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Hasbro Heroscape Master Set
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Product Description

HeroScape Master Set is a customized 3-D interlocking battle field, and stages the final battle of all time with heroes and warriors of legend and fantasy. It comes complete with miniature playing pieces and 10 battle scenarios that players construct terrain with. Cards govern the progress of the game as you strategize to beat your enemy. Rolling the attack and armor dice lets you move about the board. Friends can bring their own armies for endless variations. Expansion sets, featuring new characters, terrain tiles and more, are sold separately.

The Heroscape line of toys is like the all-star game of make believe. While other games might focus on a specific era of history, the age of chivalry, perhaps, or the Jurassic period, Heroscape puts everyone together on one enormous madcap battlefield. Vikings, World War II soldiers, ninjas, mutant monsters, samurais, dinosaurs, dragons, they're all there, done up as tiny, highly detailed figure. It would be sort of comic if all the players didn't look so gosh-darn serious. 85 interlocking terrain tiles are also included so you can craft exactly the landscape you wish for all the action to happen on. Multiple dice are featured along with game cards and detailed instructions on how to play. We liked the boundless imagination of this game and the open-minded versatility of its imaginary protagonists. --Charlie Williams

The Heroscape line of toys is like the all-star game of make believe. While other games might focus on a specific era of history, the age of chivalry, perhaps, or the Jurassic period, Heroscape puts everyone together on one enormous madcap battlefield. Vikings, World War II soldiers, ninjas, mutant monsters, samurais, dinosaurs, dragons, robots, they're all there, done up as tiny, highly detailed figures. It would be sort of comic if all the players didn't look so gosh-darn serious.

First, design the 3D landscape of your choice by laying out any combination of the 85 interlocking, plastic hex-shaped pieces. The fact that these can be assembled and stacked in new ways each game means the ensuing battle also changes every time you play. The above mentioned fantasy heroes and historical warriors now converge on your newly created terrain to move, attack, and defend. Multiple dice and game cards indicate combat powers and movement abilities.

Just a few of the 30 included figures that Heroscape offers.

While there is an included rule book that offers up two game variations (one for players under 8 years of age), we like the boundless imagination of this game and the open-minded versatility of its imaginary protagonists. There is also a battlefield/scenario book that shows five battlefields and how to build them and offers up variation on game objectives. You can decide to make the winning goal opponent elimination, moving to a specific hex, protecting a figure on the board, or something else entirely.

What's In the Box

  • 30 painted figures
  • 8 24-hex tiles
  • 10 3-hex tiles
  • 2 2-hex tiles
  • 26 1-hex tiles
  • 21 water tiles
  • 2 ruins
  • 16 army cards
  • 10 glyphs
  • 24 wound markers
  • Grenade marker
  • 16 order markers
  • 10 attack dice
  • 10 defense dice
  • A 10-sided die
  • Owner's sticker sheet
  • Round marker

  • Customizable 3-D, interlocking-tile board with terrain and terrain accessories
  • The field and the battle will change with each game
  • Includes miniature playing pieces and 10 battle scenarios that players construct terrain with
  • Rolling the attack and armor dice lets you move about the board
  • Expansion sets, featuring new characters, terrain tiles and more, are sold separately

Customer Reviews:

  • Lots of fun
    My kids really love this game ... they are too young to actually play the full game but they love setting up the hexes into different configurations and putting the characters on it. Both my son (7) and daughter (5) enjoy it. ...more info
  • Rise of the Valkyrie
    Simply wonderful. My favorite game. It's great, it has a story to go along with it that is in depth and fun. Heroscape is great, I HIGHLY reccomend it....more info
  • spanker
    the game is kool to make it betta buy the expansion sets i got it for my twelth b-day me and my brotha play it all the time but i fight with him during half of it and i win...more info
  • Heroscape
    I purchased this game for my son. We saw it at Walmart and the only master set thay had was the Marvel one. And then the exspansion sets were for the other Master sets. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. So we went online to check it out, and figured out how to play and everything. So I bought him a set. He loves it. Its so detailed. The game pieces are cool, he likes the dragons. Thank you....more info
  • Dang, there goes my shoulder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is probaly one of the greatest games I've played. Although, it is very complacated. Also, it may interfear with school, like raising your hand and saying something like: What's the attack range of that? Well, there go's a good A+. But overall, it's the greatest fantasy board game. So, all thoughs fantasy lovers, its time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Pick it up while you can!
    Unlike most other games, HeroScape releases sets which go out of print and *may* be reprinted. The first Master set, Rise of the Valkyrie, is being replaced by the Marro Master set. The first Master set has a much greater *variety* of figures, allowing players to make a greater variety of armies. The Marro Master set is pretty much the Marro army versus a miscellany of other figures. If you're thinking of buying HeroScape, purchase the first Master set while it's still available!...more info
  • Great board game
    This is a great stand alone board game but is especially good as an expansion to other Heroscape master sets. Great fun for both kids and adults....more info
  • The Skinny on HeroScape
    Hasbro/MB's HeroScape is a excellent game system for crafty kids from ages 7+...and especially fun for parents who used to play classic miniature wargames or RPG's like AD&D or HeroSystem. The HeroScape master sets 1 & 2 are both a great value with more pieces than you could imagine. The medium & small expansions from Hasbro add variety & a dimension of "collectability" to this game.

