Buslink VC-C4 PAN/TILT/ZOOM CAMERA ( 4671A001 )
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Product Description

Canon VC-C4 Communication Camera
VC-C4 is technically advanced and affordable. Users who want a reliable P/T/Z camera they can count on for video conferencing, distance learning, general video and even enhanced security monitoring.
Short Description:
The VC-C4's shooting parameters can be adjusted and customized for almost any environment. A wide range of on-screen controls and a 32-button I/R controller makes it easier than ever to get theshots you want. Plus up to nine cameras can be daisy chained and operated from one (addressable) I/R controller or, via RS-232, you may control them from your PC.
The VC-C4 comes with other impressive features that include: a 16x zoom; center mounting for a smoother pan/tilt; a quieter, precision pan/tilt mechanism with no shaking and minimal vibration; intelligent image processing enabling the codec to achieve higher compression performance,460 TVL of resolution.
The VC-C4 works perfectly with the Canon VB101 Network Camera Server. TheVC-C4 can easily be used over a local LAN, Intranet or the Internet.
Video Standard: NTSC; Total Number of Pixels: 410,000 (380,000 effective pixels)
TV-Line: 460 TV L; Minimum Illumination: 6 lux (2 lux at gain-up mode)
SNR: 48 dB; Horiz, Field of View: 3 to 47.5 degreesF(65 degrees with Wide angle lens adapter)
White Balance: Auto; Exposure: Auto/Manual; Focus: Auto/Manual
Focus Length: 4 to 64mm, F1.4 to 2.8; Zoom: 16x
Pan Angle: +/- 100 degrees F; Pan Speed: 1 to 90 degrees/sec (+10, -90 VC-CR)
Tilt Angle: +90/-30 degrees F; Tilt Speed: 1 to 70 degrees/sec
Menu mode by Super Impose: Camera setting,Display setting, etc.
Preset Position: 9 Positions; Controllable by one IR: 9 Units
Cascade control: 9 Units;
Control: RS232 Serial, RTS/CTShas to be active (up to 19.2 kbps)
Power: 13V, 12W; Size (W x D x H) inches: 4 x 4.48 x 3.58
Weight: 0.83 lbs. (375 grams); Operating Temperature: 32 degrees F