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Don Coscarelli directs and Bruce Campbell stars as the King of Camp in this intentionally over-the-top schlockfest. Bubba Ho-Tep is partially about Elvis Presley and partially about the title character, an Egyptian cowboy zombie, but mostly it is about camp. The movie is equal parts story and back story. We learn through narration and flashback how Elvis didn't really die, ending up instead in a rest home in East Texas with JFK (played by Ossie Davis), who was dyed black and had his brain removed, presumably for reasons of national security. Campbell and Davis realize that something strange is going on when their rest-home compatriots start dropping off suspiciously. The whole movie leads up to a final showdown to the death with the Egyptian cowboy zombie who has been sucking the souls of their fellow residents because he thought no one would notice. The movie unfolds a bit slowly; it is, after all, a geriatrics-fight-Egyptian-cowboy-zombie movie. However, one wishes this self-conscious movie's pacing took its cue from the atypically fast-moving zombie instead of from the senior-citizen Elvis and JFK. In the end, though, Campbell is flawless as the aged King; his accent, intonations, glasses, and trademark karate are at the same time sincere and over the top. --Brian Saltzman

Customer Reviews:

  • Funny, Creepy, and surprisingly sweet
    Elvis Presley is still alive, although not really kickin'. Lingering on in a nursing home with JFK and a host of elderly patients, the King has little to do but stay in bed, complain about the food, and worry about a growth on his winkle. (Yes I said winkle. We're supposed to keep it clean with these reviews--right?) Then one day things start getting a little strange when a resurrected Egyptian mummy in cowboy boots shows up and starts sucking the souls out of the home's helpless inhabitants, and it's up to Elvis to save the day.
    As you may expect this movie is extremely campy, but in the good way. It's a bit creepy, as any good movie involving mummies or zombies should be. But what was surprising to me was just how sweet it ended up being. While Campbell's portrayal of Elvis is ripe with most of the usual traits we've come to expect from Elvis jokes and countless impersonations. It also paints him in a deeply sympathetic light. Behind that sequined, fried-peanut-butter-and-nanner-sandwich devouring image, was a real human being. In between fending off the undead and arguing with the nurse, he spends a great deal of time pondering his past, his missed oportunities with his family, and his own impending demise. What it all adds up to is a quirky, fun horror classic, with far more heart then the genre usually musters. ...more info
  • I don't get it
    I am a huge Bruce Campbell fan but this movie is weak. NOW, before you throw me to the cavern demon let me tell you this is just not what I expected. Very slow paced and excrutiatingly painful to watch. There were tons of room for Elvis humour but just falls short as if the writer only knew of Elvis from the tabloids? Bruce is awesome as always but this was too weird rather than upbeat like My Name is Bruce. This was more middle class fare as if the masses care about a film like this-more hehe lamo like like sex in the city or something where I can hear the uptights chuckle on the golf course or the housewives snicker at the 'mild' humour.

    Why a mummy? (ok Bubba HO TEP I get it) but werewolves/vampires would have been more exciting lore.

    Phantasm is one of my all time favorite films but Coscerelli is hit and miss like John Carpenter (remember 'Prince of Darkness? Ahck!!!). I forced myself to like it only because Bruce does a great Elvis. I suppose the crude penis jokes (altho funny) are no substitute for true clever humour....more info
    Bubba Ho-tep has GOT to be one of THEE funniest Horror/comedies I've ever seen. Ossie Davis is nothing less than genius as he describes how an age-old mummy is going to suck the soul out of him thru his ARSE-HOLE! I'm still cryin' over some of the ridiculous scenes. If you have a warped sense of humor and like Bruce Campbell and/or Ossie Davis. Don't hesitate. "Bubba Ho-tep" will have you in stitches for many viewings!

    Other movies that have similar humor styles are "Naked Lunch" "Kingpin" and "Heathers". Mind you, none of the movies are on the same theme but all require the viewer to have a warped sense of humor.

