Axis 210 Network Camera (0197-004)
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Product Description

The AXIS 210 Network Camera offers a cost-effective, IP-based solution for professional indoor security surveillance and remote monitoring. It delivers superior image quality using progressive scan and provides built-in motion detection and support for advanced event management.The AXIS 210 can deliver simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams, allowing for optimization in image quality and bandwidth. The MPEG-4 compression mode is ideal for applications where available bandwidth is restricted and higher frame rates are required.The AXIS 210 connects directly to an IP network. With a built-in Web server, the AXIS 210 enables remote monitoring over a local area network or the Internet using a standard Web browser. Backed by the industry's largest base of application software for video and alarm management, the AXIS 210 is an ideal choice for securing offices, shops and other facilities.

  • Progressive Scan CCD sensor
  • Built-in Web server
  • Built-in Video Motion detection
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent Cam, great built-in capabilities, easy to setup
    I have used one of these for over one year without a hitch. I use it primarily to monitor my lake cottage when I am traveling on the road. The motion detection software built in is excellent - very configurable to eliminate 'false positives', and much better than a PC based full-blown security system I use for home security. I spent over 1K for the PC system and professional grade cameras, etc and the Axis works better, was eaiser to configure, and the picture quality is better.
    I have it set up to automatically send me a daily snapshot via e-mail to know things are ok. Also, I have logged in - literally from around the world - via a web browser to see the live feed. You can also configure the camera via the web browser.

    The Axis always works and picture quality is great. A well developed and mature product....more info
  • Axis 210 Network Camera
    Excellent product. Had an earlier version which has been running 24/7 for the last couple of years without problems....more info
  • Axis 210 in Enterprise Survelliance Use
    All in all, the is a pretty good IP Camera. The images are clear and crisp enough to be usuable for identification purposes.

    I have personally setup four of the these cameras to monitor a data
    center and office location. Physical setup is relatively easy. If you expect to use the more robust features of email notification, and saving images to a FTP server, you should obviously be pretty technically sound.

    In six months of use, they have been very reliable, and stable. Very rarely, they tend to lock up. A simple restart (from a remote computer) is a quick and easy process to set it straight again.

    I am actually considering setting some up around my home for survelliance. There are cheaper cameras, but I really like the option to store pictures based off of motion detection to a separate location, or email them to me as they que off. Very slick. ...more info