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Aerolatte Stainless-Steel Deluxe Edition Frother with Stand, Chrome
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Product Description

The simple way to make frothed milk for that perfect fresh CAPPUCCINO, MILKSHAKE OR HOT CHOCOLATE, every time... The Original steam free milk frother. Includes 2 x AA alkaline batteries.

Whip up an easy after-dinner cappuccino for guests with this steam-free frother with stand from Aerolatte. The frother foams skim, whole, and soy milk alike for fluffy hot caf¨¦ lattes or cold chocolate malts in seconds. (Frothing water-based powdered milk is not recommended.)

The frother features a sleek chrome body with a slender 18/8 stainless-steel whisk, designed for optimum foaming efficiency, and is compact for easy travel. Two installed AA batteries power the whisk as it froths milk up to 60 degrees C. For best results, turn on the frother with whisk placed near the base of the mug and slowly raise and lower the unit as foam develops. Foam forms in only 15 to 20 seconds. To avoid splatters, turn the frother off before removing from the beverage. The included chrome stand holds the frother secure while protecting the whisk wand with a sturdy, circular base and two sets of arms that fit snug around the frother body.

To clean the frother, run the whisk in hot soapy water and rinse. Wipe the body with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the frother in water or place in the dishwasher. Aerolatte offers a five-year guarantee against defective parts or craftsmanship for this product. The frother measures 8-3/4 inches long, and weighs 1 pound upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • For steam-free espresso and other milk drinks; comes with storage stand
  • Includes 18/8 stainless-steel whisk, powered by 2 installed AA batteries
  • Frother produces foam in 15-20 seconds for hot or cold milk; circular, chrome stand grips frother for easy access and security
  • To clean, operate the frother in hot, soapy water and rinse; do not immerse the frother body in water or use in the dishwasher
  • The frother measures 8-3/4 inches long; Aerolatte offers a 5-year guarantee for defective parts or workmanship

Customer Reviews:

  • indispensable
    I use my Aerolatte Frother to froth hot milk to put on the top of my coffee- it makes drinking coffee even more enjoyable!...more info
  • What A Gem!
    I knew when I first held the Aerolatte and felt its heft, this was no cheap toy. It's handsome and does exactly what it's designed to do quickly and efficiently.

    Read the instructions and remember boiled milk doesn't froth well, so watch how long you nuke it. The instructions say to use low-fat or skimmed milk but it works well with evaporated milk too, which is my milk of choice.

    Because it spins really fast, it has very low start-up torque. If you try it for anything but frothing milk, it won't work well--It just doesn't have the power....more info
  • great little frother
    I own a Nespresso espresso machine, which makes wonderful espresso, but I have not been happy with the milk steaming device that comes as part of the machine. Since I drink only lattes, I was at a loss about how to make them. This frother has made it all SO easy. I simply microwave the milk while I'm making the espresso, froth the milk (the whole process takes less than a minute), and pour the two together. Voila! GREAT lattes! I LOVE this frother! And it goes under a running faucet to clean--couldn't be easier....more info
  • Great Device
    I actually have both the Aerolatte frother and the Bodum Schiuma Electric Milk Frother Set. This is a superior device to the Bodum - purchase the Aerolatte. As other reviewers mentioned, it is a great home milk frother. Clean-up takes a second, no clogged espresso machine steamers, works very quickly, and looks good. It does make froth comparable to the average Starbucks.

    However, it does not make froth compared to exceptional coffee places. After moving to Seattle, I learned what a really excellent latte actually is. There are just too many variables (temperature, humidity, steam pressure, espresso machine etc.) to make one of these truly exceptional coffee drinks at home.

