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Killzone is a squad-based first-person shooter, set in the near future during a period of planetary colonization. An invading separatist faction called the Helghast is trying to destroy your colony and take over the planet. Command an elite squad as they stand between the Helghast and their destruction of the colony. Drawing inspiration from classical military conflicts of the 20th century, Killzone is an all-around military experience that will blow you away.

  • ESRB Rating: Mature
  • Action

Customer Reviews:

    I reviewed this game back in '04 you might have seen it IT SUCKS!!! IT SUCKS!!! IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS!!! well anyway i played it a secund time and well... I changed my mind.

    1.STORYLINE futuristic war where gas-mask-wearin Helgast Invade good guy ISA's territory and a huge war erupts yeah blah blah same old same old... anyway storyline's not so shakey.

    2.GRAPHICS Well... where do i begin with the graphics oh... yeah... umm... they suck ehehe...

    3.SOUND Muffuled, the Helgast sound like British guys and well, dammit I like the brits.

    4.CHARACTER DESIGN Its pretty good except for one thing I just can't figure out.... why IS EVERYONE BALD!!!! G0D!!! its like they've all gone through kemo-theropy or are they all just goin for the shaved swimmer look JEEZ!!! ok...ok... calm down "sigh". ok.

    5.ENVIROMENT The only thing I dont like about 'em is that their too dark and... gothicy.

    6.WEAPONS Now here is were the game kinda shines, the guns look cool and futuristic and have some niiiice firing options but, there is a down side to 'em THE RELOAD TIMES ARE SOOOO LONG AND CINIMATIC!!! Well over all if u like FPS mabe you should tri it....more info
  • Ive been in some pretty intense gun battles
    Thats right im a kid playing killzone eheheh...(its not really that violent) yeah well this game is pretty good ive been playing 4 about two weeks now and about three days ago i deiceded i was ready to try some online play i set it to be 4 against me at first all i had was the basic isa rifle and i was having to run away alot (but i was wounding them)but once i got my hands on a sniper rifle ha...ha.. i got em all (but i did take some fire) and from what i heard em saying on there head sets that they bareley saw me eheheh..wich brings me to the the weapons the isa rifle is good at long ranges with the greanade launchers but i prefer the halghast main assult rifle that shotgun shell has come in handy many many times there are more weapons but i cant name them all u DONT want to be playing against a vetran player with a sniper rifle a shot gun and the mighty sqaud cannon with an rpg round that happened to me once i held out 4 awile with a pistal and the isa rifle but was eventaully beat so i enjoy playing this game off and online so if u have a ps2 u should buy this game oh and i have an x box and halo 1 and 2 and well this is better well or at least kz is better...more info
  • Fun Game
    This is the closest Playstation could ever get to a franchise like Gears of War or Halo. It is a fun, action packed, and has a great story line with a great plot. The graphics don't compare with Xbox, but PS2 has never boasted that it as better at processing graphics than Xbox. I cannot wait for the new version set to launch on the PS3 which will (hopefully) fix some of this games bugs and push that cell processer to it's limits. Killzone 2 may very well be the saving grace for the PS3.

