Belkin F5D7330 802.11g Wireless Ethernet/Gaming Adapter
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Product Description

Connecting the Wireless G Gaming Adapter adds wireless capability to your Xbox, PlayStation, or GameCube with the push of a button. You can also eliminate the need for an additional power outlet by powering through the existing USB ports on the gaming console. Now you can enjoy gaming online and transfer music, videos, or photos between your computer and gaming console-without cumbersome wires. Features wireless 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption Requires no drivers, setup, or configuration Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty and free, 24-hour technical support NOTE - PlayStation 2 will require the PS2 Network Adapter; GameCube will require the GameCube Broadband Adapter Automatically connects to the wireless network by the touch of a button May not be compatible with Vista

  • Product Type - Adapter
  • Warranty - Lifetime
  • Works with all Ethernet-equipped computers or network devices
  • Offers backward-compatibility with all 802.11b 2.4GHz wireless devices

Customer Reviews:

  • Just a wireless bridge
    This thing is really just a wireless bridge but with an option to automatically detect a unsecured network and connect to it, and the ability to power it through two usb connections. Both of these options are not really useful in any sense, since most people have a secured network, making the auto-connect useless, and the two usb ports are a little excessive.

    Other than those two options above, it really is just your everyday wireless bridge.

    As a side note, if you get Version 1xxx (it's on the bottom of the bridge), it won't come with WPA/WPA2. Version 2xxx will come with these already. I didn't see a firmware update on Belkin's website, so if you get an older version and want WPA/WPA2, I would recommend returning it and getting a newer version.

    Setup was simple enough. You just need to remember to get on the same network as the bridge's default ip address. The easiest way to do this is to connect it straight to a computer, then set an ip address within the same network as the bridge's default ip, go into setup, and change it to be within your regular network. From here, you can setup everything else.

    The only thing I ran into in terms of difficulty was that sometimes the setup wizard that comes with it does not work very well. It will actually fail to restart or save settings sometimes depending on how you got to it. It seems like if you mess with it too much, the install wizard will crap out on you. I would just use the web interface to do all your settings. It is much more verbose and you can specify more options there.

    One last thing I wanted to mention is that you can flash this bridge with DD-WRT. I have not tried this yet. If you do want to flash, you will need to use the micro version. ...more info
  • You might need a firmware upgrade for WPA
    I ordered this from CompUSA through Amazon last week. I got firmware revision 1.00.07, which does NOT provide WPA access. Install everything first and use the F5D7339 web interface to determine the firmware revision. If it's not at least 1.00.09, you'll need to download the latest firmware AND setup wizard from Upgrade the firmware to install WPA functionality in the bridge, then run the new wizard so you can specify the appropriate key. The old wizard does not know anything about WPA.

    Other than the initial lack of WPA, this is a nice box. It replaced a Linksys WET11 (802.11b) bridge attached to a Turtle Beach Audiotron. (Linksys did not provide an upgrade to the WET11 for WPA.) I get a solid connection at power-up and apparently good speed -- based on how fast music files and internet radio connections buffer up and start playing.

    As noted in the installation doc, this isn't "plug and play" -- actually, it should be "plug and go" -- if your network uses encryption. So you'll need a wired connection to do the initial setup if you have a secured network. And you DO have a secured network, don't you?

    4 stars because of the lack of WPA out of the box, although you could make a case that it's CompUSA's "fault"....more info
  • Simple to use, fairly reliable
    Setup for this was very simple and worked wonderfully. Since then I have had trouble with my wireless fluctuating in speed, but that may well just be the wireless due to the router. All in all, this was worth it....more info
  • Great for Linux
    I had already owned a Linksys wireless USB adapter that I used while running Windows, but could not get it working under Fedora Core 4 (tried every trick that Google could muster up). I finally gave up on the Linksys and purchased this Belkin gateway adapter, since it requires no drivers or other software.

