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Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch
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Product Description

Nancy Drew: The Secret Of Shadow Ranch is a thrilling Old West adventure set at a vacation ranch. The terra cotta cliffs hide ancient secrets that Nancy Drew must unravel - A ghostly horse is out for unearthly revenge, and the teen girl detective must find out why. Separate the truth from the ghost stories quickly, or you might be next on the list for unearthly revenge!

  • Play as Nancy Drew in this interactive mystery-adventure game
  • 20+ hours of thrilling game play; interview suspects
  • New puzzles tie directly to the storyline and give important clues
  • Solve the mystery on your own or team up with family and friends
  • 2 difficulty settings for both experienced and new detectives

Customer Reviews:

  • ???
    A lot of people are saying the toolbox and screen are annoying. I wonder why because I always wanted a bigger game screen since TRT (that was my first game) since the old toolbox/converstion box take up almost half the screen. Plus the old toolbox always had problem. If I scroll down I have to scroll down 3 times usually for the scroll bar to stay in the same place. The game is meant for people ages 10+ if you are older than 5 you should be able to understand how to work the tool box. You point, you click, you get whatever you want, you X out. Oh, so hard. Not.
    Anyway, this game is fun and I love it!...more info
  • Tighten Your Cinch and Hang on for a Wild West Adventure!
    Ropin', ridin', and revenge. A ranch vacation takes a terrifying turn when a ghostly horse appears. Is it driven by the vengeful commands of its long-dead master, Dirk Valentine? Or is a living villian behind the ranch's string of bad luck? It's up to you, as Nancy Drew, to figure out who's wearing the black hat before your investigation is ambushed! Unrequited love, tragic endings and buried treasure weave through the colorful history of Shadow Ranch. The spirits of gunslingers walk these streets-is this ghost town where the phantom horse starts its midnight gallops? These terra cotta cliffs hide centuries-old secrets. But first you must learn the language of the ancients. Behind all this western hospitality lies a dangerous threat. Could one of these lonesome cowhands really be a crook? This mystery is a barrel-race full of twists and turns that threaten to throw you off. Horseback is the only way to get around these parts, so get ready to ride!:)...more info
  • Nice Game
    Shadow Ranch was one of my favorite ND games I've played, partly because it was definatly one of the most interesting. Of course great graphics played a part, but the characters were realistic and same with the situations, (well, not the glowing horse). One of the best things was that it wasn't too long or too short, which can be annoying if it goes either way. Overall, I would strongly recommend this game....more info
  • The Secret of Shadow Ranch
    This is one of the best Nancy Drew games. Really entertaining and intresting. I loved the challenges and puzzles it had. Plus the southern theme is pretty cool and my favorite thing was the love story between Frances and Dirk, I think it was very well thought out and spent three days glued to the computer until I was finished. ...more info
  • A Great Game
    Guess what? Just last week, I was exploring this old ghost town and was suddenly knocked out by a bank robber! (I think) Then, as if that wasn't enough adventure, I woke up in the ghost town's jail! Using my lariat, some old bricks, and a chair, and an old key, I managed to get myself out of there. The next day, I explored some ancient Indian cliff dwellings, found treasure, and turned in a criminal. And I won't even tell you about my first day...

    It all happened on NANCY DREW, the SECRET OF SHADOW RANCH. And it could happen to you!

    The setting of the game is at an old Arizona ranch. I would have liked it better if Bess and George could have been there. Your suspects are Tex Britten, the head wrangler who takes care of the horses, Shorty Thurmond, the cook (by the way, he's very tall), Dave Gregory, the foreman, and Mary Yazzie, a Native American shopkeeper. No one ever comes in her store with the exception of me.

    I, overall, liked this game. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because at times the game was creepy. On the contrary, I'm easily creeped out, so maybe you'll find the game less creepy.

