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Targus NEW APA10US Mobile 70 Universal AC Power Adapter (Retail Packaged item)
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $45.00

You Save: $34.99 (44%)


Product Description

With up to 70 watts of continuous power, the Mobile 70 Universal AC Power Adapter includes 7 tips, a 3-foot AC input cord, a 6-foot DC output cord, carrying pouch and user's guide. Compatible with many manufacturers' models, including Averatec, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Winbook.

  • Lightweight Design: Weighing Just 7.5 Ounces, It?S Lightweight, Compact and Ideal for Travel
  • Portable Power: Leave Your Current Power Adapter At The Office and Use The Mobile 70 On The Road or At Home
  • Compatible with Other Mobile Devices: with The Optional Targus Accessory Power Adapter (App11Us and App12Us, Available Summer 2004) You Can Power Your Cell Phone or PDA At The Same Time As Your Notebook

Customer Reviews:

  • DANGER- do not buy
    DO NOT PURCHASE. This is a terrible product. It is by far the worst experience with customer service I have ever had. This was wildly expensive and burned out after only a few months. When it "burned out" it sparked and began to melt, if I had not been there it could have

    DESTROYED MY HOME or killed the people I love!

    DO NOT BUY. I called and asked for my money back, but they refused. They wanted me to pay to ship the broken adapter to them. It took SIX WEEKS to get a new adapter. SIX WEEKS of constant worry, frustration, and anger. No matter how many "I want to talk to your supervisor"s I uttered it made no difference. When I finally got it they sent one that was half the value of the original!

    Please, do not buy this. Trust me. This product is dangerous and should be taken off the market....more info
  • Not reliable
    I own a Sony Vaio laptop. I bought this adapter to replace the heavy Sony power adapter supplied with this computer and to be able to power my laptop from airplane and auto power sources.

    A power adapter, no matter how versatile, has to be 100% reliable. When your power adapter fails, it's all over for your laptop in about two hours.

    I have owned this power adapter for ten months. During this time, I have had to replace two power tip adapters. In addition, I have noticed that when my laptop has some heavy processing to do--such as producing a large PDF document--this adapter cannot keep up with my laptop's power demands. Operating voltage drops and the laptop becomes slower and slower.

    In the future, I will be relying on the heavier, more powerful Sony power adapter....more info
  • Not perfect --- but good
    I had two different laptops in my house with broken power cords and decided to try this adapter with the different tips since it was supposed to work with both.

    One of the machines charges very well with the cord (its not as good a fit when it is on as the original charger-- but once its jiggled into place it works fine). The other machine (different tip) does not work as well -- it ends up taking several hours to recharge (but that beats not working at all!)

    However, both machines are now functional again -- and for about a third of what it would have cost me to have bought two separate power adapters from the machines' manufacturers. ...more info
  • Tried twice....failed twice
    I ordered this product because I often fly overseas and try to work inflight. I am also traveling for weeks at a time, and the thought of consolidating my OEM AC adaptor and my other DC only adpator was a dream. I used the product for about two weeks, then it failed. Targus was good about sending me a replacement, although it took nearly three weeks. I left for another trip across Asia the next day, and the replacement product (same model) failed after one week of use. Unforutnately, the only other AC/DC adaptor available in the Singapore airport was the same product. I had no choice but to buy another one, because I had puposely left my OEM adaptor at home. But the one in Singapore cost me 60% more than what I paid in the US. I also had to lug around the failed adaptor for another week, so I could return it to Targus for replacement. Targus has promised to send me a different model, the 70W AC/DC Universal Adaptor, as a replacement. We'll see.... Recommendation...try Kensington or another alternative... ...more info
  • Don't waste your money.
    Don't waste your money on this product. Not even at the discount price is this product worth the time, effort or shipping. As a professional electronics designer I can say this product is worst quality at any price. My wife purchased the item as a quick replacement for failed original equipment. It lasted about three months then failed due to internal electrical short. Well, I dissected the cable to find very low quality materials. The insulation on positive lead split causing short to a braided ground wire. The ability for this product to pass UL is highly questionable. Buyer beware!...more info
  • Defective
    I bought one worked for 5 hours. Returned it for another. That worked for a day or so. Crappy, crappy, crappy....more info
  • Very bad product, Does not last
    I baaught this product 4 months ago,
    Targus replaced it once, and sent me Tips 3 times.
    The tips stop working within a few days or even don't work from the begining.
    Very poor quality and durability,
    Causes interference with external monitors.
    Don't buy!!!!...more info
  • buy of the year!
    ive never found this product at a price like this! exspecially with both ac/dc im happy with my order and i love how quik it came ...more info
  • Make sure it works with your notebook before you buy
    This adapter uses interchangable "smart" tips to configure itself for various notebooks. When one of the 5 supplied tips is attached, it will fix the adapter's voltage to a pre-set level. Using a meter, I found the voltages range from 15 to 19.9 depending on the tip used. Here's my point. Just because a tip may "fit" your notebook's DC jack, doesn't mean it's putting out the correct voltage required by your notebook. Make SURE your notebook is on the list this thing directly supports, or DON'T BUY IT. You could damage the adapter, or worse, possibly your notebook. A list of of compatible notebooks is available from the Targus website.

