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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 03/14/2006

The epic sci-fi series Babylon 5 was a unique experiment in the history of television. It was effectively a novel for television in five seasons, consisting of 110 episodes with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The first season introduces the main characters, headed this year by Commander Jeffery Sinclair (Michael O'Hare) and Security Chief Michael Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle), and familiarizes the audience with the unique environment of a five-mile-long space station in the year 2257. The first episode, "Midnight on the Firing Line," plays at a breathless pace, introducing Commander Susan Ivanova (Claudia Christian) and establishing the conflict between the Narn and Centauri races as represented by their ambassadors, G'Kar (Andreas Katsulas) and Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik). B5 hits warp speed with a run of exceptional episodes building to the season finale. The two-part "Voice in the Wilderness" has Mars breaking into open revolt against Earth and the discovery of a "Great Machine" on the dead world Epsilon 3. Referencing 1950s sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet, the story leads to the superb time-travel-based "Babylon Squared." Season finale "Chrysalis" proves more than just the usual television cliffhanger, placing Minbari ambassador Delenn in conflict with her ruling Grey Council and forcing on her a decision that laid the groundwork for Babylon 5's eventually becoming a great love story.

Delenn's future love interest, Captain John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) arrived on Babylon 5 in the first episode of season 2, "Points of Departure." The show marked the handing over of command of B5 to Sheridan from Commander Jeffery Sinclair, actor Michael O'Hare becoming a victim of studio politicians who wanted a bigger star in the leading role. "Revelations" explains that Sheridan's wife, Anna, died during an archaeological survey of the world Z'ha'dum, the name being just one of many references to Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (the bridge at Khazad-Dum). "The Coming of Shadows" proved to be Babylon 5's finest hour to date, and in "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum," Sheridan learns that Morden was on the ship on which Anna died. Three exceptional shows conclude the season. The Narn-Centauri war escalates in "The Long, Twilight Struggle," Sheridan faces a most unusual ordeal in "Comes the Inquisitor," and in "The Fall of Night" all hope of peace is shattered as a nerve-racking assassination attempt reveals a startling secret about Ambassador Kosh.

"Matters of Honor" launched Babylon 5's third season with the introduction of the White Star, a spacecraft added to enable more of the action to take place away from the station. Also introduced was Marcus Cole (Jason Carter)--in another nod to The Lord of the Rings, a Ranger not so far removed from Tolkien's Strider. A third of the way through the season "Messages from Earth," "Point of No Return," and "Severed Dreams" prove pivotal, changing the nature of the story in a way previously unimaginable on network TV. Earth slides into dictatorship, the fascistic Nightwatch takes control of off-world security, and Sheridan take decisive action by declaring Babylon 5 independent. "Interludes and Examinations" presented the death of a major supporting character, while the two-part "War Without End" reached apocalyptic dimensions in a complex tale resolving the destiny of Sinclair and the fate of Babylon 4, resolving a 1,000-year-old paradox and presenting a vision of a very dark future for Sheridan and Delenn. All this was trumped by the monumental "Z'ha'dum." In the preceding "Shadow Dancing" Anna Sheridan (Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Boxleitner's real-life wife) returned from the dead, no longer entirely human. In the mythologically resonant climax Anna invited Sheridan back to the Shadow homeworld with no hope of survival. Just as in The Lord of the Rings Gandalf fell into the abyss at Khazad-Dum, so Sheridan took a comparable leap into the unknown on an alien world.

Season 4 began on a high point with the Centauri Prime in the grip of the insane Emperor Cartagia (Wortham Krimmer) and a run of six shows leading to the climax of the war against the Shadows in "Into the Fire." If this colossal narrative was resolved a little too easily and the ultimate aim of the Shadows turned out to be a tad disappointing, it still proved to be the most powerful slice of space opera to ever grace the small screen. In the aftermath the sheer scale dropped back a little but the pace never slowed as the rest of the season played out in one relentless cycle of conspiracy, betrayal and conflict, Babylon 5 siding with the rebel Mars colony against the totalitarian Earth. On an unstoppable wave fuelled by roller-coaster plot twists and spectacular action shows from "No Surrender, No Retreat"--when Sheridan avows to overthrow EarthGov--to "Rising Star"--when the aim is realized--Babylon 5 achieved a consistent excellence rare in television.

