Doom 3
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A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the UAC's Mars research facility, leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. You are one of only a few survivors, as you fight your way through Hell and back in a world of ever-changing fear and uncertainty.

The wait is over. After five years of development, Lead Programmer John Carmack and the id Software team have put together a revolutionary visual experience. If your PC has the juice to set this game loose and you have a thirst for first-person shooter action, you're in for a treat. Although Doom 3 is not perfect, the 3D graphics engine upon which it is built sets a new, jaw-dropping standard that makes this game a must-have.

Hell on Mars
Your character is a low-ranking Marine on a routine rotation to the Mars Research Facility of the United Aerospace Corporation (UAC). That's pretty much all the backstory you need. Doom 3 is a bit skimpy in the storyline department, but rich plotting and character development have never been the focus of the Doom franchise. Action is the name of the game here, and we found plenty. After a few minutes of wandering through the facility, listening to rumors about impending catastrophe from the staff (remember Half-Life?), it was time to start shooting. We fought our way through dark, lavishly detailed environments until finally doing battle with pure evil in the depths of hell. Although the game offers no opportunities to explore the Martian setting apart from the linear corridors of the research facility, good level design and well-crafted sound effects succeeded at scaring the living heck out of us all the way through.

Fearsome monsters. Dimly lit environments. The perfect recipe for horror.
Creature Discomforts
Groaning zombies and the sudden leaping attack of an eleven-eyed Imp are just the beginning of the horror and anxiety in Doom 3. Floating Cacodemons attack from above with a mouthful of teeth... ethereal Revenants fire flesh-seeking missiles with deadly accuracy... a swarm of spider-like Trites skitter down the corridor, hungry for blood. Although the enemy AI in Doom 3 is less crafty than we would have liked, the incredible variety of enemies--each with a unique style of attack--outweighs this shortcoming somewhat.

Guns, Guns, Guns
While there are many powerful weapons in the game, they are designed to force players to anticipate and plan for firefights. For instance, we liked wielding the chaingun to shred enemies at longer ranges, but the weapon devours ammo and using it on close-range targets was a waste of bullets. We quickly learned to switch to the shotgun or the chainsaw to dispatch foes at close range.

One piece of hardware, the flashlight, was a point of both salvation and frustration for us. Doom 3 is a dark game and many enemies know how to take advantage of it. You'll often find yourself switching back and forth between your weapons and your flashlight just to see what's lurking ahead. This problem might easily be solved by duct-taping the flashlight to your equipped weapon, but, alas, we found no duct tape on Mars.

Looking Good
Doom 3 looks incredible. Every room is exquisitely detailed, from the shimmer of the air near a heat source to the texture of a hamburger sitting on the counter of the company mess hall. Id obviously went all out designing every creature in the game and their realism makes them all the more horrifying. The eye candy does come at a price, though, and we were forced to play at fairly low resolution even on a Pentium IV 2.8 GHz and an ATI Radeon 9500. Even so, gameplay was smooth as silk. For higher resolutions (1024 x 768 and above) the latest generation of ATI or Nvidia cards is suggested. --Joshua Gunn


  • Stunning display of graphics technology
  • Strong level design with lots of spookiness
  • Rich variety of enemies
  • Plenty of hours of single-player gameplay
  • Thin storyline
  • Stiff system requirements
  • No headlamps or gun-mounted lighting in the 22nd century
  • Fairly basic multiplayer options

Customer Reviews:

  • never received
    xmas gift "lost" in the mail...more info
  • in-f***ing-credible. a f***ing masterpice!!!
    Ok. This is probably my favorite game. Hands down. It scares the s**t out of me! My only compllaint is that the graphics arent very good on the 360, which is a little wierd. But ya. Buy it if youve got a 360 or a classic. If you dont have it its pointless having an xbox....more info
  • You are Doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally, the greatest Doom game of all time is on the X-box and it delivers a very well done experience.Graphically, this is one of the finest looking X-Box games of this generation, the shadows and lighting effects, very well done, along with the creepy looking monsters, it will blow your mind.The gameplay is really good too but may not impress the original Doom fans with the intense action the original ones provide.Overall, this is a really good game in the Doom series.