    "Don't make me use my stuff on ya, baby"

    ...more info
  • Bubba Ho-Tep...
    The movie was decent (I guess). I just wish that I had spent less money on it. I rated this movie 3 stars as I give the storyline credence. It was nice to see Ossie Davis in the movie (It may have been it last movie - though I'm not sure). Three stars......more info
  • One of the best in ages
    I discovered this movie while on IMDB checking out Bruce Campbell's page.The title caught my eye so I looked further into it.Later I saw a trailer for it on YOUTUBE.That's when my mission to see it started.I rented it and loved it...so then I bought it.I watched the deleted scenes then the making of and all that stuff.After you watch the movie be sure to watch it with commentary by "The King"...it's hilarious.Anyways if you are a fan of the movie or just Bruce or Ossie I suggest you buy this product...you won't be dissapointed....more info
  • A cult classic
    An east Texas nursing home is the final resting place for many elderly and infirm patients, including one Sebastian Haff, an Elvis impersonator who suffered a broken hip during a concert and is now partially disabled. The staff are amused by Haff's claims to be the real Elvis, but, thanks to the power of flashbacks and the internal monologue, we see that his claims are correct. Tiring of fame and superstardom, Elvis found an impersonator who was almost his spitting double and swapped places with him in the early 1970s. It was Haff who went on to die of a drugs overdose in 1977, whilst the real Elvis went on to have a quieter, less-stressful life as an Elvis impersonator.

    The film works on two levels. The first is a meditation on growing old and the melancholy that comes with that, not to mention the frustration that the young often disrespect their elders and their accomplishments simply because they need to go to the toilet a bit more often than they used to. This is emphasised in a sequence where the young daughter of Elvis' room-mate thoughtlessly throws his possessions out in the trash, including his war medals earned saving the lives of his friends. This area of the film works superbly, with Bruce Campbell an absolute revelation in a role which requires far more subtlety and emotional intensity than his normal, broader horror-comedy roles. There's also a great dynamic between Campbell's Elvis and his friend Jack (a likewise strong performance from Osse Davis), who claims to be John F. Kennedy. Instead of dying in Dallas, he claims to have survived, been dyed black by Lyndon B. Johnson and left to rot in the nursing home (unlike Elvis, it isn't revealed if this is the 'real' JFK or not). Elvis' scepticism is tempered by his acknowledgment of his own unlikely story of survival.

    The second level is much more straightforward: Bubba Ho-Tep, an ancient Egyptian mummy, has been reanimated and has invaded the nursing home to feed on the souls of the living, draining them out through it's victims' backsides. Seriously. It is up to Elvis and JFK to eliminate the mummy before it wipes everyone in the rest home out.

    The difference between the quiet, contemplative meditation on old age and dignity, and the slash-horror of the mummy's killing spree is fairly pronounced, but it works brilliantly, sold by good writing, terrific performances, limited but effective sfx and a superb musical score. The daft premise is treated with utmost seriousness by everyone involved and it works very well.

    Bubba Ho-Tep (*****) is a bit of an oddball movie, at turns reflective, quiet, hilarious, action-packed, horrific and thoughtful. With solid direction (from veteren horror director Don Coscarelli, direct of the Phantasm series) and great acting, it is more than worth an hour and a half of your time. ...more info
  • bubba ho tep
    WOW! loved it! When in the mood for bruce, there is none better. Very adult and very funny....more info
  • "Hail to the king baby"
    I bought this movie on the recomendation of a sales clerk at a dvd store who knew im a bruce campbell fan and im glad i did.this movie is GREAT.the story is entertaining and funny and bruce campbell acting in this movie shine like never before.his performance as elvis is nothing short of incredible and i highly recomend this movie to anyone,bruce campbell fan or not.this movie hooks you from begining to end and when its over your left wishing there was more.this movie isnt really scary but it has alot of funny parts and overall is an enjoyable movie....more info
  • Who Love's You, Baby
    If it has Bruce Campbell, I usually rent it. I also made a point to check out this file since reading an article in Fangoria about it. I was happy to see it made it's way to a theater. Although not well received by many, the masses, that is to say, this file is creditable by it's noir ideas and just squint a little when you watch you can look through the fantastic and see the reality of it. Forgotten people in a residence and lost the reality of the world, I think this would be a favorite to those who live in places like this. I have absolute respect for Bruce and anything he does. After reading his autobiography, I have even more respect for him and Sam (Raimi) and if he feels strongly enough to put himself into the project, then it is worth watching. Three stars? Well, I think there was need for stronger directing....more info
  • Bruce Campbell Can Act!
    First off, I'm a fan of Bruce and have been since I was a horror-lovin', geeky teen. Still, I always understood that the man had his limitations and would always be the snarky, B-movie king.