    I had some initial trouble getting it working, because it seems to present three different MAC addresses to my access point (WAN, LAN, and actual NIC), and I am using MAC address filtering as part of my wireless security. Once I configured my access point to allow connections from any of the three MAC addresses, things started working perfectly. The fact that I had to allow all three MAC addresses is the only reason I rated this as "4" instead of "5". The device has worked perfectly in every other regard. ...more info
  • Works as promised
    The software only supports setting up the unit on a PC (for secured networks that require passwords) but I was able to search the net for info on how to log in to the back end of the adapter from my Mac and set up the password for my wireless network. After doing so, I plugged the adapter into my LG BD-300 Blu-ray player (which supports streaming Netflix videos) and it works perfectly. I have an older Linksys router but even with it I get full HD quality streams, even while surfing the net on my Macbook at the same time. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Belkin Gaming Bridge
    This is NOT as easy to install for use with the XBOX as advertised. I did get it to work momentarily after disabling the security on my router/modem, but not likely to long term if that is what it takes to get the thing to work. Good luck and thank Microsoft.Belkin F5D7330 802.11g Wireless Ethernet/Gaming Adapter...more info
  • This unit DOES support WPA-PSK encryption
    I'm writing this review because I have had a hard time getting this information so, hopefully, this will help some of you out.

    I have a Belkin Pre-N Router and the F5D7330 ethernet adaptor. The adaptor is plugged into my Xbox.

    Out of the box, the F5D7330 does not support WPA-PSK encryption, only 128bit or 64bit WEP. To enable WPA-PSK you need to download the firmware upgrade from here:

    edit: OK, so Amazon remove links - the file is on the US Belkin site, in the support pages for the F5D7330.

    The file you will download is a zip file, extract the firmware file relevent to your country (US or UK). Inside the zip file is a *second* zip file. This contains the new Setup.exe program that will enable you to change the encryption settings to WPA-PSK....more info
  • Just what you want!
    This really is just what you want when you purchase any peripheral hardware. It is the definition of plug-n-play. Though there is a CD provided for those who need it, I doubt you will. ...more info
  • Routinely loses connection to wireless network
    I'm using this with a Mediagate. It seems that there is some kind of timeout that causes this thing to disconnect from the wireless network if the Mediagate is turned off for an extended period of time. Unfortunately it doesn't reconnect when the Mediagate comes back on. I have to plug the ethernet cable into my laptop to get it to reconnect. Very irritating. I know that the Mediagate is probably part of the problem, but I don't really understand why the device would *ever* disconnect from the wireless network since the device is always on....more info
  • Works Great with Panasonic Blu Ray
    I bought this to use with my Panasonic DMP-BD35K 1080p Blu-ray Player to be able to use the BD Live feature. I wasn't going to run 100 feet of ethernet cable from the router in my second floor bedroom, where the router is, to our family room. I plugged this in, connected it to the Panasonic, and it connected perfectly. I checked for firmware updates and am now enjoying the extra features of BD Live. A great product delivered with the usual Amazon speed.
    ...more info
  • It works... but there are better options
    I bought this product looking to get either my TV (Panasonic TH-50PZ850U, which has IPTV) or my Direct TV HD DVR connected back to my wireless network. While my original idea was to connect this device to an Ethernet switch unit and connect both units through the F5D7330. That didn't pan out as expected and isn't the reason why I rated this product with 2 stars, it didn't work as planned because an Ethernet switch box is NOT a managed switch or hub, that was just a moronic misstep by me, not the F5D7330.

    So let's get back to the F5D7330, shall we?

    The Good:
    - The device is small, lightweight and its swivel antenna in the back of the unit makes it a nice addition for the space channagled media centers. If you have an unsecured network, with limited interference from other unsecured networks, this device will work right out of the box. Just connect it to the device with the provided Ethernet cable, press the autoconnect button and your wired Ethernet device should be up and running on your network.

    - However, when you need to set the device up on a secure network (which you really should) or you have multiple networks available and need to select your and not your neighbors, then this is where the device really falls apart and earns its two stars.

