Reflections: Carly Simon's Greatest Hits
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This is the first career-spanning, multi-label single disc compilation of her career, including hits from Elektra, Arista, etc.

20 songs- every one of Carly's top Billboard charting hits Digitally Remastered directly from the master tapes.

First single disc multi-label compilation ever!

One of music's most influential and cherished singer/songwriters, Carly Simon has recorded and released over 25 albums and is internationally renowned as a versatile artist who is consistently breaking new ground.

Grammy and Oscar winner, her experiences in life, love and motherhood and her strive for success have translated into several of the most memorable hit songs ever recorded.

Various musicians such as Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Tori Amos, and Mandy Moore have recently covered some of Carly's songs.

Extensive CD booklet with introduction by Carly Simon!

Includes rare photos and complete essay by Stephen Davis on Carly's illustrious career.

Customer Reviews:

  • hubby loves it
    I purchased this for my husband, and he loves it. Plays it in the car and put it on his ipod....more info
  • reflections
    sorry i cannot review for you regarding product. i will provide feedback on
    shippers; but cannot take time to do this as well. thank you for asking my
    opinion, please refrain from doing so again.
    thank you
    gary huston...more info
  • A true artist.
    Carly Simon has written some of the most amazing songs such as Anticipation, Let the River Run, You're So Vain, Nobody Does It Better, Haven't Got Time for the Pain, and my fave You Belong To Me. Carly is such and accessible and likeable artist, I admire her talent and longevity. I highly recommend Reflections, buy it today!...more info
  • My wife loves this album
    I bought this for my wife as a present. She plays it all the time. great album....more info
  • Reflections: Carly Simon's Greatest Hits
    Love the CD. Brought back SO many memories. Great quality, great sound! Will buy from seller again!...more info
  • Awesome Woman!
    I couldn't review JT without telling you how great this album is too. I admit that I only upgraded to CDs a few years ago but I am discovering that all of my oldies sound so much better now than they did then. Carly has never sounded so good....more info
  • A great introduction to Carly's music
    Carly has had long and distinguished career but this collection manages to include most of the essentials although there is a double CD (Anthology) that covers her career more comprehensively.

    From my perspective, there were two peaks in Carly's career - her seventies hits and her late eighties album, Coming around again. Between them, they dominate this collection, although there are other great tracks here.

    Carly began her successful period in the seventies via the American hits That's the way I've always heard it should be and Anticipation. Britain then discovered her music and subsequent hits charted in both the UK and USA, though Carly remained more popular in America. Her international hits from the seventies include You're so vain, The right thing to do, Mockingbird (a duet with James Taylor) and Nobody does it better (a James Bond theme). Carly's only big hit of the early eighties was Why (top ten in the UK but not included here - it is on the UK edition of this compilation), although she released some interesting albums during that time. In the late eighties came the album Coming around again, possibly her best ever. It is represented by The stuff that dreams are made of, All I want is you, Give me all night and the title track. A few later tracks are also included, most notably the Oscar-winning Let the river run (from Working girl).

    The track listing here is similar but not identical to the old UK compilation Nobody does it better, so anybody who has that does not need this. It is also worth noting that this compilation has slightly different track listings in the UK and the USA although if you really want the tracks on one but not the other, the best solution may be to buy Anthology.

    As an introduction to Carly's music, this is brilliant....more info

    THE AMAZON REVIEW ABOVE SAYS: 20 songs - every one of Carly's top Billboard charting hits.

