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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/20/2008 Rating: Nr

From the creators of the flamboyantly fabulous Viva Variety (and when will that be released on DVD?) comes Reno 911, Comedy Central's most arresting comedy series. Ride along with the cluelessly cracked squad of the Wahoe County Sheriff's Department, who cross the proverbial thin blue line with impunity. "That's how we do it in Reno," exults Lt. Dangle (Thomas Lennon), after absent-mindedly rear-ending a car whose trunk pops open to reveal a cache of marijuana. Reno 911 has Cops's gritty documentary feel, and Police Squad's straight face in subverting cop show conventions. The hapless officers get no respect, not from the citizens they encounter, from their colleagues in the FBI, or even from themselves. Kerri Kenney-Silver's unfortunate Det. Wiegel is the squad's odd girl out. "She's like a bad casserole" is one of the more polite things said about her. In one episode, a misunderstanding leads to her being put under a suicide watch, and she so loves the attention, she doesn't bother to inform her brethren that she, in fact, did not try to kill herself. The forays into black comedy are about as subtle as a S.W.A.T. assault. In the first episode's opening moments, an officer answers a domestic disturbance call with guns blazing, only to discover it is a surprise birthday party for him.

But Reno 911 would have gotten old fast if it was just Police Academy-style mishaps and slapstick. What elevates this from being a one-joke series are the intimately observed characters' quirks and personal dramas. Dangle has a penchant for short shorts, and, in the first episode at least, comely male traffic offenders. Dangle is not exactly Capt. Furillo (from Hill Street Blues) in the compassion department. When the squad learns that unwed Deputy C. Johnson (Wendy McLendon-Covey) is pregnant, he jokingly searches for a phone book when considering who the father might be. "There's usually a phone book around here," he shrugs. "It would have been funnier." Comedy Central may be guilty of running these episodes into the ground, but for Reno 911's devoted following, and for rookies to the force, this boxed set of commercial-free episodes, some commentary-enhanced, is just the ticket. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Stuff, good stuff...
    This show is absolutely hilarious. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll love it! Or hate it passionately.

    I grew up in the Reno area and I know several people who work for the sherrif's department which makes it even funnier. It's obvious that it's not filmed there, but they did nab some footage of the sherrif's departments vehicles(or stole them). There's no mall within a hundred miles of Reno that's three stories high or even two for that matter...Palm trees? Seriously, try pine trees.

    This is a must buy for any fan of comedy....more info
  • Reno-911
    I am disappointed with my purchase- I ordered at the same time I ordered 4 other porducts and received everything else within the week. Although it did say up to 14 days- In today's world I have a hard time understanding why a DVD would take 2 weeks to deliver. It was a Christmas gift and of course I received after Christmas. I would not buy from this distributor again!...more info
  • Laughed so hard
    If you have a sophisticated sense of humour then this probably isn't for you. But I laughed til I cried. Some of it is subtle, some of it will make you cringe but well worth watching...more info
  • Hilarious
    I love Reno 911. This is such a funny show, it left me laughing for hours.
    ...more info
  • Best Viewed in Small Doses
    Since we never could catch when it was on Comedy Central, I decided to go ahead and get this 1st season DVD collection.

    It's kinda funny here and there, but watching more than 2 in a week seems to have left me burned out on it.

    ...more info
  • The Biggest Little Comedy in the whole 'goddamn' world
    Not so long ago, Comedy Central was the forgotten channel in your basic-cable lineup, an afterthought whose only real appeal was its endless hours of "Saturday Night Live" re-runs and the occasionally amusing stand-up act. That all began to change, however, with the premiere of "South Park" in 1997, a show that instantly became the most controversial series on television and simultaneously made Comedy Central one of the hottest stations around. And in the seven year's since "South Park" debuted, the network's popularity has continued to swell with the addition of hit series like "Chappelle's Show," "Crank Yankers" and, now, "Reno 911."

    Watch "Reno 911" and you'll probably think, "How hasn't this been done before?" It is, after all, just a "Cops" knockoff, a show that virtually begged to be spoofed during its heyday. Well, someone finally did it, and they did it very well, but it's not merely the idea that makes "Reno 911" so damn funny. It's the characters and the writing that are so idealistic and and "different" that ,makes this show so great.