    It is much lighter and smaller than my stock AC adapter and gets quite warm after an extended use. This worries me a little, but so far it's still working fine after several months of intermittant use. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't have to report a failure problem like others here have....more info
  • stick with oem products
    failed after a few months use with my toshiba centrino laptop. targus would not honor warranty because they claimed that the power adapter was not meant to be used with my particular model. can't think of a a more bogus explanation for poor quality.

    do yourself a favor and avoid this pricey paperweight. stick with oem equipment...more info

  • worst ever
    ive had it with this stupid adapter. it never charges my battery like its supposed to. it constantly begins charging the battery and stops after 5 seconds. ill be trying to get it to work for 10 minutes and finally get it to work, then at that point i have to make sure i dont move it or else it will stop charging again.

    in addition to that the tips dont snap on or anything, so the wire is often slipping out. then i have to repeat the process of trying to get it to work for 10 minutes. i cant wait to get a new adapter, i miss just being on my laptop without messing around with the power....more info
  • Don't ever buy it!!!
    I bought this item for my hp pavilion laptop. On the original package it's writen that it's compatible. However after using it only a couple of months, it suddenly stopped working. I called the company and they told me that it was written wrong on the package. They accepted their mistake but they would not do anything about it! They are still selling this product in the market although the information on the package is wrong! The customer support of this company is useless...Do not trust and buy this item! it's just waste of money!...more info
  • Happy I read the reveiws
    Read all the reveiws on the Targus product. Just wanted to thank everyone. I dceided to stay away from this charger. Dont need the risk nor the headaches....more info
  • Should have gotten the one with AC power as well.
    I wish now that I had gotten the next one up that included the AC power adapter in addition to the auto/air. It comes with a nice travel case to keep those unwieldy cables in check. One of the reasons why I regret not getting the all inclusive kit was the travel case, this way I could have a nice lightweight portable kit and keep the OEM on at home. ...more info
  • worst ever
    ive had it with this stupid adapter. it never charges my battery like its supposed to. it constantly begins charging the battery and stops after 5 seconds. ill be trying to get it to work for 10 minutes and finally get it to work, then at that point i have to make sure i dont move it or else it will stop charging again.

    in addition to that the tips dont snap on or anything, so the wire is often slipping out. then i have to repeat the process of trying to get it to work for 10 minutes. i cant wait to get a new adapter, i miss just being on my laptop without messing around with the power....more info
  • Not a "friendly' company - beware
    Should you purchase their product and in the future and need a replacment part (something as simple as a cord) you better hope your computer is on their approved list of manufacturers. Fujitsu is not. If your device is not listed (the reason doesn't matter), they will very politely refuse to sell you replacement parts! And, don't expect to see a list of approved devices before the sell. Ater they have your money in their pocket, you are playing their game.

    I think there is something illegal here but don't have the time to deal with it. I will never give them future business! Tom ...more info
  • Too heavy
    Once I've it, I was very dissapointed with the weight of this power supply. It is not confortable at all to travel with it. I'm still using the one that came with my notebook....more info
  • Great Product.
    I don't know why people gave this product such a low rating. I just order one a week ago and it has been working great. I was a geek squad agent for Best Buy,and they use Targus chargers all the time. It always works great and I have not seen it fail yet. I guess people gave it a low rating because it did not work with their device. All you have to do is go to Targus website to check to see which adapter is right for you.

    I received the product within a week and all the parts were there. Although, I expected the product to be in plastic casing since it was suppose to be new. But other than that, I was very satisfied of what I got. This APA10US Targus universal adapter is fairly small and has long cord, up to 9ft.

    I was a bit worried on purchasing this product at first after reading people's review. But now after receiving the product, I will definitely recommended it if you have first check to see if this product will work for your laptop. ...more info
  • Does not work on any of my 4 laptops! Don't Buy.
    Although the product comes with heads that fit my four laptops, it just doesn't work, on any of them. Sometimes the adapter block itself doesn't work, but when it does, the product still won't charge my computers.
    This product is a total peice of $%#!...more info
  • only works intermittently because of loose connections
    There are at least three point where the adapetr is constantly coming unplugged from itself. It comes loose where the cord from the wall power meets the adapter, where the cord going to the computer or whatever comes out of the adapter, and where the cord going to the product to be charged meets the little conversion plug. If it comes loose at any of the last two areas, the adapter SHUTS DOWN, and you have to unplug it from the wall and plug it in again. Just fixing the loose connection doesnt work.


