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Taylor 1457 Outdoor Sensor For Taylor Digital Thermometers 1453,1456,1461
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Product Description

Taylor, Remote Sensor, .5" LCD Temperature Readout, Uses "AA" Batteries, The Use Of Lithium Batteries Allows Readings To -40 Degrees F, Comes With AP ool Probe Attachment, Compatible With Models 1453, 1456, 1461, & 1462.

Monitor outdoor temperatures from multiple locations by adding this additional remote sensor to your Taylor digital temperature system. For use with Taylor's digital thermometer models 1453, 1456, and 1461, the digital sensor transmits precise outside conditions to the base unit so users can plan appropriately for brisk or hot weather.

The weatherproof sensor can stand alone or mount on a wall or post via an enclosed bracket. An LCD display indicates temperatures in 2/3-inch high digits, plus includes a low battery indicator. Users may opt to read the temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. Outdoor temperature measurement capabilities range from -4 to +140 degrees F. In colder climates, the use of lithium batteries with the sensor allows users to monitor temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. The sensor can transmit information to the base unit from up to 100 feet. To extend this range, or to detect the temperature of a swimming pool or fish pond, Taylor includes a removable 11-foot cable with the sensor. This product requires the separate purchase of a compatible 1453, 1456, or 1461 base unit and two AA alkaline batteries. The sensor measures 3 by 2-3/4 by 1 inches and weighs 1 pound. This item is covered by a one-year, limited warranty. --Jessica Reuling

  • Remote digital sensor for Taylor temperature system models 1453, 1456, and 1461
  • Weatherproof design; sensor can be mounted with included bracket 100 feet from base unit
  • LCD display with 2/3-inch digits indicates outdoor temperatures from -4 to +140 degrees F
  • Product requires separate purchase of compatible base unit and 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Sensor measures 3 by 2-3/4 by 1 inches; weighs 1 pound; covered by limited, 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Until The Infestation
    I've had the 1457 and an indoor receiver for a little over a year. It work fine until ants nested in it. I assume they entered through the holes in the bottom. It no longer works. I may buy another though, as I was happy with it until it quit....more info
  • weather station remote sensor
    Nice product... sturdy and reliable... I use the new LiOn batteries from EverReady and it works flawlessly in the sub temps......more info
  • thermometer
    Easy to set up, easy to read. Nice to know how cold or hot it is outside and you can dress accordingly ...more info
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to:
    I have this in my hot tub and it works great. In the summer, I'll be permanently installing the probe into the plumbing; for now, it's just weighted down.

    Here in NY it gets cold and I have had the tub inadvertantly reset itself and go dead. It only takes the push of the reset button, but it has gotten shall we say cool.

    This unit, coupled with the new weatherstation that shines on the ceiling, it just perfect and it gets excellent range. One glance at the ceiling tells you the outdoor and the hot tub temp. Love it!!!...more info
  • Good but could use improvement
    I've owned this product for 2 years, bought form Amazon. I got it to replace a LaCross system that died in 1 year. As a basic indoor outdoor it works fine - measured against a scientific mercury thermometer and an old Sunbeam bimetal dial and it is quite accurate. Battery life on both units is good. Drawbacks - when outside unit fails to register it is difficult to determine which units batteries have died. Today I replaced the outside unit batteries first as display inside was still strong. That required removal of 4 small screws and careful handling of an o-ring gasket, but as it turned out the problem was the batteries on the base unit needed replacing. The product would be better with an AC adapter for inside and a better gasket for the outside unit. Overall, I'm pleased with the unit. I don't want more complex systems as I can see whether or not it's raining or windy by looking out the window and the base unit is above the microwave and don't need another clock....more info
  • works great
    received thermometer and 3 senors quickly. Set them up, main unit-main room,1-bedroom,1-outside porch and 1 under mobile home. 70' distance in all. Had some trouble to begin with yet calling their cust. serv. got it work right off and still works great, all stations....more info
  • Worked for 5 days
    I ordered the indoor unit and 2 outdoor units. I had trouble from the start getting 2 outdoor units to work properly on 2 channels. one unit I put near my pool under my deck with the probe in the water. The probe worked for a week, the second probe wouldn't work at all. The unit under the deck work for 2 weeks and quit. The other outdoor unit was in a window between the glass and screen to get outdoor temperature. It worked for about a month. Only the indoor unit works now....more info
  • Worked Superbly for 60 days
    Bought the primary and then two remote transmitter thermometers. Was really pleased with the main receiver and its ability to monitor the highs and lows at the primary and then at the two additional remotes. Then after about two months, the display kept fading and fading, and even with new batteries, the display will come up for a few seconds and fade entirely. Am very disappointed, will now start the task of contacting the company or Amazon to see what kind of replacement I can get, although once bitten by a product, I generally do not return to it....more info