    In comes Bubba Ho-Tep, a bizarre cult movie (Bruce is used to that), but with real heart. I mean, who knew I would watch an Elvis VS a mummy movie and get a bit choked up?! He's very endearing in this uber-camp masterpiece.

    I highly recommend this film to anyone with a taste for the strange and amusing. Good stuff!...more info
  • Hail To The King Baby.......
    Bruce Campbell is in to form playing and aging Elvis living in a nursing home in Texas. Then one day evil lure's it's cowboy hat wearing head in the form of an ancient Egyptian mummy who prowls the hall's of the home at night sucking out the souls of the elderly. Together with his sidekick, an elderly black man who thinks he's JFK they set out to save the home's inhabitants from the clutches of this cowboy hat and cowboy boot wearing mummy. There's pleanty of humor as we hear how Elvis came to be alive and in a nursing home in Texas with an infected bump on his...well...take a guess. Not for the kids but a must for any Campbell fans or for anyone who loves a good Elvis inpersonation.

    Love ya' Bruce!...more info
  • Vaguely Entertaining
    Not sure what to make of the movie but it is definitely not one of the best movies and not sure if it is even a movie....more info
  • Odd premise but fantastic movie!
    I really love this movie. You wouldn't think that a movie about Elvis with cancer on his weiner and a black JFK trying to defeat an evil mummy would be profound, but there are many times throughout when Bruce Campbell addresses the purpose of life and horror of languishing in a nursing home. It's really a movie about choosing one's destiny in life and the immutability of one's character, even when faced with obscurity, physical and mental degradation, and the evitable march of death. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes good flicks that are a little off the beaten path. Bruce Campbell fans will relish his performance as Elvis and the noir humor of his narration....more info
  • Bruce Campbell is bigger than even the King himself
    Bruce Campbell is indeed the cult icon of our day--with more acting AND comedic talent than William Shatner, he has managed to create a corner of the cinematic world that might as well be named after him: that of the outrageous, over-the-top genre of horror and sci-fi. And aside from doing a fantastic Elvis (all right, more of an imitation of the Elvis persona than of the man), the premise of the movie alone is worth watching it for.

    Sebastian Haff (maybe Elvis...read on) is stuck with a bad hip in an Eastern Texas retirement home. He claims to be THE Elvis, who swapped places with the real Sebastian Haff so he could get out of the limelight and get back to basics, but then Sebastian Haff as Elvis went and killed himself through too much drug use and Elvis ended up being stuck in his Sebastian Haff identity for life (follow that one?). His best friend in the place is Jack (Ossie Davis), who thinks he is JFK who was dyed black to hide his identity and let the world think he was dead. And to top it all off, the rest home is also the dwelling place of a soul-sucking mummy in cowboy duds who also likes to put Egyptian graffiti on bathroom stalls. Turns out, only Elvis and JFK know of his existence and are the only ones who can stop the evil spirit...

    The movie takes a little while to get going, but even in its slow start, the story clearly revolves around the redemption of Elvis, so he can get his 'stuff' back. This movie is wacky and absurd and yet somehow tender and leaves you thinking that maybe Elvis wasn't such a bad guy after all...if only he had mummies trying to suck out his soul every moment of his life.

