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Chris & annie are best friends living in yorkshire when annies husband dies or leukemia. Chris enlists the help of the womans institute in a fund-raiser for the local hospital. Her idea is to produce a calendar with different woman photograped for each month. The radical twist - the woman will be in the nude! Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 08/10/2007 Starring: Helen Mirren Linda Bassett Run time: 108 minutes Rating: Pg13

In the sensible yet elegant hands of actresses Helen Mirren and Julie Walters, Calendar Girls walks a fine line between sappiness and snickering and ends up both wonderfully funny and gently touching. When her best friend Annie (Walters, Billy Elliot) loses her husband, Chris (Mirren, Prime Suspect, Gosford Park) cooks up a scheme to memorialize him: They and their friends--all fiftysomething women--will make a nude calendar to raise money for the hospital where he died. The calendar becomes hugely popular, but the success may drive a wedge between the two women's friendship. Based on an actual event, Calendar Girls carefully balances the stories of several women as it follows the calendar's media explosion, becoming a surprisingly moving fable of loss, determination, and the perils of fame. And let's face it--Helen Mirren is one of the wittiest and sexiest women alive, clothes on or not. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than I expected!
    `Calendar Girls' is fresh and witty and quite funny. It's actually much better than I was expecting it to be. I absolutely love Helen Mirren who just loses herself in every role, and here, in this comedy it's no exception. As Chris, Mirren plays the rebellious fiftysomething housewife who causes quite a stir in her little community. When her best friend's husband dies of leukemia she devises a plan to raise money for the hospital where he died, to help furnish the waiting room making it more comfortable for the grieving family. The plan is for their annual calendar (they belong to NWI or National Women's Institute). Every year they do a calendar, usually with flowers and churches and such, but this year Chris suggests doing a nude calendar, starring of course the women belonging to the NWI (all in their fifties or older), in order to cause a stir and sell more calendars (most likely out of pure curiosity). At first her idea is baulked at but eventually it's allowed and they raise more money then they could have dreamed...and they become more famous then they would have expected...but with fame comes a price, and that price may be their friendship. Julie Walters is wonderful as the grieving Annie, but it's Mirren who steals the show and breathes so much life into this cute, funny and smart little film....more info
  • Calendar Girls
    Calendar Girls Love this movie, but love the exceptional delivery even better! Completely impressed!...more info
  • BBC type middle aged Calendar girls
    How to rise money for your local cancer charity?
    The mostly unlikely naked/ nude calendar
    in the world is middle aged house wives from middle class England?
    Right out of fetish porn maybe, you are thinking?
    You really have to see this movie to believe it.
    It has that understated British humor effect....more info
  • Calender Girls
    This film and the other one we ordered arrived eventualy after almost two weeks had passed. Calender Girls had been cut and there were many parts missing. Not happy at all....more info
  • Adorable
    Both my mother and I loved it. If you don't mind a little 'mature' female nudity the storyline is sweet and at time hysterical. The performances show a broad range of emotions. It's a great movie to watch when you just want to relax. ...more info
  • Love This Movie!
    Very funny and classy, I watch this movie over and over again! I love the assertiveness of the "older" women in this movie, I want to be just like them when I am older!...more info
  • a joyous comedy
    One of the most delightful films of recent years, "Calendar Girls," a distaff version of "The Full Monty," is the true story of a group of middle-aged English women who became international celebrities when they designed and posed for a nude fundraising calendar that sold millions of copies worldwide. Julie Walters and Helen Mirren head a wonderful cast, with Walters as a woman whose husband dies of leukemia and Mirren as her best friend who comes up with the idea of the calendar as a way of both honoring his memory and raising money for the local hospital.

    The risk for any "feel good" comedy is that it will become cloying, coy or cutesy. Luckily, "Calendar Girls" boasts an enormously witty screenplay and first-rate performances by its highly gifted cast. Each of the "girls" is given her own unique personality so that we see them not just as a group, united in this inspiring endeavor, but as individuals working through their own personal demons on the rode to the project's completion. The women face the expected roadblocks and snafus in the form of "shocked," disapproving voices in the community, but their belief in the rightness of their cause brushes all such problems aside.

    This charming film provides more genuine, out-and-out laughs than almost any comedy of recent times. "Calendar Girls" is heartwarming, touching and inspiring - and what more could one ask from a "feel-good" film than that?...more info

  • Good story, tired old british comedy formula
    I loved the idea of this movie, and it's cool that it's based on a true story. I also love British/Irish comedies that are packaged to appeal to American audiences, like Waking Ned Divine, Hot Fuzz, The Full Montey, Saving Grace. They are rather formulaic, but I enjoy them anyway.

