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TOMMY GIRL For Women By TOMMY HILFIGER Cologne Spray 3.40 oz
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Product Description

TOMMY GIRL perfume was introduced by TOMMY HILFIGER in 1996. The following notes are combined to create this floral perfume: On the top, black currant bud, apple, tangerine, mandarin, and spearmint. In the middle, heather, honeysuckle, violet, rose, magnolia, jasmine and lily, and on the bottom sandalwood and cedarwood. Tommy Girl bath and shower gel is a refreshing compliment to the Tommy Girl perfume. This fragrance is packaged in a clean clear bottle with a silver cap and is enclosed in a white box with the classic red, white, and blue Tommy Hilfiger logo on the front. Other fragrances by Tommy Hilfiger include, Tommy T Girl and True Star.

Customer Reviews:

  • Sweet, fresh, and energizing
    I wore this when it first came out and loved it then. I still love it because it makes me feel young and fun. It reminds me of casual days in jeans in the summer sun, picnics, and just pure relaxation with the man of my dreams. Had it been around in Proust's time, he would have dumped the madeleines for other fun memories. There are many sizes of this perfume and I like the option of the tiny collector's bottle size. It fits in your purse/travel bag, lasts a long time, and you can control how much you put on since it's not a spray. The bigger sizes make nice gifts and there is a companion scented lotion available for those who like to layer their scent for a longer-lasting effect. If you like sweet and fruity scents (Calvin Klein ones for example) or ones with a very light hint of mint, this will probably appeal to you. It's definitely a daytime scent with the energizing/citrusy side to it. Very nice!...more info
  • A Pungent Hint Of Grapefruit
    I really loved the clean, citrus scent of Tommy Girl. It has a grapefruit-like scent--very clean and pungent.

    Unfortunately, after I became pregnant and had my son, my body chemistry changed. Now, it stinks on me. :o(

    Still, it smells great as a scent, but you may want to try a tester before buying it. This is one of those fragrances that I think are a bit risky to buy "sight unseen"...unless you're sure your gal absolutely loves clean, citrusy, pungent scents. (But remember, that doesn't mean it will smell good on her...)...more info
  • Citrusy Floral Goodness!!
    I absolutely love this perfume. Whenever I have it on people always ask me what I am wearing! It has a citrusy floral note to it so it smells crisp and clean. I wear a lot of different perfumes- but I think a bottle of this lasted me over a year (a little goes a long way.)...more info
  • Crispy and Sexy!
    I think I smell the citron the most in this scent. At first I thought is was similar to grapefruit and then I got the fine balance of other tones. Beautiful and light scent. Look for a good deal on it though, pricing varies greatly....more info
  • Ok, but not for everyone
    This perfume has a very distinctive, strong, citrus scent. It's more for younger girls and women (>30) and a day time perfume. It's the kind of perfume you love or hate, because while the smell is unique, it may be too strong for some. If you're looking for a perfume for everyday wear, I'd recommend trying a sample of this one first. ...more info