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Labtec WebCam Pro
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Labtec WebCam Pro Tethered CMOS VGA Internet digital camera with built-in microphone, snapshot button and activity LED. Includes still image, video, video mail, video chat and motion detection software. Includes WebCam Pro with USB cable and custom slotted base for precise positioning, Getting Started Guide and software CD. Focus Ring - easy manual focus adjustment Works with popular video enabled Instant Messengers (IM) applications including MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger Capture video up to VGA (640 x 480) resolution Capture still images up to 1 Megapixel (1280 x 960, software interpolated) resolution. Up to 30 frames per second video frame rate Video and still image capture with e-mail compatibility MAPI compliant V-Mail and also exclusive one click compatibility with AOL Auto brightness and hue control settings Includes Labtec WebCam software, Video Conference Software (Microsoft NetMetting), User Guide, USB Cable

  • Still image capture up to 1280 x 960
  • Video capture up to 640 x 480
  • Manual focus lens, snapshot button, LED
  • Up to 30 frames per second
  • Built-in microphone

Customer Reviews:

  • I Would Rather Pay More To Get A Better Picture
    I bought this webcam because it was on sale with a microphone. In the future I would rather pay full price for a webcam and a microphone, because both are basic and do not have any special features. This webcam produces a very dark picture, even after I have adjusted all of the settings. However, if you want a basic webcam it works well because you can at least see who you are talking to....more info
  • I'm very satisfied.
    I think the product is great. I do wish it would show a little more light because unless the room is very well-lit, I show up pretty dark and it's harder to see. Otherwise however, it's really great!...more info
  • It's opened. But it' new I think.
    I try it in my room, which is pretty dark. It doesn't has good picture as my old one has. But it has a more clear picture if there is more light....more info
  • Labtec webcam
    This is a pretty good camera for the money. I have been satisfied thus far with the quality and it has a lot of extras that are included in the software that are fun and easy to use. I would recommend this product for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive webcam....more info
  • Did not work properly.
    Bad Audio!!! I bought this so I could video/Chat with my friend in Norway using Skype. It was nothing but a frustration. The sound cut in and out and most of the time I could not be heard by the person I was chatting with. I replaced it with a Logitech and the Logitech works perfect!...more info
  • Venerable camera with a good pricetag
    I looked around a bunch to try and find the camera that had the highest quality picture for a reasonable price, and this one had the best reviews. Even though its already a year or two old, it still does a great job, and is well worth its price. The only downside is the microphone which is usable, but not very clear. I would recommend getting a separate headset with a microphone to use with the camera if you plan to do voice over as well....more info
  • Messy installation
    It's probably a decent webcam.

    But the software installation will add more than 2700 keys
    and more than 4500 values to your Windows registry. It will
    also modify/patch hundred of files in your Windows "system32"
    directory. Unsuspecting users will wonder why their PC's
    is slowing down a bit after the installation. The modification
    to your Windows system will stay even if after you uninstall
    the Labtec Webcam software.