    I really liked the ending of the game. It was very exciting. Here are some hints for people who were as confused as I was at times. (If you want to do it by yourself, you don't have to read this paragraph). A hint about the 'under bank lamp' message: the bank is the tall building in the ghost town that you see the white shadow in. I didn't see any signs of it being a bank. And, here's another hint for the cliff dwellings: switch the red stone over the door with the hole with the green stone INSIDE the doorway. Then you're good to go! Also, that note you find in the fire doesn't seem to be good for anything. Did I miss something? Somehow I solved the mystery without it.

    Overall, I loved this game. I'm thinking about getting another game in the series. If you enjoy mystery stories, I think you should get this game!!!!...more info
  • Secret of Shadow Ranch-Wow.
    In The Secret of Shadow Ranch, you are invited to Arizona to stay on Bess and George's aunt and uncle's ranch. Unfortunatley, Bess and George seem to have a (ahem) "little" delay getting there with you, so for now, you're on your own. Spanning over a 3-day period, Shadow Ranch is definatley one of the best Nancy Drew games. The "new" big-screen, a cellphone in it's own compartment (with internet and email, though you can't send email!), and (my favorite), a notebook where Nancy keeps a journal (for all) and a checklist (only for Junior Detectives). And, as always, the toolbar, which takes up less space but holds more items. (A LOT more.) Begin your visit with a mystery. Where are the Rawleys? It turns out, at the hospital (!). Seems Ed Rawley had a little accident. He'll be OK though- but the Rawleys are staying at the hospital. And- what's this about a- PHANTOM HORSE??? Seems there's a lost treasure in the area- is it truth, or just a legend???

    GAMEPLAY: 10! This game is longer than some of the others, it's over 3 days, but, unlike "THE CURSE OF BLACKMOOR MANOR", it's not tedious! There's a lot to do around the ranch- help Shorty, the cook, with the chores (strange, Shorty doesn't seem to do much), ride your horse, Bob, around Arizona, and, of course, solve the mystery- who's trying to sabotauge the ranch? And why?

    CHARACTERS:9.5 There are some interesting people around the ranch, it seems. The 3 cowboys- Tex, the "head wrangler", Dave, the "foreman", and Shorty, the "cook"- are each suspicous-Nancy catches Dave, um, "digging", Shorty's been looking at gold deposits in the area (is he looking for Valentine's treasure?), and- was that TEX Nancy saw with Mary Yazzie?!? Mary Yazzie owns a store down one of the trails. She wants property from the Rawleys. Why? Maybe if you help her around her store, she'll help you...

    GRAPHICS: 9.5 VERY good. Even better than Danger by Design- at least the characters. (Though sometime's Dave's beard looks like dots and it, um, moves.) The setting is very good as well, though Danger by Design has the BEST setting, in terms of graphics.

    PUZZLES: 8.7 Some of the best puzzles are in this game, I think. None are extremeley hard, though they do make you think. (Hint: For the magnet puzzle, go to and from the board a few times in a row. It takes away the wood and makes the puzzle A LOT easier.)

    FLAWS: Not many. I wish you could eat, and that you had your own room (or rather, you could see your own room). I have to admit, the setting, a desert, is not my favorite, but it works for the plot.

    I have to say, yes, it is. Junior detectives get A LOT of hints, if you want them, and the journal and task notes also help. Something for everyone, even if you don't like deserts much (like me, no offense), you'll love this game!


    ~By a Kid ...more info
  • Engaging, though irritating.
    While I for one happen to love the new format of the inventory box, as well as a wider screen, the game still managed to get me flustered in more ways than one. In this game, your character has just arrived at a Ranch, expecting a fun vacation with fellow female companions Bess and George. However, upon arrival you discover that your hosts are in the hospital, and your friends stuck at a faraway airport! To make matters worse, there are stories of a "phantom horse" that appears to be causing mayhem around the ranch.

    The storyline is clever enough, as are the puzzles, tasks, and clues (bearing in mind that the game is for those 10 and up), yet several elements felt incomplete, or unenjoyable. The "phantom" horse that appeared was merely a display of shoddy graphics, heavily pixelated, milky white, and unfinished looking.

    And while some of the farm-related puzzles were quite fun, (I personally enjoyed picking vegetables and baking a cake), others grew tedious far too quickly.

