no interference from other household radio signals. I especially like the automatic swithing to infrared operation. Obviously the infrared lacks color but it conveys all needed information with the black & white picture. The quality of the sound pick up and transmission is also excellent to the point where you can hear the child's b reathing. Can't think of a single shortcoming....more info
  • Enjoying the video monitor
    This monitor has excellent sound quality for the audio portion. It also has good picture quality during the day, but appears more "snowy" at night. We have the camera mounted across the room from our daughter's bed, about 12 feet or so, so it may appear clearer if we move the camera closer (haven't tried it yet.) We live on a one acre property, so neighbors are close, but not close enough for any interference. We also have cordless and cell phones in the house with no issues. It works anywhere we need it to outside also and the camera handheld portion is light and easy to carry around. I would definitely recommend this product as it serves it's purpose well, just don't expect picture perfect quality. Regardless, we are entertained watching our 2 1/2 year old while she plays in bed, etc. We are thinking of adding an additonal camera for our baby on the way, but haven't tried it yet. ...more info
  • Lots of static
    We loved this thing when we first got it. It was so nice to have the peace of mind of seeing your child. There was always a lot of static though. We have had this monitor a year and haven't even used it very much and it is already broken. It still has picture but you have to have it turned all the way up to hear any sound. I think it has some sort of short in it. Not worth the price!!!!...more info
  • The best thing I ever bought!
    This is by far one of my "can't live without" baby items. I've had it ever since my baby was born. My little guy is now 20 months old and we still use it... it's such a blessing being able to see him (and especially now as we are approaching the "crawling out of the crib stage"). The reception is amazing! We go to our lake place on the weekends, and carry this with us from home. It reaches to all our friend's places... I feel so comfortable leaving our place after he falls asleep because I can check on him by just peeking at the monitor and I don't have to rely on only sound. We were the first out of all our friends to get one... everyone's been so impressed with ours that 2 more of our friends bought the same monitor! It's a must-have! ...more info
  • Love the Product - Hate the Lifespan and Support at Summer
    I really enjoyed my monitor - we used it off and on for about 15 months. Our son slept in a room attached to our own - so we didn't need the monitor on during the night - however we put him down before we went to bed and used the monitor most nights for an hour or two. Everything went well until last week when the video capability completely stopped working. We are technically capable folks and still can't seem to find a reason why the screen is black.

    I have written to the company on several occasions to ask and see if they provide any sort of refurbishment etc to no avail. Just crickets from their end.

    We didn't have problems with reception etc. So if you don't want something to last for years this is a great product.

    ...more info
  • not worth the money
    I would not buy this monitor again. It picks up so much static that I can't even use it. I have to use my cheap fisher-price monitor to pick up sound, but I do use the video on this monitor. I have to say that the video is excellent, however the static it picks up is a lot. I have to use 2 monitors every time. ...more info
  • Great product, excellent customer service
    Received the product as a gift, and used it incessantly for about a year and a half. Loved it; great night vision, little interference, decent picture for the size of the screen. After many many many drops and falls, the receiver unit failed. I called up Summer Customer Service to see about a replacement, and they offered up a refurbished unit, camera and receiver and everything, for half the price of a new one but with a one-year warranty. I'm very pleased with the service, and glad I didn't have to buy a whole new one. I recommend this monitor and Summer to anyone who has a need for a video monitor....more info
  • Do Not Buy unless you want the whole Neighborhood to see your baby
    DO Not buy this product unless you want the whole neighborhood to see your baby. At midnight one night I got a static feed and when it cleared I was looking at another baby, not mine that was right across the hall. When I called Summer's "Fantastic" customer service they basically said that's the way it works and I was out of luck. This is really expensive and not worth it. ...more info
  • Good, but didn't last that long
    After much searching, my hubby bought this monitor shortly before our son was born 2 years ago. Now, expecting #2, we're going to have to get another one -- I would have thought that for this price it would last through 2 kids, but no. Problems are all with the handheld unit (which travels around the house with you and thus one would think would be pretty sturdy). The battery cover and kickstand are a little worse for the wear but that's not the dealbreaker -- the volume control has gone completely caput. By this time it really has only two settings -- off and intolerably loud. Intolerably loud is sufficient when we're in the kitchen or even watching TV -- put it on the other side of the room and you eventually learn to ignore the static/background noise, but when you're doing something more quiet -- LIKE SLEEPING -- you just have to turn it off, making the entire point of having a monitor rather moot.