    A simple device such as a webcam should have a clean and simple
    installation, instead of being so intrusive and try to take over
    your operating system....more info
  • Great value at low price
    You can not ask anything more than this in just 20$. It outperforms most of the branded webcam I have seen in this price range. The best part of this webcam is its inbuild microphone, which comes very handy when you do voice chat on Yahoo, MSN or even GoogleTalk. The only problem I see with this webcam is that it can not be adjusted or placed on the top of your monitor/LCD so each time I have to use this I have to stack couple of my books to set it to a level. ...more info
  • Labtec WebCam Pro
    This WebCam Pro was easy to install and works well when setting the automatic lighting adjustment. Makes fun videos for emailing and still snap shots, I have recommeded this product to family members so that we can video conference. Note you must have a good DSL or any other high speed online connection in order to experience the full affects of the camera's capablility. Labtec has been my favorite for many years when ever I need computer equipment....more info
  • Great little cheap webcam
    I bought this camera to use on a Mac. The software that comes with it is not Mac friendly but you can download "MacCam" software for free. If you want to use it for iChat, you can buy a program called "iGlasses" that allows you to set brightness, color, etc. The picture quality is quite good for an inexpensive camera. I would recommend it....more info
  • mic problems
    Our family bought some of these for christmas. The camera works well enough but the mic was so fuzzy on all of our cameras that we never web cam with audio anymore. Its fine if you get an external mic....more info
  • Great, when brand new, went fuzzy after a month!
    I got this cam for $22 about 2.5 years ago. It was great for its price. Most cams were $40 or $50 boasting only 15 fps. At first this cam had great detail, but after a month the picture changed. Now it is unbelievably fuzzy and is probably around 1 fps. The picture is grainy, blurry, and just terrible! Do not buy this camera, because it could break like mine did. Next time I buy a cam, I will pay the extra $20 in hopes of some longevity....more info
  • Great Service
    The service was great, it was delivered very quickly and was in excellent condition! Now all I have to do is figure out how to download it correctly so that it will work!...more info
  • Excellent
    Ive had this webcam for atleast 3 yras, I have never had a problem with it at all. Great cam for the price....more info
  • Decent picture, terrible microphone
    My boyfriend bought me this webcam so we could talk over Skype easier as my previous setup wasn't the greatest. He has the same camera and loves it but when I used it the picture was fine but the microphone would only work for about 2 seconds before a very loud, high pitched, screeching came out through his speakers as well as mine. I tried uninstalling and installing the software over and over again without this problem going away. After attempting to call the tech support line only to find the phone number wasn't working, I tried e-mails. After sending two emails and waiting almost 6 days they still weren't very helpful.

    The camera is poor quality and their customer service is even worse. My boyfriend and I aren't buying anything from Labtec again. ...more info
  • Labtec camcorder
    Good resolution and easy horizonal mobility but lack vertical adjustment. Needed to prop camera on number of articles before it reached eye level....more info
  • Great Cam, and its not expensive!
    I saw the other reviews and was hoping I would have the same experience as the happy reviewers. Well, I got the cam and it was easy to install like they say. It just takes a little tinkering, with the PC options before you use it. With the mic and software it comes with, you get a lot for your money! If I bought a cam in the store, I would have been mad to lose out on this PC camera. It is SWEET!...more info
  • Good Buy
    Great little web camera. Views a little dark, but with patience you are able to adjust to your liking. For the price its not bad....more info
  • images heavily out of focus despite adjustment - returning
    Just got this camera in the mail as a birthday present. Installing the software was easy, but unfortunately the camera is essentially broken. It is only (somewhat) in-focus for items about 1 inch away. Adjusting the focus ring doesn't help, so this camera's build seems to be defective. My brother bought the same camera and it doesn't seem to have the same problem. Anyway, returning mine. ...more info
  • Good Buy
    Nice camera for a good price. I bought a more expensive camera, at BEST BUY and this one works twice as good. ...more info
  • Labtec WebCam Pro
    Both my brother and myself purchased this item and while the picture is a bit dark, probably due to poor lighting in the room, the picture is pretty clear and the video is very good. If you don't want to spend a lot of money for a good product, this is the one to get....more info
  • Not bad, but . . .
    This camera isn't bad - as long as you have a desktop or something else to prop it up on. The base is supposed to be designed to tilt the camera up and down, but unfortunately it doesn't work very well. Any pictures taken in low lighting will result in a greenish tint. The quality of the video is not bad, but not great either. All in all, it's not a bad buy - for the money you pay. ...more info
  • Good basic webcam, no frills or high quality images.
    I purchased two WebCam Pros that were refurbished and am streaming them live online. The setup is very easy, but you will need to either have an install CD or go on the Labtec website and download the software. Once installed, it is very easy to use this webcam. It will take pictures, record video, or stream live. The only downside is the image quality. It tends to be dark (you'll need a brightly lit room), and everything tends to be a little fuzzy.

    If you're looking for a good starter webcam, this is a good one. ...more info
  • Works great!
    I've been using it for a week, and it's easy to set up, install, and use! Highly recommended at this great price!...more info
  • I am happy with Labtec WebCam Pro
    I am happy with my purchace so far. I think I got what I paid for. Nothing particularly good or bad about it to say so far....more info
  • This webcam would satisfy most people needs
    I own a labtec webcam pro since almost 10 months ago and the most important thing is that I can't complain of anything against it.
    It was easy to install, works well with the instant messengers (I tried Yahoo, MSN and lately Skype which by the way it's awesome for what I've seen so far in the PC world), the image can be adjusted even when there is dim light due to the camera software utility, the built in microphone was good enough to use for voice over IP, but not as good as a separate microphone (only for chatting the built in microphone will do the job though).
    Overall this is a great camera to use for video conferencing, and maybe other people would appreciate the other features too, like the motion sensing for instance.
    The only bad thing I could say about it is that it's not one of the most advanced webcams you could buy. This means that the picture quality should be rated as "fair". But you really get the listed features and I would say at a very good price. And getting a better camera might not get you better quality video conferencing because of today's internet connection limitations.

