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Star Wars Battlefront
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Product Description

Star Wars Battlefront gives you a chance to play a soldier during the wars in the Star Wars Galaxy. Battle for freedom or dominance, across 10 unique worlds. Use authentic Star Wars weapons and vehicles -- from X-Wings to snow speeders. Experience true online chaos, as you fight the great battles of the Star Wars universe! In Conquest Mode, players who capture planets will gain specific advantages over their rivals - adding to the strategic challenge Exciting online play for up to 16 players

  • Open-ended multiplayer action game set in the Star Wars universe
  • Re-enact the most memorable battles from the films
  • More than 15 environments across 10 diverse planets including Hoth, Geonosis, Yavin, Tatooine and Naboo
  • 20 different soldier types from four factions: Rebel Alliance, Imperial Army, Clone Army and Droid Army
  • Single player and multiplayer modes (up to 32 players over the Internet or 64 via a LAN)

Customer Reviews:

  • Do u have the smarts and tactics in a war on the battlefield?
    I LOVE THIS GAME!U really get 2 command your own army by saying: "Hold your positions". "Move, move, move!" "Disperse.""Spread out!" "Come with me!" "I need backup!" etc.Also, the Dark Troopers(Imperial Army) can use their jetpacks(not 2 fly) 2 jump really high and land right in front of their enemy and take im' down with their turrett gun, same as the Clone Jet Trooper who can fly, but only about 15 seconds, but has a huge blaster cannon that can destroy a cluster of enemies and when they fly, its really hard 2 hit em! Also, u can use any kind of vehicle u want even if its an enemy vehicle. But I must warn u, however, when your soldier runs out of ammo for his #1 weapon quickly start using the #2 weapon, he'll never run out it. But when u don't run out of ammo and just need 2 reload it, quickly run and hide so u won't get killed or just use like I said #2 weapon which is really a blaster pistol or grenades. Sometimes a Jedi hero like Obi-Wan-Kenobi(Clone Army)Luke Sywalker(Rebel Alliance) Lord Darth Vader(Galactic Empire) Mace Windu(Clone Army) Count Dooku (Droid Army) will either assist or kill u, depending on which side you're on. I don't want 2 spoil it 4 u, but u won't b sorry abou renting or buying this game! I rent it and I'm gonna buy it with the other 2nd one which i never played yet. But my favorite thing is 2 use the snipers like the'' Clone Sharpshooters, Assassin Droids, Imperial Scout Troopers and Rebel Marksman''because they use long-range sniper rifles and can hide way up in a high spot where no one enemy can possibly spot them and take em down and they'll never know what hit em! So grab your weapons, b prepared 2 make mature choices and get ready 4 combat out on the battlefield! Also, MAT THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!...more info
  • Star Wars Battlefront Scores!!!
    This is a great game. You can be droids, clones, rebels, or imperials (stormtroopers). Each team has 5 basic types of units.
    Regular, missle launcher, pilot, sniper, and special. Although you can't be a jedi, you can fight along side them or fight them. They block all shots, so land a vehicle on them, run them over or use a grenade. Here is the jedi each team gets.
    Imperials-Darth Vader
    Rebels-Luke Skywalker
    Droids- Count Dooku
    Clones - Mace Windu
    Great Graphics
    Great Gameplay
    Great Sound
    Great Everything!

    Cons-Takes a while to install
    You need a fast computer.
    I give this 12 out of 11!!!...more info
  • Great to play
    I love this game. True, it isn't the most advanced and complicated game as some shooters go, but it is still right up there (actually, I appreciated the simplicity). The part I enjoy is that you have to have to be aware of the flow of the battle in order to win. Even in individual player mode you are part of an army and you have to be aware of what is developing and take the proper action. For example, if your side is losing too many command posts maybe you can't just hunker down in some hidey-hole and snipe people or you will still lose, even if you kill 60+ enemy soldiers. You may just have to get out there and figure another way to help your side out. Sometimes, however, sniping is a good strategy, or maybe you need to jump in a Scout Walker and lend some heavy weapons support, or maybe you need to help defend a strategic hallway.... It all depends on the situation and your ability to adjust. This game is fun to play over and over as you try different strategies (kind of like HALO was)....more info
  • Fun , but new one is better
    This game is awesome and it logged sevearl of my hours until the new one released. It reminds me of BF1942 but in a star-warsy kinda way. If your system can handle the Battlefront II then go grab it, but if not, this one is plenty of fun too, just the computers AI is not all that great in single player....more info
  • battlefront
    I dont know if my computer can handle the graphics but other than that I am sure that it would work on my computer. I played the ps2 version of it at my friends house its really fun so i thought i should buy it for myself so i can play it whenever i want. i hope it wont get old like all the other games i play...more info
  • SW Battlefront: And I thought life was dull...
    Ah, the best SW pleasure comes from neutralizing a droid or squashing clones in spider walkers. Fortunatly, that's what this game is about. The new weapons make you want to whistle, the environments are straight from the movie and the vehicles are just plain fun. The TNL warnings and loading processes are annoying, but the emmersing gameplay makes up for a few little glitches. Very addictive....more info
  • Cool Game
    One of the best games I have ever played.