  • She's a legend in her own time.
    Being a 32 year old guy, I don't feel like a typical "Carly Simon" fan, but somehow throughout my life I came to know most of these songs, and it's wonderful to hear them all together again here. Not only are they all great, but there's 20 of them! So many hits here, including one of my faves "Coming Around Again", "Haven't Got Time For The Pain", "Anticipation", and the huge "You're So Vain". Plus there's the duet "Mockingbird", with her ex-husband James Taylor, and "Nobody Does It Better", from the 007 film. Another track I really like is "Better Not Tell Her", and most of the rest. The booklet has a nice history, and numerous pictures too, like my favorite one from the "No Secrets" cover. I'd call this collection a must for any fan of folk, pop, and just great music....more info
  • GREAT CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had to buy this cd because I love Carly Simon. I love this particular cd because it spans so many years. She makes me feel happy when I hear her sing. I'm not young, but when her cd is "blasting" in my car,I feel young, and some people look at me, as I would look at someone very young who has their car radio or cd sooo loud, I wonder how can they stand it! All the songs she does are great. I do love the song she dedicates to her mother, who passed, and also love "Amity" when she sings with her daughter, Sally. This cd is just wonderful....sure gets me going as I'm driving to work!! And peps me up as I am driving home!! Buy will love it too! Carly is GREAT!...more info
  • Carly's Collection
    This is the first Carly Simon single CD collection of its kind - spanning 30 years of singles. The term, "Greatest Hits" is somewhat misleading as it includes several singles that didn't make the top 40 charts AND omits a few that did, (i.e. Attitude Dancing - 1975, It Keeps You Runnin - 1976, , Devoted to You - 1978). There are several albums that do not have one cut represented on this collection, and that is disappointing. Still, it is a solid collection of songs from 1971 until 1999, many remastered for the first time, which is a great treat.

    Simon is probably one of the most under appreciated singer songwriters of the 1970s. Perhaps her lack of touring and family priorities got in the way of bigger stardom and record sales, but her musical craftmanship cannot be denied. While many of her melodies were often less "hook" laden than her contemporaries, her lyrics were always accessible, unique but universal.

    The collection, arranged in chronilogical order starts with the slow boil hit, "That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be." The song, which many fans never really understood, is Simon at her best. While longtime collaborator Jacob Brackman wrote the lyrics, it captures Carly's family angst as if she wrote the words herself. A cynical view of marriage and family values in the early 70's, the song nevertheless was included in many marriage ceremonies after its 1971 release. Go figure?

    Simon's hits like "Anticipation" and "You're So Vain", the later which made her a superstar, are also included as is "The Right Thing To Do", which she has just re-recorded as a duet with Megan Mullaly on the new Will and Grace Soundtrack coming out this fall. And speaking of duets, her 1974 top 5 hit, "Mockingbird" with James Taylor is featured along with "Haven't Got Time for the Pain", both from her "Hotcakes" album.

    Simon's first foray into movie music, "Nobody Does It Better" was one of the most successful movie singles ever recorded, and certainly the most popular Carly hit that she didn't write herself. The songwriting team of Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager wrote it for the James Bond movie, "The Spy Who Loved Me" and brought it to her for the 1977 release.

    "You Belong to Me" from 1978 was a "over the phone" collaboration with Mike McDonald from the Doobie Brothers and a funky uptempo hit in the late part of the decade. 1980 brought the year off to a solid start with the fluke hit, "Jesse" from the "Come Upstairs" album. ALthough the song never broke the top ten, the country flavored ballad became very popular and eventually became a million selling single.

    Carly continued to record in the early and mid eighties with the standard collection, "Torch", the electic "Hello Big Man" and the techo-pop of "Spoiled Girl" but all three albums failed to capture much attention. Then Carly struck success with the single "Coming Around Again" from the Heartburn soundtrack and the platinum selling album of the same name. The title song as well as three other tunes are included in this compilation. She closed the 80's with an Oscar for the gospel tinged, "Let the River Run" from the film "Working Girl". The moderate hit also won Carly a Grammy and Golden Globe.

    Carly started the nineties with "Have You Seen Me Lately" and the hit single, "Better Not Tell Her," a slightly naughty "other woman" story, complete with spanish guitars. One of her most beautiful songs ever written, "Love of My Life", written for the soundtrack "This Is My Life" is also included as well as two of Carly's favorites from the "Letters Never Sent" album, "Like A River", and "Touched By the Sun", songs written respectively for her mother, Andrea Simon, and good friend, Jackie Onassis. The closing song, a bonus track from the film, "Anywhere But Here" called "Amity" is a duet recorded with Carly's daughter, Sally Taylor. Although their voices are quite different, it is a lovely melding of vocals with a unique production by Don Was.