The final season found Claudia Christian departed and Ivanova replaced by Captain Elizabeth Lochley (Tracy Scoggins), who in a soap-opera twist turned out to be Sheridan's first wife. Sheridan was promoted to President of the Interstellar Alliance and the action moved to a group of telepaths seeking sanctuary from the PSI-Corp on B5. Meanwhile the aftermath of the Shadow War was explored, and as usual the season picked up toward the end, with a string of fine political episodes. The final episode, "Sleeping in Light," was directed by J. Michael Straczynski and made an epilogue to the series. Set 20 years later, after all the sound and fury this quiet, elegiac tale is the apotheosis of the love story that proved the balance to the tragedy of the preceding darkness. A personal story resolved against a background of the epic, at once transcendent, deeply human, and profoundly optimistic, "Sleeping in Light" is as moving as any hour in the history of television drama and a thoroughly satisfying conclusion to one of the greatest series ever made. --Gary S. Dalkin

Customer Reviews:

  • Untouchable!
    This is the best tv show ever produced. Sci-fi or otherwise. There are other shows that were done afterwards that may have matched it's greatness but the problem thus far is that those shows never fullfill their glory by either not having the quality writing, special effects, longevity or production value it needs to be grand like B5.

    Other shows that may come/came close: Odyssey 5, Lost, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica(current series).

    So far, there is nothing that has ever been broadcast or currently being done that is better than the Babylon 5 series. Nothing. Period....more info
  • Babylon 5 TV series on DVD
    We have followed Babylon 5 from start to finish, and with few exceptions, this recorded series is very complete. Although we would have preferred not to have credits shown at the begninng and end of each episode, at least the disruptive series of boring commercials were deleted. Audio and visual quality of this reproduction was exceptional, and a great price for the entire series. ...more info
  • Flawed, but Fantastic
    Had I watched the pilot movie "The Gathering" before starting the series, I would never have started the series. Had I not been assured by a friend that the first few episodes were not on a par with the rest of the series, I wouldn't have made it past those first episodes. The opening of Babylong 5, I must say, is terrible. Everything from the writing to the acting to the music is truly second rate.


    It plants the seeds of a story that was so well planned that throughout its entire run, everything remains consistent with the plot-points and characterizations that are established from the beginning.

    Babylon 5 does what all the best science fiction (its rival DS9, the updated Battlestar Galactica) does: it lets the characters and emotions drive the story, even when the overall plot gets rather intricate. Stories play out over long stretches of time, characters grow and develop, relationships form and develop or dissolve. It is a testament to the strength of the characters that the final episode of the series is perhaps the finest of its whole run, built upon the powerful emotions that come with saying goodbye.

    I have more criticisms of Babylon 5 than I do of any other show that I would consider top-tier. Like The West Wing, it is nearly entirely written by one man, and his voice - though it is of course the genius behind the series - can lead to a lack of diversity in conversational style. The acting ranges from excellent (the actors playing aliens are uniformly excellent, as is Bruce Boxleitner) to mediocre, to terrible (Michael O'Hare is one of the worst actors EVER; Jerry Doyle and Patricia Tallman are the primary offenders by the end). The show was forced to wrap things up in the 4th season, then was surprisingly renewed for a 5th season - had they known they had this season available, the Shadow War would have been brought to a more satisfying conclusion.

    But the show survives my criticisms because of its strengths. The rise of G'Kar and the fall of Londo Mollarri is one of the most impressive pieces of storytelling ever committed to film. The flaws of the characters feel real and logical. The truly deep and original plotting sustains a very complicated story over five years.

    The dvd set is well put together, with each disc well protected, and some very interesting commentaries from series creater J. Michael Straczynski. A word of advice: wait until after you've seen the whole series to view some of the featurettes, as there are occasional spoilers in the commentaries and special features....more info
  • Great Sci-Fi Series!
    It is great to see the entire B5 series in one collection. Even if you don't get the movie collection or the spin-off series, this is Babylon 5 at its core. (Though I do recommend watching the original pilot. It does a great setup for everything.) Even though Babylon 5 is labeled sci-fi, it is like no other sci-fi series. Babylon 5 does not live by "monster-of-the-week" episodes. Straczynski has a grand story, and every episode contributes something to that story. The fact that the story is not confined by the episode time is fantastic. Since the series is on DVD now, you can watch a complete story arc back to back, if you want. And unlike some other series I've watched, B5 does not get repetitive if you watch it back to back. Again, everything is progressing the larger story.