    The Bad:
    - The setup for secure networks or selecting the correct network, to say the least is very frustrating. The manual is sparse and not well written, the "wizard tool" that Belkin provides is spotty, sometimes it works, sometimes it didn't. On most occasions, the wizard could never find the device, even after restoring the factory defaults and setting up the laptop correctly.

    - Then there's the manual setup, which you really need to use in most cases. Unfortunately is one of the most vexing processes I've come across. You have to connect the device to a machine which isn't on the wireless network and you have to modify your TCIP/IP settings to get to setup page (which true of nearly any AP/Bridge device). Once at the setup page, you can select your network, enter an encryption key and make modifications, i.e., passwords, IP address, etc... The problem is that device setup page wouldn't load on several occasions and accessing the setup page after it's on your secure network was a chore too.

    The Ugly:
    - The biggest issue I had with this device was that the device would wander off my network from time to time. This wasn't due to a power cycle or a system reboot. I would setup the unit on my secure network (select my network, provide the access key, etc...), identify it on the DHCP server. After a while, I would remote back into the device setup page using the IP address I assigned or the DHCP server assigned (trust me I tried it both ways) and I couldn't get the setup page to open. I had to manually remote back into the unit and found the device on an unsecured nearby network.

    - I spent so many hours just trying to keep this device stable and on my network. In summary, if you have an unsecured network with limited interference from other unsecured networks and you need "plug and play", then this device should work okay. If you need something more, pass this unit up.

    During my search for a better device, I came across the newly introduced D-Link DAP-1522 Ap/Bridge Wireless N device (this replaced last year's DAP-1555). It was hard to find, most retailers we're out of stock, but found one with Beach Audio (through Amazon). It cost ~ $100 and was the right device to purchase. Out of the box, setup and connected to my secure network all under 20 minutes.

    Even if you only need one Ethernet port, the DAP-1522 will future proof your setup for a while if you need to add additional wired Ethernet devices. Which we all want to anyway, right?

    - Supports 4 wired Ethernet devices
    - 4 port gigabit switch w/ jumbo frame support
    - can be used as a bridge or AP. It can also be set "auto" detect.
    - Supports new N wireless devices and legacy a/b/g devices
    - can operate in 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz
    - supports all current security standards
    - Easy to read and follow documentation
    - default IP address for the device is, so networks already on 192.168.0.xx, the device can be accessed within the existing network without requiring modification (if you use this network scheme)....more info
  • Great add on to 20G PS3!
    I purchased this for $20 to use with my son's 20G PS3. He now has wireless internet access for gaming, browsing and PS3 software updates. It took less than 5 minutes to get it up and running on our wireless network. I would recommend this for anyone who owns the 20G PS3 (no wireless built in). ...more info
  • Old and non-functional
    Works OK if you run an open wireless network but doesn't support recent encription (only WEP)and consistently returns errors when configuring for anything but the default profile. Don't waste your money if you want security on your network....more info
  • Excellent item, quick setup out of box!
    Works great, easy to set up out of the box. No problems whatsoever, and a cheaper option to have wireless for my Xbox 360 than Microsoft's wireless adapter....more info
  • Wireless Gaming Adapter
    This product is being used to connect a Blu-Ray disk player to a wireless router for connection to the internet. It is in the same room as the router so distance has not been a factor. It was very easy to set up and connected immediatly to the internet after being setup and connected to the Blu-Ray player. It is pretty much a plug and play device. ...more info
  • The Best
    Even though its made for gaming systems, I am using this card on my desktop because for some reason no one can produce a wireless PCI or USB adapter that doesn't drop out all the time. Product works flawlessly and NEVER drops the connection, better yet, it requires no drivers, so there is no possibility of compatibility issues on any system that has a working LAN adapter.

    I haven't check Belkin's website to see if they have downloads for other OS, but to run the included CD you will need a Windows OS. After that though, you could hook this up to any PC, MAC or gaming system with a working ethernet adapter.

