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Alias - The Complete Third Season
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Sydney bristow is an international spy recruited out of college and trained for espionage and self-defense. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 12/26/2008 Starring: Jennifer Garner

The third season of Alias found super spy Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) waking up in Hong Kong with a monster hangover and two years in the future with nary a memory. What's worse, her world has been turned upside-down with the evil Sloane (Ron Rifkin) now a world-famous humanitarian and philanthropist, and, even worse, her true love Vaughn (Michael Vartan) married to a seemingly great gal. Nice way to go back to work, eh? After coming up with one heck of a cliffhanger in season 2, Alias proceeded a bit aimlessly through these 22 episodes, and as a result, the parts were truly greater than the whole. With Lena Olin no longer around as Syd's duplicitous mother, and the addition of admirable yet bland Melissa George as Vaughn's wife Lauren, Garner found herself for the first time without a compelling female foil to play off of. By dividing its focus equally between the quest for the enigmatic Rambaldi device, Syd and Vaughn's now-contentious relationship, and the uncovering of Syd's missing years, Alias lost a little of its power without a larger story arc. The loss of regular cast members Merrin Dungey (Francie/Alison) and Bradley Cooper (Will)--both of whom do make great guest appearances--also divest the show of the personal life that kept Sydney human and approachable. Still, Garner is stellar as always, the plot twists come fast and furious, and secret identities are revealed. This season does have a great panorama of guest actors including Ricky Gervais, Justin Theroux, Djimon Hounsou, David Cronenberg, Quentin Tarantino, Vivica A. Fox, and Isabella Rossellini as Syd's long-lost aunt. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • Loaned them to friends.
    Seems we're not the only ones addicted. After buying all five seasons we had to share them with our other addicted friends....more info
  • Who let the Soap Opera director in the studio?
    After being riveted to Alias through Season's 1 and 2 I was dissapointed to find Season 3 loaded with day-time Soap Opera drama and cliche suspense. About five episodes were good and that's being generous. The rest did nothing to develop plot or character.

    By Soap Opera, I'm referring to the endless and uninteresting fueds between Sydney, Vaugh, and Lauren (as well as the infidelity overtones - the foundation of every Soap Opera). Please! We learn Lauren is a bad egg halfway through the season; clearly the producers realization that it was a near career fatality to bring her into the show in the first place. So just end it there, why drag her (and us) through to the end of the season, smearing Vaugh and Sydney's discernment both professionally and personally along the way.

    As if this isn't enough, we are also subjected to the worst cliche suspense since the Scream series. How many time can Vaugh and Sydney walk into the room just minutes from Sark and Lauren?

    On the good side, however, it was wonderful to see Marshall's character continue to develop. Don't be surprised to see Kevin Weisman with his own TV show when this is all over. Furthermore, the episode where Sydney finds out that it was herself that was hiding the history of the past two years is very creative and masterfully delivered.

    All in all, I'm hooked for Season 4, but don't rest on your laurels. It better be more like Seasons 1 and 2 or this show won't be on much longer....more info
  • Nothing Is As It Seems...
    As the credits rolled on the season finale of "Alias: Season Two", I know I was shocked by the cliffhanger, and frustrated that I was now going to have to wait 3 months to find out what the heck happened to Sydney to cause her to wake up in Hong Kong and have 2 years of her life missing.

    "Alias: Season Three" as the previous seasons have done, picks up right where season two left off. Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong, calls in to CIA and Agent Vaughn comes to meet her. As Sydney tries to kiss and embrace the man she knows to be her boyfriend, she notices something is not quite right, Vaughn is wearing a wedding band. As if that wasn't enough of a punch in the gut, here's the real kicker, Sydney's been missing and presumed dead for 2 years. Now, Sydney must find out where she's been for 2 years, who is responsible for her current dilemma, and how can she cope with Vaughn being married for over a year, when the last thing she remembers is beating up a clone of her former roommate, Francie. What a way to come back to work.

    "Alias: Season Three" really shook things up for the show, even more so than the previous season did when the CIA finally took down SD-6 and Sydney and Vaughn finally hooked up. This season basically took what Sydney and the audience knew from the first 2 seasons of this incredible show and turned it upside down. "Alias: Season Three" delivered some very unique twists as Sydney struggles to discover what to make of her life now that everything is different, and a new terrorist threat emerges called The Covenant, and this group is not led by Arvin Sloane. If you loved the first 2 seasons of "Alias" and if you have any sense at all, then you did, then you will most definitely enjoy "Alias: Season Three". Don't miss it....more info
  • Alias
    Great product. There was an issue w/receiving the item, but the seller took care of it promptly! ...more info
  • Not Up to Par but Entertaining
    Yes, Sydney really has been missing for two years. And she comes back to find that Vaughn is married, her dad is in jail, and Sloane is a good guy. Hold on to your hats, it's season 3.