    Onto some of the bugs. Sometimes the graphics don't load correctly, the game was designed for a machine that could handle more and the PS2 just couldn't keep up. The graphics are not the greatest but graphics do not make a game. Some levels will have you dumbfounded trying to find your way around, although the maps can be linear, they have openendness in them to some extent and that open endness can lead to you finding yourself doing circles for an hour while trying to quickly finish the game. The game is short, but because of the ability to play as four charecters nearing the end, and then go back and play as all of them for any level, it really makes for some good replay. Each charecter is unique in many ways, they all have their own personality, their own specialitys, and their own faults. Also certain charecters take different routes through the levels. For example, play as the rogue charecter and unlock all of the secret areas because she is the only one small enough to crawl into them. Multyplayer could use some work, although fun sometimes the objectives of the different game types are unclear. Online multiplayer has not been tryed by myself but from what I hear Playstation online (even with the PS3) is kind of a joke compared to Xbox Live. ...more info
  • killzone
    i love this game ever since it came out years
    matter how many times i play it i always enjoy it......more info
  • Solid FPS
    I already had Killzone and I bought it again because I wanted to get into it again and play online. Good story, nice range of characters and good replay value....more info
  • I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    ...more info
  • BOOM
    After having embarked on a massive Exodus to the planet Helghan,the castaways of your home planet Vecta regroup and re-arm with vengeance in mind.It's up to you and some "tough as nails" squadmates to fend off the massive Helghast onslaught of your home planet with the help of some unique and powerful weaponry. You will fight through cities and jungles, mowing down thousands of Helghast troops along the way. From snowy mountains to gritty battlefields and every enemy and weapon,the whole game is eye candy. The action will be over the top, the journey is almost 20 hours long and every turn is raught with peril.So,the real question is can you handle this much fun? Ignore the nay-sayers and critics and experience one of the greatest battles the playstation community has ever seen. So hurry up and dive in, cause there's a world that needs saving....more info
  • A real winner, but with some faults...
    I bought Killzone about a month ago and I must admit, I wasn't too sure what to expect. When I finally got around to starting the game I was impressed by the cool FMV sequences and awesome graphics. The only problem I encountered was the controls which at first were very difficult to get used to, and occasionally I still make mess-ups, especially since my brother has a profile with seperate controls. In other words, sometimes I want to reload and I end up blowing myself to s*** with a grenade. But that aside, "Killzone," for PS2 is still an awesome experience...

    The game begins with a chilling FMV cutscene showing the Invasion rally of the Helghast and the beginning of the invasion. You then start the real game as Cpt. Jan Templar, a member of the ISA Rapid Reaction Force (R.R.F), a group created to be the first line of defence in case of an emergency. Anyway, you begin in the trenches of the planet Vekta and this level also serves as a kind of tutorial for the player i.e it teaches you how to sprint, duck, fire, throw and cook grenades etc. Templar is not the only character you will be able to use, and later on you will encounter three other characters. The first of these characters is Luger, a Shadow Marshall (or assassin if you prefer) capable of high speed and the ability to get into areas other characters cannot. The second is Rico, an obnoxious, arrogant Heavy Weapons specialist and an ISA regular, capable of withstanding heavy fire and carrying extra ammo for heavy weapons. Finally there's Col. Hakha, a half-Helghast, half-human spy who is able to use enemy weapons with great effect and carry extra ammo for Helghast type weapons. Every character has their own weapons and special abilities, which ensures you'll never get bored. 5/5 for character variety.

    There are also 16 different weapons in the game, from the smallest pistol carrying 7 rounds, to the mighty Squad Cannon, an anti-tank weapon capable of firing 1 or 2 round bursts. You'll come into contact with every weapon during gameplay and will soon be able to learn which weapons best suit your situation and which best suit you. A rocket launcher for example is a much better long distance weapon for heavy troops rather than a light machinegun (L.M.G). Ammo is never really a problem and there will always be some kind of weapon for you to use. 5/5 for carried weapons.

    The storyline is not highly original but the overall concept and execution of the game is fantastic. You'll explore many different environments icluding swamps, cities, snowy mountains and wild jungles; all beautifully rendered with great ambient lighting. There will be various vehicles for you to destroy, but unfortunately you cannot utilise any, which would automatically have put the fun rating up to 5 stars. You can utilise some mounted machineguns however, so for mounted and vehicular weapons, "Killzone," gets 2/5.

    I also recommend you play this game on the hard difficulty setting since you'll get the full challenge of the game that way. And honestly, hard isn't really that hard, so easy and normal should be a cakewalk for even newcomers to shoot-em-ups on PS2. 4/5 difficulty for the hard setting and 1/5 for the easy setting.