    Setup can take quite some time, 1 hour or more for building a basic map & picking your armies. But building the maps with the plastic terrain pieces can be half the fun! I would suggest dedicating a play area for this game, unless you want your HeroScape map as a large centerpiece on the kitchen table during mealtimes!

    Gameplay can be as simple or complex as you like...the levels of strategy rival those of chess or Risk. An average 2 player game is 1 hour minimum, but larger armies or several players can stretch gameplay to 3-4 hours.

    Advanced players can fine-tune armies for maximum effectiveness & requires some time to research & experiment. Also with more than one of the Master Sets & several of the different terrain expansions advanced players can build very elaborate maps.

    HeroScape may seem like a simple game at first, but the options available to experiment are nearly endless.

    [...]...more info
  • Not as bad as I thought it woudl be
    My 8 year old son has been asking for this since it came out. I was extremely reluctant. I was thinking it was very dungeons and dragons-ish and really did not want him to have it. Suffice to say he did get it this christmas. After struggling through the 3 manuals, we kind of compromised on using the real rules versus his own rules. We played for hours and it was fabulous. I think they should make the age limit a bit older as it is a little complicated for an 8 year old. Over all.. very cool game!...more info
  • bet game in the history of ever
    this game is awsome it rivels warhammer in funness and strategy and comenting on discostu's review I have found what I believe to be an even better system .If you own a cat go to bj's and buy one of those two foot tall plastic containers when the cats are finished with the food clean the inside of the box. I strongly recomend getting two boxes(one for figures/glyphs and army cards one forterrain peices and scenery). This is an amazing game and if you like games like warhammer or heroquest I highly recomend it...more info
  • bet game in the history of ever
    this game is awsome it rivels warhammer in funness and strategy and comenting on discostu's review I have found what I believe to be an even better system .If you own a cat go to bj's and buy one of those two foot tall plastic containers when the cats are finished with the food clean the inside of the box. I strongly recomend getting two boxes(one for figures/glyphs and army cards one forterrain peices and scenery). This is an amazing game and if you like games like warhammer or heroquest I highly recomend it...more info
  • great game
    Great game for the family. I enjoy playing it as much as my kids do. It's a combination of Risk (similar strategy without the time allotment) and pokemon (strength and value of each piece is dictated by the associated card). My young boys enjoy the dueling aspect of it, while the strategy aspect of it is more suited to an older kid. There are two levels of play, so both age groups are entertained. Well worth the money spent....more info
  • A very smart battle.
    I bought this toy for my kid for his birthday and he liked it very much. I have played with him some battles and we had fun. I would like to give you a suggestion: put instructions in other languages for kids outside the States....more info
  • Surpisingly fun!
    I saw this in Wal Mart and kept thinking it looked interesting, but was probably hokey. Turns out it is a lot of fun, not hokey at all. Different from other strategy games in that you can make true 3D maps - a new experience for all but the most hard-core geeks.

    My only qualm with the game is that there are a lot of subtleties to the rules that you may have to find out online. Definitely not a game for small children, although they do have a "Basic" ruleset which is ok for some kids....more info
  • Battle Masters vs Heroscape -- a comparison review
    Years ago I discovered a game similar to Heroscape called Battle Masters. Battle Masters uses the same premise but takes place on a very large, nylon mat requiring a considerable amount of space to play. The large plastic pieces are fragile and the game is not easily stored. Set up for Battle Masters takes a good 20 minutes to half-an-hour and can take about half that to put it all away. As an adult gamer this became more work than it was worth when the kids wanted to drag the thing out every so often.