    All in all, the game is a pleasant addition to a mostly wonderful series, though the thrill and adventure promised appeared to be lacking....more info
    It is so awesome! If you love horses you NEED this game, or if you like Nancy Drew, you NEED this game. I really liked the puzzles and the horse theme. Kept me interested until the end....more info
  • game review
    I bought this game for my 8 yr old daughter and she loves it. It was a good investment and it teaches her patience and how to look for things....more info
  • not bad
    I played the game at adult level I was bord with this titel and disapointed since enjoyed the final seen titel ...more info
  • A good, solid game
    I enjoyed this game. It had a good mix of puzzles and an interesting plot that kept things moving along. I've played all the games and I can recommend this game. It's not in my top 5 (for those, I much prefer Games 2-7), but it's a solid addition to the series....more info
  • Not my favorite Nancy Drew game.
    I have every Nancy Drew game and I would have to rate this one my least favorite. I liked the idea of the game being a treasure hunt with clues to find but the puzzles were too easy or just plain annoying. I would not recommend this title to a newbie. I would suggest any other Nancy Drew title to play first and then if you absolutely have to play them all I would get this one.
    For newbies I would recommend getting a multi pack. Like the 75th Anniversary or Mega Mystery pack. You will get more games for less money and I am sure you will be hooked on the series.

    ...more info
    I have to say that this game was one of the best in the Nancy Drew series! In the tenth installment of the ND series, players battle rattlesnakes, scorpions, and crazy chickens--and all tied together by the romantic love story of Frances Humber and Dirk Valentine. For the first time ever, your friends actually provide you with helpful hints through a new cell phone, complete with an Internet Browser! In addition, you get to do chores around the ranch, such as building campfires, collecting eggs, picking vegetables, and baking cakes. I never get tired of getting pecked by a nutty chicken!

    Ride a horse through old dirt trails to investigate old cliff dwellings, stores, and ghost towns. Get locked in jail and even take part in a little barrel racing! Lasso-ing your lariat is another bonus in this game. Enjoy finding Frances' many favorite flowers and piecing together the love story of a sheriff's daughter and an Arizonian outlaw.

    Hours of enjoyment for the whole family!

    P.S. I guarantee that you will not believe WHODUNNIT!!!!!!...more info
  • 50-50
    I think this is the best game of Nancy Drew. Bad parts, scary, too many dark places, mysterious people. Good parts, ride horses. The ghost horse isn`t that scary. It is pretty. The places I shall rate. Shadow Ranch-9, Mary`s Gifts-10, Dry Creek-1, Trail Stop-5, Cougar something-6. People- Aunt Bet is not ever seen along with her husband Uncle Ed, Bess and George are helpful SOMETIMES, the Hardy Boys are jokesters, Dave LOVES Nancy (how cute), Tex- Do not make him mad or he`ll throw you off the ranch- he is very silent and mysterious sounding-AND he loves Mary Yazzie!, Mary Yazzie-nice but holds secrets. There`s more but that is enough. Do not get the game if you don`t like mystery, scary places, combat, and suspense. PS nancy is really cheesy when she talks to the horses! "You two aren`t to shabby either."...more info
  • My first Nancy Drew gaming experience
    So first off, let me just put all of my comments into context by saying that I could probably be classified as a "gamer." I play anything from platformers to racing to adventure games. My favorite games were the Tex Murphy ones (such as Tex Murphy: Overseer, The Pandora Directive: A Tex Murphy Interactive Movie)- since I missed the "detective" bit so much I figured Nancy Drew would have to do as a substitute.

    This is my first Nancy Drew game. I played this after I received Nancy Drew Ultimate Bundle as a gift. Shadow Ranch is one of four Nancy Drew games included in the bundle.