    P.S. anyone who says this game is horrible, change your mind because to me, those people are tripping!...more info
  • Better than expected
    I went into this game with low expectations due to the lack of perceived hype that it had. Maybe that is the reason why, but this game really turned out to be considerably better than expected. Although it does not have the scale or great story of a game like Halo, it does better in other areas. The monster in this game seem a lot less cartoony and funky, but then I guess they are really both trying to achieve something different. But one thing this game does a lot better than Halo and games like it is the ability to save whenever you want instead of using checkpoints merely to create the empty illusion that the game is harder and takes longer. Since you can go through difficult areas pretty easy if you are quick with your saves, it seems like the replay value is better because you won't have been through certain areas a gajillion times just because you keep getting killed right before a checkpoint.

    I won't say too much on the issue of not having a mounted flashlight on the weapons since it has been pointed out enough. I will just say that is annoying as hell and totally inexcusable as far as game design goes. Some other negatives also include doors that lock behind you just so you are cornered and hidden openings in walls that some creature pops out of as soon as you turn your back. But there are some genuinely creepy moments in the game and despite a bit of a repetitious feel to the surroundings sometimes, this game is still a lot of fun. ...more info
  • two thumbs ....DOWN
    First off, let me say... this game was nowhere near as good as it was hyped up to be. The first couple of games in the series were incredible, massive amount of enemies, dead bodies lying on the floor, sweet weapons, what more could you ask for? Maybe a decent game on a next gen system.

    A decent game is far from what you get, the graphics are good yes, but they aren't any different from what CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: ESCAPE FROM BUTCHER BAY had. All the character's except two (the main character and Kelly) looked the same but with different haircuts. The enemies were nowhere near breath taking, and they repeat far too often. The sound quality of this game is good, but the sounds the weapons make... completely disappointing, the plasma rifle lost its oomph, the shotgun sounds dinky and the I wont even get started on that. The thrills used in the game were also very cheaply done, it got to the point where I saw a dark corner, and 9/10 times, there would be an IMP or a dead marine inside the black depths of the shadows. The biggest thing that irked me was how short the game was, I finished it in about a day, I was expecting a long immerse game, and what I got was a dull, annoying bucket of crap. The people at ID could have done better, overall the game isn't worth the $50 dollar price tag, or the close to $60 mark for the collectors' edition. Rent the game before you buy it, you never know you might like it, but I would not risk throwing 50-60 bucks down the drain....more info
  • buck wizard...
    Remember how entertaining Doom was? Imagine getting to relive that nostalgic experience but with unbelievable graphics atmosphere and even *gasp* a less ridiculous story. Id has managed to capture everything about the first 2 dooms and still add to it enough to make it compete with(and usually beat) most current games. I am a huge fan of the shotgun but in most FPSs the shotgun is rare and unpractical, in this respect doom 3 is a dream come true. If you don't like shotguns or visiting hell than don't waste your time, if you do this well the ride of your life....more info
  • Burn your Xbox
    Doom 3's graphics engine is amazing. It looks very good.

    Xbox cannot handle the origonal engine very well.

    Doom 3 on Xbox looks terrible, and the gameplay is pointless. The only draw for the computer version is the fact that it looks awesome. I does not on Xbox....more info
  • If the creatures of the dark don't get kill you, FEAR WILL!!
    A demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporations' (UAC) Mars Research Facility, leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of the only surviving marines, you alone must fight your way to freedom.
    Built on a revolutionary new 3D graphics engine, Doom III draws you into the most frightening and gripping 3D gaming experience ever created. This game is great at capturing the atmosphere that catapulted the past Doom games while setting a whole new MOOD FOR FEAR.

    Don't let the negative reviews fool you into not checking out this game. Character development and in-depth plots never were the focus of past DOOM games. If you want depth, listen to a Pink Floyd album, if you want RAW ACTION then this game is for you! That fact is this: You are trapped, with only one way to go, which is forward. You cannot run, you cannot hide, you must amass yourself with as much hardware and firepower as possible, and make the first shot count because you might not get another chance. Like past DOOM are trapped in the DEPTHS OF HELL!! Only Hell is a research facility with little lighting and alot of BADDIES to deal with! Death is imminent for the weak. Good level design and well-crafted sound effects succeeded at scaring the living heck out of me all the way through. THIS GAME WILL TRULY MAKE YOUR HEART BEAT FAST AND HAVE YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT!!!