    Some people may think that B5 is slow to get to the crux of the story. This is completely untrue. B5 has to build up the characters first. How can you see where the characters change when you don't know where they started from? Like any good author, Straczynski shows us the players of the story before he rocks their world with the plot. And these are some of the most memorable characters I have ever watched. My friends and I still quote lines from some of the more memorable encounters even though it's been a long time since I've seen the series (mainly because I didn't have my own copy.)

    If you're tired of "monster-of-the-week" shenanigans, like a grand all-encompassing stories, and characters that you can relate to no matter what side they're on, B5 is a series for you....more info
  • 480i Babylon 5 The Complete Television Series
    It is nice to have all of the episodes in chronological order and no commericial interuptions.

    The image resolution changes depending on the scene. Long shots tend to be a bit blurry. Medium to close ups appear to be sharp enough. It's a pity this series was not shot in later years or that Warner Bros chose not to do a high resolution (Blu-Ray or HD) version...more info
  • Babylon 5 Series
    I purchased the series because I had seen parts of it on TV and like science fiction. This was the story of a space station. I like space operas, that is long stories, and this one did very well as far as it went. I thought that the acting and staging were top drawer. Also the story line fit together nicely by the end, almost everything eventually finding its place in line, this was true even for the characters I originally thought were a little thin. The disappointment is that it ended without tying up all the loose ends. It is a story that beggs for several sequals. Whatever happened to so-and-so after they left Babylon 5. All in all I am glad I made the purchase....more info
  • The Good and The Bad of Babylon 5
    I just recently acquired this set of all five seasons of Babylon 5. In my opinion, that's the only way to do it. Because of how the show was designed, with story arcs lasting five years, you need to have the whole thing so that once you get started you can go for the ride right till the end. Because the show really is a ride!

    But first the bad stuff. There are a LOT of truly awful things about this show. Things that I don't normally even notice in movies or TV shows stuck out like sore thumbs to me in this production. Horrible makeup, like red circles with noticeable lines around eyes to indicate illness and other things of the sort that just pop right off the screen and scream, "I don't know how to do makeup!" Some of the set dressings made me think, "What in hell were they thinking?!" Most of the fight scenes with people were very poorly choreographed. I even noticed poor direction of extras! Extras shouldn't even be noticed. Commander Sinclair in the first season is also really hard to stomach with such poor acting.

    I mostly am mentioning the above to put everything in perspective. Babylon 5 had a lot of technical flaws. And people who are teetering trying to decide if they should invest, especially if they are like me and only caught part of the show when it ran on TV, need to have honest reviews to read so they know what they are getting.

    The special effects are also hard to take at times. The guns they used had atrocious wave ripples that didn't look at all realistic and most of the space scenes are obviously computer generated. On the other hand, the show did take good advantage of the emergent CGI available at the time and it couldn't really have been done properly without going in that direction, so in my mind, that's a highly forgiveable flaw.

    My last negative comment is about the packaging. It was horrible. I've never purchased a set so poorly put together. The plastic "pages" fall out of their container and many of the disks came loose during shipping. Two of them were scratched because of this, which interfered with playback and was quite frustrating. But it's too difficult to return them so I lived with it.

    So with all that, why in heck would I recommend people buy the entire series? Because, aside from a few stand alone episodes that were real duds, the story of Babylon 5 is extremely compelling. What the show lacked in technical categories it more than made up for in storytelling and charactarization. I stayed up much later than I intended several nights because I had to watch "just one more episode" to see what would happen.

    The idea of doing a TV series that was designed more as an extended novel was a hard sell, but Babylon 5 demonstrates that when done right, it's a brilliant one. One of my favorite things about the show is how little things mentioned in earlier episodes re-emerge later on, sometimes as much as a year or two later. These little mystery nuggets are relatively unique to Babylon 5 and really help to propell the stories along and make things interesting in a many-layered manner. I also liked how there were about 4-5 main stories that played out during the series.

    The other thing that Babylon 5 did extremely well was portray unique and distinctive races and characters. The writer created them and then a cast of fabulous actors breathed life into them. What was even better was that the characters were very complex. The good guys were sometimes bad and the bad guys were sometimes good and sometimes they traded places completely. Some of the characters can't really be pegged as either, and often the viewer is left in a moral quandry about what they think of the decisions the characters have made. Such multi-dimensional characters and situations are a rarity in television. Not to mention that Morden has to be one of the most smug and creepy evil guys to ever appear on either the small or large screen. At times the events and the acting were so intense or poignant that it brought tears to my eyes.