    The only thing that probably bites some people is the set up, which could be a little friendlier for the non-technical people. You will have to know your SSID, your wireless key and how its encrypted (WPA, etc). If you don't know how to find these things, look around, because it would definitely not be worth passing up this great device....more info
  • It does what it's supposed to do
    Easy to setup, and easy to program, easy to use. The device provides a stable connection for my Xbox 360. I read many of the reviews on other devices (linksys, d-link, netgear) and I'm glad I bought this one as I have had no problems at all. I also use the device to connect my Directv DVR so that I can receive video on demand. It's not super speedy like an "N" adapter would be, but it maintains a rock solid connection and does a great job in getting the programs downloaded.

    I highly recommend this device....more info
  • left to our own devices...
    I want to specify that this review is mostly about the unit itself (which should be given a 4.5) and secondarily about Belkin, its tech support, and other Belkin hardware.

    I now have 3 Belkin products: one is a wireless PCI card that seems to work fine; one is the f5d6020 notebook card that I couldn't get working at home but could at other sites with different router(s); and finally the 7330 bridge. I also use a D-Link DI-614+ router.

    The whole "plug-it-in-and-it-just-works" thing is probably not very useful, because you will almost certainly want to set up encryption; I suppose that's not necessary on an XBOX though...? I was able to get the unit to "see" the router on site survey but no dice on *connection*.

    See Greg take unit out of box and cross fingers. "Pray Spot, pray!" See Greg fiddle with toy for hours fruitlessly. See Greg break down and call Belkin Tech. Support.

    Ouch. Nice guy on the phone, apparently was a native English speaker, but I don't think it helped. I had to repeat *everything* at least 4 times! He decided to help me with the notebook card first and fortunately he figured out just to send me updated driver/software--hooray! See Greg put away freshly sharpened katana.

    But the bridge remained a mystery; one more call to tech support helped me get it talking to the router. I think it had to do with the way WEP "hexes" passcodes on various wireless devices...they have to match, obviously!

    This was not the end of the journey. It took significantly more time in order to get what I really wanted: multiple machines plugged into a hub-->connected to the bridge-->talking thru the D-Link router to the rest of the world. Sometimes just brute force, determination and trial-and-error prevail. Also, I'm a software developer, not a network guru...whatdoiknow?

    Thumbs up, it works. Who cares about my personal suffering?! As Jimmy 'Margaritaville' Buffet says: "...#e||, it could be my fault!"

    ***Update: several months of using this (in pain) I downloaded the 1.00.09 firmware update. The dropouts I was experiencing continuously seem to be gone magically! If you get this thing and are frustrated by dropped packets, GET THE FIRMWARE UPDATE!***...more info
  • Best of breed wireless ethernet adapter
    So, the first thing you should know about this adapter is that Belkin now has a firmware update for this device that allows it to support WPA (Wifi protected access), a better and as yet uncracked form of wireless security than WEP (currently breakable in a short amount of time by a determined attacker).

    Other things that sold me on this adapter:

    * Interoperates with a lot of different types of wireless equipment (tested it with Netgear, Linksys, and Dlink) without any problems.

    * No 'mysterious' problems. I had a Linksys wireless to ethernet adapter that would have to be powered on and off if I accidentally unplugged the ethernet cable, and a Dlink adapter which would overheat and lose contact with the access point every few hours (also requiring a reboot).

    * Ease of use: Generally, you can just plug in and it works. Configuring after that seems simple and easy. Note that while it comes with a configuration program that runs only on Windows, it has a web interface for people on other operating systems.

    Finally, some things to be aware of if you're totally new to wireless networking solutions:

    - A wireless to ethernet adapter has an external power supply, by contrast to USB, PCMCIA, or PCI-based wireless adapters, which means it's slightly less portable.

    - Historically, these devices seem a little more expensive than their counterparts. On the other hand, they require absolutely no drivers to use -- they'll work with basically any operating system or appliance (so they're great for things like Tivo or a game system that needs internet access).