    ...more info
  • Very Scary and Fun, too repetitive
    This game is a lot of fun at first. It is also very scary. You're just walking along in an empty room and suddenly a headless zombie just jumps out at you or some terrifying other creature. It makes you jump and gasp a lot. It has great graphics and fun gameplay, but it takes too long of doing the same thing. What I mean is, you just go through room after room, killing a few zombies and monsters here and there. You also have to figure out some stuff because sometimes you have to find someone or find a security code or something. But it just keeps on going like that, room after room until you get bored and just stop. I've had the game since Christmas, and I play almost everyday for like an hour, get bored quit, and do it again the next day. It would probably take like 4 days to get through that one section if you played it nonstop. It just takes too much time repeating for true gamers like myself. Don't get me wrong, it's very fun and scary, it's just too repetitive for my taste. I'd say rent it and see if it's too long for you, then make a desicion. Don't buy it first....more info
    Worst FPS this year.

    I play alot of FPS and this is the worst I have played this year. You spend way to much time walking and too little time killing stuff. The weapons are weak and you have very little amo. The game bored the hell out of me. Buy Halo 1,2 or Counter Strike but foregt this game. I can not even finish it I am so bored with it....more info
    If you give this game a bad review you must be an idiot. The game delievers on all fronts as far as horror is concerned. So what if you have a flash light. If you haven't noticed they make it very easy for you to switch between flashlight and weapon just by hitting the white botton on your contoller so stop complaining. Some have suggested that it would be better if you could tie the flash light to the end of your gun. What sence does that make when you constantly switching back and forth between Guns? Think for a secound.Maybe it would make more sence to have a flashlight built into your helmit but then again it be kind of strange for the developers to have you walking around the wole game with a construction hat on just to help the players see in the dark. The darkness is there for a reason. It's suppose to add to the thrill of the game. As far as night vision goggles go this is not "Splinter Cell".

    The only thing i find about th game to be a little off is the monsters comming out of the walls. I don't mean them braking through the walls i mean a door sliding up and there right behind it in like a little toilet stall. Makes it look as though they were waiting in that tight little space the whole time untill you show up. Not very monster like if you ask me. Sounds more like something Haunted Houses do at Halloween.

    I say buy the game. The variety Guns and Monsters as well as the Graphics in the game are really good.This isn't a party game. More like a haunted house game that you can play with a friend on co-op. If you want a party game buy a gamecube and get Halo 2. ...more info
  • ---Amazing Anxiety--- Grand Graphics--- Movie-like Mood---
    Alright, first I wanna start of by saying it got an overall score of four starts cause I'm only on the tenth level.
    This game is a whole lotta fun.
    A durn disposible flashlight at your side, you explore the eerie depth of a Mars Research Facility, complete quietness will always be enough to scare you on the spot. You slowly walk toward a door, when you jump out of your seat. You hear a devilish, low voice, cackling in its unearthly tongue. You feel a loud vibration in the controller, and look behind you-what do you see? Alas! An Imp! The monster seen the most in the game. It roars a dramatic roar into the dark sky. What should you do, take out your gun, which you have now realized would take way too long, considering the gun you would have if you took off the flashlight has only one or two bullets left;or should you fight with what you already have out, the flashlight, which would do some damage, but not enough to kill the rascal before it kills you, with your twenty bars of life! What decision do you make? Yes!
    You get your remaining pistol, and shoot your two shots. Bam! Bam! The imp shreaks in agony. But it's not dead. It throws an immense fireball at you, and swipes you with its sharp claws. You are dead.
    oh, so incredible this game is with that intense feeling of anxiety at every single moment you take. It pulls you in, and like countless reviewers have said, it pulls you into the world of DOOM. It is so clever how they introduce every monster, the first time, and throughout its many apearances. Like the Pinky monster you see in all of the screenshots, mechanical legs, blood-sucking mouth, no eyes. You enter a really small room with a large glass window covering a third of it. You click on something on a computer, and enter a cutscene.
    Outside of the small room is the vicous yet cute looking pinky,and tries barging into the room thru a door. The door doesn't break, but everytime the Pinky tries, the door gets mangled more and more. It gives up, and you enjoy a sigh of relief. Everything's safe...or so you thought! It rams into the glass window freely, and begins smashing you. Beautiful. Not seen much in today's games. They add too much boring, never ending gameplay, and forget that, in a way, a video game is an interactive movie, and Doom 3 knows this well, with adrenaline-pumpin' surprises, a thought-provocing plot/story, orchestra-ready music(Exept for the heavy metal theme), and gameplay taken straight from a Vin Diesel or Ah-nuld Shvorztennieger movie, or in the scarier sense, it plays along like an Alien movie more than anything.
    Overall, by the time I beat this game, I'll know what I should expect from the ancient (well, about a decade old)art of FPSs.