    Set in the Biggest Little City in the World, Comedy Central's latest hit follows seven of Reno's "finest" through both their professional and personal daily lives. Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon), the gay lieutenant whose nut-hugger shorts are part of his official uniform, Deputy Jones (Cedric Yardbrough), who's constantly fighting off Lt. Dangle's advances, and Clementine Johnson (Wendi McLendon-Covey), the trampy blonde who never fights off anyone's advances, are joined by James Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui), Travis Junior (Robert Ben Garant), Raineesha Williams (Niecy Nash) and the mentally deficient Trudy Wiegel (Kerri Kenney). For a show like this, with so many co-stars chewing up screen time, a producer would be thrilled to have two or three of his actors nail their respective roles. But it seems like these seven roles were written exclusively for these seven respective actors, with each character played to near perfection. Plus, they pull it all off with the kind of on-screen chemistry that other casts would kill to have.

    Well, with enoughs said, I introduced the characters ... so, take a peek. You'll have a blast.
    ...more info
  • Cops Meets Reno 9-1-1
    This is like a COPS meets reality show,but funny,they have the cops swear,calling each other Di*ks. I wish I added Reno 9-1-1 to my list for Christmas....more info
  • Funny, but not as good as season 2
    The acting on this show is superb, every single charater has will leave you in an uproar. Right away, their random encounters with incompetence begin, as do the long-running gags, and recurring deviants. Their interations as a whole cast are a little disjointed though, something that is much improved upon in Season 2.

    The real reason I gave it only three stars is due to the less-than-stellar packaging. This season is not uncensored on the DVD set, which is kind of silly. Also, there are very few extras, and only 14 episodes.

    All together, Season 2 is a much better deal. Of course, there are jokes that run the entire series, but this set is not necessary for understanding the show....more info
  • Hilarious series, fast service.
    Amazon was spot on again, with fast delivery and the show was what i expected. For anyone who has seen the show you know what to expect. For those who haven't it will be a fun new experience!...more info
  • Don't let low production values fool you
    The look of the show is low end, but the laughs are top notch. I've missed many episodes, yet whenever I see one they are hysterical. The laughs come in unexpected places so don't eat or drink while watching. What happened to network comedies? Why are they so mediocre in comparison? ...more info
  • Hilarious!
    I had caught parts of Reno 911 on Comedy Central from time to time but rarely saw a full episode. After watching the first season on DVD, I can see why Reno 911 has the following it does. Reno 911 is like an non-animated version of South Park in that it is an equal opportunity offender (white, minorities, straight, gay, rich, poor....everyone is fair game) that gets it's laughs from not being politically correct and a certain amount of truth in their jokes. Done in the classic "Cops" fashion with a roving camera following the crew on their daily routines, Reno 911 will make you smile/grin or out right laugh in every episode. Each character has their own issue(s) that allow everyone to play off each other and set up many hilarious situations. Of course, if you are offended by language or get all bent out of shape by non-PC jokes then you will want to avoid this. However, if you like South Park (or at at least not offended by it even if you don't like it), then you have to give Reno 911 a try. For the price of the first season now, it is easily worth all the laughs you'll get!...more info
  • Very funny!
    I own all these on DVD and they are all hilarious! Very funny and entertaining....more info
  • Great Seller!
    I would definently buy from this seller again! Fast shipping, great product! Great job!...more info
  • Wet-Your-Pants-Funny
    If you like the show RENO 911 then OF COURSE you will like this DVD. I buy very very few tv shows on DVD, but this set is worth the money. I plan on buying all the seasons, but any fan of the show simply must have the First!
    RENO 911 is unique in its mockumentary hilarity and raises the bar for COmedy Central's programming....more info
  • Much better than expected - lots of laughs!
    This could have been a dumb and tiresome "Cops" take-off that relied on vulgarity and body functions humor for its laughs (which is what so much comedy today is). Instead, this is a very funny show that relies on personalities and their weaknesses and quirks to get its laughs. The scenes with the cops dealing with the drugged out and worthless criminals are priceless satires of street types. You won't find any politically correct bleeding heart portrayals here! The comedians who play the cops are fantastic. The female cop who is so clueless about men that she does a prostitution sting with her old lady underwear peaking out of her hooker outfit is a riot. The gay cop is hilarious. His role is politically incorrect and will offend some, but also ten times more sympathetic as a human being than some cleaned up, sanitized, and offically approved (but ultimately dishonest and unrealistic) gay guy that was written by some committee with a political agenda. The writers take the scripts in unexpected directions - there are so many plot twists and turns that it all seems so fresh and novel. Funny, funny stuff. Beware if you are easily offended and don't believe that humor should touch race, sex, or religion. This is not PC humor. Thank goodness!...more info
  • Great Show!
    I purchased both the first season and the second season together. There are many episodes that are outrageously funny. Imagine being all by yourself laughing out loud. That is how some of the episodes affected me. All are good. Some are excellent....more info
  • Mildly Amusing
    RENO 911 is a mildly amusing parody of COPS. The batting average for jokes is about two out of ten are laugh out loud funny, but the rest of it does generally make you smile. Like all of Comedy Central's other shows, the thing is low budget, but I suppose that's part of the charm. As another reviewer has said, close on the heels of this release a true classic police parody is finally being released on DVD: SLEDGE HAMMER!...more info
  • Terrific Show
    I just bought this DVD set a week ago and it is fantastic. I eagerly awaited the new episodes when they originally aired on Comedy Central and I can now watch all my favorite episodes any time I want! A spoof of COPS yet also quite original, this show keeps you laughing at the great improv (most dialogue is improvised), stellar deadpan comedy, and a great writing team with creative and hilarious ideas. The entire season is great, especially as the characters gain more depth and the actors work better together. My personal favorite episodes are the 2 with the Department of Homeland Security (the actor playing Captain Hernandez (might be Rodriguez) is absolutely hilarious. My favorite main character is a very tough choice, so I'll just narrow it down to Dangle, Wiegel, and Garcia.
    As for the special features, they are very solid. There is commentary on 4 episodes, 2 on each disc. There are also about a dozen unaired, uncut, or alternate scenes on Disc 2. The uncut scenes are great, as they are basically the full versions of scenes that are chopped up and used on the show, but they are 5 minute scenes of the actors just improvising off of eachother, very fun to watch. The outtakes are also very funny, showing how tough it is even for the actors to keep a straight face in these hilarious scenes.
    I would highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys deadpan comedy, improv, and just hilarious TV.
    And just so buyers are aware, this set is NOT uncensored, while Season 2 is uncensored....more info
  • Comic Gold
    This is the first show in a while that has kept me constantly laughing... I remember thinking it looked okay, and tuning in. The first scene I saw involved two officers, a child, a bicycle, and a bet. Fans of the show will know what I'm referring to. That scene had me laughing so hard. I was hooked.