    All hail the king...King Campbell.
    ...more info
  • Don Coscarelli, please make more films!!
    Being a fan of the Phantasm films I was interested when I saw this reviewed in EMPIRE way back on its US Theatrical release and thinking whats not to like?
    Bruce Campbell......Good!
    Don Coscarelli......Good!
    Ossie Davis.........Good!
    Elvis and a black JFK fighting a Mummy........ In a retirement home....... Super Good!
    I wish these types of films where made more often!
    ...more info
  • Thank Goodness for Bruce Campbell
    Easily one of the more interesting actors working today, Bruce Campbell deserves to be in more films. His performance as the aged, "real" Elvis Presley, confined now through a series of goofs to a Texas nursing home, in "Bubba Ho-Tep" is a delightful and perhaps even remarkable testament to his talents. From his grousing about erectile dysfunction to introspection about the failures of his life, Campbell's "King" is enough of a fleshed-out character to make you forget just how silly the plot is. And that pesky bit of business? A soul-stealing mummy is stalking the residents of said nursing home, extracting their life essence in, um, rather disrespectful ways. All that stands between them and nothing is Presley, aided by a man who claims to be JFK (an absolutely delightful Ossie Davis), despite the obvious difference in race. Don't watch "Bubba Ho-Tep" if you're expecting a horror story, though there are a few bumps in the night. Instead, watch it for the great chemistry between Campbell and Davis, as well as some of the decidely foul but funny lines (sometimes a bit too calculated to be the oft-repeated treasures of cult movies). Even with a budget of about $23, it should keep your attention better than many blockbusters today. ...more info
  • Like A Train Wreck
    You just can't take your eyes off this TERRIBLE film. Are you starved for a dose of Bruce Campbell? Ok, then you'll be in your glory. Bruce takes this film to all new levels of, well, who knows what. Campbell is still fun to watch, and his rendition of The King is flawless. If it wasn't for his performance, this film would rate only one star. Campbell saves it...and it achieves a solid two star review. Horrible in every sense of the word, but, yeah baby, you still wanna watch don't you? Well, thank you, thank you very much....more info
  • Not Bruce's best movie
    I really like Bruce Campbell and his movies like Army of Darkness. But this movie is not in the same league. First of all the plot is slow and boring. Bruce does not have the same rouge character that he is so good at. Instead the movie is filled with frankly depressing scenes of him in bed or limping around barely able to move. This really hampers the action aspects of the movie. The dialogue aspect is not much better.

    If you like Bruce, my advise is to get his other movies or try to get a hold of the TV episodes of "Jack of all trades" episodes. It is a lot more fun and has the "real" Bruce....more info
  • Very strange movie
    I am a huge Bruce Campbell fan. This was just plain strange. Bruce Campbell did a wonderful job portraying Elvis. It was just a strange storyline.
    I did laugh though, and perhaps with some mind-altering drugs I would have loved it!...more info
  • Bruce Campbell fan
    I love Bruce Campbell's work; even have the whole Brisco County, Jr. set, but this movie was a big disappointment . . ....more info
  • Classic Cult Classic! (4.5 stars)
    I won't go into a long winded review as others have already said much of what I would (Check the 4 & 5 Star reviews). I will tell you that if you are a Bruce Campbell fan at all, this movie is a MUST-HAVE!

    Not to discount any of the other actors in this film, but Bruce Campbell is absolutely brilliant and more than evenly matched with Ossie Davis. The Elvis/JFK pairing here is marvelous, supported by witty dialogue and an almost surreal chemistry between Campbell and Davis. The premise of this movie, a bittersweet retrospective of life by Elvis complicated by an evil mummy, is really off-kilter at first glance but in reality it plays very well and becomes a vehicle for Campbell to shine. The character roles, especially the nurse and the two inept mortuary employees, are delightful and support Campbell and Davis in that unique and unforgettable way that is indicative of good B-movies. Acting is always about timing and reaction - this cast has both in spades.