    So if you are interested in great science fiction storytelling and complex characters, and can overlook poor production values, then Babylon 5 is for you. And if Babylon 5 is for you, then you need to buy all 5 seasons at once so you can strap in for the entire rollercoaster ride.

    My last comment is on the five Babylon 5 movies. If you really want the full set, then they are a nice add-on and I appreciate the reviewer who posted the suggested viewing order. I found it extremely helpful. But I felt the movies were not at all needed in order to make the most of the series itself. (And in fact, the first movie was very poorly done. So if you see it first, don't let it turn you off because the best is yet to come!)...more info
  • Babylon 5- compete TV series
    Rec'd in a very timely manner. Condition excellent. As this series has not run on TV for a long time, its good to see the story from the beginning to end, than put it away and start, another marathon of B5 on a rainy afternoon. ...more info
  • Babylon 5 - The Complete Television Series
    Having a 5 year story arc helped this show to become one of the best science fiction series of all times. The shows speak for themselves and with the addition of some commentary on a few key episodes and various interviews and making of specials make this collection a must have....more info
  • Price is lower so I bought & am beyond pleased!
    I'm not sure if the price will stay in the $150 range but that's what I paid and I am beyond pleased. Excellent picture (note: I do not have a HDTV set), good sound, close-captioned for hearing impaired, have enjoyed the "extras" especially cast comments included for (too) few episodes, good episode guide/pamphlet in each box. Only complaint is that glue attaching DVD carriers to spine of box insert fails if you even *look* at it! ERGO ya have a mess of not really secure DVD carriers falling about and could possibly damage the DVDs.

    11/3/07 To heck with failing glue - if you can get this at the price I paid - BUY IT!...more info
  • The Best Epic in Science Fiction
    Forget the new Battlestar or the Star Trek franchise, this five year novel puts all other science fiction on tv to shame. Every episode, no matter how episodic in style in initial viewing, fits into the larger plots of the series like a masterfully crafted novel. The beauty: B5 watches well both ways. Unlike Angel and other sci-operas, you can enjoy every episode no matter what order you watch them in. But watch them carefully and with a careful eye and ear for the larger plots, and you see how wonderfully even the most obscure detail in the most episodic of episodes fits into the larger whole of the five year novel.

    This is definitely where B5 beats all other science fiction series!

    Of course to fully catch the artestry of this masterpiece, you do need to watch the entire series at least twice. Which of course is why you want this DVD collection! It comes to you in book format and honestly a couple of my sections with disks did get dislodged from the binding of the season binder. However this is a minor thing; it doesn't impair you in any way from getting the disks out or from keeping them organized and in pristine condition. In fact the packaging is the nicest of any movie or series I own--I wished they'd used the same book style on B5 Crusade!

    If you love a great epic, THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT. Even if you don't like sci-fi, it's worth buying and watching. This is fine writing unmatched in tv history--though The Wire does come close!!...more info
  • Babylon 5 - The complete TV Series
    A fantastic series with believable characters and thoroughly enjoyable. The packaging is clean but a little bulky. On the other hand the discs come well protected. Truly worth the money....more info
  • Not overwhelmed yet. And the CGI looks HORRIBLE on an HDTV.
    I'm of huge respect for this series. I remember watching the pilot and a few episodes back when it first aired in the mid-90s and thinking highly of it. I lost touch w/ it as I didn't really follow any television show religiously for many of those years. With DVD and TVs embracing of it as a re-release medium, it's my golden chance to catch up. With an HDTV, DVDs look great and I figured it would be a fabulous way to experience such a pronounced 'Epic' (cap E) of a show.

    Well, I've watched the pilot and a third of the first season and color me unabashedly and let me say very regrettably disappointed. The series hasn't picked up yet, so I give it that...the initial lot of episodes of any long-run show tend to feel a bit awkward. The plots of many of the first few episodes are not in line w/ the larger stories for the most part, are fairly light and may I say, cheesy. They just feel very very dated and simplistic. We're several years removed and after frenetic, hyper-stylized and exotic fare such as 'Lost', '24', and the new 'Battlestar Galactica', I find these old shows to be sort of plodding and thinly soap opera-esque, i.e. predictable in their melodramatics and plot 'twists'. Again, I am a huge fan of giving shows time to get their footing, so I'm willing to give it a break on that angle. But as to the PQ quaility...

