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Canon FAXPHONE L80 Laser Fax/Printer
List Price: $179.99

Our Price: $88.80

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Product Description

For your small business or personal desktop, Canon FAXPHONE L80 gives you the performance of a laser facsimile and a printer, with the added convenience of a telephone handset. With state-of-the-art fax capabilities and a six page-per-minute laser printer, this space saving business machine functions in the place of two devices. Now is the time to upgrade from a thermal or ink jet fax machine to the performance of quality laser output. 33.6 Kbps modem for approximately 3 seconds per page transmission time Transmission/Reception Memory up to 350 pages 15 Speed Dials, 100 Coded Speed Dials, Directory Search 114 Destinations for broadcasting Fax Resolution Super Fine - 203 x 391 dpi; Fine - 203 x 196 dpi; Standard - 203 x 98 dpi; UHQ Enhanced Imaging Quality 30 sheets letter (20 lb. paper) ADF Telephone Handset Included USB OS Compatibility - Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Dimensions (W x D x H) - 17.5 W x 22.9 H x 15.9 D Canon Warranty - 1-year limited warranty with Exchange Program (subject to certain conditions and restrictions, see warranty card for details)

The Canon Faxphone L80 Laser Fax/Printer is a versatile office machine that allows faxing, printing, and copying all from one unit.

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All from your desk
For your small business or personal desktop, the Faxphone L80 gives you the performance of a laser facsimile and a printer, with the added convenience of a telephone handset. With state-of-the-art fax capabilities and a 6ppm laser printer, this space saving business machine functions in the place of two or more devices.

Productivity and quality
The L80 offers features such as a 30-sheet ADF, Super G3 facsimile technology, and a large fax memory. Printed faxes and documents will both have the same result--quality laser output. At speeds up to three seconds per page, the L80 is a speedy substitute for any older model fax machine.

Rich in features
Additional features include delayed sending, polling, and reception restriction to allow users to manage their fax operations more efficiently. Directory search allows a user to look up and dial the correct number by easily viewing the stored phone numbers in speed dials, coded dials, or registered groups.

Print speedy and clear pages
The printer's ADF holds up to 100 pages and can print up to 6 ppm at 600 x 600 dpi in letter, legal, or A4 sizes.

Operating system
The L80 works with any Windows operating system from Windows 98 onward with a USB interface.

What's in the Box
L80 Machine, FX-3 starter toner cartridge, support trays, multi-purpose tray, multi-purpose tray cover, document support, handset, handset cradle, plugs with pins, destination labels, paper loading warning label, power cord, telephone line cord, documentation kit, and software CD-ROM.

  • 33.6 Kbps Modem
  • Quality Laser Output
  • Print at 6 pages-per-minute
  • Telephone Handset Included
  • USB interface; 1-year warranty with exchange

Customer Reviews:

  • 5 yrs. old and still works great
    I prefer Canon products as I also own their D761 copier and 3 of their cameras. (I did recently purchase the Brother wireless color laser MFC 9840 since it was at a steal of a price). Prior to this fax machine I had one of their inkjet multifunction machines that still works but I needed laser printed documents for clarity and longevity. I paid $200 for this machine about 5 yrs. ago (at the time the lowest price). I have only 2 issues w/ this machine. One the toner says to replace cartridge before it completely empties. I keep shaking it and putting it back in until I get tired of doing this. I think just about all brands are set up this way since it is a huge money maker. Depending on the paper, but more important the humidity, multiple pages will fax through at a time and/or receiving faxes will have several empty sheets pulled through at the same time. If I'm really busy of course this can be very annoying particularly if I'm faxing or receiving a large document. Still I think this is a very good fax machine and it is still holding up quite well. If it suddenly dies today you better believe I would buy it again at this incredible price....more info
  • Canon Copy/Print/Fax Phone L80
    Canon FAXPHONE L80 Laser Fax/Printer
    This is the 7th Canon L80 I have purchased for my small office. 11 years ago, I started with the Canon Multipass L6000, and have remained loyal to this product line since then. The L6000 is still working and I just donated it to charity.
    Currently we have the Canon Faxphone L80 and the L75, both are dependable workhorses. Service calls are non-existent. Copies and printing are excellent; 4 pages a minute is a little slow, but the machines make up for lack of speed with depandability.
    It is important to to me to have one replacement cartridge for all machines, and for the past 11 years, I have only ordered the FX-3 cartridge.
    I would recommend the Canon Faxphone L80 to anyone who wants dependable high quality printing and copying, and who can tolerate getting the finished product at 4 pages per minute....more info
  • Great little machine
    I've owned the Canon L80 for about a month now. I find it to be a great laser fax machine, and it also doubles as a fine copier for small jobs when collating and a flatbed copier are not needed. For my small office needs, this Canon works perfectly for me....more info
  • Excellent value
    I recently bought a Canon Faxphone L80 to replace a Faxphone L70 that had burned up in a freak accident. I was happy with the L70 and equally happy with the L80. We only use the Canon to receive faxes, and it does an excellent job of doing so. We rarely send via the Canon, as we have another fax machine for sending.
    Print quality is excellent. Large buffer saves faxes if you run out of paper or toner. Keep an extra toner cartridge available. When the machine says it is out of toner, it is out. Shaking the cartridge does not yield many more pages....more info
  • Good machine for the price
    Overall the machine has pretty good features, including its ability to double as a laser printer and super G3 technology. However, I do have a few problems:
    - Papers tend to stick together when scanning
    - Scans tend to become crooked since the input tray can not lock at the letter size
    - Print outs tend to be crooked unless you make sure to pad down the paper in the output tray and make sure they are all aligned properly

    Other than that, the machine works great....more info
  • Great Printer
    My fax and printer went out on the same day (what a week!) and I replaced my plain paper HP fax and my HP 1100 printer with this Canon L80.