    P.S. Limited Edition, from $55-$60 if you buy it at a store, is well, well worth the price. two entire games maybe even lengthier than the third one are in the Limited Edition, and well...besides expanding the amount of gamplay of this one CD, it's also a buncha fun!...more info
  • It's Fun And Thats All That Matters
    Doom 3 is yet another wonderful example of just how entertaining video games really are.With 40 levels of demon blasting,chainsaw wielding goodness, there is much fun to be found in doom 3.Just like titles such as: Halo 2, Chronicles of Riddick and Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory, Doom 3 uses "normal mapping technology" to bring an unprecedented sence of realism to the game's environments.Along with looking absolutely realistic the sound of the game is astounding, adding an enormous amount of tention to the player's experience by provoking emotions of fear and terror at what could be around the next dark corner.A large array of weapons is also at the player's disposal.With such weapons as rocket launchers,mini-guns,shotguns,pistols,chainsaws,grenades,assault rifles and the "BFG"-(Bio Force Gun),gamers will have no trouble mowing down the countless hordes of demons that vie for the players soul.Along with a single player experience that lasts 20+ hours, there multiplayer is compromised of the usual modes found in action games such as: deathmatch,team deathmatch,capture the flag and ect.In conclusion: Doom 3 is seemingly the perfect package, With a single player experience that lasts over 20 hours,huge weapons,thousands of enemies,unbelievable graphics and sound,solid multiplayer and an excellent storyline, Doom 3 is an action game that rivals the best and should not be missed....more info
  • Graphics so what
    I can't believe all the high reviews for this game. Most of them are centered around graphics. If you want sweet computer generated graphics watch the Final Fantasy movie. Most of this game is so dark you can't even enjoy the graphics because you have to have your flashlight out to see them. And if your flashlight is out, guess what isn't... That's right a weapon. So you can see what the hell is going on and beat people down with a maglight. If that is your idea of a good time, go for it. I prefer using a weapon and being able to see the bad guys. The monsters are so retarded you can sidestep every attack and take them down with your pistol. Your marine jumps like a poonanie, if you fall off a box you take damage. The weapons are identical to the original, chainsaw, BFG 9000. I was really dissapointed in this game. There has been a decade in advancements since this series was first created and if all they can do is come up with some better graphics than that sucks. Me and my buddies were back on Halo 2 the same night we all started playing Doom 3. What a waste....more info
  • Starts out great but gets old fast.
    I loved Doom 3, for about 4 hours or so. After that I started to realize that I was doing the same thing over and over and over again. I quit after I reached the Hell level. After 12 hours of monotony. Does it have great graphics and sound? Yes. But you stop ooing and aaing not long after the game gets going. Ultimatley it's too dark and has too little story to sustain it's enormous length. My advice, play it for a while till you get bored then move on....more info
  • I know everything
    A lot of peple are comparing the latest in the series, Doom 3 to the original Mario Brothers game. Both rely heavily on the x38 algorithm in regards to enemy AI and both involve infiltrating a castle as a means to save a princess (human or swine, lolz). The music is classic just like in the original and makes a lot improvements on the actually game play, especially the castle level. As a big fan of the Mario Bro's series I can give what is considered by many to be an expert opinion and I say Doom 3 is good, but not great. ...more info
    Yep-no all we need is 007 goldeneye-and not made by ea!-But by RARE of coasre!...more info
  • Doom 3 is a classic must-have for xbox!!!
    This game is probably the scariest game ever that is not rated AO. Along with the intense scenes in this game, you get intense, fun, and addicting action as you fight your way past zombies.

    You go many scary places with a wide variety of weapons. The only thing wrong with this game, and think about how good that is, is that you cannot have your flashlight and gun out at the same time. Otherwise this game is perfect if you like shooters. Why watch a scary movie when you can BE IN a scarier game?