    Gameplay is Awesome
    Sound is great
    Good Story Mode
    Drive Vehicles
    Needs fast computer
    TAkes a long time to install

    You can be the Empire Rebels Clones or droids. Walk up to a vehicle and get in and Buy this game

    ...more info
  • lot's and lot's of action
    starwars battlefront has been such a good game ever since I bought it. it has great graphics and lot's of places to fight. this game has lot's and lot's of action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Battlefront Review
    I think the good parts of the game are the vehicles you can drive, the realistic images, and the places you can fight. The bad parts are that you can't actually do certain things, like fall into snow on Hoth or break a vine in Dagobath....more info
  • The Force is with this one.....Always
    Star Wars Battlefront is an incredible FPS set in the Star Wars universe. You can control a character on either side of the spectrum; be a clone trooper for the republic or a super battle droid for the empire. Some of the locales are stunning, namely places such as Kashyyk (home of the Wookies), and Geonosis. The AI is pretty good for this type of game, although I did occasionally run into the odd moment where someone on my side ran in front of me and got shot, or attempted a suicide attack on an AT-AT all by himself. For the most part, however, this game is true to the Star Wars theme, and occasionally you will find yourself running alongside other Star Wars heroes (Chewbacca, anyone?). Perhaps my only real gripe with this game is the same gripe I have with Battlefield: 1942. When you die, your character respawns on the other side of the battlefield. This essentialy means that you miss most of the remainder of the fight because of the necessity of having to run all the way to the action again. With that being said, Star Wars Battlefront is awesome, and it is a must have for any true Star Wars fan.

    Overall = Excellent
    ...more info
  • Space Odyssey Battlemania
    Space Odyssey Battlemania
    This is going to be a short review.This is difintely one of my favorite multiplayer game.If you can think of Battlefield 1942 and quake 3 team arena and combine the 2 games into one this is very similar.The game play is closely related to battlefield 2 .But instead of WWII or modern day warfare era it takes place in a fictional futuristic space era.Instead of planes and helicopters.There is flying and non flying space vehicles something you would see in a Star wars movie.What I really liked about this game is the sound , music and graphics.You don't need a super fast Dual Processor computer and a $400.00 video graphic card in order to play the game.I have a ati radeon 9600Xt and the game runs great with the high video settings.The startup time is much faster than other newer games . Another thing I noticed is that the space vehicles are easier to control than the planes and helicopters of battlefield 1942 .There is also a single player mode where you play against bots.This game is most fun when playing multiplayer.Most of the time you are on the ground fighting unless you are fast enough to grab a vehicle before your team mates get them first ; But since it is such a super game, ground fighting is really enjoyable with the intense battles.There are tons of weapons to choose from .Weapons that remind me of the weapons in quake 3 arena,except more futuristic looking.I hope all pc games that will come out in 2007 and afterwards use this type or a similiar type of game engine,where you don't need a super fast computer system in order to play.For instance Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter ,Doom 3, Battlefield 2 hog so much memory it's ridiculous and the graphics are really not that much better "if any" than the graphics in Star Wars Battlefront.It seems like some game makers create games that require so much system resource that they want people to spend money to upgrade their computers....more info
  • Star Wars: Battlefront--Satisfying
    Star Wars. Who hasn't seen a Star Wars movie without wishing that they were smoking Ewoks and battle droids? Now, with Star Wars: Battlefront, you can relive the classic battles.

    In this game, there are several campaign missions, Historical Campaign and Galactic Conquest. The latter is more of a what-if scenario, allowing you to choose what side to conquer the galaxy with. However, there's really not much difference between the two, all are just about battling.

    Each side gets different types of troops to be. The basics are a standard infantry troop, with a rapid-fire rifle, a heavy weapons troop with a rocket launcher, a sniper with a sniper rifle, a pilot with the ability to heal droids and vehicles, and some sort of special class, whether it be a jet-packed trooper or a Wookiee. Different troops have different advantages when it comes to maps. For example, a map with tons of vehicles would be a good place for a pilot.