    Syd quickly begins to get back on her feet, going back to work for the CIA under her former partner Dixon. But her search for the two years missing from her memory takes her to some pretty strange places. Most shocking of all is the fact that she killed someone in cold blood. It's beginning to look more and more like some group called The Covenant is involved. What could this all mean? And can she successfully work with Vaughn and his pretty new wife Lauren?

    I have watched this show faithfully since day 1, becoming a die hard fan about episode three. I faithfully tuned in for this season and spent as much time as always speculating on what each line of dialog and plot twist meant. But it wasn't as entertaining as the first two seasons. The twists felt forced, and the emphasis on Rimbaldi near the end overwhelmed me. That's one storyline I'd love for them to completely leave behind.

    This six disc set is up to the previous set's high standards even if the show isn't. All 22 episodes are shown in wide screen and full surround sound. There's a fan commentary, which is fun if not informative, and two commentaries with cast and crew. Disc six contains an animated episode from Syd's missing two years (forgettable), and the usually behind the scenes stuff. This is actually very interesting and I watched it all intently. Also included are a handful of deleted scenes and the outtake real for the season.

    While the show stumbled in season 3, it has regained its footing in season 4. Fans will be glad they have this to complete their set. Those catching up will need to see it as well to understand the current episodes....more info
  • A Disappointment
    I really loved seasons 1 and 2 of Alias, but I found season 3 to be quite a disappointment. The main reason for this is the excessive use of violence this season. It's not necessary and actually detracts from the show. I don't know why creators of shows like this thinks that people are drawn to excessive violence.

    I was also very disappointed by the loss of scenes which included Sydney and her friends at home.

    I was also disappointed by the absence of 2 key characters this season. I know this may have been due to the actors wanting to leave, but I still felt it detracted from the show.

    I am not sure if I will buy season 4 or not. Hopefully the show has improved back to it's original greatness from the first 2 seasons. Season 2 is my favorite.

    ...more info
  • Still better than most shows on TV...
    I have been hooked on Alias since the beginning, and will likely continue to watch it out of loyalty no matter what. Of course I used to say that about West Wing too.

    Season three had many of the qualities I've always enjoyed in this show: strong acting from the whole cast most of the time, with character development for almost everyone; interesting plot lines (after a rocky start) and twists; good action scenes. The main reasons season three was somewhat disappointing to me are: 1) When a script calls for a main character to have amnesia, it's a thinly veiled statement that the writers are out of ideas and literally have to wipe the slate clean and start again. I expect better from such a creative team. They do seem to have regained some ground after dumping the amnesia plot on us, but was that really necessary? 2) The loss of characters like Francie and Will are not necessarily huge losses in and of themselves (though I happened to like them). What we really lost is the sense of Sydney as a whole person, not just a two-dimensional cartoon superhero. Any show that cannot envision and portray its characters as fully-realized human beings with all the attendant quirkiness takes the chance of losing the connection with the audience and becoming meaninglessly repetitive right before its cancellation. The same issue relates to Sydney as a grad student, as someone with some other goals or interests in life outside of SD6/CIA. 3) The blatant product placement was a significant problem. It took me right out of the moment and got me thinking, not about buying a truck I don't need, but about how uncomfortable Garner much have felt saying that (assuming she truly cares about the quality of the show, which I think she does). I accept that advertisers know we don't watch ads anymore, but I would appreciate a little subtler approach please.

    One of the great joys of the first couple of seasons of Alias was the blend of ass-kicking (who doesn't love that?), intelligence (who speaks all of those languages?!), and nuance (Sydney and Vaughn's relationship, though inevitable, was approached very slowly - the build-up of attraction and then passion was much more enticing than if they had just gotten drunk and slept together in the second episode). A straight action plot would be instantly forgettable, while a show with only nuanced character drama doesn't have a chance at pleasing enough people with short attention spans. Fine. But I hope they don't spend too much time catering to advertisers and to their best guess at what will please most of the people most of the time....more info
  • A Third Season Of Enjoyment With Sydney Bristow
    If you've seen the second season finale than you remember the finale when Sydney is attacked by an assassin who was an exact double of her friend the assassin killed and after Sydney's fight she's knocked unconscious and later wakes up missing two years of her life. The season starts off with Sydney trying to get back into her life while seeing what has happen in the two years the biggest being her love Vaughn who thought she was dead has married another woman. The season has of course the normal villains we saw in the first and second season one of them mainly being Stark and a rather ambiguous Sloane who seems to be playing the middle seeming to be a friend to Sydney but still doing his own personal agendas. We also have a new double agent the wife of Vaughn Lauren who's actually an agent for the secret group the "Covenant". The episodes are again entertaining and exciting with their usual action scenes in them. This series has really grown on me and if you are a fan of the spy shows or movies like Mission Impossible or The Bourne Identity you'll really enjoy these season sets. I see the complete seasons box set has gone down in price but I do advise for new comers if their unsure about the series to just buy them one season set at a time and see if they want to continue their collection then. ...more info
  • Alias starts over
    Season 3 of Alias may go down as the most disliked of all seasons by fans of the show. Why? Because Sydney and Vaughn are not together this season. Let me say that if that is your only basis for judgement and you turned away from the show and didn't bother to give it a second chance, you missed a darn good season.