    Buy this game dont even think about it i mean its $20!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Doom 3, The greatest Horror fragfest ever imaginable
    Dom 3 is so awesome. It blends scary gameplay and first person shooting into the scariest dang game you will ever play. If you liked Cuthulu: Call of Darkness, then you will fall in love with this game.
    The best aspect of it is Single Player. You go through every room never knowing if or what is going to jump out at you. It could be nothing or it could be a Hellknight. You never know.
    The graphics. Oh my gosh. How did Id do that magic it did. These are simply put the best darn graphics you will ever see in an origional Xbox game. They blast Halo 2 away and greatly rival that of Splinter Cell and Far Cry Instincts.
    Controls. The controls take a little getting used to but in just a couple of minutes you will be running and gunning like you'd been doing it all your life. You can even program your favorite weapons to each direction in the D-pad for instant switching action.
    Weapons. These are some of the wierdest looking guns i have ever seen. The pistol looks like it got smashe to pieces and then glued back together and and the Machine Gun is just plain dumb looking even though it is one of the most useful weapons in the game. My personal favorite, and i think i speak for most others is definatly the Shotgun. It is powerful up close and lets you take out enemies double time.
    The game goes back to race for the Biggest gun (the Rocket Launcher) multiplayer. Whoever has it is more than likely going to win. I much prefer Co-Op Single player because it is as much fun as normal single player.

    Overall rating

    Multiplayer: Co-Op:9 Deathmatch:6
    This game is a must for any Xbox owner if only to prove that the Xbox IS THE most powerful system of Its generation of Systems. ...more info
  • Doom 3: Not what the hype says, but still pretty good
    I picked this game up a few years after it was released, and I waited and bought it used for the X-box for less than 20USD. I further waited until I had an X-box 360 before I started to play it! I figured Doom 3's engine wouldn't be handled very well by the original X-box, so I waited till I picked up a 360, judging by some reviews, this was probably a pretty smart move.

    Now I've been playing the original Doom games for a while, and for them to finally release another Doom game years after those... well I was expecting something pretty huge. The story-line, and yes, this one does have a bit more of a story-line, is a little weak. Though I did like how they had tidbits of the mystery of the gates in there, and playing up the occult aspect was a very smart move. They maintained the same premise of the other games where the goal is to escape wherever it is you're in. I guess Doom II was a little different in the sense that your main objective was to kill everything, but you still had to get out of there! It is a fairly tiring concept, but it's been a very long time since Doom II, so it wasn't too tedious on this one.

    For those people saying that there is NO story-line, they are pretty much wrong. You have to listen to all the PDA's you collect and interact with the rest of the environment as well to get into it. You can certainly ignore all these items and play a very boring shooting game pretty quicly, but I prefer looking around and exploring games. I played through the game pretty thoroughly and listend to all of these. I thought the PDA thing was an excellent addition to the game, to help move a story into it. I thought that kind of interface was sort of influenced by Marathon's original system, but hey, I wasn't expecting anything original. I'm not entirely sure how well Doom 3 played into the sequence of where Doom II left off. It looks like this Doom I remade, because the events feel like it's just at the beginning. In Doom II the Earth was overrun, so it's not like the gateways on Mars' moons were a secret! That's really the main complaint I have about the story, I can't figure out where it belongs sequentially.

    As far as game play is concerned; it's pretty good for 20 bucks. I don't know if I would've paid full price for this in retrospect, but it was definitely worth what I paid. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it is definitely way too dark. That doesn't make the game ominious or scary, it makes it annoying! The flash light function is probably worst part of this game design... and pretty much why I gave it a four. It's as if in the future we suddenly lost the technology on how to attach a light on a gun or a helmet. Maybe in this technological downfall they also lost the technology to manufacture Dukt Tape, further decreasing the ability to attach a light on the muzzle of a gun!*

    Other than the flash light situation that really made me angry... this game was pretty fun. It's not Half Life 2 or Halo by any measure, but it occupied my time and I didn't feel it was excruciating to get through. I'm not sure how much replay value it really has in the end, but I think it's worht going through once. For those who complained about the repetitiveness of Doom probably haven't played the other games very much. Doom is a fairly repetitive game... that's what it is, if you don't like that, don't get this game. You have similar goals to get to different areas in order to finally get all the way out! It's like going through a giant maze, which is how these games have always been designed. I thought it was a pretty good game overall, not five star, but it was definitely enjoyable enough.