    Every single member of the rag-tag Reno Sheriff's Department is so... well, they're all extreme. Each character has something unique about them, and whatever each of them is, there are that to the 10th power. (Even the most underdeveloped character, Junior, still has his funny moments. I assume we'll get more on him next season.) Special attention should go to Kerri Kenny, who's "out there" Trudi Weigel, while sometimes unnoticed, is just plain hilarious.

    Since the show is all improv, the DVD has some funny outtakes and unaired scenes.

    All in all, I just love Reno....more info
  • Good as it can get.
    I honestly can't remember any episode where I didn't laugh. This is possibly the best unscripted show next to Mad TV and SNL. Although I can't compare Reno 911 to those show's because Reno 911 is only a 30 min show it sometimes is funnier than an whole hour of snl or mad tv.

    I am also excited because the price is awesome $22 for Season 1. How cheap can it get? that is how all seasons for all shows should cost. I think there won't be any extras on the DVD seeing as how there are only 2 discs. There most likely will be extras on the upcoming seasons....more info

  • Hilarious before it wears thin
    This scathingly funny, over the top, and sometimes too over the top for it's own good, show is one of the freshest programs to hit Comedy Central in the wake of all the new shows premiering on the network over the past few years. Reno 911 basically satires Cops, following the misadventures of the inept Reno sherrif's department as they perform drug busts, perform charity work, arrest criminals, and screw up a lot. Led by Lieutenant Dangle (Thomas Lennon) in his pair of incredibly short shorts, Reno 911 is something you have to see to be believed. It's premise does wear thin after a while, but the characters and actors keep the show going full steam ahead, especially Kerri Kenney-Silver as the somewhat mentally challenged Weigel who ends up being the butt of everyone's jokes. All in all, the first season of Reno 911 is solid comedy, but the show really became something special in it's second season which hopefully will be available on DVD soon....more info
  • I hope I get arrested by Dangle
    This is by far the funniest most unique shows on tv right now. Right to the point and crazy moments. I love the comic timing each actor has and even the guest stars are insane. Great fun and I just love the story lines. ...more info
  • Fresh, engaging and frequently hilarious
    I'm an Australian, and as such this show has never been shown nor has anybody ever heard of it in my fair country. Then again, we haven't seen Mr Show, The Wire, or Deadwood either. My American friend from Kansas City lent me this fine DVD and I was blown away by how addictive it was in its story about a varied and distinct group of police officers, obviously none of them too bright.