    My one minor niggle - the FX are second-rate at best. Given the goofy premise/storyline, this movie was predestined to be a B-movie, but come on, it was made in the 21st century! The mummy was poor (not the acting, just the costume/puppetry) and was a disappointing foil for Elvis and JFK. A few more dollars and a little more time would have both been well spent.

    Still and all, an instant cult classic and probably one of the best overall performances of Campbell's career....more info
  • Derivative entertainment
    Yes, it's a funny premise: Elvis is living in a nursing home with a resident who thinks he's JFK and another who fancies himself the Lone Ranger. In the meantime, an ancient Egyptian demon wants to suck the souls out of the old and sickly folks, so it's up to Elvis and Jack to stop the demon.
    Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis are great. But somehow, the story lacks the sense of urgency that a horror tale should have, and although there are many funny lines, it could have been stronger comedically. The writer/director also seems to borrow heavily from the works of the Raimi brothers and their friends the Coen Brothers instead of being more original.
    Okay for a few laughs, but not as good as it might have been....more info
  • Bubba Rules
    I initially was introduced to Bruce Campbell when he starred in Hercules. I then caught him on reruns of The Adventures of Brisco County. I've read his books and discovered he is also the king of B horror movies. I'm not a horror movie fan, but thought it was worth giving "Bubba Ho-Tep" a try. What a hoot!

    Bruce is truly a gifted actor and Ozzie Davis always gives a great performance. This movie has it all: a plot that keeps you guessing, horror that provides tension but not over the top graphic violence, talented supporting cast, humor, Elvis...I love it!

    What can I say? Bruce and Bubba have made me a believer. All horror movies are not created equal. Give Bubba a try; you'll love him, too!...more info
  • A Memorial In Elvis's Honor.
    One of the leading characters in this movie claims to be President Kennedy, explaining how he was dyed chocolate to protect his identity, by the CIA. This is a really insane and fun look at Elvis, who was the king of low budget movies in his heyday. Elvis from a nursing home bed side explained how he had swapped places with an Elvis imitator because it got old. You see, Elvis had wanted out, away from the pills and drugs, away from his friends, and away from all that fame and money. Elvis felt the music wasn't even his anymore, explaining how he wasn't even himself anymore, just this THING his friends and media had made up. Elvis said his friends were sucking him dry. Now Elvis has grown tired of the nursing home, sick of the nurses and management, and he wants out once again. Elvis quibbed when you're old and sickly everything you say is either sadly amusing or seen as so non-threatening that nobody gives you a second thought. A second Bubba HO-TEP is in the making starring Ron Pearlman....more info
  • Ask not what your rest home can do for you...
    So it turns out that Elvis didn't die in 1977, he's alive and elderly in an East Texas rest home, and he's as lonely, filled with regrets and amazement that his life could have come to this as anyone else in a nursing home. His buddy down the hall is a black man who claims to be JFK, sans most of his brain and dyed brown by the CIA. They both might be crazy old coots living in delusions, but they are the only ones who recognize that something real and bad is sucking the souls out of the elderly denizens of the home, killing them off one by one. And they are the only ones who can stop it.

    By turns touching and laugh-out-loud funny, and only a little scary, this is a buried treasure of a movie. Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis are the heart and soul of it, both doing bang up jobs playing Elvis and JFK. As silly as the plot sounds, it ends up drawing out real emotion--sadness, suspense, enjoyment--because the two main characters are so well played. I liked Evil Dead 2 but haven't seen Bruce Campbell in anything else besides his small role in Sky High and the occasional glimpse of Brisco County. I enjoyed the movie far more than I expected, and the appearance of Ossie Davis was a pleasant surprise--how did a movie made on a half-million dollar budget score Ossie Davis? Speaking of the budget, a few of the effects are a little hokey but I've seen movies with budgets many times higher look a lot cheaper. It was great fun.

    The DVD includes some worthy extras as well, including two commentary tracks that are both fun to listen to, one featuring director Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell, another featuring Elvis himself commenting on the movie from "an undisclosed location." The making-of documentary is also pretty cool and shows what a labor of love the entire project was and how it was the energy Campbell lavished on promoting it and taking it personally around the country that built the word of mouth for it.

