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Mechanix Wear MFF-02-010 Fast Fit Glove Red Large
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Product Description

Mechanix Wear FastFit gloves are simple, effective and always useful. All-purpose design and high-end features make gloves an ideal, economical choice for a wide variety of jobs. Lycra insert panels between fingers provide comfort and mobility; Clarino MWX-2 synthetic leather palm offer protection and improved grip. Size: Large, Color: Red, Material: Two way stretch spandex, Cuff Material: Elastic, Palm Material: Clarino MWX-2 synthetic leather, Pairs (qty.): 1

  • Multi-purpose glove ideal for handling any job
  • Two-way stretch spandex padded top features form fitting elasticity
  • Reinforced thumb, index finger and finger tips add protection
  • Concealed interior seam stitching prevents snagging
  • Wide open elastic cuff features easy entry design

Customer Reviews:

  • Gloves
    Just what my son wanted! Arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. Thanks....more info
  • Working Gloves
    Very handy to have around if you have to change a tire, shocks, or anything relatively dry.
    Are soiled easily when dealing with moisture, oil, gas, etc, and becomes a bit unpleasant to use....more info
  • Outstanding gloves for work and fun
    I wear these gloves for work, where I am constantly digging with a shovel, pick, or bar and they are outstanding. They endure as long as any good pair of work gloves should. I also use them to operate heavy equipment which requires dexterity from a glove and they perform well there as well. More interestingly however is that I wear them skydiving. While skydiving it is necessary to use a glove that allows you to feel so that you can find your hacky used to deploy your main parachute... and if necessary so that you may feel your emergency handles. It is also desired to have somewhat of a sticky texture for the very same reason, as well as to maintain a good grip on other skydivers when doing "relative work". Despite the fact that these are "fast fit" they do not come off in the air, though they do allow me to remove them quickly if necessary. I have recently been jumping in cold weather as well. I add silk liners when jumping in cold weather but they are the only gloves I can use with the liners and still maintain very good dexterity and feel, and are plenty warm when combined with the liners....more info
  • My Hands Are Addicted
    I was given a set of these gloves to evaluate for a magazine story, along with a couple of sets of the regular MW gloves with the wrist straps. I fell in love with all of the wrist strap gloves (the more common style) for all the automotive and hobby farm work I do. The best feature of the MW gloves are the way the fingers are made. They fit better and allow for a better sense of touch and more detailed work than any glove I've ever owned. The other impressive feature about the MW gloves are how long they last. I get out to work as often as possible... nowhere near full time... but I was still wearing out at least two or three sets of hardware store gloves a year. The MW gloves were giving me at least a year. When I finally used up the "free sample" wrist strap gloves, I finally put the Fast Fits to work and found my true "glove love." I'm on and off with my gloves a lot and the straps became a bit of a pain. The Fast Fit gloves come on an off easily but they stay on when you want them to. The perfect compromise for me. I need gloves more than most because I go from being an office worker to a laborer at a moment's notice. I spend most of my time pecking on a computer keyboard and my hands are not tough like they once were. These gloves offer a great fit, extraordinary feel and outstanding wear. My hands are addicted....more info
  • Great Glove
    I work for a security firm installing cameras. These gloves allow me to do all but the most detailed work. I'm able to handle just about any size object and get the job done. In the past, when wearing normal work gloves, I had to remove my gloves to do detailed work (small screws, brackets, mounting cameras.....), but not any more! I only remove them for very detailed work (like wiring and terminating). Mechanix wear makes lighter gloves, but these have held up well and as stated above, allowed me to do all but the most detailed work. On the downside, I don't expect these gloves to last more than a few months on the job (ulike my deerskin gloves), but I consider these gloves as an essential tool, and superior protection for my hands......more info