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Jumpin' Jack Flash
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 09/05/2006

Whoopi Goldberg (The Color Purple) gives one of her earliest and finest film performances as Terry Doolittle, a computer programmer who unwittingly becomes embroiled in an international espionage scheme, forced to outmaneuver the CIA and KGB in this riotous 1986 Cold War comedy. Doolittle, the outspoken and irreverent employee of an international bank, is working overtime one evening when her terminal receives an encrypted message pleading for help from Jumpin' Jack Flash, code name for a British spy (Jonathan Pryce) trapped in Eastern Europe. At first reluctantly and then audaciously, Doolittle becomes privy to his predicament and essential to his escape while delivering a steady stream of ribald one-liners and witty slapstick—whether it's her Mick Jagger impersonation, police station meltdown, or infamous dress-caught-in-the-paper-shredder escapade at the British Consulate ball. A host of supporting talent includes Annie Potts, Jon Lovitz, Jim Belushi, the late Phil Hartman, and Stephen Collins (who shines as Marty, the mole), yet the film belongs to Whoopi. Though the plot is far-fetched and often flimsy, Penny Marshall (in her directorial debut) gives Goldberg enough latitude to showcase her immense talent in a role she obviously relishes—and audiences will too. Rated R for extreme profanity and mature themes. --Lynn Gibson

Customer Reviews:

  • Jumpin' Jack Flash
    We had the original Jumpin' Jack Flash as a VHS. It was great then and even better now. The DVD has way better quality, and there are a few scenes in it that I don't remember being on the VHS version. Overall I am really happy to have gotten it....more info
  • Who doesn't like Whoopi?
    This movie is from the 80s and yet it still manages to be somehow timeless (if you discount the bright yellow shoes!) It is typical Whoopi fare and definately child friendly. The world is always happier if it's full of laughter and this movie is definaely on the all time list of funny! This is a must see if you love Whoopi, love laughter, and enjoy a good flick!...more info
  • Whoopi having fun
    A decent movie to kill some time on a rainy day. My lovely wife could watch it over and over so it makes her happy.

    And we all know...A happy wife = A happy life......more info
  • Great Comedy
    This is one of the funiest movies i have ever seen, as whoopi Goldberg's comedy debut, nothing could top it. it has everything! the funiest scenes, lines and situations, not to mention characters, ever put into a movie! I recomend this film to anyone!!! see it today!!!...more info
    Critics really loved to trash this movie... Well they're all wrong. Jumpin Jack Flash was Whoopi Goldberg's frist comedy film and I think to this day it is one of the best films she has made. I guarentee you will love this one! With Penny Marshall as director, you can't Miss!...more info
  • Its a gas, gas, gas
    One of my favorite movies with Whoopie - I remember seeing it when it was first released in the theatre (at least a dozen times). I look everywhere for yellow tennis shoes!!!! This movie is a goodtime, one of my "rainy day on the couch" movies. ...more info
  • Jumping Jack Flash
    One of my all time favourite movies. I still manage to cry at some of the scenes even after numerous viewings....more info
  • One of the best comedies of the 80's
    A movie that has it all: great comedy, an interesting plot, endearing characters and action all in one place. Whoopi Goldberg delivers an incredible array of comedic acting joined with her ability to draw you into the fray.

    The chance to see old cast members from SNL (Jon Lovitz and Phil Hartman) plus early appearances of Jim Belushi and other actors deliver quite a magnificent combination for everyone to enjoy....more info
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash
    I love Jumpin' Jack Flash. It is a very funny movie. Wearth watching over and over again....more info
  • PLEASE give us this movie on DVD with special features!
    Larry P. Morgan hit it on the head...this movie NEEDS to be on DVD. I have worn out 3 VHS tapes of the film and given away more than 10 as gifts. It's one of the few comedies I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy over and over and get cravings to watch - and I nearly have all the dialogue memorized! It's Whoopi at her best, in my opinion. Her timing is impeccable, the directing is PERFECT, the setting is great (even the older type computer terminals do not detract from the plot), and I bet there are plenty of people who can relate to Whoopi's character, Terry's desire for intrigue and excitement. Stephen Collins is a complete delight! I think it's one of HIS best roles as well. I could go on and on...I just hope when it does come out on DVD it will be worth the wait by including special features like "Making of..." and interviews, etc. I look for it almost every day!...more info
  • Good, but not great...
    This is a funny film which is easy to like. Whoopi does raise above the pretty basic material, her mouth has always been a problem for me, especially since it wasn't necessary to the film. Watch it on TV only. But the ending saved it for me, Jack's appearance was an excellent visual twist....more info
  • PLEASE put "Jumpin' Jack Flash" onto DVD !!!
    "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is a GREAT movie filled with hysterical lines and a zany cast. This is almost a cult classic and it is a tragedy that the movie isn't on DVD ! Why, just the fact that Whoopie is in it would make it sell great and there are at least two generations missing out on this film that would go nuts for it... MY poor VHS copy is almost worn out and there are so many delightful quips and lines in this film, almost nothing puts me in a better moood ! ("Get yourself an office - with a desk and a lamp !") PLEASE come to your senses an put this little gem, for its 20th anniversary at least, onto DVD !...more info
  • Classic Whoopi
    This has always been one of my favorites and my grandchildren had never seen it. They totally enjoyed her antics....more info
  • it kept me jumpin, but that dont mean nothin
    it was a great movie, with a great plot, but it was presented poorly, it wasnt interiesting, it kept repeating itself yet overall, it was great go figure...more info
  • The Best Comedy I've seen *and that's saying a lot*
    I'm not usually a fan of Woopi, but this movie takes the cake. I first saw this movie in the 80s and I've seen it consistantly since then. It's just as funny now, if not more so. Some of the dated news topics addressed in this movie may or may not bother you *I just think it adds to the over-all effect*. Great fun, I highly recommend this one!...more info
    Someone contact the Studio. This has got to come out on DVD! This is Whoopie at her best....more info
  • jumping jack flash
    This movie was wonderful. I loved how it was such a mystery....more info
  • It's a Gas, Gas , Gas!
    I purchsed this in video format quite some time ago, and I still watch it from time to time. It is still just as funny as the first time I saw it. Sure some of the "technology" in the movie is dated now, but the story is still great. Whoopi's imitation of Diana Ross still makes me fall over laughing even though I've seen the movie a thousand times and know it's coming. Also, as corny as it may sound, after a great conclusion to the mystery aspect of the story, the final computer conversation is just sweet (and I usually don't go for that sort of thing). This movie is definitely worth the purchase!...more info
  • Rolling on tht floor hilarious!
    This is the first movie that had me rolling on the floor laughing! The sceenes with Whoopie in a tight dress and heels was the first time I'd seen an actress show how I felt when forced to "dress up". Whoopie's genius as physical actress really shines in this film as do her comedic and dramitic talents. I can't wait for the DVD!...more info
  • Should be on DVD
    One of Whoopie's funniest films. Why isn't it on DVD?...more info
  • Jumping Jack Flash
    Always wanted to buy this movie and never found it. Still a great movie and Whoopi Goldberg is a really good solid actress. The movie is well cast and well acted and we enjoy it very much, and will for a long time to come. ...more info