    The multiplayer on the game is pretty good and there are various modes of gameplay including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Assault, and Defend and Destroy. There are also about 8 different multiplayer maps of contrasting size, settings and configurations, and the best maps are "Southern Hills," "Beach Head," "Canyon Crossing," and "Park Terminal." You can also play with a friend and up to 14 bots on either easy, normal or hard difficulty. 4.5/5 for the multiplayer option.

    So despite the confusing controls and inability to weild tanks and APC's etc. This game is a fanstastic purchase. It's not the best shoot-em-up ever, but it's certainly a strong competitor. If you like a gripping game full of action, thrills and a variety of weapons, characters and environments, then "Killzone," is for you. Overall Killzone gets a solid 4/5 stars and should last you a fair amount of time. So buy it today, you won't regret it!...more info
  • Killzone PS2
    The game itself was good. There were parts of the game that were good and parts that sucked. I bought this game because I wanted to get refreshed for Killzone 2. They game has it's glitch, and one that doesn't let you finish a level, and the very annoying frame rate problem.The story is cliche but it is an alright one, when you look at the big picture. The guy said the game was like new, but the case had it's plastic covering ripped in parts so I needed to get a new case. It kept me informed of the Killzone situation!...more info
  • love it.
    game is a couple years old but has the best graphics for its kind for ps2 and i love it! i recommend this game!...more info
  • fun, and at the price range, a definite must have,
    killzone is just like any other first person shooter (fps). good guys vs. the bad guys. however, killzone throws some things into it that is definitely worth your time. the atmosphere is great, and they have little things that make it seem like you really are in a warzone. for one, you can let a grenade "cook", or hold it in your hand for up to five seconds before it detonates (i hold mine for 3, or else it explodes too close to me and i die). another thing is that when you run, reload, etc. the camera shakes. nothing big, but it just makes it seem like you are really there in a battle, fighting for your life. it really adds to the experience, and makes the multiplayer f*cking INTENSE. another good thing about killzone is the multiplayer. all the games nowadays all expect the person to be connected to the internet and whatever, but killzone gives you bots to mess around with (and Sony isnt exactly known for its superb online gaming). so if your bored and looking for a game that will last you a good few months (hell, i was addicted for 5) then pick this game up (and at $20, this is a steal). the holiday season is coming up, this is a great gift for any hardcore gamer out there.

