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Mr. Bar-B-Q Cast-Iron Wok
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Product Description

Who says you can't enjoy your favorite stir-fry dish on the grill? Instead of cooking indoors, cook out using this wok. It's made of cast iron so it heats up evenly and stays hot for those flash-fry meals. Create an all-veggie dish or add something creative to the mix like barbecue chicken or marinated prawns. Two side handles are wide, offering enough room for grabbing even with cooking mitts on. Flat-bottomed, however not recommended for ceramic-top stoves.

Much heavier than traditional steel woks, this solid cast-iron wok absorbs and retains heat at the high temperatures needed for superior stir-fry cooking. A flat bottom sits the wok securely on a stovetop, gas grill, or charcoal grill, while two loop handles allow for safe lifting with oven mitts. The wok measures 14 inches in diameter (17 inches with handles), and 4 inches deep--generous enough for a family-size meal.

The wok must be seasoned before first use to create a nonstick patina that also helps prevent rusting. After washing, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil and heat the wok for one hour. While the wok can be seasoned on a grill, an oven works best. Instructions for the seasoning process are included with the wok. After subsequent use, the wok should be washed by hand and dried before storing. Mr. Bar-B-Q covers the wok with a five-year warranty against defects. --Ann Bieri

  • Cast iron heat retention provides quick, efficiant and even cooking, perfect for gas
  • Perfect for charcoal grills
  • Excellent for electric grills

Customer Reviews:

  • I was a Fool to Ignore the one Star Reviews
    The wok is the worst cast iron product I have ever seen and it came broken just like the 1 Star folks said it would. ...more info
  • heavy and worth it
    I know it's a bit of trouble to use this wok. It is heavy, after all, it's cast iron. Le Creuset and other cookware have a similar construction except they are enameled. You get the same performance and possibility better since the wok becomes more stick-resistant as you go. The downside is the weight. Also, don't crack it by getting it wet when hot.
    The advantages are many. It is truly unstoppable. We really enjoy stir fried vegetables cooked with as much heat as our gas stove can put out. The high temperature flavor is called 'wok hay' and is only attained at high temperature. We killed a Calphalon wok's non-stick after a year cooking too high. I wouldn't be this hard on my Le Creuset for fear of harming the finish, either.
    If you take care of this wok, it will provide you with many years of use and unparalleled performance. The breaking in process is not that bad. A little bit of frying goes a long way. Just keep water from sitting in it and use soap sparingly. Once the coating has built up, it requires less care than other cookware....more info
  • looked like a wok, arrived cracked, twice
    Ordered for excellent price. Wok arrived cracked. Obviously in shipment. Very poorly packed. Loose in box with insufficient packing material.
    Contacted Amazon, they shipped another. It also arrived cracked with same problem with packing. Sent back properly packaged. Requested refund.
    Yet to get refund. Wok appeared to be fairly good quality, but packing was atrocious....more info
  • good product, inconsistent quality control -- works great when properly seasoned
    The quality of the cast iron is definitely not as good as Lodge's skillets. But I'm sure you knew that. My first wok had a divot in the cooking surface almost as big as a dime. Thankfully the Amazon return was easy and smooth. The second wok turned out fine. Seasoning the wok is the worst part of the process, in that the oil fumes from the evaporating oil is not my cup of tea. Make sure you have lots of ventilation if you are sensitive to odors like me. Cast iron cookware is great, it holds the temperature well and you can heat it really hot for that searing the flavors in. Now what I want is add on wooden handles, so I don't always have to use pot holders.

    Here's my update after using it 7 months.

    After re-seasoning the wok, I love it. It's now non-stick and I can cook at high temperatures if need be, which you can't do with Teflon.

    The problem: the seasoning layer kept coming off the bottom of the wok even though I pretty much followed the directions from the wok company and after each use I put on a little bacon lard on and heated it over the flame.

    Here's what I did to reseason the wok, and what I should have done to season it initially. After I was done, I had a great non-stick wok.

