Soothing Sounds for Sleep
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Product Description

A collection of real sounds that actually lull babies to sleep. Featuring unique things like a window fan blowing, a car driving, rain, a fireplace... even a vacuum-cleaner! Designed by a Los Angeles recording engineer in the Film and TV Industry, it's a "must-have" for new parent's, and makes a great gift for friends and family with infants, or for those who are expecting them.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great variety, but tracks start and stop abruptly
    I love that this CD has so many tracks to choose from. The variety of different sounds to choose from is great and the audio quality is excellent. The only problem with this CD is that all the tracks start and stop abruptly. The sound of a vacuum cleaner is soothing to a baby, but when the sound suddenly stops, then starts back up 10 seconds later after total silence, couldn't that maybe jolt a sleeping baby awake? Isn't that the last thing you want happening if you are trying to lull a baby to sleep ( and STAY asleep ) ?...more info
  • Happy Mommy
    I recieved this CD as a gift and the entire family loves it! My newborn falls asleep too it, my toddler loves it during nap time which make Mommy and Daddy very happy! I am purchasing several more for girlfriends and co-workers who are expecting. What a great idea! ...more info
  • it IS soothing...
    It's not a miracle worker, but I think it does help my 7 month old son sleep more peacefully and longer. It helps keep the other sudden outside noises from disturbing him. The sounds really are soothing, as some of the other reviews wrote. I especially like the forest, ocean and highway sounds. I play it on my iPod (with portable speakers) on a continuous loop so I don't have to worry about it. ...more info
  • Wonderful CD!
    Of all the CDs that I've gotten for my baby, this is our family's favorite. It's very soothing and comforting with a wonderful, creative mix of different sounds that put my baby right to sleep. The sound of the river running is my favorite, and I've used it to fall asleep myself. I truly recommend this CD. ...more info
  • The sounds of silence...
    This CD was great at calming my little one through his fussy newborn weeks. We would put one of his favorites (the vacuum cleaner or train) on repeat play and he would snooze away peacefully. I never tried using it at night because I didn't want him to become dependent on the sounds (a little eery over the baby monitor, too) but it worked beautifully during the cranky evening hours. I definitely recommend this CD--clever track names, too!...more info
  • Thank you for this CD!
    When I first saw the ad for this CD I thought it was funny. Recordings of a car engine and a window fan? How's that gonna work? But it does. I wish I'd thought of it. Thank you for making this CD, I bought another for my sister's kids. Get it.. it works!...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is just what my wife and I have been looking for. We have had to load our little one into the car constantly and drive her around to get her to sleep. Now we just pop in the recorded sound of the car running and she's off to sleep. It's a great idea. I especially love the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Never would have believed it works... but it does!...more info
  • This works great!
    I first read about this in "PARENTS" magazine last year. I'm glad they review new and inventive baby products, because I liked this CD so much, I bought two more as baby shower gifts recently. I've seen similar products and I'm glad someome finally thought to combine all these sounds onto one CD. My son really likes the crickets and the train ride. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ...more info
  • Love it!
    We use this every night and every time I put him back to sleep at night after a feeding. Works like a charm to at least create a night time routine....more info
  • This CD saved my sanity -- music to my ears!
    This CD literally saved our sanity while our reflux infant could NOT calm down at nights to go to sleep. The soothing effect of these sounds immediately put him in a trance ... and then off a deep sleep. It has now become our night-time ritual to play this CD at wind down time, and he is off to sleep in minutes. BUY this CD for anyone you know who is expecting, because it would be life-saving to have BEFORE you need it! I have purchased several for friends, and everyone agrees it's the best gift ever!...more info
  • Works but with some problems
    It sounds just like staying in a beach house with the windows open. Puts the baby right to sleep (Daddy too). However, it does not play all the way through; only about 20 minutes. Also sometimes the track causes the IPOD to freeze....more info
  • True White Noise
    So many ambient sounds CDs have an annoying woman chanting or singing in the middle of a track or change sounds to keep the track "interesting." I went shopping for a CD with pure and boring white noise that would lull not entertain my child. That's exactly what this CD is. The sounds have so little variance, you barely notice its on. I crank it up and she goes right to sleep. Those of you looking for a good SHHHHH, (Happiest Baby on the Block) this is it....more info
  • very cool
    What a great idea. It really works and I still can't believe my son likes sleeping to the sound of freeway traffic... who new!?...more info
  • Use it every night
    I am very satisfied with this CD purchase. We pretty much play this every night. Our daughter is in a bassinet in our room so WE also have to listen to it all night long.... but hey, It puts US to sleep, too!! I recommned this CD....more info
  • This Is The One!
    THis is the one CD that gets my daughter to sleep without fail, every night. She is now 2 1/2 months old and has been listening to it every night since coming home from the hospital. She especially likes two of the tracks: vacuum cleaner & the fan. Actually, this is so soothing (not obnoxious like some other baby CD's I've heard) that my husband and I like going to sleep to it, as baby is still in our room. I'm buying this as a baby gift for my girlfriends....more info
  • Wonderful CD! Get it!
    This was given to me as a gift, so now I bought one for my sister who's expecting twins! I figured she'll need every bit of help she can get, and this will be a big part of it. I saw it reviewed in "Pregnancy" magazine this month and remebered how much I liked my copy. Get works and the CD itself is really cute!...more info
  • Excellent CD for newborns
    This CD is of good quality and is perfect "White noise" for my newborn to sleep too. Also I play it loud when he is fussy and I need to calm him down with swaddling and rocking. Strongly recommend it....more info
  • Teachers
    I have students listen to this recording and then draw what the picture in their heads. This is a great activity for teaching picturing/visualizing comprehension strategies....more info