    Several albums of material including "Playing Possum", "Hello Big Man", "Spoiled Girl" and the recent "The Bedroom Tapes" are not represented here, but can be found on her two-cd collection "Anthology". Nevertheless, this is quite a comprehensive collection by one of the most talented singer songwriters of the last three decades.

    ...more info
  • "Nobody Does It Better" Than Carly Simon
    When it comes to the great female songwriters of the rock era, nobody can top Carol Simon. Along with Carole King, Carly was the premiere female singer/songwriter of the decade, scoring a string of hits buoyed by her lyrical prowess and instantly recognizable voice. From 1980 up until today, she really isn't as popular as she used to be, she still isn't popular as she used to be but still has a huge fan base (this cd ranks at 12 on the list of's Sales Rank).

    "Reflections" is a shortened version of 2002's "Anthology", a flawless 20 - song collection of all her biggest hits. Starting with the haunting anti - mariage ballad "That's The Way I've Always Hearf It Should Be", Carly's music was the soundtrack to the 1970s'. Songs like "Anticipation" (immortalized by, of all things, Heinz Ketchup commercials), "The Right Thing To Do", "Haven't Got Time For The Pain" and "You Belong To Me", the last one the closest she ever came to disco, still sound surprisingly fresh and contemporary today. The James Bond theme "Nobody Does It Better" proved that Carly could just as easily do other people's material and make it into her own. Another example is her duet with her ex - husband James Taylor on "Mockingbird", originally a hit for Charlie and Inez Fox but has now ecome possibly the most popular lullabye of all time. Carly, James and a host of well - known studio musicans (inclduing The Band's Robbie Robertson) rock out on this number and you can't help but clap your hands and sing along to it. Trust me, this version will do anything put your baby (or anyone for that matter) to sleep.

    One track that I haven't mentioned that I haven't mentioned yet that and feel it deserves its own special paragraph is her signature hit. Is there anything really left to say about "You're So Vain"? While it may be hard to pick the defining song of the 1970s', this one's a big contender, with Carly's acid - tinged lyrics and equally stinging vocals, supported by the chorus by an uncredited Mick Jagger. Even today, this song has been heard everywhere, from car radios to kareoke bars. And for those who keep wondering who she wrote it about, forget about it. She's probably never going to tell us, so stop worrying about it and just enjoy the damn song.

    The 1980s' were a period of change for Carly. She really didn't have any big Hot 100 hits during the decade outside of the gold -selling "Jesse" and "Coming Around Again". However, she remained a consistent force on the Adult Contemporary charts with songs like "Give Me All Night", "The Stuff Dreams Are Made Off" and "All I Want Is You". She also won an Oscar during this period the beautiful ballad "Let The Ruver Run", from the movie "Working Girl".

    She didn't make the Hot 100 at all during the 1990s' but contuned to have a few more hits on the "easy listening" charts. The best songs here are "Better Not Tell Her" and her duet with her daughter Sally "Amity", which is a great way to close out the cd. Also of special note is her 1994 tribute to her mother "Let The River Run". This song was written shortly after her mom's death and just before Carly herself was diagnosed with cancer in her breast. Fortunately, she won the fight and influenced people in a different way, putting up a courageous fight against one of the biggest kllers in America.

    "Reflections" does levae out a number of singles. But outside of "Attitude Dancing" and her duet with James Taylor on the Everly Brothers hit "Devoted To You", none of her top 40 singles are missing, meaning that nothing really essential is missing. If you ike listening to great music, you must go out and pick up this cd. ...more info
  • This is a very good CD.
    Carly Simon is one of the best singer songwriters of all time. and Reflections has all of her greatest hits. My favorite song is Anticipation, This is a song Carly wrote while waiting to go on a date with Cat Stevens. You're So Vain is another favorite song of mine. It was a big hit for Carly in the early 70's. I also love the song Nobody Does It Better which is the theme song to the James Bond movie Octopussy. Jessie is a great song about all the things you would do for a friend. I haven't heard Jessie in years, and I still enjoy listening to it. Love of My Life is one of most romantic songs I ever heard. It is definitely another one of my favorites. Her duet Mockingbird with her ex husband James Taylor is excellent Their voices sound really good together. Let The River Run is another great song. I like this song, because it shows the power of Carly Simon's voice. Carly Simon's voice conveys so much wisdom, warmth and compassion in her songs and that is what I have always loved about her. Reflections is an excellent CD for anyone who enjoys soft rock music.
    ...more info
  • Reflect on the Glorious Journey - a Life with Carly
    I have been a Carly Simon fan for more than thirty years. In the twists and turns of a woman's life from pre-pubescence to middle age, Carly has always been here with me.