    Last year my wife discovered Heroscape and we gave it to my 12 year-old son for Christmas. All of us found the game to be an immediate hit becuase it captures all of the big game excitement of Battle Masters, but doesn't take up nearly the room nor the time to set up. Becuase the Heroscape tiles are stackable and interchangeable, the variety never ends.

    Battle Masters tended to be one-sided with the "good guys" usually winning all the time. The bad guys are weaker and the cards used to manage each turn seem uneven in distribution between the two sides. In Heroscape, the forces can be intermingled, re-mingled, and co-mingled and all teams remain essentially equal because of a points limit that rates team stength and requires all teams to remain within the same range.

    Unlike Battle Masters, there are more than just fantasy characters involved. From Samurai warriors, to Airborne fighters, to Matrix type coverts, metal robots, and alien life forms, the variety is solid, the detail through, and the adventure engaging.

    And it goes on from there. The expansion packs are priced fairly, and add great variety to the basic unit which already provides 30 figurines to begin with. Each expansion set also adds new land parcels -- some of which are unique to the beasties you're buying. The rules of both games are pretty simple, but whereas Battle Masters become somewhat repetitive and limited in scope, Heroscape offers a bit more depth and a sense of playing a complex game (like Axis and Allies) without overwhelming the players with too many forgettable details and distractions from the play.

    We love this game so much we're getting it for our youngest son this Christmas. I am already anxious to start playing with him Christmas morning (the middle son took his game to California) and already plan to have way more fun than I expect to with any of the toys I might get this year.

    Heroscape is Battle Masters in miniature, and that makes a really big difference in the enjoyment and utility of a table-top battle game of this sort. Hasbro did very well with this one, and I'm sure my family and I will continue to enjoy playing this game for years to come. ...more info
    My GF, 2 of my friends and i played last night for the first time.
    We played 1 game for 5 hours and NEVER got bored. This game is not too complex to learn, but complex enough to keep your attention and is just plain fun! They balanced the game VERY well.
    The figures have very good detail and the possibilities for the terrain setup is endless.
    What are you thinking, GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW!...more info
  • Heroscape - Enjoyable for Children and Adults
    If you're contemplating the Heroscape game, whether for yourself or a child, keep the following in mind:

    1. No doubt, half the fun of this game is building the battlefield. It can take awhile and is great for an imaginative child or adult who likes to build with Lego or other such blocks. If you don't see yourself or your child enjoying a half-day worth of designing and building your battlefield layout, this game may not be for you. Building instructions are provided for various layouts and gaming scenarios, but before long you'll realize it's more fun to ignore em and just build your own battlefields and make up some of your own goals and objectives for victory!

    2. There are two instruction sets, a basic and advanced ruleset. I can play the advanced ruleset with my son who is 8, but only because I carefully monitor his moves and help him along and make tactical suggestions. Gradually he's picking up on the finer points, but it is a moderately complex rule set that an adult will have to assist children under 10 with understanding. In particular, remembering to count vertical upward movement is a challenge for an 8yr-old. I suspect most 8-10 year olds would have no problem playing with the BASIC ruleset on their own.

    3. Adults who enjoy wargaming will no doubt also like this game. The advanced ruleset is deep enough to allow for complex strategies. Definitely a good father-son type of game if you're looking for a way to bond with your 10yr old that doesn't involve Mario Nintendo. The girls in the family don't seem to have quite the same level of interest. I mean if we're honest, it's boys playing with glorified army-men, but it's fun.

    4. With or without expansion sets, battlefields can easily take up an entire dinner table sized area. The base game really does include a large number of hex-tile pieces. I find that with expansion sets, the elevation of battlefields tends to increase but not area so much. I try to keep the overall layout within the footprint of a 6-place dinner table. For adults, playing on the floor is not enjoyable and the effort that goes into designing the battlefields does not influence a child or adult to want to put it all away immediately after playing. Rather you'll leave the battlefield sprawled across a table for a few weeks before growing tired of playing. The battlefields do look great when completed and just beckon for players to start up a game.