    I use it for everything! No problems, easy setup, clear faxes. After 2 months of constant use as both a fax and a printer, I have no problems with this unit....more info
  • NO USB cable
    There is NO USB cable provided with this machine. And there is no notification of that fact before you buy. If one expects no cable it is not as frustrating as finding out that you cannot use the printer till you go to the store!!!...more info
  • Poor Phone
    The phone on this unit was an after thought. No caller ID and no handsfree calling. Also the first time you dial, you'll thinkg the unit is broken as it oddly switches the tone from the handset to the unit's speaker....more info
  • W2K SP4 users beware!!
    Nice machine..... But, watch out if you use Windows 2000 SP4 with the "Rollup Security" Windows Update item installed. The unit will very seldom work..... Once in a while it may elect to print a page..... Provided there is no color content/component on the document to be printed. Over 90% of the time you will get an error message saying something about conflicting print settings being detected.... even when trying to print a test page. I wasted a VERY FRUSTRATING hour with a nice Canon Tech who ultimately gave up and recommended uninstalling my other printers.... which I did.... Needlessly!! Only after I did a Google Search typing in the exact text of the error message did the real problem come to light.... a conflict with that specific Windows Update that neither the Canon Tech nor any of his supervisors had ever heard of!!!! COME ON GUYS!!! It is your JOBS!! Once the update was deleted in Control Panel/Add and Remove Programs the unit finally started to work. Windows Update is persistent about reinstalling this troublesome item so one needs to disable it in Windows Update.... or else like a bad penny it will keep coming back. Evidently no problem in XP so Canon is unlikely ever to address this issue for us remaining W2K users. Too bad. Otherwise the unit gets five stars. Easy assembly. Only a "starter" toner cartridge was included. The day after I bought the unit for $185, Amazon lowered the price $6..... New Egg is also offering the item for $179.... and it can be bought new direct from Canon for $199. I don't know how Amazon came up with a MSRP of $395!!...more info
  • No Complaints
    I've always been an HP fan, but have recently had a large number of bad experiences with HP products and firmly believe that they have let their quality deteriorate beyond repair. In fact, I needed a new fax since my HP fax died a few months out of warranty (this is the second or third time this has happened to me with an HP product). I was about to buy a Panasonic Fax, but an Amazon client review changed my mind.

    I'm extremely happy with the Canon performance and quality. My only comment would be that it would be nice if they could add color....more info
  • Great Piece of Equipment
    This machine handles everything so well. It is a bit slow in printing, but the versatility more than makes up for it. All documents are crystal clear and it is easy to use....more info
  • It's also a copier
    This machine is great. The manufacturer failed to mention that this machine is also a copier, so it's basically a three in one machine: fax, copier and printer. Great machine for a great price!...more info
  • Much better than my all-in-one.
    I run a small home office and send faxes on a daily basis. This machine is much faster than my Lexmark all-in-one printer which I used primarily for faxing before. The Lexmark took forever to send a fax and routinely lost the connection on a large fax. I use a fax service to receive faxes; so I can't comment on that aspect. Setup was simple. I have other printers, but my test of this machine produced clean, crisp documents. So far, the only problem I experienced was an occasional double feed when faxing. I had similar problems with my all-in-one. Could be the brand "x" paper I am using. Overall, this is a good machine for the price. I have not explored all of the features but I am satisfied with my experience so far....more info
  • working fine
    I bought this machine on price and have not be disappointed. The printing is very good and the machine is very quite when printing. (My old HP deskjet sounds like a tank compared to this.) One thing I do not care for is the ring tones for incoming faxes. There is no way to make it quiet. Other than that we have been satisfied with the purchase and looking at the cost of a toner cartridge compared with an HP inkjet cartridge for the amount of pages printed be cartridge the new machine should pay for itself in two years....more info
  • Poor drivers, feed jams, error recovery is nonsensical
    The sheet feeder pulls multiple sheets at once, which is really fun when you're sending a fax. When it jams, which will happen very very frequently, it gives no audible alarm whatsoever. When you clear *any* fault, including out of paper, you need to hit the "reset" button. No clear indication is given of this in the printer status on the OS, only on the barely-readable LCD.

    Canon appears to have no intention to support anything but 32 bit windows for this printer, ever. If you have Vista 64-bit or Windows 7, this printer is an expensive paperweight.
    ...more info