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SMK-Link VP4150 RemotePoint Navigator 2.4
List Price: $149.00

Our Price: $69.99

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Product Description

Interlink Electronics VP4150 Wireless Remotepoint Navigator 2.4 = RemotePoint Navigator is the presentation industry's most ergonomically perfect remote control. Its polished metal, icon-studded control keys support Slide Forward, Slide Back and Slide Hide functions, and a laser pointer. Installation? Just plug in the USB receiver and go! Navigator's 50' RF wireless range means that no matter where you're standing or which way you're facing in the room, your slides will advance on cue every time. Global 2.4GHz Wireless frequency with over 64,000 unique addresses over 4 channels for dependable security Uses 2 AAA Batteries (Life per set of batteries = About 6 months) Connectivity - USB (required for wireless receiver) For use with Windows98, 2000, Me, XP and Macintosh 8.0 or later Remote Unit Size - 2 x 4 x 1 / Receiver Unit Size - 13/16 x 3.5 x 1/8

  • 50 foot range
  • PowerPoint ready
  • 64,000 Unique Addresses, 4 Channels
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Battery Life: 6 months typical

Customer Reviews:

  • No Drivers Required and MEGA EASY to operate!
    This unit is my favorite because the professors that use it can't "screw it up" :) It's back button actually takes you back in the powerpoint instead of being a right mouse click like some advancers use. Also it requires no cd or anything to install before the unit will work. And it works at very long range. I love this unit and highly recommend it. Interlink's upgrade to this has a joystick that works like a mouse, but it doesn't work well and complicates the issue for the users. So this is the one I recommend....more info
  • Laser dies quickly just like the VP4300
    This was the second atempt to try the Interlink Remote after disappointed with the VP4300. It had almost the identical problem as the VP4300 except the buttons are a little firmer. The control of PowerPoint is excellet except again the blank screen button is often accidentally pressed during the presentation.

    My biggest problem is the laser. It is way too weak and dies often in the middle of a presentation....more info
  • Simply the Best
    I have used a number of these wireless navigators and this one is simply the best. I just bought a second one for my own personal use, when I am giving talks away from work. It is beautifully constructed, easy to operate (plug and play--anyone can do it, no troubles), well-designed and SIMPLE. It uses AAA batteries (no funky watch-type batteries, thank you!) and has performed great. The laser pointer is bright enough for me and we look at bright LCD projections in well-lit rooms. Overall, this is as close to perfect as it gets....more info
  • Simply does the job -- well, reliably, easily
    This little guy works great. I'd had one at a previous job, and wanted one like it at the new job. It works every time with every PC I've ever tried it with. Buttons are laid out just where you'd want them. People that have never used it before get the hang of it immediately.

    Yes, there are fancier ones, and I've used them, but I prefer this one. It's simple, non-confusing, and there are no buttons to accidently push and sudden bring up a menu or the mouse pointer.

    The laser pointer is adequate, though not nearly as bright as the green lasers. I like the video mute button, which allows me to "mute" the picture on the screen if I want the audience to pay attention to me instead of the screen temporarily. It also works great to have the video off before I'm ready to start, then click it on as I go up to speak.

    And the price is right too.

    This is a two thumbs up....more info
  • It works on Linux too!
    I was a little worried that it might not work on Linux (SLED 10), but it does! Love it!...more info
  • Best wireless remote
    This remote is the best I have tried. It is simple (only four functions) and does exactly what I want. The reception is great, and the buttons are responsive. I have had mine for five years and have not had a problem with it. The size is perfect, and it is comfortable to hold. I have tried numerous other remotes from Interlink and other manufacturers, and none felt as solid, comfortable, and dependable as this one....more info
  • Interlink RemotePoint is Poorly Designed
    I've owned three of Interlink's units, but that was before competitors came to market with well-designed units. The Interlink pointer plastic casing is flimsy and cracks easily; there is no OFF switch to prevent the laser from accidentally coming on when the unit is packed or placed in one's pocket; the advance and go-back buttons function most of the time, but on average miss and have to be pushed a second or third time at least 2-3 times per 30 minute presentation. Although I agree with many of the points made by other reviewers who score this Interlink product better than I do, it seems these other reviewers have not compared the Interlink pointer with competing pointers that have identical features. For example, the Kensington pointer is half the price; the case is sturdy, has a no-slip outer coating, has a comfortable feel in the hand, and even includes a trench that serves as a holder for the receiver when not in use. Placing the receiver in this trench automatically disconnects the laser so that batteries do not have to be removed when packing the unit for a trip. And the advance and go-back buttons function all of the time, not just most of the time! ...more info
  • Simple and reliable
    I just used this for a presentation the other day after not using it for a long time. The original batteries still worked! After sitting for years!
    Pros: Simple user controls, easy set-up, RF communication which often is better than line-of-sight IR, laser pointer, fairly compact and easy to store, screen blank- un-blank button. Generally less expensive than devices with more features.

    Cons: No built-in memory for your presentation in the USB part, no mouse control in this version limits what you can use it for, you have to remove the batteries to prevent it turning on and draining the energy from them....more info
  • Review of PowerPoint Remote
    The description needed to say the distance it is capable of sending to. I was disappointed that it won't reach the front of the church from the back of the church to control PowerPoint presentations.
    ...more info