    WARNING: killzone has lots of curse words (no blood 'n guts tho, much to my dismay) so parents be warned. also, unless you are an experienced FPS gamer, this might not be right for you. it isnt simply run n gun, it requires skill and aiming techniques (the learning curve is a bitch). ...more info
  • I would recommend killzone
    Killzone is a fun game, with good graphics. The A.I. ( Artificial Intelligence )are dumb at times and the missions are long. I would not recommend buying it if you get frustrated at dying over and over or do not have a hour to do a level , otherwise I would recommend buying it. ...more info
  • Sweet Kill Kill Kill
    My freind David has this game and he says it is very fun so every week I go to his house and we play it when I first played it on his PS2 I went to the store after got a used sample went home poped it into my PS2 and played until my fingers were sore mom says it is good to play that game and dad says it is good to kill I killed so meany people in the game that I beat my own record in survival now I don't get killed very often so you got to command your crew kill and roadkill your enimeis and capture your enemy sometimes you hafe to sacrifice one of your crew members so the enemy dosen't get the infermation to trace you and sometimes you hafe to kill weird and scary creatures to upgrade your weapons you can always go back to the base to heal get info on what you are suspost to do give your weapons more amo change armor practice your aim in the training room and my favroit play with the big and small monsters you collected at each planet you viseted so if you have a PS2 get this I got it for just 8/99$ you wont be sorry grab it its great now!!! ...more info
  • one of the best first person shooter game ever
    the game is awsome!, it has a great story line (most fps dont), great graphics,great ali and enemy a.i and battles that will blow your mine!...more info
  • If you have a PS2 get this game.
    First off this game is great, the action is intance, fast past peas ,and fun. The graphics push the PS2to the pimit, wtich may explain why some people complained about frame rate. I, my self have not had such problems. Infact the only porblem i had was i got stuck in a log once and couldnt get my self out. I 've got'n stuck a few other time in boxes and other crap but managed to get out. other then geting stuff a few time I've had not problems with this game I love ploaying it. The game play is not just run'n gun using cover is accentual to staying alive and you enemys dont wiat for you to come to them; they like to shoot alot. This is not to say that the enemys are perfect warriors but they do provide a challange, for the most part. every once in a wile you get a guy whos just standing around in the middle of a firefight but I love killed those guys, I mean its a free kill come on. The persentation is well done, and the cut seances are well done. The story is welldone for a shooter and the game is peased well. Over all this game was and is worth every penny i spent on it, and besides at least this game doesnt have a "little shop of horrors" plant in it( for you morons out there that was a shot a HALO 2).
    (Please forgive me if I spelled anything wrong) ...more info
  • Glitchy but Fun
    Killzone is certainly not the halo killer it was hyped to be before its release. It has glitches, some of which add quite a bit of frustration at times, and some of the sound elements were annoying (helghan soldiers, anyone?) I did however love the cut scenes, the characters, the gritty sci-fi art design, the feel of the gameplay, and the fact that it definitely had an appropriate amount of challenging parts. Not too much variety in the gameplay, you basically always move from point A to point B, intercepting and killing helghast soldiers along the way. Sometimes you will activate switches or set charges, but the main task is move and shoot. The guns weren't amazing, but they get the job done and they fit very nicely into the overall concept of the game and its sci-fi backstory. I'll delve in shortly to give you a preview of whats passed. In the far future, man has colonized at least two other planets. The two we know of in the story are Vekta and Helghan. At some point, a faction of humans splintered off the fray of colonization into Vekta and settled on Helghan. (they became known as the helghast). The helghast established a militaristic totalitarian regime as a means of jumpstarting economic progress on an otherwise bleak and undesirable planet. They attacked Vekta in were subsequently staved off in the "first helghan war." Power struggles have awarded the new hitler knockoff Scolar Visari as the top brass in helghan after the first war, and the story starts off during a second assault on Vekta under the new Visari regime. You take up arms as against the helghast as a captain named Jan Templar. Three other playable characters and tons of killing await you....more info
  • not too damn shabby
    some people are saying this game has the best graphics. dont be fooled, i felt that the graphics were at best, mediocre. but, i am a ig stckler on graphics, so im a little biased. but what it lacks for in graphics, it makes up for in sheer fun. i felt that this game could be up there with halo and such. now here me out. i felt that it really captured what its like to be on the battle field. you are running, bullwets flying by. when you pull out a gun, you open and cock and do all the things you normally do. when you prime a grenade, you can let it "cook" (let it sit for about 3 seconds so your victims have less time to run) or throw it right away. but you can see your hands on screen at all times. when i played killzone, i became very immersed in it and the hours melted away.

    this game doesnt have a lot of violence, save tiny splatters of blood that dissapear when you shot someone. however, it does have strong lanuage (while playing and during cut scenes) so parent buyers, beware...more info
  • Awesome!
    This game is awesome. Sure it looks a little gray and dull, but what military shooter dosen't these days. (The Outfit excluded)Fans of Halo beware though because this game is more realistic. Also, be careful , parents, this game has lots of cursing.

