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Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Standard (Upgrade) [Old Version]
List Price: $239.99

Our Price: $139.99

You Save: $100.00 (42%)


Product Description

Upgrade only; previous installation required Organize and track your personal information with the new Project Center - Share, delete and edit your data files, email, contacts and more -- with a mouse click Entourage X will also sync automatically to tasks, notes, and associated projects, through a central server Compatibility Reports determine compatibility between projects in Windows and Mac formats

  • A productivity suite with a host of ground-breaking new features
  • Access e-mail, documents, contacts, and more from one central location
  • Take notes, flag information, and record audio directly into documents
  • Convenient Excel page-layout view and PowerPoint presenter tools
  • Improved junk e-mail protection

Customer Reviews:

  • MO 2004 for Mac
    It did what it said it would. In fact, just bought the upgrade to 2008.
    Database is having problems when it gets too big. Hey, all you info is stored in one database. MS should break it down into multiple databases, one for each area - emails, address book, calendar, tasks, etc. ...more info
  • Worth it for secure e-mail with Yahoo or AT&T e-mail accounts
    Entourage v.X could not handle the switch AT&T/Yahoo made with they're security settings -- this one can. Worth it especially if you buy before the deadline for the getting the new version at the cost of shipping and handling....more info
  • Would give it 6 stars if I could
    Hey, I know it is really trendy to bust Microsoft's chops, but I really must give credit where credit is due. I have looked at all the major office suites for Mac and Windows, and this really raises the bar - sets a new standard. The new features are really impressive, and the user interface is vastly improved. I am writing this for the upgrade version because I have just installed this over my well-worn Office X. Here are a few random thoughts after a few hours of playing with it:

    a) Installation is well thought-out. The installer looks for prior identities and moves them to O-2004. Address books, old mail, calanders, preferences are all set up with the first boot.

    b) Tool windows are now translucent, which adds real appeal to the user interface.

    c) Repetative items, such as making labels, envelopes, and proofing tools are much more intuitive.

    d) MS did their homework on the notebook feature. OK, they borrowed the idea from NoteTaker, but what NT does well, MSO-2004 does one better. I wish I had this when I was in Medical School. Drag and drop links, pictures movies, outline notes, insert references. I could go on.

    e) I have not tried EndNote or ChemDraw with it. These are make it or break it applications for me. I suspcet they will work ok because the tools section works the same way.

    f) I confess that I liked the last version of MSO for Windows, which I run on the solitary Windows machine at home. MSO-2004 is so much fun, so intuitive and so clean that I now have no reason whatsoever to run Windows.

    Every time I break down in a moment of weakness and consider succumbing to pressure to abandon my beloved Mac, something comes along to bring me to my senses, and remain loyal to these wonderful machines, really appreciating how wonderful the Mac really is. MSO-2004 is such an application; I am sure I will win a few converts when their quizzical looks turn to avarice....more info

  • Not very impressed so far...
    I've been using Office 2004 for a couple of days now, and so far I've been underwhelmed. Everything feels significantly more sluggish than in Office X, especially Word. Entourage also crashes when I try to open 50% of my HTML-formatted mail. Aside from being able to save longer file names, and the new columns view of Entourage, I hven't found anything that compelling about this upgrade....more info
  • "Three installations and you're out" is customer abuse!
    I would never need more than one copy of Office if my computer had not developed major problems and crashed several times in a row, causing me to make repeated "clean installs," and reinstall "Panther" over and over! Every time I reinstalled, I had to use another of the three permitted installations of "Office." I tried calling Microsoft for advice (or even a little mercy!) and found that their phone number was not an 800 line. I waited half an hour (at the full daytime phone rate!) before I got somebody -- who then told me that nothing could be done: "three strikes and you're out!" I can't blame Microsoft for not wanting copies made of their products, but there ought to be a way to plead special cases. I certainly couldn't find any! If I have to do another "clean install," I'll have to buy a whole new "Office" package -- and I can't afford it! I am a loyal user of "Microsoft Word," and I'd like to keep on using it! I'll bet there are others out there who are looking nervously at their "Microsoft Office" package and wondering how to keep from having to waste another installation....more info
  • Not really that stable
    The very first time I used, Word would repeatedly crash when trying to switch language from the TOOLS menu. Powerpoint still lacksuster compared to Keynote....more info
  • Mixed Review
    The Project Manager is a nice feature, but 2004 is full of bugs and problems. Some examples: when trying to save in Word, you have to use the "Column Browser" which lists your top tier folders and destinations, and recent folders, but you can't access subfolders. Very annoying. Entourage rules that worked in Office X don't work, and when I redo, they still don't work other than manually. Send and Receive schedule works occasionally, no pattern to its failure I can see. Mail view listings in outbox show sender (me!) not recepient. Really, some of the problems are just plain careless or thoughtless, and online support worthless at this stage. I would wait until problems fixed....more info
  • Entourage is flawed
    If you use a Palm Tungsten T or E, and other PDA's, the Entourage conduit is not compatible and will not allow you to sych your handheld with Entourage. This is a serious flaw if you use Entourage as your primary address, emal, calendar and to do list application. Microsoft is completely aware of this and offers no excuse. They simply state that the Entourage conduit will not work and they have no solution for it.

    In Office X the Entourage conduit worked flawlessly....more info

  • Microsoft Office 2004 Standard Upgrade (Mac)
    It integrates well with the earlier version of Office. Its use is intuitive and it was easy to learn....more info