    The keys were
    Clean the wok first. I scrubbed off a lot of the poorly sticking seasoning with a brill pad but that might now have been necessary. In retrospect, all of this layer would have turned to ash at high temperatures. I didn't scrape the Lodge when reasoning and it turned out just fine.

    Choice of oil. There's lots of debate of shortening vs. oil vs. lard. Everybody's got a different twist. I used canola oil; it has a high temperature smoke point. The smoking is an essential part of the process since, it carbonizes the oil and forms a layer of hard carbon for a non-stick surface. Low temperature oil/back lard will smoke much faster and carbonize quicker. However, if you use a high temperature layer, it would seem that you can use the cast iron in the oven or maintain its integrity at high temperatures better.

    Temperature range - I've seen low temperatures recommended even in the 300-400 Fahrenheit range vs. doing a high temperature (e.g. 500-550 F) range. I chose to do the seasoning at the high temperature range which again works better to carbonize the oil. I did this on my gas grill outside, because of the smoke issue. Besides the old time pioneers would have done it over an open fire anyway. I did use an oven thermometer I put on the grill grates to monitor the temperature --- the one on the grill lid is not going to do the job because that's not the temperature we're interested in.

    Turn the cookware upside down - this helps forms an even layer of seasoning rather than letting it pool on the bottom of a right side up pan. If it pools, it forms a gummy layer rather than carbonizing. I didn't do this step in my initial seasoning and I think it's a pretty big reason why things turned out the way they did. If its gummy after your done seasoning, it hasn't been done long enough, its now like tar. By turning the pan upside down, the process also goes much faster since you don't have the pooling at the bottom. This step is recommended in the LODGE directions as well. If done in the oven, you can use a cookie sheet or aluminum foil to catch the dripping oil.

    Make sure the oil is smoking while "cooking."
    Do several layers - I did mine at around 15-40 min. intervals, I was in a rush and did the later layers at shorter intervals than the initial one which was done the longest. Now, its turned black and glossy when done.

    Now after cooking, I just rinse lightly with water and wipe off with a paper towel when hot. For some kinds of food, I don't use any water and just wipe it clean. I don't even put any oil/lard in it anymore after cleaning it and the coating is non-stick as can be. - I love it. After this turned out so well, I did the same process to re-season my Lodge cast iron skillet with the exception of the brill pad- though the Lodge didn't have quite the same problems with the seasoning the wok did. That's turned out great as well.

    The only down side to doing the seasoning on my grill is now my grill grates have a bumpy layer of seasoning that I can't scrape off, now matter how hard I try. I'm actually happy about that because I know that if it doesn't scrape off my grill grates, it's not likely to come off the wok either. Besides there's always oven cleaner to clean the grill grates, but I'm not likely to do it anytime soon.

    You can refer to this for more info on high temperature seasoning of cast iron. I used the information from a different web site for which I can't find the link now. It seems to capture the process described above pretty well.
    ...more info
  • Heavy but great wok.
    I wanted to switch from a thin metal wok to a cast iron one because the mass of cast iron can store a lot of heat. This one works perfectly for me in that regard and is just a good wok once you have it properly seasoned. The only hesitation anyone should have in buying this, is the weight. It is very helpful in building up that heat so it doesn't cool down mid stir fry but may be a bit big for some people. I am a pretty big guy and it is still a two hand kind of wok for me. I can't call that a problem though, since the extra metal soaks up the heat that lets you come close to the type of stir frying that restaurants can do. The price is very reasonable for such a big wok as well....more info
  • Nice wok, bad packaging
    First wok arrived broken into 3 pieces. This is actually the second cast iron object that UPS managed to shatter into pieces on me, the first being a subwoofer with a cast iron basket. You know how Amazon always totally overdoes it on the packaging, with a box 3 times bigger than the item and stuffed full of air bags? Well, these woks seem to have been packaged by a kid.. the wok is thrown into a box barely big enough for it, atop of some crumpled paper. I dont get it.