    *TECHNOLOGICAL DOWNFALL: Agent Ben M. met with me about the sequence of events that led to this heinous problem of Flash Lights. It turns out; in the year 2008 the Doom II story-line actually happened. As a result the Bush administration was elected to an unprecedented (as far as future history is concerned) third term. During this time, Bush sought a seer, and she foretold of a future plagued by a lack of Flash Lights. So, Bush in his desire for supreme greed, he bought up all the Flash Light making companies and he ordered the shut down of all Duct Tape manufacturing. This would forever make the peoples dependent on the U.S. government. After many years without these items, humans soon forgot the technology. The patent for Duct Tape was lost as the U.S. administration changed over the decades. Agent M. was one of the few people to see the archives kept on this development and he relayed this secret story to me via [...]. In the end, we are now doomed to carry guns that cannot have Flash Lights attached to them. The Bush legacy is now the richest and most powerful in the universe; the Duct Tape & Flash Lights are the key... as the sacred seer relayed. Agent M is rumored to have seen this seer, and it is possible she is immortal....more info
  • it's alittle spooky but somehow it's not what i expected.
    First of all why is it so dark? i have to switch from flahlight to a weapon and then switch back whats up with that? i enjoy this game even if there was alot of draw back, but i must admitt that it's creepy at times, i expected more and i felt that the graphic was good the environment was realistic, the audio good, but the technology hmmmmmmm gun without light ect............i think that the shot gun was almost useless compared to the original doom, well lets not be too critical, all in all i wanted more and expected more,this definitely a good game it may not have much replay value but it's worth the ride well later folks ...more info
  • Hell Has Come to Mars
    although the game is not as scary as its reviews, it was still action packed and full of fun and a few scares. unlike the original doom or doom 2. doom 3 has completely intergated the player into the game and gives you a choice of want to do and how to do it. a lot gameplay the just shooting and moving(doom). its got revolutionary graphics and a completely game engine. just a superb game all around....more info
  • BEST single player first person shooter ever- Hands down
    ' E. Berry "zeetwo8 's review below really said it all. Especially how it makes you feel like you're there. This game can be absolutely unnerving to play alone/in the dark (no pun intended on the absolutely dreadful Slater/Dorf/Reid movie). The graphics are absolutely stellar. This is by far the greatest I've ever seen an Xbox game look, and I found this game far more enjoyable to play than either of the Halo's. I was absolutely engulfed from the beginning. When you first arrive on Mars, everything seems to be in order. However, you are slowly presented with hints that something seriously wrong is going on. Then, before you know it, all hell breaks loose. As you progress, you are presented with more and more bugged out (...). If you own an Xbox and haven't already played this on PC, do yourself a favor and buy it immediately....more info
  • Be Afraid. Be Very, Very Afraid.
    Having played the PC version first, I bought an Xbox 360 and Doom 3 to play on it first. If you have heart problems, don't even bother playing this game unless you want to wind up in the emergency room. It will definately scare the hell out of you. Otherwise, the graphics are out of this world, the mood and setting will definately keep you on edge the whole time you play. Keep in mind I've only played on the beginners level. I'm afraid to try the tougher ones. Just kiddin'. I'm excited and apprehensive about taking that journey on the next level. Two Thumbs Up!...more info
  • Great game, taht can work on your 360 if you get the update
    This game is awesome. Immerse yourself in the chaotic world of Doom. Learn to use your weapon with deadly accuracy to mow down hells minions. You can get an XBOX 360 update disc for free from or call and give them your console information and they will gladly mail you a copy free of charge, so you can play this game and others on your console....more info
  • Possibly the spookiest game I've ever played
    I don't scare easy and this game just plain gives me the willies...I play this using my 48" JVC big screen TV. With the surround sound on and playing in the dark is pretty un-nerving, to say the least. I can easily say that I actually get a feeling that I'm there...on Mars....walking those damn dark hallways, listening to the UAC info bites and waiting to get whacked, at any moment. You cannot get through this game without using your flashlight!! One of the freakiest things is that you JUST DON'T KNOW where the nasties are going to pop-up; and if you have your flashlight in-hand, you have to swap it for your weapon of choice. That's been a problem for me due the fact that the nasties come from all-sides and they due tend to double-team you. They can come out from ANYWHERE!! For the XBOX, I could not ask for better graphics. Great job ID!!...more info
  • you guys are crazy
    this game is hot. scary as hell too. don't hate just because it isn't halo 2....more info
  • An Epic Journey of Sci-Fi Terror!
    WOW! I own an Xbox 360, and Doom 3 has nearly as good of graphics as everything else I own. Besides this fact, Doom 3 is easily the scariest game I've ever playes (except for Resident Evil 4.) I've heard people say that the gameplay is shallow... I couldn't disagree more. Doom 3 is brilliant in the way that it uses sounds and images to shock and surprise you. I can recall several instances where I jumped, and more than a couple where I felt chilled to the bone. Besides all of this, Doom 3 is just a joy to play, like a mix of Halo 3, Half Life 2, and Resident Evil 4.
    If you enjoy FPS's, love getting freaked out, and are up for the graphical ride of your life, buy Doom 3.