    This game is good. Not great, good. Since this game is marketed towards women, I wanted to point out the things that bothered me about this game (I know I'm being overly sensitive, but these are still legitimate issues):
    - the game featured a couple of puzzles that were a bit sexist. Baking a cake, sewing, a few girly farm chores, etc. The puzzles themselves were designed well enough to not be too frustrating, but the content left a bad taste in my mouth. Normally, I wouldn't have noticed, but I read several articles about these Nancy Drew games that explained that these games were designed based on "what women are looking for in gaming." The fact that someone is actively thinking about female preferences when designing the game, and came up with those activities... you know where I'm going. I hope that the developers have improved this in the later games.
    - the graphics are reminiscent of games made in 1990, not 2004 (the year this came out). This shouldn't really matter to most; the rich storyline is way more important. Also, this makes the game able to run on older computers, so I suppose that's good. However, it would be cool for those of us "chick gamers" who have a supped up computer to be able to see the cool graphics and not have to resort to a "real gamer" game like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition. I'm not saying the game should look so realistic that you think you're there, but the images are a bit grainy. Also, there's no way to fix the resolution for a wide-screen monitor. Everybody just looks chubby.
    - there are a few times where a clue or item shows up in a place where you've been before, but you can't access the clue until a certain part of the plot has been revealed. Normally, this makes sense, but for example, I look closely at a rock, then later I have to look behind it after I've found a note telling me to go back - why couldn't I do that until I received a clue that said "check underneath this stupid rock." It would have cut out about 6 hrs of gameplay, which would have been bad, but the designers should have figured out a different place to hide this item so that you didn't have this plot hole. Basically, I'm saying that the game could have been designed better. Other reviewers noticed similar things, such as a front door that isn't able to be opened (there's a sign saying to use other doors - POOR DESIGN!).
    - I had a hard time figuring out a couple of the puzzles due to the interface. With one puzzle, you had to press enter after typing in letters on the keyboard. Why would I think to press enter after typing in each individual letter? There weren't any instructions hinting that. I, like a lot of other players, had to look up a walkthrough in order to figure out what I was missing. There was another one where I had a puzzle totally put together, but I didn't have my starting piece in the correct spot. There was no prompting language from Nancy, as she does in other puzzles, saying "that doesn't go there" or anything for me to realize that the puzzle piece wasn't in the wrong place. I later realized that the puzzle pieces lock in once they're in the correct place, but I had no way of knowing that until the first one locked in. This goes back to issues with game design.

    I know I focused on a lot of the negatives, but the game was entertaining, and it had a good little detective story. It's basically what I'm looking for (but I still miss Tex Murphy!), and I'll be playing more Nancy Drew very soon....more info
  • Yeehaww.
    again. I loved it. This game was an exciting adventure to the wild west. With the new wider screen, you can feel even more in the atmosphere. The new features make it better than ever. I reccommend definately purchasing this. An excellent addition to the series....more info
  • Very Atmospheric!
    I'm an old lady avidly playing one Nancy Drew game after another! The reason I did not give "Secret" 5 stars is because a few of the puzzles, such as having to collect vegetables and eggs twice are just plain boring. However, you get a real feel for the old west as the graphics are excellent. The Indian relics and ruins and the ghost town are very well done and the indoor scenes are great, such as Shadow Ranch Lodge, Mary's Gift shop and Cappy's, the remnant of an old saloon.

    The horse lore that you will learn such as the proper term for each horse color is downright interesting. And as a ranch hand you'll be obliged to put a dismembered bridle together, feed the three horses and the chickens their various rations, bake a cake, run a barrel race and ride your faithful horse Bob to interesting places, sleuthing all the way.

    The puzzles cover a pretty wide gamut of difficulty from the very easy (the vegetables and eggs and the chicken wire fence repair) to the reasonably hard-the Indian ruins maze. The number and variety of puzzles should please just about everybody except, perhaps, accomplished and sophisticated gamers. The latter would find "The Curse of Blackmoor Manor" a much bigger challenge for their abilities.

    The voice acting is first rate and the lip synch and gestures are fine. Tex, the onery cowboy with an incredibly deep voice, is very funny. Dave, another ranch hand, is very cute, as Nancy noticed and points out. All and all "Secrets of Shadow Ranch" is a very pleasant experience, and even though it took me about ten tries to trick the culprit at the end (I get in such a flap when a puzzle is timed) I finally succeeded. So all is well....more info