    The volume problem happened gradually over the course of a year or so -- the product worked great for a year and we were very happy -- but eventually the volume showed some problems, then you'd have to jiggle it and work the knob carefully, then no amount of jiggling helped. SIGH....more info
  • Excelent Product - does just what it said it would
    Gave this as a gift to first time parents who did not think much of it... until they installed it. They love it, save sleep time with it, and use it constantly during the day while away from the baby's room. Picture is clear, sound is good, and reception is not interrupted (despite the fact they live in a big condo complex). ...more info
  • Great for the price!
    I was debating on getting a video monitor for our second child. Our friends got one, and they loved it. Having a video monitor does save on "sneaking a peak" and inadvertantly waking the sleeping one with a squeaky floor! I searched and searched, and settled on this one because it was the same model as other summer infant deluxe monitors, but was much cheaper. Probably because the shipping date was listed as a few months from the time of purchase. That was fine b/c we weren't expecting the new baby for several months. The great thing was it shipped early. So now we are playing with it watching our 2 year old.
    The picture is fine...we do have a wireless network in the house and it does not affect it. The sound is not as clear as our original digital monitor (there is some static when turned up). OH well, we still can hear if the child wakes, and if I get really anal i can turn it up and hear breathing......more info
  • Great, this is my second one
    This is a great product. I had the older model before(which is now at the grandparents house) but this one is better. The screen is bigger in this model, other than that...both models are great....more info
  • Excellent unit!
    I bought this over a year ago, when my daughter was born. Worked great right out of the box. Monitor is portable while reception and picture quality is excellent. Much better than previous models that I bought for my older children ...more info
  • Worth every penny!!
    This video monitor is worth every single penny. I bought just a week ago when we were moving our 3 month old baby girl into her crib and out of our room. I don't think I could have made it through the night with out being able to see her every move. The quality is so good I can see and hear her breathing. If you are nervous about crib training your baby I highly reccommend getting this monitor, piece of mind is priceless!!!...more info
  • Need more sleep...get one of these!
    At first, I thought it overbearing or unnecessary to have a video monitor. What happened to the olden days when they didn't have anything? Well, my thoughts have changed. I love this monitor! I can peek in on my daughter with out disturbing her. And at night when she is fussing in her sleep, I can check on her with out getting out of bed. As a new and first time mom...I need to stay in "sleep mode" as long as possible. The monitor works great. I did have to move my cell phone and charger off the same table as the video monitor but the relocation was worth the advantage the monitor gives me at night. Every once in a while I will get a little static but it's nothing compared to our first monitor. As for the "color" night you can't see the color...but that wasn't a big deal to me. I can see my baby and that's what matters...I already now she is dressed Pretty in Pink ;~) This monitor is well worth the money! ...more info
  • hang on to your receipt
    I have had pretty good luck with this monitor. I get good reception and get a good picture (color in bright light situations and good night vision). However, I did have a bad cord initially, which I paid $10 to replace. After that the battery stopped holding a charge, which was another $10. They say it would have been covered under the warranty if I had kept the receipt. I'm hoping this is the end of my problems, because I could have loved this thing if all had worked well....more info
  • Great monitor
    This is my fourth monitor. The first one I bought was a mobi one and it was AWFUL. I think the fact that it was 2.4ghz was why it didn't work well in our house. I love the big screen in comparison to the mobi one. I didn't like the bulkiness of the other monitors where it was the size of a small TV. It helps that the monitor is really portable. I bought a second camera when my second child was born and found that it worked great as well. I wish they could offer dual scanning where it would automatically scan each room. About 9 months after I bought it the monitor sound gave out on me. I called Summer Infant and they offered to replace it, however, I was required to send back the old one first. When I told them I could not go that long w/o a monitor b/c I have two children I am watching they offerred to take my credit card as a deposit and immediately send another monitor out provided I returned the damaged one as soon as I got the new one. It all worked out well. I have been absolutely pleased with this monitor and would recommend it to anyone! I also found when my sound on the monitor went out that it was much better than the fisher price sound monitor that I had to use as a backup. Excellent product....more info
  • Still working great after 2 1/2 years
    We bought this before my daughter was born. The picture is amazing (although if you don't have a spotlight on her you're not going to see anything near the vibrant color... but, really, is vibrant color why you're buying this) I could see my baby's chest rise and fall. But better than anything is the amazing quality of sound you get coupled with the picture.

