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Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics
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Product Description

For newborn and up.


  • A peaceful musical collection to soothe and calm little ones
  • Includes 'Brahms Lullabye' and other relaxing and delightful melodies

Customer Reviews:

  • Delightful
    I bought my first copy for an infant born to an acquaintance. The music was so delightful, that I bought another copy for myself, and listen to it on my iPod when I'm on the train going to work. It has such an innocent sound to it that it's a real treat to listen to. ...more info
  • love it!
    I babysit my five month old nephew every day while my sister is at work. He's a very fussy baby and used to not be able to fall asleep without being held and would need either a pacifer or a bottle. Now he uses neither, and just falls asleep, on his own, listening to the cd. He also used to take only short 20 minute or so naps, but now sleeps at least an hour. My two and a half year old niece likes it too, but it's a godsend when it comes to the baby....more info
  • Horrible for lullibies... fine for playtime
    This CD is not "sleepy" slow lulliby music.
    It kept my 6 mo old awake instead of putting her to sleep.
    Also very dissapointing was the "elevator music quality".
    If it was possible to rate this a zero, I would.

    I was very dissapointed in baby einstein for calling this a lullaby album. This synthisized music was anything but lulling to my baby - some of it was too upbeat. This is not an album to sleep to, not relaxing at all. Okay for play time, if you don't mind that there aren't "real instruments" playing. For better songs for baby to sleep to look for "disney baby lullaby" and "on a starry night" albums....more info
  • Babies don't understand E=MC2
    Lets state the facts up front. Babies are stupid. OK.

    Then there is Einstein, a genius no doubt, but is he really the right guy to be singing to our babies. He couldn't even tie his shoes. Babies typically have the advantage of velcro, so maybe that is a bad point, but still I am not really sure how good Einstein was with youngsters. Did he have any kids? He is probably like my high school sience teacher, really really smart but couldn't ever get his point across to high school students, much less babies. I remember how frustrating that was for me and I don't want that for my baby. Just becuase Einstein (or even worse an imposter pretending to be Einstein) sings to your baby doesn't mean your baby will be smart. Lets look at some really good singers like Nat King Cole or Lionel Richie. You've seen whats happened to their daughters (once babies). Anyway, I just bought the CD becuase Bach doesn't have a greatest hits and this serves as a pretty good substitute. Thus, the high ranking. ...more info
  • Beautiful Music!
    We got this for my daughter when she was 18 months old. She is a light sleeper and needed something to cover up other sounds. All I can say is, what beautiful music! The quality is top notch, and she has been listening to this cd put on "shuffle" "repeat" every night for the last 6 months now. I can hear it on the baby monitor and I love the music too. I really recommend this to anybody looking for wonderful soothing music for their baby, or themselves!!!...more info
  • Great lullaby cd!
    I love all the Baby Einstein products & this is my favorite cd so far! My 10 week old son loves it & we listen to it while I'm feeding him & when I'm rocking him to sleep. The music is very soothing for baby and mom. All of the songs are great and sometimes even puts me to sleep! I would recommend to any new mom....more info
  • perfect bedtime music for baby
    We always play this cd during the evening routine, just right before the baby's falling asleep and he really likes it. The light tunes are really efficient for this purpose. It is a mixture of songs from the big classics like Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Debussy. Worth the money!...more info
  • Great CD
    This CD is a BABY Einstein CD. An infant wouldn't be able to pick out any French horns or Oboes in a full orchestra anyhow, but if thats what you want you should pass on this. My sons goes to sleep every night by this CD, its great. These CDs are geared towards babies and I think they do a good job. ...more info
    My three girls grew up watching the video's it is great to see the legacy live on! You are making a difference. Thank you and keep it up! [...]...more info
  • It was great!
    The little one loves to listen to this cd at bedtime. He's even figuring out which button on the cd player makes the music (the play button). Even at two years old, he still likes it. ...more info
  • Einstein
    Anything that has an Einstein in the title my twins love. I used to play this for them at night while they slept....more info
  • Musician Mom Loves - Does Use Real Instruments!
    My 8-month-old son and I listen to this CD every night, and by the Pachelbel Canon (track 7) he's usually sound asleep. It is NOT ALL SYNTHESIZER. The jacket clearly states that the "Music Box Orchestra" includes flute, piano, cello, percussion, english horn, and oboe. As a musician, I am not offended by the "easy-listening" versions of these classics. In fact, I enjoy them. They introduce my son to the timeless melodies WITHOUT OVERSTIMULATING HIM at bedtime. I find them relaxing too....more info
  • soothing/relaxing for children and adults
    I worked as a paraprofessional at a nursery/preschool for a few years. My specific area of "expertise" was teaching and caring for the "terrible" 2 year olds...I found that this Baby Einstein CD is actually very relaxing for nap time (at a low level of volume of course). The children loved listening to it, and actually requested it--"einstein! einstein!". So I'm sure if it is capable of getting an entire classroom of 13 two year olds to sleep, it would do well for your child also. ...more info
  • This cd is not for the weak of heart !!!
    The first time I listened to this cd, I automatically said ," Man, these guys must have been born in a trash can outside of Hardees!!" But then I listened to the rest, and automatically said," Man , these guys WERE born in a trash can outside of Hardees!!" So the bottom line is that this cd is definitely not for kids, or adults, even though my uncle Remus likes it. The minute he heard the first song, he said, " Ohh, duhawuh!! Gushy!!" I know that part of the review was very disturbing....more info
  • lullaby CD
    It has different composers in this CD. I enjoy it a lot since I love classical music; however, it has repeats if you already have Baby Bach & Baby Mozart 1 & 2 CDs....more info
  • Relaxation Guaranteed
    I bought this cd along with a cd player for my daughter when she was 3 weeks old. The first time I played it for her she was asleep by track 3. Since then I play it softly when I am ready to put her to bed at night (on repeat) and do not turn it off until morning. When she is upset and fussy I will put on the CD and hold her close and she relaxes immediately. I was so pleased with this cd that I am looking into buying the other Baby Einstein CD's for her. ...more info
  • dissapointed
    The music is soothing, but its tempo is to fast. It isnt quite slow enough to fall asleep to. My son likes it for just around the house however....more info
  • Good Night Baby!!!
    My 5 month old loves this, but I might love it more (the effects)...I put it on at nap and bed time and it helps her calm down and go to sleep!...more info
  • Calms my son right down!
    I received this CD as a gift when my son was born, and popped it in my car CD changer for him to listen to on longer drives. It has an amazing effect on him! Whether he is just starting to fuss or is otherwise unconsolable, this CD works like magic every time. He calms right down and quietly listens to the music. My son is now 15 months old, and I now have three different Baby Einstein CDs that I rotate in the car. Only "Lullaby Classics" however, calms him instantly. The others he likes to listen to, but not as much as this one. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Synthesized classics
    I was really disappointed to discover that every track on this CD is played on a synthesizer and not by the authentic orchestral instruments for which it was written. Mozart's Minuet in G sounds like it's being played on a (faux) marimba. A recording of actual instruments would be much more beautiful and better for a baby's developing ears....more info
  • Enchanting and Soothing for Babies and Adults Alike