    Overall, Battlefront is a nicely made game, not enough to compare with Half-Life and Halo, but a nice game to have. The AI is okay, with your comrades sometimes being helpful, and sometimes just staring blankly into space to be bantha fodder. The game physics is odd, as it's in the Star Wars universe, but features wacky rag-doll physics. The graphics are excellent, along with the sound (was there ever a movie or game by LucasArts with bad sound?). The replay factor is somewhat weak, and the loading time somewhat long, but otherwise worth it....more info
  • Fun, but not as good as it could have been
    I bought this along with Battlefront II, which I think is much better than Battlefront I. Looking back, I should have just bought Battlefront II. The graphics are pretty good but there isn't much of a storyline and the controls are clunky. My 4-year-old son loves to watch me play. If he didn't like it I would probably never play it....more info
  • The force is with this game.
    In Battlefront, you assume the role of a soldier fighting either in the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War. There are four teams in Battlefront, they are the Rebels, the Imperials, the Clones and the Droids. However, you can only have the Clones fighting the Droids or the Rebels fighting the Imperials.
    All the teams are different, but they all have one similarity, their soldiers. What I mean by this is that each team has a basic trooper usually armed with a blaster rifle with a rapid rate of fire, a blaster pistol, and a few grenades.
    Then they all have snipers equipped with a sniper rifle, a pistol and grenades.
    They also have anti-vehicle soldiers equipped with missile launchers, a pistol and grenades.
    There are pilots with a pistol and grenades and they are the best at piloting vehicles.
    And finally, the teams each have their special unit, these classes vary in weapons and equipment. For instance, the Rebel special unit is a Wookie, armed with a bowcaster, a grenade launcher, and grenades, while the Droid special unit is a Destroyer Droid with a personal shield and two repeating blasters instead of arms.
    And then there's also some strategy in the game too. For instance, if your fellow soldiers are battling a large number of enemy troops, and the enemy command posts are unprotected, should you aid your comrades or seize the opportunity to capture the unguarded command posts?
    Command posts are certain points on the battlefield that you can capture. If you capture a command post you can reenter the battle at that point the next time you die and if you capture all the command posts and hold them for fifteen seconds you win. The other way you can win is if you simply totally eliminate the enemy army.
    Bottom line is, if you like Star Wars and you like shooters, get this game. if you don't like Star Wars or shooters, give it a shot anyway.
    ...more info
    I love this game so much! It doesn't seem like a T (Teen) game at all. I am 7. The violence is not bloody or scary. You can choose your can choose if you want to be the dark side or the light side. It's mostly easy, just a little hard. It's easy to learn how to play. If you are a beginner you should play as a single player (instead of multi). If you play in the city Darth Vader will join the battle. It worth the money, if you like Star Wars. It's a great game!...more info
  • One of my favorites- cheap price too!
    This game is one of the best games I have ever played. It has awesome AI, descent graphics, cool maps, lots of vehicles, and many units to choose from.

    First of all the AI is great. All the enemies you face are hard to beat. When I play instant action battles,( battles that you can just play right away )I win 3 out of 10 games. It's just like when you are a soldier class with a blaster rifle and you spot an enemy, and start shooting at that enemy, that guy that you are firing at turns around right away and takes you out with a pistol! Even if your strafing! It gets pretty infuriating, but it does produce a considerable challenge. Overall: The AI is tough to kill

    Then there are the maps. There are quite a few environments to choose from, including Kashyyyk. Half the maps you can get vehicles. Not only ground vehicles but starships too. Lots of the maps are the average Star Wars planets ie, Hoth, Endor, Tatooine etc. But you also get planets that aren't mentioned in the movies too much, like Rhen Var ( one of my favorites ),and... That's pretty much the only unique map that I can think of. But anyway, The maps are cool.

    The vehicles are awesome. What I really like is that you can fly starships in the atmosphere, something that they did not allow you to do in Battlefront 2. GRRRRRRR! Flying the snowspeeders are fun, trying to take down the Imperial walkers on Hoth. You can get into speeder bikes and zoom all around on Endor while on the other hand you can do some serious dogfighting with Jedi star fighters and droid star fighters over Bespin platforms. Or you could get into a Tie Bomber and start bombing the heck out of some wookies on Kashyyyk islands. Hey, Geonosis is cool too, with Republic gunships flying all over the place shooting Droidekas with their missles. Overall: The vehicles are so cool.

    Then the units are the actual guys you get to play as. They are the soldier class, the rocket launcher class, the sniper class, the pilot class, and special class. There are 4 factions to play as: CIS (droids), Republic (clones), Empire (stormtroopers), and rebels. Some of the special units are interesting, like the dark trooper and the jet trooper who both can use their jet packs to fly. They are not mentioned in the movie but they add unique flavor to the game. Overall: You'll be familiar with most of the units and all of them are pretty cool.

    The graphics and sound are good too. I just wish there would be lots music when you fight in the instant action mode.

    Overall: The game is great and fun. Definately worth the 20 bucks.

    ...more info
  • soooooo coooooooool
    i've had this Game be for and it is so fun. So fun that I am bying it for the second time. So if your wondering I recamend that you buy this game. so if you do have fun!!!!!!...more info