    Central to the show is its mockumentary style and improvised dialogue. Standing out as particularly good is Thomas Lennon, who plays the gay Lt. Jim Dangle, a character straight out of the village people. His constant overtures to Deputy S. Jones verge on the realm of the unbearably awkward, especially when he invites Jones over to help him move and greets him in ultra-gay clothes, brandishing cocktail glasses, yelling "who wants margaritas!"

    The other stand out in the show is Dt. Weigel, who takes "medication... doctor prescribed!" she's quick to add. She is an aloof, almost unhinged character, disliked by the whole force. She is in love with Lt. Dangle, who treats her overtures with caution and distance. It's hilarious to watch.

    The best thing about this show is that it doesn't rely on set pieces to get its humour across; rather, it's about character. All of the characters involved are beautifully drawn and well acted, despite their dialogue being improvised. The complex web of relationships within the department provides plenty of intrigue and humour, and knowing exactly who these characters are it's funny to see them get involved in different situations.

    It has a few hit and miss moments, and by the end of the series you feel like you've probably gotten the joke. However, this is a hilarious show, one to watch an episode at a time perhaps every couple of days. Great acting, very funny, very original.
    ...more info
  • Yay! It's here!
    I love Reno 911. Its hilarious. The fact that its unscripted makes it even funnier. Each character adds their flavor to the show, making it funny in their own way. I can't wait until the DVD is released. The cast commentary will be great, I know it. You know people love this show, because its coming back for a second season (YAY!). Listen to the fans- its a good show, and we all know it....more info

    Reno 911 is about a group of Cops always causing a problem one way or the other. This show is themed like COPS but it is ment to be dumb and funny at the same time. To make it short this is a Fake reality show. The Actors are trying to make somethng as funny as this seem real. In every episode they travel around RENO looking for the bad guys. Or at least they try.


    In this 2 disc set you will find many classic episodes that started this great series. We have the Gay short shorts wearing Cop. The Serious Cop. The dog lover Cop. The fancy too much makeup wearin Cop. The sexy unopened shirt Cop. The tough Cop. And The dumb cop. Alone they are stupid but together they are hilarious.


    If you even seem a little interested BUY THIS NOW. These episodes have Hookers, naked women, naked men, drug busts, shootouts, And giant milkshakes all compacted into this dvd. This is one of my favorite shows that is well worth your money to buy. I promise you will love every episode on this series and you will be laughing evry 30 seconds.

    ...more info
  • FUNNY stuff!!
    RENO 911 was a delightful discovery for me. I don't have cable TV, so I had always heard about it but never seen it. So the miracle of DVD really paid off here!!

    Filmed in a pseudo-documentary style, obviously meant to evoke COPS, RENO 911 is extremely fast-paced and wickedly funny.

    It's got a cast of mostly unknowns, and they are cut loose to obviously improvise a great deal. The show is clearly quite low-budget, but this actually kinda helps the COPS style. Jerky camera work, obvious direct-to-video production values and a jump-cut style. It's essentially a series of bits from one ridiculous bust to another, with a couple of small threads of plot running throughout a given episode (a standout being the impending marriage of a highly flirtatious female cop to a totally worthless, drug-carrying felon...the reactions of her fellow cops and the progression of the story are priceless...and essentially abandoned by the next episode).

    The character of Dangle, the team leader, is especially priceless. He wears sunglasses, a tight mustache and very tight short-shorts. He's gay and he's a tightass of the first magnitude. He's self-deluded but remarkably seems to be a leader that the rest of the cops look up to...a little. Another character, Weigel, is a female cop with extreme issues about...well, just about everything, from her fellow cops to sex to more sex. Uptight, with crazy hobbies and the VERY false idea that she fits into the team well.

    Not every gag on the show works well. Some are roll on the floor funny (like the VERY first scene of the very first episode...a suprise birthday party gone wrong...I had to stop the darn DVD to finish laughing), while others are a bit lame and pointless. BUT, it flies by, and if something doesn't strike your funnybone..give it about 30 seconds and you'll be back in the spirit. Each episode is only about 22 minutes, so I find it to be a great way to kill a few minutes at the end of a long day. No time for a movie? Need a hard laugh or two? You can't go wrong with RENO 911.