    This CD is amazing - because of the longevity of my "relationship" with Carly's artistry, I have her earlier works in old, well worn vinyl albums and hearing these remastered versions of her earliest songs just makes my heart (and voice, joining her buttery smooth tones) sing.

    This is even more surprising to me, perhaps to you as well.

    Her more recent offerings in this volume are exceptionally stirring. The first time I listened to "Amity" - a duet with daughter, Sally Taylor, brought me to tears.

    Both the lyrics and the blending of Mother and Daughter singing leave me speechless, wordless and emotion filled.

    "Like a River" about her Mother following her Mother's Death is very touching - and truth filled - and speaks to those who have lost their parents and find themselves stepping into the adult orphan stage.

    In another "flowing themed" song - "Let the River Run", which I first enjoyed during "Working Girl" remains incredible on many levels. I hear the lyric "The New Jerusalem" in a completely different light post September 11.

    Listening to this volume is like taking a musical journey through not only my life, but through universal adventures, trials, growth - that we all experience.

    Our host, with her rich, resonant tones, stirring lyrics, and open invitation to experience life alongside her, will remain a treasure to all who experience her through this CD.

    ...more info
  • Nice Compilation Of Carly's Best Singles!
    For those of us who grew up with her, Carly Simon suddenly appeared on the music stage like a performer literally shot out of a cannon, so meteoric was her rise! She managed to ably walk the tight-rope between folk and pop music in the early 1970s and gradually emerged from the shadow to become a pop singer of verve and moment, earning herself a place in the pantheon of very successful singers like Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, and a number of others like Carol King who were on the pop charts and in the folk clubs earlier in their career. This album is a wonderful summary of the best of her efforts over the tw3enty year span of her popular career. From her breakthrough hits like -That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be- and -Anticipation- to later smash singles like -Loving You Is the Right Thing To Do- and -You're So Vain- (rumored to be written about everyone from James Taylor to Mick Jagger, but more likely a joke aimed at actor Warren Beatty) is all here.

    This collection successfully gathers the best of those efforts as well as the follow-on efforts that reprise her second stage efforts with another collection of more adult-centered pop hits. Even though I usually prefer to sample an artist in context in their early albums, even I have to admit this is a great comprehensive overview of the collective efforts from Carly Simon. There are a lot of good songs here, like the terrific -Legend In Your Own Time- about then beau James Taylor, and the rocking -Mockingbird, a duet done with Taylor. Indeed, there are other interesting, provocative, and beautiful selections here, including my own personal favorite, "I Haven't Got Time For The Pain".

    This is a great collection from a fascinating artist who made a terrific comeback album called -Coming Around Again-, with hits such as the title cut, as well as superb numbers like -The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of- to regain her audience and popularity, which she used to great advantage in the years since, with a number of hits included here from -Better Not Tell Her- to -All I Want Is You-, and from -It Happens Every Day- to -Like A River-. It is one of her best and most representative greatest hits albums yet, and it gives us an interesting vantage point with which to understand her better. This is a terrific greatest hits album by an artist who is often under-appreciated. This is one I heartily recommend. Enjoy!