    This has saved me sooo many times from running upstairs or it made me have to go upstairs because I can hear even the faintest variation of her breathing pattern and I don't even have the volume up all the way and the camera is at least 5ft-6ft away from her. The other nice touch is that the infrared camera is green (not red). At first annoying, but my daughter doesn't even notice it and it doesn't hinder her sleep.

    I have two handhelds of the same exact product and bought an additional camera and handheld and camera (Summer) that were NOT the same model and they integrated seamlessly. Also very easy to pack up and set up anytime she spends the night with someone/somewhere else.

    Over the past 6 months the sound began to "tick" a bit (annoying when you're trying to sleep) but it didn't do that on all handhelds so we just switched them out. Lastly, all are now plugged in. You get much clearer reception both voice and picture quality. Now that I'm out of the newborn stage I don't feel I need to "see" her all the time as long as I can hear her.

    I did a lot of research before purchasing and hands down this is the best monitor out there including other less expensive Summer monitors (friend has one and has had to return hers 3-4 times)....more info
  • Great Product
    The monitor is great. Could not live without it. Amazon customer service is wonderful....more info
  • Great Product
    This monitor works great. We have had no static. There has been no interference with wireless internet, cell phones, cordless phones or our Graco Audio Digital IMonitor. I can hear my baby fine and can see her whole crib, even in a dark room. This helps me to know if she really needs me or is just in there babbling, which will help when my new baby is born next week....more info
  • Great Product
    The monitor is great. Could not live without it. Amazon customer service is wonderful....more info
  • The best shower present EVER!
    I bought my first one when daughter was an infant. I highly recommend you get the one with the bigger screen! It was the best purchase out of everything I have ever bought or received. What is great is that you can be in another room while baby is sleeping and see what is going on. When they are crying you can see if they are okay. I have purchased another one for my son. Taking it back because I got the small screen. Hate it. I can watch both kids on one monitor (although I have to switch back and forth). This DOES NOT INTERRUPT OR BOTHER WI-FI IN THE HOUSE. I know this for sure because I ended up with a high tech camera for my son and for months we couldn't figure out what was wrong with our wi-fi till we hired a computer guy and it figured it out. Duh! Money thrown down the drain. So I am selling that one on ebay and will let the buyer know.
    Put it on your baby list. I am buying another for my best friend.
    Deb...more info
  • Not worth the money
    We received this monitor as a very generous gift from my parents at our baby shower and I was thrilled to have the video and audio features in a monitor. The monitor has lost it's picture after only a year and the overall quality of this less than expensive product is not worth the money in my opinion. Also, the company does not offer a replacement monitor, they only offer a replacement camera which is not helpful when the montior, which is often moved from room to room in our house is what takes the wear and tear, whereas the monitor remains immobile for the most part and would often not need replacing. I would have registered for a different product had I read some of these "lower star" reviews prior. I won't be purchasing a Summer product again. ...more info
  • Does what it is meant to do, no more and no less
    Very convenient to use. We are training our baby to sleep at seven in the evening. This device has really helped us achieve our goal. Now she can sleep in peace in another room while we do our chores in living room. The picture quality is fair enough and sound volume is loud enough.

    Nevertheless, the static noice is disturbing.The video, when the handset is on battery power, turns off after a time. This feature is annoying. There should have been an option to override this.