    PROS: Great Gameplay
    Deep Storyline( Finally, a futuristic shooter without colerful aliens)
    Fun multiplayer
    Bots (Computer controlled enemy's in multiplayer)
    Some unique multiplayer types

    CONS: No Co-op in Campaign
    Rag-doll physics are pretty plain...more info
  • killzone
    i love this game ever since it came out years
    matter how many times i play it i always enjoy it......more info
  • It'a not Halo but it really good.
    I never thought that this would be the Halo killer and I still had fun with it. Some people always tell me they had to shot the badguys 50 times to kill them. I laugh cause I think that they have to be terrible shots I shot at leats 5 to 8 times with the guys and only 1 to 4 with the female. The story was awsome cause it was like WWII in the future on steroids. And the ending og the games was good cause they did not end it with some sappy happy ending like some games do. If you played halo and you think that you will hate this game don't play it cause it seems that you already made up your mind about hating this game before you played it. But if you did not play halo and you are a FPS shooter junkie than yeah by all means get this game and blast away....more info
  • Maybe I'm just slow
    Well, where do I start? I'm older guy, 31, and still play PS2. I usually move away from anything with analog control only, like this game. I really have no coordination for these games, strictly driving stuff for me. Only played it once, in easy, and against the computer on the vs. match, and its still hard. Graphics are pretty cool, as well as the weaponry. I'm sure with a bit of practice I could hold my own, but not sure how long it'lll take to get the guts to run this game again. Wish I could at least use the directional pad for movement of the person, but no luck there. Good action, lots of stuff to shoot at, just not a big fan of analog....try it though, it'll keep you hoppin'....more info
  • killzone
    its koo. aiming is a little 2 sensitive 4 me. cant wait 2 play k2!...more info
  • A first-person shooter even for non-first-person shooter people!
    I'll make one thing clear. Before this game, I mostly couldn't stand first-person shooters. They make me dizzy. In fact, I'm wasn't a fan of shooter games at all.

    Killzone has aptly destroyed these opinions with the precision of a well-aimed bullet.

    The game is not intense all the time. I personally like that. You get some spaces to regroup, to strategize, to come up with approaches for something, rather than being forced to rush in blindly, guns-a-flinging, hoping you win (although, if you prefer that style of gaming, I think you'll find Rico rather fun). The graphics are great. The story is fairly solid, if sometimes intentionally predictable, and the levels are varied and rather interactive (no one just shoots through things like glass - the bullets have to break them first). The weapons systems all handle well, and there's enough variety to satisfy anyone's fighting tactics.

    My favorite part of the game, though, is the characters. The four main playables are a riot together, a remarkably dysfunctional group whose conflicts, personalities, and discussions with each other make them much more fun to play than just flat hero characters. Whether you want to be the leader, sniper, human tank, or spy-in-action type, the game has something for you. You might find yourself imitating the personalities of the character you play - it's just too tempting, and they're just too fun! Needless to say, this game wouldn't be the same without the character development and great voice acting. You get attached to the characters and just keep coming back for more. I'm personally a major Hakha fan - my brother loves to run over the enemies as Rico.

    The only setback is one glitch on the beachhead level (in Campaign Mode) that apparently refuses to let people win the level if they jump over the last sandbag bunker to get the approaching enemies. Stay behind the bunker, and you should be fine. It's one glitch in such an otherwise awesome game, not enough for me to reduce the rating....more info
  • A Lack of Bug-Testing/Quality Assurance Drags This Promising Game Down
    As early as 2003, pro-Sony fanboys had trumpeted Guerilla Games' PS2 exclusive, Killzone, as a "Halo killer". It's almost understandable; after all, the only substantial PS2-exclusive first person shooter was the fairly primitive Red Faction, and Red Faction 2 ended up being so viciously bland and mediocre that the series has been on hiatus since 2002. That pretty much left multiplatform games such as Turok: Evolution, Medal of Honor: Frontline, and Timesplitters 2 as the only FPS options on PS2- games which saw better versions on the more powerful Xbox (which also had a controller more suited for FPS games). With no real answer to Microsoft's Halo, Killzone was billed by many as Sony's answer to Halo.

    Make no mistake: this is no Halo killer. It will not make you forget about Halo, Halo 2 or that girl at Starbuck's who looks kind of like Halo's Cortana. After all, Killzone, for one, lacks the driveable vehicles that Halo is known for. What this can best be billed as is Medal of Honor set in the future. Essentially, your character, and up to 3 computer-controlled squadmates (depending on how far you are in the game), fight your way through the battlefields of a besieged planetary colony under assault by the vaguely Nazi-ish Helghast, a faction of slightly mutated humans from another colony planet. It's straightforward FPS action, for sure.