    ...more info
  • Carly Simon: Touched By The Sun.....Goddess
    Wow, what a great talent she is. Has thirtysome years really slipped by since I first bought the Anticipation songbook? (which I still own in mint condition I'm proud to say). This CD collection is the holly grail of Carly's work and a must have for those who "dig" (thanks Murray The K) her sound. Most everything's here on the CD which includes some truely great pictures on Carly, some which I've never seen before. Man, did she have the sexiest album covers or what? Carly TRUELY ENJOYS being a woman more than any woman I have met or seen. This fact comes through in her photos like a sledgehammer. We need more woman like her! All in all a great package and a real keeper. Please buy one. ...more info
  • If you're only getting ONE.....
    My wife has accused me of having a crush on Carly. At least I'm not fool enough to deny it. Carly has been called the voice of my generation, and she is [along with Carole King].

    This album is an hour and nineteen minutes of a pure, joy-filled journey over about thirty years, delivered in pretty much chronological order. All, or at least most, of your favorites are here. No point in discussing individual tracks; if you're reading this, you probably have them memorized. It's a good thing that "Better Not Tell Her" is not about me; my wife would never believe it was all innocent......

    I have all of Carly's records. Not everybody will care to. Sad. If you only want one, start here. You will probably get hooked, and want them all. [Unfortunately, a couple are tough to find]. Carly's voice has actually improved with time, and every girl should be lucky enough to have her looks at 60. Essential album....more info
  • Carly's Best
    A second copy of my favorite Carly cd for the car!...more info
  • I love this CD!
    This CD is a great mix of Carly music, and features a slew of songs- not just the usually 10-12.
    It includes you're so vain, all I want is you....Carly classics.
    It also feautes a duet with Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) that I have never heard before called Touched by the sun. It's a great song- both instrumentally and musically.
    If you love Carly than it's an obvious gem. If you don't know Carly music well it's a good one to buy. It has a lot of her songs from over the years, including coming around again. Some of the songs I have not heard since I was in the backseat of my mom's buick driving around town with her. SO many of her songs are like old friends. And so, if you're new to her music it's a great CD that captures her best talent. ...more info
  • Great compilation!
    For whatever reason, I never got around to getting any of Carly Simon's music! Not sure why... I love her songs, and most of my favorites are included on this CD. ...more info
  • Great Collection
    I've always been a hard rocker for the most part, so it was a bit out of character for me to get this album (my wife couldn't believe it). But hey, I was looking for some of the best female vocalist material from the 70's and this really fits the bill.
    The first half of the album has all those great hits from the 70's. The second half of the album has limited appeal to me since it gets into that 80's/easy listening sound that doesn't offer much that I would consider musically interesting. With one big exception. "Touched by the Sun" sounds like a mixture of Indigo Girls and Pink Floyd. It's fabulous! ...more info
  • Great tunes from a great performer.
    I enjoyed the CD of Carly Simon's Greatest Hits. I almost forgot how great she sounds. She did so many good tunes. It was refreshing to hear really "good music". Thank you for the fast delivery. ...more info
  • Great CD
    I love this woman's voice. She sings in my own voice range, so I can sing along, and every single song she sings can turn a bad day into a relaxed and happy one. It's Carly Simon. How could you go wrong?...more info
  • Carly Simon's Greatest Hits
    The first few times I played this CD it would not start on the first 5-6 songs. I had to forward it then go back to get the whole cd to play--very annoying! It still does it sometimes....more info
  • "My Own Reflections"
    Very glad to have ordered this CD. I play it many times throughout a week's time. It truly brings on a mood of reflection. It comtains many good selections, not just one or two. TH...more info
  • Nice Collection
    This is a wonderful collection of Carly Simon hits and the CD sound quality is fine....more info
  • A voice that soothes and leads to smiles!
    An uplifting and heartfelt album of favorites. A great purchase!...more info
  • Good memories
    It was a good experience to listen to all the wonderful songs of Carly Simons "Greatest Hits"..
    Memories from my youth when listening to f.ex.: "you're so vain"..
    The lyrics got an other meening when listening to it now..

    And I remembered all the lyrics......more info
  • Songs to Remember
    One of Carlys' best CDs. Used one of the songs "You are the Love of My Life" to dance the mother /son dance at my sons wedding. I'd recommend this CD to everyone....more info
  • Amazing Carly
    Love her voice! Mockingbird with sweet baby James is just great. You can't go wrong with this CD....more info