    Not so with this movie. It just seems to miss the mark. It's rather boring. What they did just didn't end up seeming that scandalous. The whole drama between the two main friends was just distracting and there were some very underdeveloped characters/plotlines.

    Please, if you liked other british comedies, don't assume you'll like this one! I didn't. I was going to give my copy away or give it to the library or something, but then I thought someone else might accidentally waste their time watching it. You know how sometimes you keep watching a movie because you think it is going somewhere or gets better? Well, this one doesn't....more info
  • Calender Girls
    I absolutly love this movie i bought one for me and one for my Mom it is one of her favorites....more info
  • Calendar Girls
    The product exceeded satisfaction. Was shippped faster than noted withh confirmation. Packaging looked new. Have not looked at movie yet....more info
  • "You're Nude in the Telegraph, dear." Purely Delightful
    The incredible story of "Calender Girls" is based on the truth. In 1999, the fifty-something women in small Yorkshire town decided on making an annual calender for the local Women's Institute ... this time, in nude. In spite of the husbands (who just didn't believe they mean it), the plan turned out a great success, selling more than 300,000 copies that year. In "Calander Girls" able all-British cast bring the life and charm into this story, making it a very funny comedy drama.

    The story's center is Helen Mirren's Chris, who is fed up with the "respectable" activities of WI. When her best friend Annie's husband dies, however, Chris thinks of a radical idea of rasing money for the sofa to donate to the hospital -- nude calender featuring themselves. She and Annie (Julie Walters, best known as Ron's mom in "Harry Potter"), at first fearfully, then confidently carries on the plan, and around them come nine other ladies to make the unique selection of "Calender Girls."

    The story may look as if a rip-off of "Full Monty," but the strength of "Calender Girls" is that it happened in reality. Both films, interestingly, have something to do with liberating themselves from the hundrum life, like the five naked guys in "Monty," the ladies here gradually start to shine. You might say, perhaps naturally: "How come doing nudity can be related to being free in spirit?" Sure, but after watching the delightful sequences of "Calender Girls," you will believe it can.

    And the charms of the film come mainly from the cast and very funny (I mean, in the British way) dialogues. The surprise casting of Helen Mirren (NOT Julie Walters) as talkative and rather flamboyant Chris pays off tremendously, as you will see in the many wonderful scenes -- see, for example, how Chris consoles Annie in hospital -- and from these scenes, you soon know the film is going to be a success. And it is.

    The film is slightly guilty of over-dramatizing the real-life events, which must have been less eventful as they are described now. The episodes in Hollywood are weak, without which the film could stand on its own.

    But the fact remains -- it is quite refreshing to see these ladies (who belong to Women's Institute) changing the conventional images of UK, and in that "Calender Girls" is full of impact, and fun, which is best represented by the line: "I am 55 years old, if I'm not gonna get them out now, when am I?" Charming, isn't it?...more info

  • Calendar Girls - excellent
    This movie made a statement that just because your body may be growing older, your heart and your spirit are not. ...more info
  • The flowers of England in full bloom and full wit.
    Despite the suggestive nature of the title and the idea that these women posed nude, Calendar Girls is really very wholesome and PG. This is the type of movie you can safely see with church friends, your mother, and/or your sisters.

    The members of Napely, England's chapter of the Women's Institute have been in a rut for quite some time now with trivial activities and a yearly fundraiser that barely breaks even. Best friends Chris and Annie only joined because their mothers wanted it and because, well, there's not much else to do for fifty-somethings in a northern village. When Annie's husband tragically dies of cancer one year, the two are inspired to raise money for cancer research and break out of their ruts and their stereotypes as middle-aged women; an artistic calendar featuring nude chapter members is just the thing.

    Naturally, the very idea sends the whole country into an uproar as soon as the calendars are released.

    Calendar Girls has a charm and a snickering wit about it that makes for a surprisingly entertaining film. This story could have turned slapstick or lewd, but I find that it was actually very tastefully done. In fact, much of the plot really involved the funny and touching releationships between the women of this idyllic village. Without being heavyhanded on the central message, the story suggests a hopefulness to the viewer; the idea that nobody runs out of potential at any age, and that indeed anything is still possible for those who challenge their own perceived limits in life. And of course as an American, I thought the "snapshots" of life in northern Britain were a very charming bonus.

