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PlayStation 2 Cordless Action Controller
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $22.99

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Product Description

The Logitech Cordless Action Controller for Playstation 2 lets you stop tripping over your game wires. It's got the control you need for better gaming, combined with incredible wireless freedom. Play your favorite games up to 30 feet away! Requires 2 AA batteries

  • Operates on 2.4 GHz frequency for no radio interference
  • Dual Analog mini-sticks, with pressure-sensitive D-pad for perfect control in any game
  • More than 40 hours of total playing time
  • Twin vibrational feedback motors - you'll feel every bump, hit and explosion
  • Eight specially-positioned buttons for better response time

Customer Reviews:

  • Great controller!
    After a few times of pulling the controller too far away from my PS2 Slim and jerking it around I started to get frustrated. The limited variety of places around my TV also frustrated me because I couldn't put my PS2 on top of the TV with the controller cord being so small. At first, an extension running down the side of the TV worked well but I still wanted to get rid of the cord. Don't get me wrong, I think the Playstation Dualshock 2 controllers are some of the best controllers around to date. But being the proud owner of an Xbox 360, wireless controllers are an absolute luxury and Microsoft has wireless controllers down to a fine art in my opinion. So, with credit card in hand I tracked down a wireless controller at Walmart. In my hastiness (as always) I picked up the Pelican Predator (whatever version it is). At first, the controller worked fine, and for twenty bucks I thought I had a good deal. But I quickly discovered the controller to be too uncomfortable and it had the crappiest rumble I have ever felt. I am very wary of Pelican products now. We'll just leave it at that.

    So, credit card in hand again, I jumped on Amazon and tracked down the Logitech PS2 wireless controller. I bought a refurb, but it was guaranteed to work, had a warranty, and was the cheapest ($20 w/ Sh&Ha).
    I received it today, and I was scared because it was the same as the Pelican controller at first glance. Then I held it. Very comfortable fit in my hands and all the buttons were just RIGHT THERE. No stretching or funky stuff. You can turn the rumble on and off at the flip of a switch as well. It also has a lovely timeout mode for when you aren't using it. But when you go back for more action, it wakes right back up. Flawless reaction times without any radio signals or etc. The rumble is better than the Dualshock controllers as well.

    People are right when they say that this controller is the best wireless controller for the PS2. ...more info
  • Love it
    Love it. Love it. Love it. Super comfortable. Works great. I can't recomend this enough. I own a PlayStation 3 and became spoiled by the wireless controller. I still love my PlayStation 2 though and I still buy games for it but hate the wired controller so I bought this controller and can't understand how I managed to get along without it all this time. The only thing, . . .buy a bunch of AA batteries because you only get around 50 hours of play time and less with the vibrating function on. ...more info
  • PS IIwireless controller
    This unit works extreamly well with 1 draw back the absence of an on/off
    switch. this causes this unit to interfere with with other wireless controllers such as the ones for the game cube. The only way to stop problem is to remove the batt's. ...more info
  • the best
    I suggest that anyone wanting a control who goes outta a control get this. You can get up and still play in another room. Must buy....more info
  • Best Wireless PS2 Controller
    Very durable, and easy to use. Fits the hand well. Best of all --- No fuss set up....more info
  • Spider-Man 3
    Logitech makes the best wireless controller hands down! Seems flawless and feels good. Batteries last a while and there is a hint before they die....more info
  • Awesome remote!
    We purchased this remote to replace our original corded remote that was on its last leg. We were skeptical about the whole cordless concept but hookup was simple (our 8yr.old did it) and it works like a dream, no more twisted wires and sitting on top of the t.v., range is great. We will be purchasing another one soon. ...more info
  • Good while it lasted.
    I owned this controller for about a year and four months. It worked really well until the directional pad got stuck on the left side from using it so much. I was stil able to play but soon it just became a disturbance so I threw it away. It was a really good controller too. My advice is don't use the directional pads so much. 4/5!!...more info
  • game controller
    Controller works great with most games. Uses radio frequency so no need for direct line of site. Slight lag when playing fast action sequences while other radio devices are in use nearby. I use it near my sat radio, weather monitor, phone, etc. Works at a distance of about 20 feet. I would recommend this product to friends.
    Fast shipping and good customer service as usual with Amazon....more info
  • Fast shipping
    This was a well known brand and it shipped fast and came in great condition...more info
    The feel, size, weight, balance are all excellent on this controller. The joysticks have a non-slip coating that is excellent. I will return this device because of one reason, the tenth of a second delay on the buttons. It is just enough to make action games like "Black" twice as difficult to play. It is a real shame because everything else about this device is fantastic. One more small complaint, the pictures here show the buttons on the right are color coded to match original controler, mine were not. They are marked with circle, square, triangle and X, but all in black and white. The really sad news is that I have not found any other wireless that is any better. ...more info
  • wireless controller
    This wireless controller for the PS2 is wonderful. If you are like myself, you will love this. I have children who love to play video games but I get so tired of untangling the cords or triping over them all of the time. This controller has taken that all away. We are now free of tangles and trips. Also, this controller so far seems to be pretty durable. It has survived quite a few drops and a few throws and still keeps going....more info
  • It Works!
    I got the right controller that i wanted, but the controller that was advertized was no where to be found instead i just got this black one with lame looking buttons, where did the color go. The only thing that looked like the ad were the joysticks with the blue aruond them. Over all though i have used it a little over 100 hours and it still is working an so are the battiers that came with it, So thanks Amazon. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This has helped to clean up my living room from the clutter of cords and controllers. It is friendly to all ages, just like the normal controller, except for the cord of course. Would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • perfect
    I ordered a pair of these for my kids. They arrived on schedule and were exactly as advertised. They work perfectly and the kids love em. ...more info
  • Love it.
    Product is as described. I've always been a fan of Logitech, and will always choose that brand over any others. I would suggest this controller over any other ones....more info
  • This is the controller you want. Period.
    It all started when my buddy Dave and I were trying to rock some Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, using his old, busted Nyko wireless controllers. Cries of "Oh come on. I was blocking! Look. Look at it, I got the stupid button held down. I never took my finger off it!", "Why is my guy moving, I'm not even pressing anything!", and "Why does this clown keep jumpi.... yeap, and the controller's dead. Look. I keep hitting buttons, and there's noth... oh wait. There it goes." filled the room.

