Kata E-702 Large Digital SLR Camera Raincover
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Product Description

The E-702 lets you continue shooting in harsh weather conditions. It slips quickly over the camera and is secured quickly and easily with the adjusters, and pull-cords. Two roomy sleeves provide easy access to all camera and lens controls, and the transparent TPU enables easy monitoring all the time. An adjustable PP hood fits a variety of lens diameters. A full-length double zippers enables complete closure when hand held or on a tripod. The E-702 fits all types of pro Digital / SLR cameras with or without booster or grip.

  • Protection for digital or film SLR with or without booster or grip
  • Access to all camera and lens controls via two side sleeves
  • Full-length double zipper provides bottom closure when hand held or on a tripod
  • Exterior made of highly durable, waterproof TST (Thermo Shield Technology)
  • Stiff hood can be extended for use with longer zoom lenses

Customer Reviews:

  • Why spend the money?
    Ok really it look just like a garbage bag with drawstrings. Why spend the money to get this thing when a couple of rolled up garbage bags in your bag will take up less space and do the same thing? Don't waste your money...more info
  • Very Useful and worth the cost
    I have one that I use on a Nikon D3 with an 80-200 zoom and I have also used it on a 300-2.8. It paid for itself on the 3 football games and 1 soccer match that I shot in the rain this season. On the 300, I had to take the hood off to get it around it; however, the hood on this lens is like a coffee can so that didn't present a problem. I don't usually zip it either as I shoot the long lens from a monopod. I will stick my hand in through the hand hole, though....more info
  • Awkward but Competent
    Kata E-702 Large Digital SLR Camera Raincover

    First time out with the raincover. It is a bit awkward and took some experimenting to adjust the cover over the lens. Huge downpour while shooting lions, tigers and bears. The camera remained dry. Some difficulty with access to the camera's controls and using the view finder. At this price point the cover is a best buy. Camera used: Nikon D60 with 18-55 and 55-200 lens. ...more info
  • Great camera cover
    This rain protector is in keeping with the quality of Kata's other products that I own - solidly built and functional.
    ...more info
  • Pracitcal, easy to apply and durable
    Well constructed and easy to apply in a pinch. I do some serious wildlife photography. So, I am constantly dealing with dust and moisture. This is an easy and cost effective fix. I have found that the clear plastic does not crease or bind. Visibility through it is excellent. The string pulls and zippers are easy to handle and are ruggedly constructed. Excellent product. ...more info
  • Not well designed
    The quality is pretty good, but it's kind of a pain to fit over over my camera and lens. It's too small to use with my Canon 200mm f/2. It has the length, but is too narrow to fit the diameter of the lens. They should have made the lens end larger. It would not only fit more lenses, it would make it easier to put the cover on all lenses. And it wouldn't add much to the weight, bulk, or expense of the cover.

    It's also rather bulky, because it's so stiff.

    I find myself using plastic bags more than this. They are easier to carry, since they fold up small, and fit more lenses.

    ...more info
  • Excellent
    The build quality of the product is excellent. Used it several times with no problems at all. The plastic sheeting used for the viewing screen is very thick and durable and should last many years to come.

    The size of the cover is also good. It fits over my Canon Digital Rebel XTi with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 lens with a vertical grip attached with plenty of spare room. I've also tried it on a Canon 1D Mark IIN with the same lens and it's a bit tight, but it works perfectly....more info
  • rain cover
    Good product, works well except with the Cannon 100-400 auto lense. Hood is too short....more info
  • Very good rain cover
    As others have said, it is well made and it works. I generally don't use the hand sleeves; instead I put my right hand through the bottom zippered access hole as it is roomier and no need to thread my hand through the sleeve. The left hand sleeves seems mostly useless. Again, it is easier to change lens and camera settings via the bottom access hole.

    On cold days the clear plastic fogs up; again, it is easier to wipe off when you use the bottom access hole.

    Nice product....more info
  • Life saver
    I just returned from a cruise through the southern Caribbean and this cover saved my Nikon D90 from some very wet weather. It is easy to use, takes up a small space when packing, and really keeps things dry....more info
  • Kata E-702 Large Digital SLR Camera Raincover
    This raincover is an excellent way to protect your large investment, big dollar camera. I shot a professional paintball event in the rain and the raincover took the brunt of the abuse. On more than one occasion, this cover took direct hits from paintballs flying in excess of 300 feet per second and protected my camera and 70-300mm lens flawlessly. I highly recommend this over any homemade trashbag, neoprene and duct tape affair you may have rigged up to protect your camera. I did notice one thing: Condensation will build up in the cover if the weather is really cold. If you find you may be shooting in cold weather, carry a microfiber cloth with you to wipe up the condensation that may obstruct your view....more info
  • Kata rain cover
    I found the product sturdy however very aquard and poorly thought out. The model that was recommended for my Nikon just didn't work for me, you have trouble accessing your lens and controls. Keep on looking there are others out there that realy do work and have reasonable access to both lens and camera.
    ...more info
  • Great For Shooting Sports in the Rain
    Before I purchased the Kata E-702 raincover, I packed my digital SLR and sports lens away whenever the rains came - which meant lots of missed photo opportunities when shooting sports in the Pacific Northwest. Now that I have the Kata raincover, I can shoot high school and select soccer games in a constant downpour and not worry about getting my equipment wet. It fits a Canon 20D with battery grip and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens perfectly - and keeps my hands dry and warm as well. If you use a longer lens (100-400mm, you'll need to get the E-704 extension as well - but for sports, if it's raining, the chances are you won't have enough light anyway to use the bigger lens due to the heavy cloud cover. The E-702 is a snug fit (zippers won't close all the way) when using a Canon 1DMIIN and the 70-200mm lens....more info