    And I read here people complaining about messy installation: in my opinion it's a harmless installation.
    Yes it does 9 entries to your windows registry, but compared to Real Player for instance which does 16, or Yahoo messenger minimal installation which does 15 it really isn't that much. Oh, and by the way: the most of the registry entries (all but one) are Logitech named, so don't think installing a Logitech webcam would mean less registry entries (Labtec is owned by Logitech).
    One way to avoid unnecessary registry entries might be to connect the camera first, and then when Windows will ask you for a driver insert the CD and let windows pick the driver from there. This way you'll be able to use the camera just fine without adding extra software to your computer (it's something I tried). ...more info
  • If you can install it, it's fair enough.
    I'm going to slightly deviate from the rest of these reviews and offer further information that I was unable to find when I purchased this webcam.

    First of all, I have several computers with different operating systems. I installed this cam on both Windows Vista 32 bit and Windows XP 32 bit w/SP 2. That said, the webcam installed fine on XP, but Vista was definitely a problem.

    The Vista Problem:
    Initially I attempted to use the CD that came with the cam to install, but that didn't work at all. I then had to go to to download the installation software specifically for Vista, which was fair enough. I tried to install that, but the microphone refused to work. I went to the website to view their FAQ's and none of their answers or "troubleshooting help" were correct. They try to blame it on the system or your sound card or anything but their software. I happened to know the sound and everything worked perfectly on that brand new computer. I rebooted several times, all to no avail. Finally I uninstalled and reinstalled. The mic then worked, but all the settings were greyed out. I rebooted twice more and finally it worked properly. It was a pain, but I did manage to install it and have it work properly.

    The Support Problem:
    In addition to the fact that the both the FAQ at Labtec and the Help files are insufficient, the "manual" is no actual manual. It's a Quick Install Guide and that's it. The guide even says, "After launching the Webcam software, go to the online help for simple step-by-step instructions for using your camera." If you have to resort to Labtec support, then you're out of luck as the site not only does not offer a way to contact support online. Sure, the email link is there, but it only takes you to the FAQ. I tried contacting the webmaster, but that email bounced immediately. There is no hope for online support at all, unless you want questions answered that have nothing at all to do with the problem.

    The Webcam Itself:
    Finally on to the actual cam. After jumping through what seemed like an endless number of hoops, it works fair enough. Because I cannot get help, I've not yet discovered the secret to the "motion detection" feature it promises. There appears to be no option in the regular user interface (the settings dialog boxes). A search of the Help files has zero results and the manual (more appropriately titled Installation Guide) has no mention of the motion detection software whatsoever.

    I've never owned a cam before, but the picture quality is fair. It's not outstanding, but if you plan to use it on a personal level (chatting, personal videos, etc.) it should be good enough. The sound can be problematic, but it will work if you put your mind to it.

    If you're lucky enough to install it without any problems, then it's really easy to use, except for the elusive Motion Detection feature. You just click and it works. I've even tested it with Yahoo Instant Messenger and the cam does launch, but I've not yet tried to see if anyone can see and hear it clearly. If it is indeed a problem, or if I discover/solve any further problems, I will reply to this review with a comment.

    Overall, if I had to do it all over again, I'd likely not purchase this particular cam for a Windows Vista computer. As for XP, if I knew that the motion detection feature either didn't exist as promised, or would be this hard to figure out, I'm not entirely sure I'd purchase it for that operating system either.

    My Star System for this review:
    +* For actually mostly working on XP
    +* For finally mostly working on Vista
    -* For difficult installation.
    -* For lack of sufficient tech support / help files.
    -* For lack of motion detection feature

    Be sure to check the comments to see if any of this has changed or been updated....more info