    I thought breaking Syd and Vaughn apart was a great thing. Give this season credit, it tried something different. People complain that season 4 was too much like the first two, but yet when they get a different concept like this season they disapprove as well.

    The first episode of season 3 entitled "The Two", may very well be in the top 3 Alias episodes of all time. Jennifer Garner gives her most fantastic perfomance of all in this one. Having said that, the first 4 eps of S3 are some of my faves of all time. Sydney's world is turned upside down and these episodes are breathtaking.

    The season can be broken into two halves. The first half involves Sydney trying to recover her memory in which she's missing two years of her life. The second half involves the most hated character (I loved her, more on that later) in Alias history, Lauren Reed. Without giving too much away, she plays the biggest part in the last half of the season and Sydney is almost sidelined because of how big of a role Lauren plays. That's not a bad thing because the story is that good. Both halves are fantastic.

    As I said, some of my favorite Alias episodes ever are in this season. However, it is not a perfect season. Unlike almost everyone else, my problem is not the Sydney/Vaughn relationship or lack there of, but a few other things. I never got used to Dixon being in charge. The whole time it just seemed like he was out of place. Second would be the absense of Sydney's Mom, Irina. She was the best part of season 2 and it's too bad she wasn't in this one, and the explanation why she wasn't there was so flawed. And my last complaint would be the awkward discovery of Sydney's half sister. It got to the point where I wished she wouldn't have so many family members thrown into her world of being a spy. Just seemed like they needed a new storyline so they threw her in there. Never got used to her.

    So if you can go into this season with an open mind and know right from the start that thisseason is unlike the 2 before, you will love it. Two fantastic storylines blend together to create a wonderful season....more info
  • Great TV Show
    Once you start watching you will have a hard time stopping...Classic TV show for the late 90's...more info
  • Very Dissatisfied
    I do not recommend purchasing from this seller. I waited 4 weeks for my DVD and it did not come. I tried to contact the seller via e-mail 2x's and they did not respond. I then had to contact Amazon to get the matter resolved. The seller then promptly returned by $$ without an explanation or apology. ...more info
  • How Alias slowly died...
    This season could have been better. It was doomed from the start, courtesy of season 2 cliffhanger, because both Sydney's amnesia and disappearance had to be explained, and it was too much. However, some of the plot changes were really good - Vaughn's being married, Sloane's new ideology - but most of the story lines were just lame. It was so convenient that Lauren turned out to be bad because then, despite Vaughn's attraction to Sydney and their kiss, he could not come out as the bad guy. It would have been much more interesting if Lauren had not joined "the dark side of the force", because then Vaughn's character would have had to make a choice. And the introduction of the unknown sister is simply bad soap-opera TV. I did not buy it ! But I unfortunately bought the DVD, which is hardly saved by a couple of interesting extra features.
    Excuse my French, but to me, this show seems to consider its audience as a bunch of "dumb and dumbers" craving for lame twists....more info
  • Not as bad as people say.
    Well, now that everyone on the planet has pointed out Season 3's "bad" quirks, let's talk about some of things that make this season, not as HORRIBLE as everyone says. A devoted fan since day one, I promise you, I won't ramble on...