    The bad news is that Guerilla Games apparently never hired a QA tester, as there are all sorts of bugs and technical issues which hurt the game. The framerate is often inconsistent, and it doesn't help that sometimes pressing a button will produce literally no response. Sometimes draw distance problems will result in faraway terrain or objects flickering in and out of existence. The audio, while not great to start with (you'll find the voice-acting undulating between repetitiously annoying, cliched stereotype, and just plain uninspired), also suffers from bugs, whether a bit of prior dialogue being caught in an endless loop, or mysteriously disappearing sound effects. The game, on a whole, moves oddly slow, as if mired in molasses.

    The good news is that, underneath the sheen of incompetence slathered on at the production and programming stages, there's actually an entertaining game. Level design and progression manage to be one of this game's saving graces. While the promotional angle for this game was urban combat, there's more to it than this. The first third of the game does take place inside a besieged city, and a lot of effort went into designing credible urban environments in both indoor and outdoor flavors. As the game progresses, you and your squad leave the city, and venture through war-torn beaches and docks, misty swamps, forests, barren badlands, enemy entrenchments, craggy hills, snow-covered mountains, and even a space station. The game uses a number of smaller set pieces to keep the player interested, and the game, unlike some games, isn't unduly short. The graphics are decent overall and nicely stylized, and it's obvious that the developers tried pushing the envelope of the PS2's somewhat meager capabilities to the point that the game seems like it was meant more for the Xbox. To help extend the game's lifespan for those who aren't into online gaming, Guerilla, unlike many developers, actually provided AI bots for the multiplayer games, allowing everyone to at least get a quick fix of competitive gaming in an offline, solo configuration. The not-too futuristic weapons are also pretty entertaining, especially Rico's giant howitzer/rocket grenade combo.

    I also have to take my hat off to the developers for actually providing a somewhat competent squad to accompany the player. In many respects, this game actually accomplishes what Red Faction 2 promised to gamers, but never delivered. The biggest problems here, though, are the slip-shod manner in which the game was delivered to the public, and the competition from Xbox titles. By releasing this game before it was obviously ready, Sony not only delivered a product that could have used a couple more months' worth of polish, but also guaranteed negative comparisons to Microsoft's much more slick Halo 2, which came out at the same time. As whacked out as Halo 2's truncated storyline was, it was still executed more professionally than Killzone's mix of dunderhead dialogue, "square peg in a round hole" interpersonal relationships, and over-the-top forced drama. As the game is now cheap, I can certainly recommend it as more or less the only Sony-exclusive FPS for the PS2 (although I have yet to try Cold Winter), and as having a nice amount of bang for the buck. However, you have to first get past the poor presentation, which may be a deal-breaker for some....more info
  • another average game
    The graphics are truly spectacular, but the thing that hurts this game is the fact that it feels like I've already played it before. In fact, I've played countless games that are basically the same thing.

    You have weapons. You can carry three of them at a time (think Halo). You need to use those weapons to kill the bad guys who are either hiding, or are attempting to gang up on you. You will have to fight 5 at a time quite often, and they usually head in your direction immediately. Is this a bad thing? No, it just means you will most likely die a lot.

    You can't jump in this game, which honestly, hurts the gameplay. Climbing ladders is also pretty difficult. The game is hard for all the wrong reasons. More importantly, the game is just your typical war-shooter which means you can skip over it and look for something more interesting....more info
  • Killzone Ps2 Game
    I purchased this for my husband and am writing this for him. He just loves it and has played it 2 times now. If you like shooter games, then you would like this one. There are some tricky areas where you are made to think instead of shooting, but that makes it more enjoyable to play....more info
  • love it.
    game is a couple years old but has the best graphics for its kind for ps2 and i love it! i recommend this game!...more info