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Empire Earth 2
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Product Description

Prepare to serve up worldwide conquest on an epic scale once again with Empire Earth 2, the sequel to the 2001 "PC Game of the Year". Become the greatest conqueror of all time by creating, building and forging the grandest of all empires as you progress through 15 epochs that span more than 10,000 years of history. Introducing new units, powers and leaders through 3 expansive campaigns, Empire Earth 2 will once again set the standard for real-time strategy games with the latest technology and features that expand both the single-player and multiplayer experience.

Prepare to serve up worldwide conquest on an epic scale once again with Empire Earth 2 -- the sequel to's 2001 "PC Game of the Year," Empire Earth. Become the world's greatest conqueror of all time by creating, building, and forging the grandest of all empires as you progress through 15 epochs that span more than 10,000 years of history.

This sequel introduces new units, powers, and leaders through three expansive campaigns and once again sets the standard for real-time strategy games. Featuring the latest technology that expands both the single-player and multi-player experience -- including an artificial intelligence system that will adapt to your every move -- Empire Earth 2 delivers dynamic challenges that require focused problem-solving. For instance, you will be forced to adapt to ever-changing weather conditions that will impact your civilization's growth and survival. With each new season or ecological cataclysm, you will be forced to make tough decisions and devise new strategies for survival.

A growing civilization demands keen management, and to help you keep a close eye on your operations, Empire Earth 2 is equipped with an advanced Picture-in-Picture (PIP) management system. With it you can control various regions of your civilization simultaneously in real-time. This, along with the brand-new citizen management system and revamped research system, will help alleviate the need for tedious micro-management, especially during the heat of battle.

Once you master the control of your gigantic empire, you'll be ready to engage real-life opponents over a LAN or the Internet. Empire Earth 2 supports nine types of multi-player games. Tournament features include multi-player cooperative scenarios, a new reward system for military, economic, and empire-expanding superiority, and a tactical planning map that helps coordinate efforts with your team and other players. Take your empire building to a new level with multi-player action that demands strategic knowledge and good negotiating skills. With Empire Earth 2, the future of civilization is in your hands.

  • Real-time strategy game
  • Create an empire through 15 epochs that span more than 10,000 years of history
  • All-new dynamic artificial intelligence system adapts quickly to your moves
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) system allows you to control various regions of your civilization in real-time
  • Single player and multiplayer LAN or Internet modes

Customer Reviews:

  • Major disappointment
    I thought this game would be a great one and an improvement over the first EE. Well, not quiet, this EE2 has nothing to offer, the grqphics look like the ones in Age of Empires II (realeased in 1999 I believe). The game runs slow, i have a computer with the following specifications:
    *Windows XP
    *Dx 9.0c
    *Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz
    *2 GB of RAM
    *256 RAm video card

    and yet the game runs slow.

    I love Empire Earth I because the graphics are good, and the game runs smoothly...This new released now is a major disappointment, and I dont understand why if the graphics are not good. The gaphics of this game look like a paint by an abstract painter.
    If you have played the first Empire Earth, you will see the difference between EE I and EE II, and you will go back to the first one.

    Save your money and play EE I ntil these guys come with a real improvement over EE I. ...more info
  • Don't waste your time and/or money!
    This unbelievably slow-paced game adds nothing new to the genre: Empire Earth 2 is just "yet another" RTS. The plethora of units only detracts from the game (who needs to memorize 300+ units and their special characteristics), and the division of the game into "territories" has been one of the worst ideas EVER.

    This game has been reviewed as "Rise of Nations"-esque. Don't waste your money with this, as Rise of Nations is a better game than this will ever become. The plethora of resources (remember, Rise of Nations already has had complaints about the number of resources IT has, Empire Earth II just increases even more resources you have to run around) are not manageable as there IS no idle-citizen auto-control.

    All-in-all: Empire Earth II may contain some brilliant ideas, but the entirety of the game is pure, utter crap....more info
  • this game rocks big time
    This is the ultamate stratigty game.Ever changing wheather conditions and citizen management control. plus the multiplayer option of quick start.Which is basicly a great thing for this game. it incorpeates civ unique units with each cicilization.
    And there are a few easter eggs that are unlocked when you buy the pre-sell dvd. if you want to know more about the game. go to info
  • Just a small simple review
    I've played RTS games for a long time. Most of them won't wow you with the graphics but make up for that in gameplay. I had been itching to purchase this game ever since it came out but really didnt want to dish out the full price. I remember the first EE to be a whole lot better (gameplay and graphics wise) than this pile of crap. The graphics arent good... at all. I dont think i've seen so little detail put into units since the original Age of Empires. But, just because the graphics are terrible doesnt mean the gameplay is bad...or does it? Gameplay is pretty crumby. I'm not really sure what it is about it... but it makes me want to yawn. Audio is terrible as well. Bomb blasts, mortars, gunfire... it all sounds so muffled. But this is just a personal review from my experience with this product. I just wish there was a "I want my money back button" as so many people have said in the past. :\...more info
  • Hard, but fun
    I got this game for my birthday by a friend, I hadn't asked for it or even heard of it. At the time, the other RTS style game was Age of Empires II. Empire Earth blows AOE out of the water. Some reasons:

    -More options (Civilization, army, types of soldiers, maps, etc..)
    -Easily managable citizens/resource gatherers (My favorite part about the game)
    -2000 max population!
    -NO limit on men per army (Unlike AOE III where one can only control 50 men at a time.
    -Epochs (pronounced "epic")
    -Battle graphics
    -More types of stats including lists of ones battles (also really cool)
    -Alliances and Trade is easy
    -Lastly, Technolegy plays a realistic role

    -Occasionally lags
    -Very hard past "easy" setting

    Well, there you have it. i would recommend this game to anyone. I own AOE III and I would play this over that. (BTW the EE 2 expansion is only $10 now, and I hear its good)
    ...more info
  • As always the sequel fails to live up to the original!
    I bought this game with high hopes that it would be better than the first Empire Earth and was disapointed. The Graphics are maybe a little better but I wouldn't say they were anything spectacular.

    One thing that is lacking in this game that was in the first is the ability to make your own civilization and what kind of characteristics it will have. You are offered a few different types of civilizations with preset characteristics and thats all the choice you have.

    The AI in this game seems to be less of a challenge than in the first. While there may be some new units in the game they are still pretty much the same just have different names. Tech tree is more drawn out but the end result is the same. I have had the game 3 days and have already went back to the original, cause it was actually more challenging.

    Bottom line it's just another example of a company trying to squeeze more money out of a sucessful title, but with nothing really new to offer, save your money and don't believe the hype!...more info
  • Reasonable, but a bit uninspired
    First I'll start by saying this is a pretty good game. It's taken several nice features from other games and put them into one release, which is cool. However, this game feels a lot like Rise Of Nations, the tech tree system is almost identical and the territory based maps are similar as well, making you wonder if this is EE2 or RON2.

    Another issue is the 3d graphics (I think this is a major problem with the game industry right now, full 3d isn't necessarily better, look at AOK or Stronghold: Crusader). While the graphics are very nice to look at when zoomed in close, they add little to the game-play and can ruin performance. I feel that the point of games like this is to have epic battles and rule vast empires, neither of which are done best at close zooms were fancy textures would be visible anyway.

    A small side note is that the pathfinding isn't up to modern standers either; units sometimes get stuck trying to move around the edges of forests, and don't always take the best rout.

    All in all, this game does draw together some of the better features from the RTS field and can be a lot of fun if you have a good machine and don't mind your troops getting lost every now and then....more info
  • awesome
    this game is the best strategy war game i have ever played! you can play the time epocs of caveman to future! you can build atom bombers, musketeers, ironclads, robots, battleships and millions of other units! make trade routes, declare war, make armys, and all kinds of things! even make your own costum battle! each different country has 3 special units that only they can make, for instance germanys 3 special units are barbarians, german knights, and panzers. BUY THIS GAME!!!!!...more info
  • Solid and much different...
    This game is much more complex and involved than its predecessor. The graphics aren't perfect, but the gameplay is outstanding.

    If you enjoy RTS games, you must have this....more info
  • very challenging game
    I purchased this game for my husband who is a computer game freak. This game is very challenging and very exciting. The graphics are fantastic. ...more info
  • Dont Blame EE2
    Alot of people say that the game lags well dont blame EE2 for all you know your computer could be infected mine used to be like that I got it cleaned out and now I can play fine or get a better graphics card like my friend bottum line its not a virus magnet

    This game has good graphics and is just plain fun so please give it a break...more info
  • Very disappointing.
    Not up to the hype. Pitiful outdated graphics. Slow and boring....more info
  • If you think Empire Earth 2 is one of those plain, simple RTS games, then you are wrong.
    Now I have played a lot of RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games in my spare time. But I expected Empire Earth 2 to be like the first Empire Earth game except for graphics. I was wrong when I downloaded the demo of EE2 (Empire Earth 2). I was excited even though it was a demo! Realistic battles and expanding your puny, Stone Age men to lasers and mechs in the final epoch (epic if you can't pronounce it). Soon, I bought the game and boy, was it incredible! Now what is exciting is that you can have the total population to 2000! Except you won't be able to create all those soldiers. Anyway, I have played EE (Empire Earth) it was interesting, but I wanted more than what I got in the first game. I wished for something like a thing inwhich you can just use a scroll and let the A.I do the sorting when it comes to gathering resources. When I played EE2, it had even more than what I barganed for: A War Planner system that uses teamwork with your allies, A Citizen Manager, and many more that I never expected in a RTS game, ever! The game is alive with weather that affects gameplay, hurricanes, blizzards, and sandstorms don't cause damage; however, they do affect line of sight and airplanes have to return to their base. I experienced a hailstorm once during my conquests. And if you want to see a battle close-up, press PgDn for down and PgUp for up. And Crtl left and right arrows to rotate incase you were were reading the EE2 guide too fast.