    ...oh, and the new castle expansion sets are a fantastic MUST-HAVE addition! ...more info
  • Bring Out The Hero In Your Home!!!
    I got this for Christmas and the second I played my first game I knew it was AWESOME!!! It takes maybe 15-30 minutes to set up a battlefield, but its well worth it. The charecters are very detailed. Like on the dragon, you can see tiny detailes put in by a VERY good artist. If you need a birthday present for a kid (or maybe even an adult LOL) or Christmas money to burn, LOOK INTO THIS! Although, if you are not a person who likes strategy games, this is one. But, heck, maybe even if you do hate strategy games this will change your mind. It's well worth the money to buy it! HIGHLY recomended!...more info
  • Soldiers VS agents VS vikings VS dragons VS robots VS...
    I had been itching to try out a miniatures game and didn't really want to have to paint figures, which was something that kept me from trying more hardcore games (Warhammer 40K), plus I wasn't yet ready to spend a ton of money buying booster packs with random figures (Heroclix). So when this game went on sale for 20 dlls I jumped on it: the figures came pre-painted and if I wanted more I could just buy booster packs and expansions which told you exactly what you would be getting (no wasting money hoping to get that "rare" figure).

    The variety of the figures is impressive. In this set alone you have an elf, a squad of WWII soldiers, a Dragon, an Orc riding a dino :P, weird self-cloning aliens, robots, Matrix-like agents, a party of Vikings, a Valkyrie, and I'm probably missing some. Even though the only license the game system has is Marvel (Marvel Heroscape, sold separately), it looks like the variety will keep me entertained and not envying Heroclix's multiple licenses (DC, Marvel, Hellboy).

    Another interesting aspect of the game is terrain. The game has terrain tiles which you interlock to create a battlefield. Although it takes some time to build a battlefield (15-20 minutes), there are normally multiple scenarios you can play on it, and it really DOES make it more fun to see your figures fight on a battlefield instead of a plain table. Just be sure to see what scenarios are available for each battlefield to suit your needs before you build it.

    The game seems balanced, giving each unit a # of points and giving a point cap for each army. It's accessible enough, you'll need a game or two to get the hang of it but you'll have fun doing it.

    Everything you need comes in the box, and it's so packed that you'll have a hard time putting it back in. I recommend having 4 people playing (the more the merrier) and there are enough figures to go around.

    Expansions include Roman soldiers, treefolk, yetis, colonial-era minutemen, cowboys, and knights, among others. Hasbro is still supporting this game system so I'm sure there will be even more variety over time. Here's hoping they release historical warlord figures (Alexander The Great, Napoleon, Genghis Khan)....more info
  • This game rocks
    My friends and I get together every weekend to play this. Between all of us, we have two base sets, and several of the expansions. MB really has a good thing here, a fun game that's different every time you play it.

    Any chance MB will put out a land-only "expansion" of some kind? We could use more water pieces but we don't want to buy a third base set just for that. Land packs would definitely be cool. ...more info
  • Great game
    I bought this game for my 8year old brother for his birthday. We tried to play as a family, but it ended up a fiasco. The other day my brother asked if I would play with him. It took a while setting up, but was worth the effort. We played for about an hour and a half, and it was a fun filled battle with robots, agents, dragons, and knights. I ended up winning the game, but my brother challenged me to a rematch and beat me. I enjoy playing this game with my brother because now we have something we can do together. This game is not just for young kids, I am about to turn 15 and I realy enjoy this game. I recommend after a month or two, making your own board and special rules. (we played that the tan ground pieces were quick sand and you couldnt stop on them) It is a great game people of all ages. A+++ great game!...more info
  • My son loves it (6.5 y.o.)
    My 6 y.o. found it much easier to understand than a standard D&D package. This game has an option to use simplified rules, which makes the learning curve less steep. ...more info
  • Love it!
    We love this game! It replaced another we had given away! Fantastic game and plays well!...more info
  • Heroscape Master Set Review
    Heroscape is a fun, fast paced, easy to learn, game. It combines a 3d board game with a building toy, making a board which you can create. The peices included all come pre-painted,pre-glued, and fairly durable. over all, it is a great game....more info
  • SIX STARS!!! Don't pass this one up!
    There are already plenty of great reviews for this game, but it is so much fun that I **must** add one more. Instead of repeating everything everyone else has said, I hope to add some unique tips and observations to help you get the most of this great game.

    The only time I questioned my purchase was when I opened the box and found the 28-page game manual (rules book). Don't let it scare you.
    - The first two (2) pages show off coming attractions, introduce the game world (the story behind the game), and the table of contents.
    - Three (3) pages cover the Basic Game rules. They are full of large color illustrations and everything is explained quite well. The Basic Game was fantastic fun by itself, and even the youngest players in my home were able to play under these rules right away.
    - Ten pages cover the advanced, or Master Game rules. Again, loads of large color photos and illustrations make this section easy to digest. The advanced rules are just an expansion of the basic rules, with some additional caveats and features added to the mix. As presented, they are pretty easy to pick up if you know the basic game.
    - The final tweleve (12) pages present five different game scenarios that you can use to get started.