    Here's my huge gripe. The decade-old CGI looks absolutely horrible on a big screen. The mastering is at fault. The re-transferred 'effect-free' scenes all look just fine, in full 480p HD-mastered glory, they look quite nice. But they obviously couldn't (by way of techical or budgetary challenges in this release) up-rez or anamorphic re-master the effects/CGI scenes properly. They show video tearing and tons of jaggies. I could cut the dated CGI a break, as it looks very amateurish in comparison to the optical/model effects of shows done in that time period that hold up much better today (ST:NG, ST:DSN). Those shows were remastered in 4:3 and the effects don't break apart like the Babylon 5 effects sequences do, however. That's where the problem really lies.

    So, color me quite frustrated w/ this DVD set. The ghastly issues w/ the show's CGI totally takes me out of the potentially cinematic seamless viewing experience. Again, I REALLY want to enjoy this show/set of discs. Please be warned. I wasn't....more info
  • Babylon 5, - an epic!
    Story made over decades about human and alien with human feelings and toughts (sic!), but epic in giving and account for the familiarity of life and evolution of all beings. It make sense, it's plausible (except alien with human toughts and feelings)and it's catching!...more info
  • Excellent series, and the deal made it perfect for my price range.
    The Babylon 5 series is one of the best story-driven Sci-Fi series I have seen. I was unable to purchase it, however, due to a severe lack of funds to spend $40-$50 per individual season. The bundle pack was a perfect option for getting all of the main series at once, and the 69% off deal that I was lucky enough to take advantage of made it perfect for my price range. It was a great bargain!...more info
  • Hi 5 to B5!!!
    I first bought this show a few years back after watching the last 4 seasons on TV. For some reason, I had a momentary lapse of reason and sold them all!!! Few months back... could not resist, especially when I saw that they were starting to come out with movies like "The Lost Tales". Rebought the whole 5 seasons and the movie sets! Started rewatching with one of my daughters.. man, I'm like a kid with a new toy!!!...more info
  • 4 out of 5 seasons aint bad
    I love Babylon 5 and watched it all the time on TV.. I will says that the transfer over to DVD was good but i have seen better.. Still with that said i don't think any B5 lover will be disappointed...

    as far as seasons go i do have to say that I am disappointed in the fifth and final season.. The story line is lacking and spacial effects that B% was known for was sub-par.. Honestly i would have ended the series with the forth season, but i think because of fan response it was extended to a fifth and final season...

    the other seasons are outstanding and to be honest a lot of the story lines can be easy applied to today.. the one thing i love about the B5 series is a more "realistic" view of the feature.. earth is united but still has problems, unlike others series where the future is a perfect place..

    ...more info
  • Bab 5 Complete Series
    Great for all those Bab 5 fans who want to keep watching all of the exciting adventures of the Babylon 5 crew. ...more info
  • Best sci-fi show ever.
    Babylon 5 is the best sci-fi show ever.

    Well it is the first show in its class that featured a planned 5 season story arc(which ended after 4, resultin in a 5th season which was an anti climax.)

    Unlike star trek babylon featured a dystopian future, and it didn't ignore religon completly. It was also a healthy mix of all the sub genres, including the ones which made the show so impressive: the militairy genre combined with the politcal.

    A must watch for everyone who likes sci fi, and even for those who dislike it. ...more info
  • Tony
    I have always wanted the complete Babylon 5 series and I was not disapointed....more info
  • A Science Fiction Soap Opera

    Like a typical television soap opera, this series drags on and on through dozens of plots and sub-plots featuring at least as many characters. A situation is introduced in one episode and eventually concluded ten to fifteen episodes, or maybe even entire seasons, later. In the ensuing episodes, one is introduced to even more plots and sub-plots, many with seemingly no purpose whatsoever other than to fill time.

    For example of all this, the idea of the "Shadows," a race of powerful evil aliens threatening the universe, is introduced in the first season and mentioned repeatedly in the following episodes. However, the first real confrontation with those "Shadows" doesn't take place until well into the third season, with the first major battle at the very end of that season (the overall "Shadow" confrontation doesn't end until the forth season). But even that very long-awaited first battle is side-tracked by distracting sub-plots, the most irritating being a doctor on the space station, not even involved in the battle, dealing with his own petty drug addiction. Who cares!! In my opinion, this doctor (his girlfriends and his problems) could have been written out of the entire series without any loss whatsoever. Instead, sub-plots featuring this doctor, and others, also side-track several other intense moments in the series.