    I can't recommend the show for's got some raw stuff...nothing horrendously explicit, but certainly nothing for kids under 15 or so. Otherwise, it's ABSOLUTELY a show worth seeing....more info
  • Hilarious
    This show is one of the funniest on comedy central today. It's full of over-the-top, sick humor that just keeps you laughing through each episode. Definately worth buying the first season on dvd....more info
  • One of my favorite shows
    A truly original series of non-stop laughs. Pay attention, there is a lot of subtle humor that is brilliant but not always caught the first time around. Dangle and the gang are great!...more info
  • Consistently Hilarious
    Few comedy shows are as consistently hilarious as "Reno 991!". It's a strangely character-driven parody of the original "reality show," "Cops," and it pays off week after week. Comedy Central keeps moving the episode times around, so this DVD will make it easy to watch the episodes back to back. Only about 6 episodes were made in the original season, so I am really looking forward to the extras that will be available on the 2-disc DVD. Hopefully more material featuring Garcia. "Star of Daniel!" is one of my favorite lines ever....more info
  • Corny comedy - some love it, some don't
    My husband and I bought this DVD set for his brother, who is a police officer. Both my husband and his brother absolutely love this series. They think it is so funny. On the other hand, my mother-in-law and me think its totally corny and doesn't impress us one bit. To each his own, I guess. I admit it does have some funny parts in it, though. I just didn't appreciate some of the rude and/or immoral comments and scenes that are portrayed. This is NOT a series for the young ones, or anyone who gets disgusted at the sight of a man kissing another man, etc. Even my husband didn't think scenes like that were necessary to make this a funny series. ...more info
  • Reno 911 Season 1 & 2 Hilarious
    My husband and I watched both season 1 & 2 of Reno 911 and we laughed so much we almost cried. I will say that this type of comedy is for an acquired taste. You need to like this kind of schtick to really enjoy it. If you don't get it, you don't get it and you're like, "What was that?" But if you like it and get it, it is superb.

    I highly recommend it....more info
  • Disappointed
    I purchased both seasons, started watching the first season and never finished it. (It is still in my carousel DVD player) I thought it would be funnier than it was and I don't know when I might bother to go back and finish watching it. Others may disagree with my assessment but I think I may give my second season (unopened) DVD away as a gift....more info
  • The Mediocre Show That's Funnier on DVD
    This show was funny on TV but it was viewed a lot less than shows like Chapelle and South Park. I rented the first season and it just seems so much better. This show is still not the funniest thing ever just because some some of the jokes arent great and it repeats itself a lot but you should still watch it....more info
  • The Original Comedy of Reno 911
    Reno 911 is one of the best comedy spoofs on television today. The comedy is original and catches the viewer unaware. The set-up of the jokes and the visual punch lines provide a new type of comedy entertainment, in the same way as the Monty Python routines broke new comedy ground. The actors of Reno 911 portray a wonderful combination of sterotypes that significantly enhance the full-force humor of the series. Few TV comedy shows have ever arrived at the level of Reno 911. When watching Reno 911, you don't just smile, you don't just chuckle, you laugh out loud and in this day and time, "it don't get much better than that." ...more info
  • Naughty Boys
    Anecdote: Was watching this one evening, LMAO. My TV-hating housemate comes in, sneers at my viewing choice, and plunks down to watch for a minute. After said minute is up, he snorts with disgust and says, "This is the problem with our country. Idiots like that are allowed to carry guns and 'enforce' laws."

    I stare at him for a long moment before telling him that this is a fake show.

    "Well, yeah. Anymore, they're all fake shows. All reality TV is fake."

    "Yes, reality TV is fake. But this is not reality TV. This is a FAKE reality show."

    My friend has issues with television. (This is the same friend who watched a few episodes of the old X-Men cartoon with me, then asked, "What, is the Juggernaut unstoppable or something?") But after watching this, even he admitted that it was one of the funniest things he'd ever seen.

    That's how awesome this show is. It's a dead-on parody of COPS (at least at first) and other shows like it, down to the sometimes-jerky camera angles, and the bleeped out expletives. I would highly recommend this show to anyone out there who has lost his/her patience with reality TV in general, and wants to see a clever sitcom instead....more info