    This game has very simple game mechanics. Combat is very similar to Risk, and the advanced game introduces special abilities that remined me of Magic the Gathering. If you like either of those games, you're sure to love this one.

    You will need more space to play this game than you do for a typical board game. I tried setting up the first battle field (game scenario) from the book, Table of the Giants, on a 30" x 30" table. Even set diagonally on the table, the completed battlefield extended at least 10" off the end of the table. I had to run a long piece of cardboard under it to keep it from falling. You can create other play areas that take less space, but I will definately set this one up on our dining room table next time. I am already looking forward to adding extra tiles to make even bigger battlefields!

    Having read other reviews before making my purchase, I knew many noted that putting the pieces away was difficult if not impossible. Save yourself some trouble by numbering the plastic shell which holds the pieces, and place corresponding numbers on the underside of each figure's base. This will make putting the figures away a breeze. The big dragon in the Master Set is an exception--once its wings are attached, disassembly is not recommended (risk of breakage). I found a spot on a bookshelf for the dragon, but if it does not fit with your idea of decor, just find a place in a closet or another out-of-the-way location.

    I spent nearly a full day playing once I first opened the box. Each one of my school age kids and my wife all wanted a turn to play the basic game. The youngest player just turned six and is a pre-reader (he recognizes some letters and all of his numbers). He was able to play with no problems. Since the Army Cards (the cards that detail the attributes of each figurine) have color coded information for Move, Range, Attack, and Defense, it took only moments for him to associate the color with the number he needed (e.g. the number in the Red area told him how many Attack dice he neede to roll). This was a pleasant surprise, and it lets me enjoy this game with the majority of my children. The older ones quickly moved on to the advanced game.

    Battles with three, four, five, or even more armies are possible. Given a large enough play area and enough figures/Army Cards, you could conceivably have an en masse battle royal. With eight kids, I'm looking forward to 10-way battles in a few years. For now, we'll have to settle for 7-way conflicts!

    This means that there are lots of other folks out there who love this game and are making resources available to enhance your playing experience. You can vist either the official site, or fan sites like to view new scenarios, maps, and connect with other players about rules and strategy. Having an established fan base will keep this game going a long time, and will ensure lots of fun variants for years to come.

    THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC FUN! Don't pass it up. You won't regret it. I let six months go by before I decided to pay the seemingly high price for this game. I don't regret it one bit! Had I known it would be this much fun for my entire family, I would have gladly paid twice as much!

    UPDATES (12/08)
    - We've been playing HeroScape for about three years now.
    - We don't play it as often as we did at first (in part because of the long setup/teardown time, and in part because of now having two additional children--giving us four preschoolers in the house), but it is still a favorite on long weekends.
    - We've picked up additional sets and expansions, but still play with only a single master set when we want a quicker game, or when the boys are teaching their friends how to play.
    - We know another family that likes to play, and it has made for some fun weekends together.
    - I keep my master set in the original packaging when not in use, and my sets are still in great condition. My youngest sons have had some issues taking care of theirs, but inexpensive ($5) plastic toolboxes helped them keep track of their figures.
    - I bought cheap ($1) CD wallets (that have sleeves for CDs) and keep my cards in them.
    - You can print replacement cards at the HeroScape website if you lose any of the originals (we lost some when our basement flooded this past spring)....more info
  • Highly Enjoyable
    It's been a while since I have played a board game that is customizable. The last one I played was Hero Quest and I still have fun with that one. This game is MUCH more customizable. You can not only customize your army but you can create the board any way you see fit. And with the many expansion packs you can create large, multilevel boards. Even playing with the basic rules to learn, this game is very strategic. Once you get to the master rules it opens up a whole new universe.

    I'm not a professional reviewer so I do not know what to put in this but I wanted to let others know that this game is definately worth the money and I am looking forward to many more battles....more info
  • Great for Kids Over 12.
    This is a very good game for kids who get bored with toys quickly, because you can arrange and rearrange it over and over. However, it really isn't suitable for eight-year-olds, as the box suggests. My 8 and 9 year old sons weren't really ready for such a complex game, but my 12 year old nephew absolutely loved it, and continues to play with it regularly over a year later. ...more info