    As tragic as it was for Sydney to be missing for two years, it brought about some very interesting and tense issues for her and Vaughn. That first episode...or was it the second, where she rightedly told him off for moving on and getting married - "I would have waited", she proclaims, not only showcased Garner's great acting abilities but brought closure to the situation (as much as we could expect) for such a traumatic experience in that she not only found out she had been missing, but she again, lost the love of her life. Another interesting pawn in the game was the level at which Laura's character brought tention to the whole story. She not only was the new wife reflecting jealousy from Sydney's point of view, but the bad guy as well. The psychological aspect and mind games that went on between the three characters was fantastic. Everyone hated her but she was so good at deceiving, you couldn't help but give her props. The whole "we know but they don't" tactic keeps things fresh. For this I give Alias Season 3 Five stars. I don't think these seasons should be compared with the last, but looked at as a work by itself. ...more info
    The second season of Alias ended with the show's best fight scene to date and one of television's most jaw dropping cliffhangers of all time. Unfortunately, the shocking finale caused the writers to spend much of the next season cleaning up fallout from that surprise, and many of the loyal viewers didn't think it was on the same level with the first two seasons. A lot of people didn't accept Melissa George as Michael Vaughn's new wife, didn't like the idea of Arvin Sloane being a benevelont and benign humanitarian and spent the entire season pining away for the return of Lena Olin as Sydney's mother. While they were complaining they missed some compelling relationships, more shocking surprises and the addition of Sydney's sister and a second Direvko sybling. The acting is as first class as the previous years, the dialogue is extremely sharp and the plot twists are still crisp enough to keep up the espionage show's vaunted reputation. The Alias DVDs are never loaded with too many extras, but the animated episode ["Tribunal"] is exceptional. If there is a true dissapointment to season 3, it is the confusing final scene that serves as the cliff hanger. Compared to the fantastic climaxes to each of the other four seasons, this one is a vague snoozer that fails to raise any real excitement for the next episode. None the less, this season is still not as bad as a lot of devoted viewers make it sound and is a must own if you're at all a fan of the show or Jennifer Garner. ...more info
  • What happened??
    I agree with the majority of Alias fans when I say that season 3 was by far the worst of seasons so far. Lauren tore Vaughn and Syd apart, Will and Francie were gone and took virtually all of the "Syd at home" bits with them, and the best part of the season 2 was gone. Lena Olin was perfect in the roll of Irina Derevko, and I wish contract reasons had not driven her away from the show. Isabella Rosallinni as Katya Derevko was a rather weak attempt to bring back some of the depth and mysteriousness Olin's Derevko brought to season's 2 and 4. Season 3 was not horrible though, with Sloane's new found role as a "humanitarian," bringing some depth to the formerly pure evil character. The whole Covenant thing got a bit old after a while since in previous seasons there was never just one evil organization, but many. I have seen the last half of season four, so I will have to watch the first half eventually. But I am hoping season five's pregnancy storyline will bring back the "Syd outside the CIA" parts that made the show less sci-fi. Now that Lena Olin, is back, I think season 5 is posed to be better than season 4 and definately 3....more info
  • What happened?
    This is my favorite TV show. I loved Seasons 1, 2, and 4, but this one was crazy. It started out good. Great acting, great story. It had me hooked. The show then took a Christmas Break like all shows. But when it started back up, it was horrible. There was no storey, chracter development got weak, and the script was just horrible. It got a little to unrealistic. Ask a friend about the final episode and thats all you'll need to know about this season for the fourth one....more info
  • excellent transaction
    The item arrived exactly as described. It was new in wrap. The shipping was far faster than anticipated. I ordered on a weekend and it was at my door by Tuesday. I used standard shipping. ...more info
  • Amazing
    The third season of Alias is great but not as good as the first or second season. You must watch the first two seasons before watching this season. I believe that the plot is amazing and that after watching all of these seasons you will feel like you know everything about the characters. This is a great series.
    P.S. Watch the bloopers, they are fun....more info
  • *Why does everyone say it's so bad??*
    It is very different from the first two season but, if looked at by it self is VERY good!! The plots were interesting and it was GREAT! I think season four is the one people should be complaing about!! This was definitly my favorite season. It was better when it had David Anders (Sark) as the main villian. It kept it intresting. I really don't know why people say it's SO bad. I'm 11 and it's my Favorite show!!! ...more info
  • No "Alias" when Jennifer Garner is in it!
    Great extra features and great DVD all around!! Jennifer Garner kept this show afloat!!...more info
  • Great Gift
    This was a Christmas gift for an Alias follower. She really enjoyed the 1st and 2nd season and will love this 3rd season just as much.
    ...more info
  • There is a reason to hate JJ Abrams...
    ...but it is NOT that he let the series in some way down (as suggested by many, even himself, but IMHO he didn't), it is that unforgivable final scene which makes you put all the disks through again searching for hints as to what it is she is reading there in those dark sheets, especially given that you are wondering how a certain other person could have known about all this. So I guess the mystery will already be solved for the majority of people who read this, but for me it will be awhile longer until season four even gets onto TV, not to speak about DVD, or even DVD which will not be encoded Region1. Long time of torture ahead...

    Otherwise, despite some logic faults over the season (and be honest - there were those in seasons 1+2 as well), it is still the best what ever happened on TV. Season 3 even rises above previous ones, even though it misses such a clearly defined killer episode such as Phase One has been previos season (I guess that will remain my favorite episode of any TV show for a long time). Some plot twists are shocking, actors performance is consistently above the standard (and it would be unfair to single out Jennifer Garner in this regard, although she IS stellar), and there are some especially nice character recurrences from previous seasons as well as a bunch of new guest stars.

    The only thing I hated even more than the final scene was the hairstyle which Sydney features through the last third-or-so of the season....more info