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Kingston 1GB 333MHz DDR Non-ECC CL2.5 SODIMM RAM (KVR333SO/1GR)
List Price: $66.99

Our Price: $44.48

You Save: $22.51 (34%)


Product Description

ValueRAM is Kingston's value-priced line of industry-standard, generic memory intended for customers who have white box or generic computer systems, or who plan to purchase memory by specification. ValueRAM is designed to industry specifications tested, is 100% tested and is available at competitively low prices.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Tested for Reliability
  • Free Technical Support
  • Easy to Follow Installation Instructions
  • Designed to Meet or Exceed Industry Standards for Performance and Reliability

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great.
    I have a Thinkpad R51 which comes with a Pentium M Banias. This 1Gb memory module installed with absolutely no problems and works great. The system BIOS and Windows XP Pro recognized the new module immediately. I bought this item in January this year, and haven't had any crashes or lockups since then....more info
  • Excellent Upgrade to Laptops
    Although I didn't purchase the SODIMMs from Amazon, the price is similar with another retailer. I purchased three SODIMMs, two for my Dell XPS Gen 1 and one for my Mac Powerbook G4. Easy installation on both laptops. The Dell needed F2 setup to recognize the additional RAM (1GB to 2GB) while the Mac recognized the additional RAM without additional work.

    I noticed some improvements in the Dell immediately, bootup and shutdown were faster, graphics and program executions were a bit faster. My son plays Lego Star Wars on the laptop and I was able to bump up the resolution a bit more without loosing frame rates. My Dell was stalling on the 1GB RAM prior to this and hasn't choked since then. I haven't noticed much in system performance in the Mac but I'm sure it doesn't hurt. For $27 per 1GB upgrade, that's excellent!!!...more info
  • Not Happy.
    I also ordered this item but received the 512MB version rather than the 1GB version. My order was directly from Amazon. I returned it and promptly received a replacement - again 512MB not 1GB. So I sent that back, although to this point I have not received a replacement, a refund, or an explanation. I see that Amazon no longer stocks this item, as it is being sold through other vendors. I suspect that the inventory number was wrong at Amazon or something like that and they did not actually have this item in stock. Whatever.
    ...more info
  • Quick and cheap fix for an old slow laptop!!
    With only 512MB of RAM, my wife's Dell Inspiron 8600 had slowed down to the point where doing just about anything resulted in agonizingly long delays.

    I'd done just many things to try to speed the machine up. I'd cleaned out all the spyware/adware, purged other rarely used applications, cleaned out almost 15GB of temp and other garbage files, and defragmented the drive ... all to no avail. Only after that did I realize she had a paltry 512MB of RAM on the machine, possibly enough to run her updated copy of windows, but not much else.

    So, after researching memory prices online a bit, I bought 2 of these (for $44 each, which was a decent price). The memory arrived exactly as described (i.e. 1GB SODIMMs) and in record time.

    It took all of 30 seconds to install both chips. Now the old 8600 is running like a champ! There was a noticable difference and the machine doesn't bog down or hang anymore. Thank goodness I thought to do this before shelling out big $$ for a new laptop!!...more info
  • Great value.
    I installed this SODIMM in my ReadyNAS NV+ to increase the memory from 256MB to 1GB. The Kingston SODIMM has worked flawlessly for me. It was a great value and I am very pleased. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing more memory....more info
  • not as advertised
    I have received two 512Mb sticks instead of 1 Gb stick.
    Buyers be warned you may receive something that you don't ask for
    My laptop only have 2 slots and I ordered 2 of this items so I received 4 512Mb sticks, this is useless to me.
    I ordered directly from Amazon, other stores may ship the right item....more info
  • Great Product, Extremely Poor Service from
    I ordered this item way back in early December. sent the same incorrect item TWICE after calling them TWICE about that fact. I finally ordered the Kingston 1GB chip from and it came without problems within a week with free shipping (in all fairness, offered the same deal, except they couldn't send the correct item!). It's a shame that Amazon has gone the same overseas customer route as other on-line purveyors and the customer service really sucks[...]. As the adage goes: Buyer Beware! You can believe this review!...more info
  • Great performance

    great performance. I had 1gb in my notebook and I had to take out a 512mb to have a slot available for this new memory thus in practice I added only 512mb with this 1gb memory. Anyway the gain in performance was incredible, the Kingston memory is really the best brand. I got the memory in a promo price (24.99) so it was a great deal....more info
  • Great deal for the price.
    I bought 2 of these memory sticks, to upgrade my laptop. This was the cheapest price ANYWHERE! Plus free supersaver shipping, you really can't beat that. I installed both memory sticks, and tried to power on the laptop, but it would not work. I finally figured out that 1 of the sticks was faulty. I requested an exchange through Amazon, and they did a quick and efficient exchange. The replacement worked fine, and now the laptop has 2 GB and works much better. So far, its been 6 weeks, and no other glitches. I would recommend this product, because after the Amazon exchange period is over, Kingston offers: free 24/7 tech support and a lifetime warranty....more info
  • Got excatly what I needed!
    I ordered two of these to max out my Compaq Presario V4135US and got weary after reading some of the present reviews on getting the wrong item. I actually got two sticks of 1gb each! I'm so very happy! And, my laptop works better than ever! Thanks so much!...more info
  • Great product, excellent seller service
    Will gladly recommend both seller and product. Increased memory for my laptop doubled speed. Seller really delivered a great product for a very reasonable price and delivery was faster than predicted....more info
  • upgrading
    I recently purchased this RAM to install into my laptop, before installing it, i didn't realize that I was running on only 516mb. With this addition it has made EVERYTHing run faster on my computer, and Amazon shipped it faster than I had expected. I am really pleased....more info
  • Wrong item was shipped
    I read a review here, saying that 512MB RAM was shipped instead of 1GB. At first I thought this was just an accident, but the same thing happened to me and I received a 512MB RAM instead of the 1GB. Strangely, the sticker they put on the back of the package said 1GB, while the package itself (and the chip) says 512MB... A waste of time and effort. I doubt I buy from amazon anytime soon again... ...more info
  • I am very sad
    I ordered and paid for 2 of this item and only received one of them....more info
  • Kingston 1GB 333 RAM
    Product met my expectations and the price was extremely reasonable. Gave new life to an old computer....more info
  • Received 512Mb memory, beware!
    I have received twice a 512Mb memory instead of the 1Gb memory that is advertised, be carefull....more info
  • Great Memory
    Replaced my old 512mb memory to this 1 gb. Worked well without any problems. Laptop now runs faster with lots of programs running....more info