    A Quick Note To Christian Gamers
    Doom 3 is essentially about fighting demons, zombies and various other beasties. Although potentially extremely offensive, I feel Doom 3 draws the line about where films such as "Ghost Rider" or "Van Helsing" do. If you or your teen would watch those films or play those games, this one won't be much different. As far as other content, language is extremely mild with a small smattering of h--, d--, and maybe one or two "s" words. Sensuality is non existant. Violence is extreme, involving splashes of blood, decapiation and various other violent acts.
    Overal, I would just say if you trust your child, he has a firm hold on real/fake spirituality and you would let him watch films like "Ghost Rider" "Van Helsing" or even "Predator" this game would be fine. ...more info
  • Incredible - did someone upgrade my XBox?
    Wow. Doom 3 on the XBox... does it deliver? You bet!

    Graphically, I was expecting to be blown away by the visuals but worried about the frame rate, especially having played the PC version on a high-end PC which still ran sluggish. My worries were unfounded though; D3 on XBox is smooth as silk with little difference in terms of detail from the PC version. The lighting, the locations, the textures all blend to fully emerse you in the levels. Never before have I felt so deeply swallowed by a game's emersive graphical atmosphere. (And let's not even discuss playing this game at night with the lights off!)

    Sonically it's top notch. The breathy wails, the voice recordings, the mechanical creaking of the collapsing station all work in unison to convey the best sound experience you'll have. There's subtlety to the sound effects too - if you're leaving a particularly noisy area and a security door closes behind you, the sound from the previous room disappears. Open the door and just stand there and it's back even though you didn't move. That kind of level of sound control is phenomenal and is used very effectively.

    The control system is excellent and the button layout intuitive - you can even assign favorite weapons to the D-Pad. I had no problems navigating the levels and felt any death was entirely due to my lack of skill and not a bad control layout.

    And you WILL get killed in this game - it's a tough one even on the easy level. During play, pure fear urges you to run through the level hoping you'll escape with engaging the demons, but skill and patience should be the order of the day.

    Gameplay - it's Doom. It's not GTA; there's no missions, sub games or careful strategies. Like the original (and games like Serious Sam) this is a straight forward linear slugfest with very little thinking required.

    To be honest, even though I was aware before purchase the game was lacking in the gameplay department, I thought D3 might be 'boring' or repetitive... but it's not. It's an adrenaline filled, genuinely scary game that works despite the simplistic gameplay and 'samey' first half.

    If you liked System Shock 2 and thought that game was scary then you'll be blown away by D3. Nothing comes close to it in terms of graphics and no other game has more 'boo-mammy' type moments.

    Doom 3 is a unbelievable sequel to D2 and should be a part of every XBox owners' game library....more info
  • death, destruction and DOOM!!!!!!
    The game came in the mail, one day, I opened it up, examined it, and found it arrived in the condition promised. I've already beat the game on the first 2 difficulty levels. Pyah!!!...more info
  • One of the best games for original xbox
    This is probably in most xboxers top 5 somewhere below Halo. Excellent new engine now used in next gen games from ID and others (Prey, Quake4). Game looks gorgeous.

    Weaknesses are thin story (though this franchise never had or needed one in the past), no offline co-op, no wide open spaces as with original Doom games (though they may be trying to give a clausterphobic feel), not enough Hell levels (but the game is enormously long). But these aren't enough to keep it out of 5 star territory. I'd give it 4.8/4.9 if possible. The flashlight thing people make a big deal about didn't bother me as much as others - they are obviously trying to increase the scare factor by doing this.

