Black and Decker Freewire Monitoring Camera #FWMC
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  • Ideal for monitoring your front door, backyard or baby's room - see who is at the front door from the comfort of your family room while watching TV or check on a sleeping child while you enjoy a relaxing moment
  • Black and white image sent to your television of choice for monitoring
  • Works with all freewire components
  • Easy to set up with no wiring required and easy to use
  • Mounting hardware included
Customer Reviews:
  • Be aware that you have to have a base unit first!
    This is not a complete package, but is the camera and power supply only. It does not include the base unit you plug into your TV to see the picture. As near as I can tell, Amazon does not sell the starter kit that includes the receiver unit, one camera, and a multifunction TV remote control. This item is suitable only for those wishing to add another camera.
    Having said that, I have to say I'm surprised at how well the system (camera and receiver) works in my particular set up. I have the camera down on the ground floor and the receiver on the second floor on the opposite side of the building. There is a lot of plumbing (two bathrooms) and wiring (electrical, network, and telecom) between the camera and receiver, but the picture is usually acceptable. This is a low-power device, however, so that nearly anything that can create an electromagnetic field or emit radio frequency signals may cause the picture to break-up....more info