    I enjoyed starting in Epoch 1 in humble beginnings and I will list you the epochs and what they mean

    Epoch 1= Stone Age
    Epoch 2= Copper Age
    Epoch 3=Bronze Age
    Epoch 4=Iron Age
    Epoch 5=Dark Age
    Epoch 6=Middle Age
    Epoch 7=Renaissance Age
    Epoch 8=Imperial Age
    Epoch 9=Enlightment Age
    Epoch 10=Industial Age
    Epoch 11=Modern Age
    Epoch 12=Atomic Age
    Epoch 13=Digital Age
    Epoch 14=Genetic Age
    Epoch 15=Synthetic Age.

    EE2 is based on historical nations and every epoch is based on historical times (except for Genetic, Synthetic, and a bit of Digial Ages). In time, as you learn techologies, you will be able to advance through time. What I also like is that in the orignal game you start in 500,000 B.C and you stop at the future ages. But in the sequel, it starts at 10,000 B.C, giving even MORE historical accuracy.

    There are 80% more buildings than in EE and more units and civilizations! 3 more epochs have been added to the orignal 12 in EE, and many more features such as territories. It feels like a RTS version of "Monopoly". And through the start of Mankind, people have been scattered after the Tower of Babel affair (they wanted to reach Heaven but God made their language different and they couldn't finish the tower). But they made certain tribes and soon, they became nations. And if you betray the A.I they will call you Judas (When Judas betrayed Jesus). I thought that was fine for the game not to hide any Christian words.

    And the units are great, from swords and shields to lasers and mechs, the sci-fi world has not been revealed in the final epoch (15.) And along the way, you must build certain buildings both economical and military to survive. The A.I has improved big time. You have to build your armies quickly, or the enemy will rush you with a large army! And nobody wants that, now do they?

    I think that the EE2 deserve some credit for their hard work on Empire Earth 2.

    P.S There is an expansion for Empire Earth 2. I won't review it until it comes out, but if you are curious, it is called Empire Earth 2: The Art of Supremacy....more info
  • Could have been better...
    I have been playing history related rts's for quite some time now, starting with Age of Empires 1. The first empire earth didn't really bring anything new to the standard success formula of these games, it just had 'more'. When Rise of Nations came out a while back, I was astounded, it streamlined the clunky interface of the RTS and allowed you to do so much all at once without freaking out about how fast/slow you did things. This allowed you to focus on the combat aspects of the game. Empire Earth 2 is just Empire Earth 1 with some of the great features of Rise of Nations added on. The whole idea of capturing the enemy city center was taken from Rise of Nations. The whole 'frame in frame' idea with the little window in the lower right is really stupid. There is no point to this as you can just push the spacebar when anything happens. Besides the weather effects, the graphics are not that good. The game also has a pretty clunky interface. It is true that it is a deep game and everything, but then again so is Civilization 3. This game has almost no innovation, just taking parts of other proven games and throwing them together with duct tape. If you are going to play a history rts, with ages and such, get Rise of Nations instead....more info
  • Great graphics - Poor playability
    I have been playing Strategy games since 1985. I remember a game originally written for Unix computers that was illegally translated to the PC called Empire. The first RTS games like Age of Empires blew me away and I followed that line until Age of Mythology. At that point, I switched to The Empire Earth series and played Empire Earth until Empire Earth II was released. I couldn't wait to buy it, but I have been very disappointed. The game has great graphics and sound, but the computer opponents don't play very well and are pretty easily defeated. Age of Mythology chased me away from the Age of Empires series and Empire Earth II has chased me away from the Empire Earth series. I am now playing Age of Empires III. It is a much better game. If you are new to RTS games, you will have fun with Empire Earth II but if you have been doing this for a while, I would pass on this game. ...more info
  • Remarkable
    This is true war this isint stupid battlefor middle earth were you get a 200 or 400 pop this is random maps so its more exiting bigger pops for more epic fights it has weather months everything a real war is.Pick a civilization pick a color pick the climate if you want lots of rivers,islands mountains hills lakes you name it pick from a wide timeline to have your war

    What would be awsome is the option to build trenches or mortor pits.Now that would be sweet!...more info
  • Best RTS game!
    Empire Earth II is probably the best real time stratagy game made. I would choose thid game any day over a Civilization game or Age of Empires game. It is extremly detailed. From what you want your civilization to research in technology to what types of units you want to create. The Historical accuracy of this game is also amazing. Fight with the mighty Roman Empire or the lowly but powerful Minite Men of the American Revolution.

    Overall this game is extremly fun. I suggest this game to anyone who loves History or RTS games....more info