    Very good job by the folks that started the FPS gaming innovation, ID.
    ...more info
  • Rented and played for 5 days. 6th day, I feel lonely.
    'Bout time the game company woke up and finally offered the first "true" evolution to the original Doom and Wolfenstein: 3D first person shooters. Quake was a joke; minimal fun factor, zero atmosphere and creative fun. Half-Life 1, though defining, was too into itself that it either had you spending too much time on figuring your strategy out or messing with the sprawling levels.

    However, after five days of (rented) play, I must say Doom 3 started to qwell my growing complaints that ID and the first person shooter developers had gone off track ever since the early greats. Doom 3 pretty much lives up to the originals, which, to some, are some rather sentimentally coveted games that defined an era. It does take some of the Half-Life and Quake formulas into affect, but puts a better spin on things. It's rather directed. You search for health and key-like PDAs while battling the most creative monsters this side of insanity. Just like the old games, you can just run through it, or search every nook to find all the goodies and keep your health in better check. The fun comes from the SIMPLICITY, the PICK UP AND PLAY factor, mixed with CREATIVITY, dripping atmosphere, creepiness, and serious IMAGINATION.

    Halo 2? Bah, that game sucked (I can hear all you Halo lovers complaining already!). This game, though having flaws, is rather neat. And coming from me, that means something.

    Flaws: the hands (holding the guns) coulda been more detailed. Remember the old hands and the old shotgun on the original? It STILL looks good; back then, it was photo-real. Now, the hands look about as good as the hands on the game Trespasser. Not as dark, gritty, and real as I figured. And the shotgun, though way better than the shotguns in Quake and Half-Life, could be more rustic like the old one. Hardwood stock and all, that adds to the effect. The laser blaster thing starts to creep into "glossed-up, futuristicly perfect" territory, but again, not as bad as Quake.
    The beginning videos get boring. I was fearful that they would take the whole "let's make the player immersed with videos and lengthy stories" gig, but luckily, pulled back in time. Story and videos mean little in a game like Doom. Videos, use sparingly. Story - bare bones, if you know what I mean.
    Levels start to get a little deja-vued by about Alpha Labs 3 or the Comm Station or whatever. Other players can probably vouch for that, hope it only gets cooler. Then again, the same problem plagued the original Doom.

    Good thing bout Xbox - you don't get to cheat (much). Codes, like godmode, if available (I do not think they are) shouldn't be used for this game. You gotta go through every gut-wrenching level and enemy - that's part of the fun.

    Well, this is getting rather lengthy of a review, and I'm just kind of rambling. Hope this helps you somehow determine whether to play it or not.

    In short form - (At least) RENT IT TODAY! Don't worry - it ain't some multi-player hyped, single-player killed joke like Halo 2. It really is kinda fun! And, scary too.

    Peace out and rate whether this was helpful,
    Sincerely, Who from Home...more info
  • Awesome game.....but didnt it feel to short?
    i really liked this game. the single player was great, the co-op even better and the multi is also fun...but i passed the game in one day....i felt like it was kinda short but on the bright side co-op and multi give the game that extra mile, making the games replay value pretty decent if not high. great game go buy it and stop reading about it!!...more info
  • Awesome...
    yes the storyline is thin but thats only if ur used to pc. this game is very long compared to halo series and max payne series, this game seems about the same length of wolfenstein: return to castle wolfenstein. so in other words for the x box this game is long and the graphics are just a bit below pc but very very good. whoever said that this game is like ps2 is very wrong. the graphics was used to the fullest of the xbox's capabilities which kix ps2's ass....more info
  • Too Disturbing
    I liked this game initially, and after beating it I put it away for awhile. About a year later I went back to give it another whirl and found it completely disturbing. I mean, I know - it's supposed to be, but I found the actual gameplay disturbing.

    And This comes from someone who was raised on the series - from the first PC version and Wolfenstein on the Commodore 64.

    The fun was gone for me. The graphics were there, the action was there, but it just lacked something... As i could play Doom 1 & 2 for hours upon hours, I couldn't stand another 10 minutes of this game. It lacked the draw and fun of say, the Half-Life games.

    I hope Quake 4 is better....more info