    So the quest to obtain wireless controllers that were actually decent was born. I checked Amazon, and these had the highest rating, so I decided to go out on a whim, and drop 60 dollars plus for two PS2 controllers. 30 dollars each is a ludicrous amount of money to spend on controllers for a system that's pretty much obsolete, but you know what? Worth every penny. Every. Single. Penny.

    They feel great, they're responsive, they have a nice weight to them, and best of all? They work. They never go on the fritz, there's zero lag between button presses and game action, the batteries last a long time, and they never lose connection.

    I've read a few negative reviews on these. Yeah, the manual that comes with them is not the greatest. (If you even want to call it a manual.) It's a folded piece of multilingual instruction sheet crammed inside the cardboard of the blister pack, but it's not exactly quantum physics to figure out. You plug the end that looks like it goes into the PS2 into the PS2, and you mash the buttons on your controller with your thumbs while you deliver repeated beatings to your buddy Dave with zero lag, and zero headaches. That's it. No manual required, really.

    The only thing that I would call a downside with these controllers, is the fact that the controllers and the receivers appear to have a unique radio ID.

    I have two of these controllers myself. (Yeah, me and Dave liked em so much, I bought two for myself.) You have them both plugged into the deck at the same time. They're not like regular cordless units where whatever controller you hit first is player one. Whatever controller Player 1 was on when you plugged them both in, will be player 1 indefinitely. Not a problem, right? I agree, it's not a problem, per se. But you have two controllers that look exactly the same. You grab one, sit your behind down on the couch, grab your tasty beverage, and prepare to unleash a most furious beatdown upon Stryker, with all his throw-happy computer controlled cheating, only to realize you've got "Player 2". Can't switch em, can't do anything. You physically have to go dig the other controller out of the couch cushions, because unless you've got someone else with you, the controller in your hand is doing absolutely nothing.

    That minor setback aside, go get these things. They're the best PS2 controller ever. Period. You want these. Ignore all other controllers. I've tried em, they're garbage. This is where it's at.
    ...more info
  • Best Remote for the PS2
    I hate the light remotes that come with the ps2 and ps3. I love the Xbox remotes. this feels like an xbox remote in the hand. its great. if you are still playing your ps2, pick this up, and you will love it.

    the wireless is RF so it works through walls, and sheets, and anything else. batteries last a long time

    uses Phillips head screws so its easy to take apart, very few parts, if keys start to stick, or don't respond, nothing a bit of Phillips head screwdrivers, some q-tips, and some Alcohol or contact cleaner wont fix.

    there is a verson with a Black Label in the center and grey keys. I think that one looks cooler. I've got both....more info
    i saw a pelican one at Walmart and was about to buy it for 19.99+tax...but then i thought about this logitech one here on amazon..i went home and ordered it..
    I am glad i did, this controller is 2x as heavy as the Pelican, and the original Sony ps2 controller as well. It is SOLID, heavy, and WELL BUILT.
    clicky responsive buttons. plug and play, simply plug in the card in your PS2 and play, no configuring needed.

    NOTE the wireless card WILL NOT interfere with your memory card...i was also happy about this.

    this controller is TOTALLY worth the amazon price at 24.99 and with free cant go wrong.

    ...more info
  • Good while it lasted.
    I owned this controller for about a year and four months. It worked really well until the directional pad got stuck on the left side from using it so much. I was stil able to play but soon it just became a disturbance so I threw it away. It was a really good controller too. My advice is don't use the directional pads so much. 4/5!!...more info
  • Great Controller! How-To Recalibrate!
    This controller is awesome, works perfectly. I ordered 2 of them and one wasn't properly calibrated, and was kind of frustrating. But with a little google searching found how to recalibrate it.