    This aerolatte frother is an excellent at-home alternative for daily use or something exciting when entertaining company. If you aren't an over the top coffee snob, you will be thrilled with this device. ...more info
  • Nice fronther a plus with the stand
    The stand is great. The frother is powerful and its easy to keep clean with the use of the stand. This was a great gift for my Chai drinking husband in Iraq....more info
  • Was better
    About 8 years ago I purchased one Aerolatte Stainless Steel unit and it is still working well. I recently purchased a new unit and, although it works, it is not as powerful as the older unit. I noticed that the recent unit is made in China, with the consequential reduction in performance and quality apparent in just about everything they make. ...more info
  • A Useless Product Guarantee!
    Our aerolatte was pressed into domestic service to make froth for about 6 cups of coffee daily and it stopped working after only three months. The email address on the aerolatte 5-year guarantee policy is no longer in use and their web site doesn't accept product complaints once the boxes have been filled in. Their fax number listed on the aerolatte web site didn't connect despite many attempts. We bought a product with a 5-year guarantee only to discover that the company CAN'T BE REACHED, except when placing an order!?! In light of such poor customer care, I advise against buying an aerolatte product. As a byline, in 2007 we had bought three no-name China frothers at a very low price- they only lasted about 2 months each which is why we bought the "superior-original" aerolatte, which too, is JUNK....more info
  • Works Great
    My body doesn't handle milk well, but I LOVE my espresso in the morning and I need a bit of half and half foam on top of my espresso. This little frother works really well and gives me exactly what I need to have a great cup of coffee!...more info
  • Another use for the aerolatte
    This also beautifully emulsifies homemade vinaigrette. This whips together an oil, vinegar, dijon, and shallot dressing and keeps it emulsified for hours....more info
  • Simple and works every time
    Previously I would froth milk with steam on my espresso machine, this is so much faster and less complicated and I do not need to bring out the whole machine just to froth milk. When your done clean up is easy too, and I'm considering a 2nd one to keep in my desk at work for chai and coffee drinks....more info
  • $5 coffee @ home
    Aerolatte Stainless-Steel Deluxe Edition Frother with Stand, Chrome
    just received it hand carried from the states to beijing, china. works great to whip up milk for the morning coffee = $5 coffee @ home....more info
  • Absolutely love it!
    I love this frother! It makes wonderful latte- I heat up my skim milk in the microwave about 40 seconds, then use the frother for about 5 seconds. Add a little caramel syrup and my coffee and I have an incredible coffee drink for much less than Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts! Much simpler than the espresso machine I bought in January which took about 20 minutes and was hard to clean- not to mention how the steam scared me! An added bonus- my daughter drinks all her milk now since I froth her chocolate, strawberry, or even white milk!!
    ...more info
  • Works well if you prep correctly
    This will provide you with thick firm milk foam or less firm with more liquid if you prefer. Make sure to heat the milk/cream (I use a combo of the two) for at least 20-30 sec. in microwave for quick heating. Keep milk vessel tipped at about 30 degree angle and place tip of frother in the deep corner where milk gathers after tipping. Keep batteries with good charge in them....more info
  • Makes a really foamy latte
    I have gone through about 3 of these in the last 5-6 years. Eventually their switches wear out...
    But I wouldn't be without one. Every morning I make my husband and I two non fat Misto's ( brewed coffee and foamed heated milk)
    If I bought the drinks retail... I would pay for an Aerolatte in one day...
    It is portable and you can take it camping... You can stick it in your suitcase for trips, ( but expect your luggage to be searched after the x-ray)
    I have also used it to emulsify salad dressing ( without the herbs, as they stick to the frother) and to even whip a small amount of whipped cream to pour over strawberries.
    I love my Aerolatte! ...more info
    I bought this to help me save a little money. I have a Bosch Tassimo machine and to buy the Gevalia Fat Free latte discs can get a little pricey (8 lattes for $9.99). It is definitely MUCH cheaper than buying a latte at Starbuck's everyday, but with the times right now, I am looking to save maoney here and there. I only have to buy the espresso discs(16 discs for $8.99) and use the aerolatte to make my own latte's. It works great!!! I cannot believe the amount of froth this little gadget makes. I have owned it for a month and have no complaints. LOVE IT!...more info
  • Addicted to foo foo coffee drinks
    This device works great with half and half, but it does have a little trouble
    with cream. It really slows down with thick liquids. I found it works better when the cream is warm. However it is a great product and it does froth your dairy products for your coffee. As long as you stay towards the top of the liquid and the liquid you are frothing is not to thick. I have been able to save money enjoying coffee at home with a head on it and that was the goal!!!...more info
  • Buy it
    I love this thing. Bought it the same time a Melitta Brew & Grind. Now we make coffee drinks all the time. ...more info
  • Aerolatte frother, heavy duty version
    This is the third Aerolatte frother I have owned; the first two performed well, but eventually the switch gave out and the machine became unusable.
    This version seems to be built out of heavier-duty metal, and it comes with a stand which looks nice on your counter. It would be even better if there were a way for the stand to be mounted on a wall, to get the frother off the counter.

    I use rechargeable NiMH batteries in the frother, and they perform well for quite a few weeks, based on using the machine about 6 times a day to froth skim milk in a mug.

    I have tried and bought other brands of frothers; in particular, I own two types of "Bonjour" brand products. They are much inferior, and the one that uses 4 AA batteries is useless for foaming milk in a mug, since it spatters milk all over your front. Nice when you're dressed up in shirt and tie, ready for the office!...more info
  • I Love my Aerolatte
    I make simple lattes, nothing fancy but this Aerolatte makes life so much easier. I tried a cheap copy, $1.99 version from IKEA and it could barely blend coffee and milk together. This can fulfil my latte dreams....more info
  • Wheeeee
    For ten years I have used a LaPavoni to froth the milk for my latte, but this is better and easier than the 'raditional' method. And, reasonably priced. I would recommend this to any latte lover who 'rolls their own'. ...more info
  • aerolatte frother
    This frother responds as advertised, is just what one needs for a perfect cappuccino; in fact,makes it better than in a cafe! ...more info
  • aerolatte frother
    Once you get how to use this product - it really is fabulous. I got the delux model - as long as you heat up the milk a little bit (if for cappuccino)- not too much, and it is "fresh" - you will have no problem. If you "reuse" milk - it may not work - that is the only issue I had. If I had leftover milk = I'd put it back in the container not realizing this was causing a problem to create foam. I called customer service,I was doing everything correctly and we finally figured it was something to do with the milk itself. They should mention this in the instructions to use fresh milk everytime. So once I started over with a fresh container - no problems. I thoroughly enjoy this product. And recommend it - you can make foam to the thickness desired! really lovely - even use it for regular cups of coffee! ...more info