    Second wok arrived packed the same way, but not broken. Seasoned well, cooked well. Only used it once but it seems really nice. Bottom is flat for stability but curved inside so holds heat nicely. You will definitely want a big flame for this, I am using the Bayou Classic propane burner I bought on Amazon a year ago. So for the money, this is a really great wok, just dont be surprised if it arrives broken....more info
  • Defective
    I wish that I could write a review on this item, but I can't. That's because both the original one and its replacement arrived cracked. The first one looked intact grossly, but when I started scrubbing the heavy black coating it appeared that in fact it had a crack that was covered by the black coat. It was about 2 inches long, running straight down from the rim towards the bottom. Knowing cast iron, if I had tried to heat it for seasoning purposes it would probably have cracked all the way through and split the wok in 2.

    I sent it back to Amazon and they quickly shipped a replacement. The 2nd one arrived in worse state than the first. I could tell it's broken even without opening the package, by the rattling sound inside. Upon opening it was apparent that one of the two handles was broken off completely, together with a significant part of the rim. I didn't bother taking it out of the box. I tried to create another return, but Amazon sent me back an email saying that I cannot get it replaced a second time, and instead I should send it back and wait for them to decide what to do about it. I hope I'll get at least a refund....more info
  • No thanks Mr. Bar-B-Q
    I'm in the market for a cast iron wok. I've read all the reviews for both this product and the Lodge product. A big "No Thank You" to this one; I'll go with the Lodge product for more $$$. I've never had a piece of cast iron break and I cannot believe the number of people who have reported breakage with this one. My only conclusion is that it's cheap Chinese junk (and not the boat type) with very poor metallurgical properties. And who knows what kind of toxic oil they've put on it (maybe a waste product from the toothpaste factories). Anyone tested this product for Chinese lead? You just never know. I appreciate all of you people who have posted reviews....more info
  • Cast Iron Is Heavy, But Is The Best Cookware. Period.
    This wok is truly great. I've had it for over two years now and it is one of the most used pieces of cookware in my kitchen, even over most of our All-Clad and Calphalon pieces. It is heavy, but it is cast iron, man! It is supposed to be heavy. Well, my wife does not like how heavy it is but she too loves to cook in it. We use it for everything imaginable; stir fry, deep fry, soup, name it. This is a great buy!