    How-To Recalibrate analog sticks!
    1) Remove one battery.
    2) Hold both L1 and L2.
    3) While holding both L1 and L2 (and analog sticks are centered) replace the battery.
    4) Enjoy newly recalibrated controller...Woot!...more info
  • PS2 Wireless
    This controller is like no other wireless controller, it just feels diffrent, its heavier, the batteries last longer, and it works from a far doesnt feel like those cheap plastic ones, it feels more like heavy rubber. Definatly i recomend getting this controller for anybody who has a playstation 2 and wants a wireless controller....more info
  • works great 2 minor (and i do mean minor) grips
    Its the best PS2 wireless controller ive used. The feel is great. response is great. The buttons work great. The vibration functions works great. I just have 2 minor gripes. The analog buttons are a tad bit too sensitive. Now that really only effects 2 games in the PS2 library greatly. Metal gear solid 1 and 3. MGS2 works fine 90% of the time, but MGS 3, its near impossible to quietly put away your gun without firing. Even though I slowly release the square button, it still fires your gun 80% of the time. It's real simple on an official Ps2 dualshock. People that have played both games know what I'm talking about.
    second gripe is the D-pad. Works fine, just isn't that great.
    So if you have desire to play either metal gear game, this controller is the best one out there....more info
  • Great Wireless Controller
    I have only used the controller for 3 days now, but so far I am enjoying it. I purchased the controller because with the corded one, I had to sit on the floor to be close enough to the console. So, I decided to purchase a wireless controller AND a gaming/rocking chair, was not sure which one would work better. Now I plan to keep the wireless controller and return the chair because the wireless controller works really great and I can actually sit in my comfortable couch with the wireless controller.

    The one that I got is the "ugly/new" version with grey buttons. I personally don't think it is ugly at all, plus my priority is not the look, but how well the controller works. The feel of the controller is great, just like the sony corded one. About the same weight with 2 AA batteries (at least it feels that way). About the same size. It feels sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all.

    I was a little concern before making the purchase because there are a lot of complains about sticky buttons, wireless interference (with wireless internet) and lag. I haven't had those problems. Perhaps Logitech has fixed those problems in the new version. Judging from the date of the complains, those could very well be for the older version.

    In conclusion, great price, great controller. I am happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend it to everyone.

    *********** Update one week later ***************
    Still liking it. If there is any downside, it's the start and select buttons that are not as easy to reach and small. But other than that, I really like it....more info
  • Best PS2 Controller I've Used
    For all of us clutching to our PS2s until Sony makes PS3s universally backwards compatible (if that ever happens), this is the wireless answer to the PS3's proprietery Wireless controller. Yes it's third party. But it's also better than any controller I've used for the PS2.

    What's great about this controller? Amazing texture and fit for your hand. I'm an avid gamer, among which of the many genres being fighting games. Any fighting gamer knows the clammy/sweaty sensation in your hands after extended play, but this controller does not let that stick nor does it have grooves like the regular PS2 controller that need to be cleaned out. The buttons take some getting used to, but don't feel cheap like other third party controllers.

    Another major advantage is that it's not only wireless, but the wireless signal is very strong and the batteries last a LONG time. In addition, if it's your cup of tea, the vibration mechanism in this controller feels better than Sony's Dual Shock.

    All in all, an excellent purchase and an excellent replacement or addition for any PS2 console....more info
  • Awesome!
    I recently purchased a PS3 that is not backwards compatible with PS2 games. I hooked it up in my living room and moved the old PS2 into my bedroom hooked up to a smaller T.V. Unfortunately, I was still stuck with the wired controller which made for uncomfortable sitting positions to make sure it would reach. I saw the other positive reviews on this controller and the rebate that was offered in February, so I picked it up to see how it would work. I can't be more impressed. I have played a number of games since I received it and have noticed absolutely no lag. Battery life seems reasonable so far, so there are no complaints. If you need a wireless controller for a good price I highly recommend you check this one out. ...more info
  • great controller!
    All i have to say this is a great product... hasnt given me any problems.. so a must buy for any playstation 2 owner......more info
  • Good Controller
    All in all, a very good controller. My only minor issue is the D-Pad is quite a bit louder than he PS2 issued controller, but performance-wise, it is excellent....more info
  • Great controller...!!!
    It's Logitech.
    Has great feedback.
    Long lasting batteries.
    Good force feedback for a wireless controller.
    Has an option to disable/enable the vibration regardless of the game settings.
    And it feels quite good on your hands.

    After a few minutes of inactivity, when coming back, the controller would probably not respond, but in order to get it to work again, you just have to press the "MODE" button...I guess its just one of its battery saving features...!!!...more info
  • Cordless Freedom
    Really not getting tangled up in the other controller cords. Really responsive, and does not seem to miss a beat....more info
  • Excellent controller!!!
    This is a unique creation, its fast response and low battery usage even when vibration is activated makes you feel really into the game... Pretty comfortable grip and design......more info
  • great
    it works great. if you hate cords as much as i do then buy this controller and you will love it. picks up over 20' in my living room. never uses batteries. ...more info