    According to IMDB the sequel alluded to in the end credits (Bubba Nosferatu) is actually scheduled for a 2008 release. How I hope that is true; I will definitely be there for it if it is! ...more info
  • "Let's get decadent!"
    Being quite fond of Bruce Campbell's acting, I purchased this film after seeing all the positive reviews. I must say I'm glad I did! What a hilarious film! Bruce Campbell is playing a man that thinks he is Elvis (or is he really?) that is now located at an East Texas nursing home, where he is tormented by doubt and a damaged hip. Campbell is supposedly the real Elvis that changed places with a certain Sebastian Haff back in the 70's, because he was tired of all the fuzz that being Elvis meant. Hence, the person that died in '77 was only an impersonator, and today a sick and aged Elvis spends his days in a haze of medication and depression, unable to prove who he really is. He befriends a black patient at the home that is certain he is the real JFK, hilariously played by Ossie Davis. This JFK is certain that Lyndon Johnson got him put away in this nursing home to seize power. Campbell and Davis make up such a magnificent pair of aged celebrities in this film, you can't but love it.

    Eventually, some of the patients at the nursing home start dying off, and our two broken flowers go on a mission to find out what is going on. Turns out an Egyptian mummy is eating their souls during the nights. Our two heroes therefore decide to go into action against the beast. The film is a wonderful, wonderful mixture of comedy, nostalgia and horror. Campbell does one of his best roles to date; he left me laughing loudly more times than I could count. Even though the language in the film is quite vulgar, and the humour the same at times, I would say this is one of the funniest films I have in my rather extensive collection.

    If you like intelligent dark comedy, you MUST see this film. I can promise you that you'll have quite a good time in the company of the always excellent Campbell. 4,5 stars!...more info
  • Fantastic
    Bubba Ho-Tep (Limited Collector's Edition)Well He has done it again Don Coscarelli has made another smashing hit I love this movie I watched it tonight and Had so many mixed emotions. I am a huge fan of Mr Coscarelli I love the Phantasm films tonight I wanted to be scared and shocked and excited and then brought back down to earth this movie did just that, I dont know how he does it but I hope he keeps on giving us these great movies. I watched the commentary after the movie and I know it came from a book, it takes a very talented Director who can get a great crew together to film such a masterpiece. I hope that if you have read this review you will watch this film and then you will be excited when you can add it to your collection like I have, I hope if Don and Bruce read this I want you to know this is true art thank you ...more info
  • Bruce Campbell AND a good script AND some production value
    You almost never find all three of those together.

    Bubba Ho-Tep has them.

    This movie is good enough and funny enough that you do NOT have to be a Bruce fan nor a schlock-horror fan to enjoy it.

    AR&NL...more info
  • A Great choice for fans of Bruce Campbell
    I enjoyed this movie.
    You'll enjoy this movie.
    The funnies are the one-liners and the movie has a dramatic feel to it with out the slap-stick.
    ...more info
  • Awesome movie!
    The plot is over the top enough. Bruce Campbell plays Elvis in a nursing home, who didn't really die as he swapped lives with a really good impersonator in the 70s. Ossie Davis plays an older black man who claims to be JFK. Together, they battle a mummy feeding on the souls of the residents of their nursing home in Texas.

    Where with Campbell's character you have little doubt he is who he says, it's up for interpretation whether Jack Kennedy is really John F Kennedy with his skin dyed black or not - while he was the first one to accept the possibility of an Egyptian mummy, he's also not totally out of it either.

    Bruce Campbell gave a great performance as Elvis. For one, he has the looks and voice for the part to play Elvis. Bruce's "karate" moves fit well as an older guy with the will to fight but without the physical ability to do much. And while overall shot as a serious movie, the absurdity of some of the situations are downright hilarious, such as Elvis vs a giant cockroach.

    The movie also raises some thoughts about growing old and facing your fears, what did you do in your life that you would have done different or would like a second chance at, or where you go after you die....more info