    05/2009 - An update. My family have been using this wok for over 5 years now and I can report that it is now a beautiful black, completely nonstick wok and remains one of the most used items in our kitchen for a variety of uses (not just stir-fry). No problems ever with any of the materials and it continues to improve with time. At only 5 years old, this cast iron piece is still just a baby. The only down side, it is still heavy, which does not bother me at all, but my wife still does not care for that, but when she wants to use it I will always get it out for her. In fact, 75% of the time, it stays on the stove-top ready for the next meal as we use this so often, at least every other day. A quick rinse under the hot water faucet while the pan is still hot and a wipe with a paper towel cleans it quickly now. A quick wipe down with a light coat of Pam on a paper towel after cleaning it out and it is protected until next use, and that oil film then adheres to the surface upon the next pre-heat adding to the nonstick properties. Whats not to love? It is a simple thing....more info
  • Most Versatile Pot We Own
    I'd be embarrassed to confess the number of pots and pans we own. However, this cast iron wok stands out among all the expensive pots as being THE most in demand piece we own. Not only does it work wonderfully for just about anything - deep frying to baking, it looks beautiful too (once fully seasoned). I've given many of these as gifts and treasure ours. A great piece that is always at the ready on our stove top....more info
  • Heavy but love it!
    After reading the reviews, I was a bit nervous about buying this wok due to the negative comments. I eventually decided against buying the $50+ wok and went with this one. I received and used my wok on yesterday. The wok is heavy, but it does a GREAT job. It's worth the weight (no pun intended--hahaha). I was a bit concerned when going through the initial cleaning and seasoning process, thinking that I was not getting the gunk off. When oiling it (I rubbed the oil in with a white paper towel), the paper towel turned black. I rewashed the wok twice and the paper towel would still be black. I finally decided to proceed and put it in the oven for an hour as recommended in the instructions. There was a weird smell, but I figured it was the rest if the gunk burning off. After all was said and done, I cooked in it, the food was GREAT, and when I rinsed the wok out and reseasoned it, there was no black stuff. Good wok, good price, and highly recommended....more info
  • nice wok
    This wok works well and after I treated it as direction attached, it non-sticky and rustless. The only thing is the first one is deffective, there is a crack on the wok(might be caused by shipment). I would like to give five stars to amazon, its service is really good. After I reported the problem, they send me another wok in a day and non-postage returning. ...more info
  • i love this product
    I got the woks after I got one for my self, and well my mother-in-law and sister noticed how nice it cooks food, and how much i loved cooking with it, they wanted one. They were a great holiday gift for them. Cooks great and evenly.
    Hilliard Florida...more info
  • Excellent value
    Excellent value. Just as described. Cast iron is the best for cooking nutritious food. Stay away from aluminum or teflon coated cookware...more info
  • Super Wok for Cast Iron Lovers
    I am totally thrilled with this cast iron wok. After proper seasoning I find it cooks very well and with each seasoning the slickness of the pan improves....more info
  • A wonderful cast iron wok
    I received this wok a couple of days ago in good shape, no cracks or nothing. To confirm this I slowly striked the wok with wooden laddle and I was able to hear the lovely ringing sound. If it's cracked and hidden under the intial coating you will not hear any ringing sound.
    I throughly cleaned the wok twice under hot water and detergent using a scrubber. And then I placed the wok for seasoning in the oven for 1 hr using a thin coat of oil as per the instruction. And then removed it and applied another coat of oil and reseason it again. During this process some weird smelling fumes came out but it gradually reduced during my second seasoning.
    Cleaned the wok again under hot water and started to cook veggie & shrimp stir fry. The food turned out to be really good and I can say the difference in quality of the food between the thin wok I already have. Heats up evenly and nicely. I love this wok and it will be in my kitchen forever.
    Here are some of the info about the wok.
    1) Yes, cast iron wok's are heavy and this is not preseasoned.
    2) Yes you will get the weird fumes when seasoning as other reviewer's told.
    3) Its worth the money, you will not get a big & heavy wok for this price in any other chinese or indian store(with Amazon's 5 star service)
    4) Yes, the wok heats up slowly and evenly.
    5) Yes, it will be non sticky if its seasoned properly.
    6) Yes, cast iron wok will rust if proper care is not taken.
    ...more info
  • Good Pot
    This is the best all around cooking vessel that I own. It is far, far superior to my carbon steel unit. Be sure and remove ALL of the protective coating prior to using it. I used oven cleaner inside and out. Also, cure and recure and recure before cooking with it. Popping corn is a good start-up activity....more info
  • Very happy with this item
    So far, I am very pleased with this item. It is heavy duty, sits flat and works well. It was a little difficult to get the protective coating off of it in order to season it but once I got that done, I was happy. Just a word of caution: Get off ALL of the protective coating or it will smell like you are burning plastic! I had to let it soak first and scrub really hard to get it to come completely off. This product should last a very long time if taken care of properly....more info
  • Heavy Wok
    According to the advertised description of this cast iron wok, it weighs 11 lbs. I didn't realize how heavy 11 lbs. would be until I received this wok! If the weight of the wok is not an issue, then I would recommend it for several reasons. Not only is the price excellent, but the wok is easy to season and maintain. It heats evenly and is capable of cooking a great deal of food at once. All the cooks in my family love it!...more info
  • worth it!
    this wok is so versatile, well made and the size is just right. Probably the best spent $15 ever....more info
  • Cast Iron Wok
    Some say it's heavy, c'mon...what did you expect from a Cast Iron Wok?...It's big (don't drop it on your foot!) and you will need two hot mits to handle it, but it makes awesome food. Be sure to follow the conditioning instructions to the "T", especially the part about a THIN film of oil....more info
  • a daily wok for you
    This wok is very, very heavy, but it does a great job. Such a great deal, too. Can't beat it....more info