    I just don't see how the fans, watching this series on television, sat around for weeks, or even entire seasons, waiting for some particular event to happen. This is frustrating enough when one can fast forward through the boring parts while watching this DVD collection. But even then, it's irritating. An episode ends with a cliff-hanger, only to have the next episode focus on some alien's love life or whatever. The series may not get back to the cliff-hanger for several episodes (you really have to hunt if you want to skip to it). I would discuss the other characters, plots, sub-plots, and so on, but there are just way too many of each to cover.

    In reality, this would have been terrific entertainment if the entire Babylon 5 series had been compressed down to about a single season, with many of the sub-plots, filler episodes, filler content, and lesser characters, written out entirely. It could have then focused much more strongly on the two main themes - the conflict with the "Shadows" and the political events on Earth. After all, those are the two areas where the most interesting aspects of this series reside - the most intense moments, the most impressive special effects, the most thought-provoking situations, and so on.

    Regardless, the Babylon 5 series does at least have that, if one has the patience to sit through all the other nonsense - wacky aliens, endless conspiracies, preachers, rabbis, monks, gospel singers, absurd creatures, incessant pretences of grander, often infantile humor, the boring romance between the overblown captain Sheridan and somewhat homely ambassador Delenn, the ever-present liberal political discourse, and so on. But those comparatively rare good moments do at least make Babylon 5 worth watching.

    However, do remember this is a soap opera. Each season ends at a decisive moment, a cliff-hanger, with several stories from that season left unresolved until the next season or perhaps several seasons after that. Therefore, to follow each story to it's ultimate conclusion, one would have to purchase the entire series instead of a single season. Since that is a very expensive proposition only a truly devoted fan would even consider, I simply cannot give this series a high rating....more info
  • Worth every second
    I'd been waiting to pick up all five seasons of Babylon 5 every since they were released on DVD a few years ago. I was finally able to over this past holiday season.

    I often look at a major purchase as a comparison between the number of hours I enjoy the product against the number of hours I must work to pay for it. So far, Babylon 5 has been worth every second as well as penny.

    I watched the majority of the show when it aired live in the late 90s. I can recall being very sad while watching the final episode, knowing that one of my favorite shows was leaving the air. Through this DVD set, I now can remember why it was one of my favorites. The writing of the Babylon 5 crew, JMS in particular, has very few peers, if any. I can't count the number of times I've taken a quote from episodes and shown it to my friends, some of whom have no interest in sci-fi shows, just because it somehow applies to our current lives.

    Pick this up, it's worth every second of your time....more info
  • Great show, lousy picture quality and packaging
    I have been a huge fan of Babylon 5 since I first saw "The Gathering". I was hoping that Warner Brothers would come out with a complete boxed set like they did in England, but since they had no intention of doing this, I got the complete series and the movie collection. Big Mistake! I actually am looking forward to the new DVD formats (HD DVD or Blu Ray) so I can replace this set.

    Picture Quality: I own several other Warner TV series on DVD and have always found them to have high picture quality. This series has fuzzy and out of focus scenes throughout and the prints used to master the DVD have scratches in virtually every episode. I have watched episodes of the series online and even the low bandwidth version has better picture quality.

    Bad Packaging: The DVDs are held in place by plastic inserts that are glued to cardboard. These are not well secured and have fallen apart.

    Think twice before buying. ...more info
  • Babylon 5 - The Complete Television Series (5-Pack)
    This is one of the best written and produced TV series ever. Not just one of the best sci-fi series, but best TV. The actors pull you into their storylines and make you feel like you've known them for years. All the characters and plotlines evolve throughout the 5-year run and gives you satisfying feelings as it all unfolds within the confines of the series. Amazingly, each episode still works on its own for great entertainment. But, for those who watch each and every episode in the order intended, the payoff is the television experience ride of a lifetime! Do NOT miss this DVD collection!...more info
  • Slight physical damage makes for a Penultimate Product
    The show was every bit as delightful and engaging as I had remembered. The boxes, unfortunately, had strange scraps and cuts on them. The discs themselves had no damage, and all features worked fine. Used purely for viewing, this is a must-have collection. I would not, however, suggest this as a valid venue for Collector's quality....more info