    - In conjunction with a hub or a switch, you can use a wireless ethernet adapter to allow multiple computers to have access to the wireless network. This is extremely useful if you're the sort of person who has a lot of computers on your desk, or a small office. ...more info
  • Supports only WEP security, which has been broken
    Note that this router only supports WEP, which has been cracked. It doesn't support WPA-PSK, and there's no firmware update that does. There are some great reviews for this router, but the lack of up-to-date security makes it unusable to my wife, who's a security expert. I'm regretfully sending it back....more info
  • Works just like they said it would
    *Important note: The firmware upgrade will allow you to get WPA encryption*

    In this case "they" is the reviews here at Amazon. I was about to get a different brand of the same thing when I went through all the reviews and found that other brands had horrible reviews. This particular item had the best reviews which made up my mind to give it a try.

    So far I have not been sorry for doing this. Right now I am posting this from my Ubuntu Linux machine which is the main reason for buying this device. Needless to say it has done its job.

    Configuration on a Windows machine is really easy. All you do is pop it in the machine, run the disk, the adapter gets located, and you can configure the settings. I had my wireless connection configured at work in no time.

    When I took the machine home I had a number of problems. I found that getting Linux connected without the CD is a little more tricky. I was able to connect to it by the default IP Address, but the web based control panel leaves something to be desired. The interface is horrible and seemed a little buggy at first. I gave up on getting it to work with Linux after about a half hour of messing with it. This was not much of an issue for me because the computer was a dual boot with Windows.

    I rebooted the computer into Windows and again used the CD to get the adapter working. Again setup with the CD was painless and it started working right away. I used my regular wireless connection to upgrade the firmware and get the adapter working. Once the adapter is going the settings will stay the same until you change them again. If you have problems getting Linux to work you could get it to work on Windows first and it should not give you any further problems.

    The only big problem I ran into is after getting the adapter to work on Windows I was largely unable to browse. I could only get a few websites up and it timed out alot. I gave up for a few days because I was too busy to mess with it and I almost bought a new Belkin router because I thought the problems might have something to do with the range or compatability with my Linksys router. This ended up not being the case as the adapter lept to life after configuring the router and the adapter to a different channel. Now my connection seems faster than ever and I don't need to get a new router.

    I almost gave this device a 4 star because of the troubles and the interface but I hate to downgrade a star because of troubles that were ultimately fixed with simple configuration change. The interface is horrible but that is a non-issue because it does the job and I hardly ever have to deal with it. A bonus is that it worked with different wireless routers at home and at work.

    Overall I am very satisfied and I have no reason to dispute other reviews that say this is the best of its kind on the market right now....more info
  • It just works
    For a piece of WiFi equipment, "it just works" is high praise. I've had nightmares with wireless bridging before, so when I had a machine that had no other way to get on my network, I was a little worried. I bought this Belkin based on its Amazon reviews and I wasn't disappointed.

    The machine in question is a Linux machine with no free PCI slots for a WiFi card (and no way to get USB working). 10 minutes out of the box, and it was talking to my network (including setting up security.) I haven't stress tested it yet, but so far the ping times and throughput look really good, too....more info
  • Confusing, but works well
    Its weird to have to give the unit an IP address, then give the device your connecting it to an address as well, thats 2 ip's to get one unit connected to the network. But hey it works. Used it to connect my Directv HR20 to the internet for ondemand and remote scheduling. ...more info
  • Bridge does not work!
    The problem I am having with this product is that I am trying to use this in front of a network switch, but that does not seem to work. I have it working fine when connecting to just one computer, but when I place it in front of a switch, it only connects one of the computers. The other computer either can not get an IP address and on the occassions it does get an IP address, it won't can't communicate outside of the switched network (can't communicate with the router).

    If anyone has a solution to this problem, please let me know. I have tried the web config, but there wasn't really much you can do in there other than switch the adapter's ip from static to DHCP....more info
  • Great product!
    This product did exactly what we needed. We wanted to connect our DirecTV receiver to the internet but had to use a bridge in order to do it. It works great and we found it at a great price!!...more info