    there are much better adapters out there for the same money, go buy one....more info
  • Works very poorly. Not powerful enough.
    This product was provided for me by my company. Even though I did not buy it, I still I had to call in some favors internally in my company to get it approved by my manager. I hoped that this would be easier to carry by eliminating multiple power adapters on business trips and thereby make me more productive. I do have the correct power tips for everything and the adapter does work, sort of. Targus claims this is a 90W power supply. However, it just barely meets the power requirments of my laptop. If you do not plug in everything in the right order and keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer it will fail. I called my company tech support and Targus tech support and they said that is the way it is supposed to work?! For example, if you have it plugged in charging and running the computer and the turn on the CDROM the spike in power usage will cause it to overload. The overload protection in the device is way too sensative. AND it does not have enough power to charge my extended life battery only the standard laptop battery. In DC mode it only has enough power to charge the battery with the laptop off. I have used the adapter with HP and Dell computers and had the same results with both. I would not recommend this product to anyone! If you need an AC/DC power adapter spend the extra money and buy the OEM model. Dell's AC/DC power adapter (which is actually made by Sony) works great....more info
  • Never a problem. I must be lucky.
    I bought this at least a year ago after my factory HP TC1100 power supply cord got chopped in a tragic recliner accident. I am a student and a heavy computer user. I use this power supply several times a day most days. It has never had a problem...ever. I'm really surprised by all the negative reviews because in my opinion, the build quality is great. I noticed some people commented on the "loose" cord. This is a design feature to prevent the cord from breaking inside the insulation. The plug will easily yank out without straining the cord. The contact is good in my experience. I've wiggled the plug and have seen no interruption in power. I have noticed that if there is a power fault, the supply will shut itself off until unplugged from the wall and re-plugged in. This is a self-protective measure and I think is a good idea.

    I actually am here looking at getting the APP2001US adapter so I can charge my Blackberry from the in-line receptacle on the cord. I thought that seemed like a cool feature and would free up a USB port on my laptop....more info
  • Horrible products...don't even bother!
    So I bought this charger, was excited to have it because my original went out. Well, within 2 months, I began to have problems. I would contact customer care and they would rush me some replacement tips or sections of the chords that I needed...that was always good. Then two months later, it stopped working (AGAIN!) and this time I had it sent for warranty replacement. I sent it off on a Friday afternoon and they received it on a Monday, yet they didn't email me until a week later to tell me they received it at the warranty center. THEN they tell me it will take about 10 days to receive my replacement (remember, when they sent the parts individually, they rush delivered it), and here I am now, have been without my laptop for about 2 weeks, and will have another 2 weeks to go before I can get it working again. I am considering buying the original all over again, but who isn't on a budget these days? Take my advice and just buy the original from the manufacturer (if you have a Toshiba as I do, it will cost you the same amount). ...more info
  • looks too good to be true
    I was drawn in by the slim design, the 120W rating, and the convenience. I bought two of them, one for my old Sony VAIO and one for my new Asus M6Ne. They worked for about 8 months. Like some others here, I broke 2 tips in that time, just by lightly bumping into the plug while it was plugged into the laptop. The build quality of the tips is ridiculously bad. Also their connections are so loose, they were always disconnecting from the adapter cable unexpectedly.

    A couple weeks ago, one of the adapters burned out while I was away on a trip. I had two hours of life on the battery and then I was stuck. A couple days later the other adapter died while running my other laptop. As others have said, Targus customer support is totally miserable. I tried to get RMA#s for both of the units, but after rounds of pointless emails back and forth ("what's the nature of the problem? what kind of laptop? blah blah blah") I'm just tossing them in the trash.

    I found the Fellowes model 98448. It's only rated for 70W, which is just about enough (my laptops each need about 65W) and so again I bought two of them. The build quality is much better, the tips are rock solid on the cables and won't pop out accidentally.
    I've only been using them for a few days, but so far so good....more info
  • Excellent for Transcontinental Flights
    I was taking a flight one day from Los Angeles to D.C. when I noticed that a person in front of me seemed to have 'plugged in' his laptop while on the plane. I asked him how he did that and he pointed out to me that most planes have a power adapter under most seats (usually the first half of the plane only though) and that he had purchased a Targus Auto/Air Power Adapter.

    As soon as I landed I went to my local computer store and indeed found this product. I purchased it immediately (I admit I paid more than what Amazon is selling for, though) and used it on my flight back from DC. It was so nice to be able to watch two full length DVDs versus getting through only 90% of one DVD before the battery went dead. Best of all, I don't have to hunt around the airport anymore for an AC plug because as I watch my DVDs on the plane the Targus Auto/Air power adapter charges my laptop for me.

    I have a son that was born in July of 2003 (around a year old at the time of this writing) and so the only DVDs I watch anymore are when I go on business trips. It is actually pretty relaxing to fly now that I have this power adapter. I just plug in my laptop, put on my headphones and I am in my own little world (until the flight attendant finally comes by to 'put my seat in the full and upright position').

    Thanks Targus for such a simple but useful product....more info

  • Completely awful power supply
    This is an awful product and I don't recommend anyone buy it. First off, it wouldn't charge my battery, so I couldn't charge it up and take it anywhere. I was stuck using my laptop plugged in at all times. The worst part though was that the power supply was constantly turning itself off. Any time I would move the computer, even the tiniest bit, the light on the power pack would go off and I'd lose power. This happened every time I used the cord. Sometimes I would be lucky and the cord would work for a couple of hours, other times it would work for 2 seconds. The worst part was that once it turned itself off it would refuse to work for at least a few hours. This product is a piece of garbage. DO NOT BUY THIS POWER ADAPTER. ...more info