    All in all glad we bought it. It may not be excellent but perhaps the best option available in market today....more info
  • We returned it the same week!
    After reading all the mixed reviews, I decided that the only way we were going to be able to decide was to try it out for ourselves. Needless to say, the monitor was sent back the very same week. We could only be in the next room and get a clear picture, and even that was 'iffy'. We were sorely disappointed!...more info
  • Definitely worth having!
    With our first child we bought the "Summer Infant Day & Night Video Monitor" that we enjoyed having and couldn't live without. My husband convinced me to get this portable monitor for our second child. I objected because of the price but after using it I had to tell him "your right, honey". I love having a portable monitor. It also turns out that the camera for the other monitor works with the portable monitor (although it's in black and white) so now I can flip a switch and monitor both kids. I gave it a four stars only because the sound part of the monitor stinks, it has a lot of static sound, but I knew this in advance b/c it's the same with the other monitor. (We actually use the SONY NTM-910Y Baby Monitor for sound b/c it has a voice activation setting that rocks, we also bought a second one for our second child). Also, I agree with other reviews about the color. There has to be a lot of light in the room for the monitor to show in color. Personally I would have liked it to be in black and white and paid less b/c most of the time the picture is in black and white. When it is in color it doesn't really make much difference to me. Also, I would definitely choose the bigger 2.5 inch screen over the smaller screen. I don't think I would be as happy with the monitor if the screen was smaller. ...more info
  • Good monitor, but not a secure signal
    I would love this monitor except that I can see my neighbor's kids and she can see mine. Fortunately we know all the people who live around us, and can only see our good friend's kids, BUT, it's kind of creepy. Their signal sometimes even comes through better than our own. I would have bought the new digital one that Summer is coming out with (they said in March 09 but I saw it in Target in Jan. 09)but their customer service could not tell me if they were going to come out with an additional camera for it and I need two. So far this is my only complaint....more info
  • You're NOT THE ONLY ONE who can see your child!!
    We purchased this item for our first child thinking it was going to be a lifesaver since our baby would be sleeping upstairs and it would keep me from running up and down the stairs all night checking on her. The first time we used it I had to do a double take because it was not my child's crib I was staring at!!!!!!!! I had picked up the family down the hill who owned the same monitor. I could not only see the infant and her room I could hear EVERYTHING going on in that house! When I walked around my house with the monitor I could pick up FOUR OTHER CRIBS depending on which direction I walked in. There is no privacy here and who knows what kind of person is watching your child sleep or listening in on your private conversations. I would not buy this product and I do not recommend it to anyone. It should be pulled off the market!...more info
  • Not worth the money
    We received this monitor as a very generous gift from my parents at our baby shower and I was thrilled to have the video and audio features in a monitor. The monitor has lost it's picture after only a year and the overall quality of this less than expensive product is not worth the money in my opinion. Also, the company does not offer a replacement monitor, they only offer a replacement camera which is not helpful when the montior, which is often moved from room to room in our house is what takes the wear and tear, whereas the monitor remains immobile for the most part and would often not need replacing. I would have registered for a different product had I read some of these "lower star" reviews prior. I won't be purchasing a Summer product again. ...more info
  • It's great if you want to see the neighbor's baby instead of yours
    We initially purchased this item shortly after my son was born. At the time we lived in a one-story small house (2400sqf) on the outskirts of town. Since we didn't have any neighbors close by and the house was small, the monitor worked flawlessly. Several months ago we moved into a larger two-story house in the middle of a neighborhood, with our bedroom on the ground level and the nursery on the upper.

    This is where it became spooky. The day we moved in, we were positioning the furniture and monitor in the new nursery. We plugged in the camera, and checked that hand-held to make sure the viewing angle was okay. We then decided to unplug the camera to use a different outlet, and the instant we unplugged it the picture of our child disappeared (obviously) but we were then able to see one of our neighbor's babies lying in their crib. Needless to say, that was a bit disturbing. We switched frequensies, but we couldn't get over the fact that someone else might be able to see our son.

    Even if the other baby had not shown up on our monitor, we soon found that we couldn't use this monitor in our new house due to the fact of a high amount of interference when we tried to use it in our bedroom. With the layout of the new house (the nursery is on the opposite side of the house and on a differnet floor) the unit just isn't strong enough to cover the distance.

    On a positive note, while in our old house we had very little interference and the picture was great. If we cranked the volume up, we could easily hear our baby breathing. In the new house, the video of the neighbor's child that first night was crystal clear. Just thinking about it, though, creeps me out.......more info