    First of all, let's clear up one misconception that some other reviewers seem to have -- Just as the Baby Einstein videos are not designed to replicate the directing genius of such Hollywood masterminds as Scorsese or Coppola, the Baby Einstein CDs are not designed to replicate the great symphonies and orchestras of the world! The CDs do indeed utilize great pieces of classical music as their base, but they are not meant to sound as if they are performed by a 120-piece orchestra.

    In point of fact, the CDs are meant to work in conjunction with the Baby Einstein video series' various imageries and sounds, meaning they are designed to appeal in simplistic ways to the senses and interests of developing children. They take classical music (which is complex in nature) and replicate it in much simpler ways (via synthesized methods). This allows young developing ears to "tune in" to the various individual sounds and to identify simplistically with the overall melody. And isn't a toddler who wants to hear repeats of Pachebel's Canon or Vivaldi's Four Seasons a far cry more tolerable to Mom and Dad than one who wants to hear constant repeats of some big silly purple dinosaur singing?!?

    My husband and I love classical music and have many of the great classical works performed by the world's best symphonies and orchestras. However, attempting to draw side-by-side comparisons between Baby Einstein CDs and the great orchestras of the world is like attemtping to compare apples and oranges!

    The Baby Einstein CDs are a wonderful medium with which to introduce your child to classical music.

    After literally SUFFERING through several other "classic lullaby" CDs that were given to us as gifts and being very disappointed, my husband and I were thrilled with the musical content and performance quality of the Baby Einstein CDs. We have most of them now and have found them all to be of superior quality.

    As soothing baby lullabies and infant/toddler audio stimulations go, Baby Einstein CDs are positively enchanting! My husband and I have drifted off many times ourselves to the BE Lullaby Classics CD. We enjoy and appreciate the classical music experiences Baby Einstein provides for our child! ...more info
  • This is my baby's favorite
    This is my baby's favorite CD, puts him to bed almost immediatly, Thanks!...more info
  • A Nightly Routine
    We began playing this CD for my daughter as we fed her a bottle in her nursery before naptime and bedtime. I believe it was beneficial to both mom/dad and baby. It was very soothing. Now, two years later, we still play the CD every night before bed and often will play it in the car on long trips to recreate a naptime scenario in the car. Today I am buying a second CD as I am due with another baby in just a few weeks. I expect that the CD will be loved equally by this new baby as it is by my two-year-old....more info
  • Great bedtime CD!!
    My son loves this cd at bedtime! The music is great and very relaxing! I recommend it to all new moms! ...more info
  • Its great
    Baby Einstein CDs are generally good, but the music in this one is amazingly lullaby-ish. Puts anybody to sleep and dream sweet dreams of little pink rabbits and blue bears playing magical instruments... ...more info
  • Not real music!
    I bought this for our baby and like many of the reviewers, I was disappointed in the synthesized music. I have played some of the pieces, and although the concept is good, I want my child to hear music as it was on intended on the real instruments. ...more info
  • Absolute Sleep guarantee
    My son who is 5 months old takes only 2-3 songs before he is out - this is an absolute fail safe gurantee for sleep and also is supposed to develop his mind while listening. Great buy, no regrets....more info