    I can happily recommend Calendar Girls to just about anybody over the age of 10, but especially to women who would dearly love to see what happens when the world is shocked just a little and forced to change its view of women that are typically taken for granted.
    -Andrea, aka Merribelle...more info

  • Smart laughter
    Have seen this twice on tv and theatre; look forward to many viewings in future....more info
  • Calendar Girls
    I have another movie "Under the Tuscan Sun", which I absolutely love and one of the previews was for "Calendar Girls" so I thought I'd buy it. It isn't as good as "Under the Tuscan Sun" but it is still a really great story and very funny. It is a movie about women taking charge and disregarding society's taboo placed on the subject of nudity of women passed a certain age. These women decide to raise money to buy a new couch for the family room in a local hospital after one woman's husband is diagnosed with cancer. It's a beautiful movie based on a true story about a group of middle-aged women who come together for a wonderful cause and don't let society's silly limitations get in the way....more info
  • Top cast
    Great movie. Helen Mirren, Julie Walters and more of Britain's top cast.
    How a nude calender can be sofisticated....more info
  • Calandar Girls - DVD
    I was very happy to locate this charming movie. It arrived in a timely fashion and was just as described....more info
    This movie is SO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried, I laughed...I cried some more! I absolutely LOVE it and can watch it over & over again & again! Definite re-watchability! Even my husband likes it! HIGHLY recommend!...more info
  • A Touch of Class
    In Rylstone, a small village in North Yorkshire, John Baker, beloved husband of Angela Baker, dies of leukemia. Angela belongs to the Women's Institute, an organization not unlike the many women's garden clubs that are all over these United States (Visiting lecturers expound on the joys of broccoli). Ms. Baker, along with the other middle-aged women in her group, comes up with the bold new idea of printing a calendar of "nude, not naked" women to raise money for the local hospital in John's honor. After all he did say that the last stage of a woman's life is her most glorious-- sort of the last rose of summer motif-- because she will soon turn to seed. These good women became an overnight sensation as it was a photo shot heard around the world. Their story was the basis for the tasteful film "Calendar Girls," starring Helen Mirren as Chris Harper, "Miss January" and the driving force behind the concept in the first place, and Julie Walters as Annie Clark, and directed by Nigel Cole. The Brits do this sort of understated classy film so well. We need look no further than the recent "Mrs. Henderson Presents" and "The Queen" for evidence. The acting here is flawless, the photography is excellent and all the props the nude ladies use to make themselves less naked are appropriately placed.

    Included on the DVD are interviews with both the director and the original twelve calendar ladies, neither of which should be missed....more info
  • Excellent example of brit humor
    Helen Mirren and Julie Walters are fantastic. A typical example of british life style. It's got everything, it makes you laugh, it makes you weep, it makes you think. Absolutely fabulous! What a great "Sunday Afternoon' movie! ...more info
  • Movie
    I loved this movie. It is funny but also touching. It is great to watch with a group of women friends....more info
  • Fun Movie
    Strange subject material, but it made a very interesting movie. We enjoyed it very much....more info
  • Time Well Spent
    This is a delightful movie. It is fun and yet it is based on a true story. Well worth watching. I had seen it at the movies and bought a copy from Amazon to give to a friend. She was wild over it after watching it....more info
  • Makes you think *and* laugh
    One of my favorite movies of the last 10 years - Calendar Girls is witty (pay close attention to catch all of Chris's sotto voce comments) while dealing with serious life experiences like marital troubles, juvenile misbehaviour, and even death. Helen Mirren and Julie Waters demonstrate why they are two of the best actresses in the business but their fellow calendar girls are not overshadowed, even thought the actresses play them may be relatively unknown. Worth seeing any night of the week.

    Wonder if they'd consider a sequel about Chris's suggestion for a George Clooney calendar - 11 fully-clothed and a "lift the flap" for December.
    ...more info
  • Calendar Girls
    Love movies that don't have young, hot looking women. It's a pleasure to see movies about every day women in their lives. ...more info
  • Calendar Girls
    Sort of a take off on The Full Monty - which of course was hilariously funny! Helen Mirren is amazing - the cast is great - done very tastefully as any British film would - with humor and dry wit that is great! Light hearted - real - good humor with out the violence and horror that seems to have invaded our screens today - always keep these on hand for the times you need a good laugh!...more info
  • It's hard to tell a story about an ensemble
    Telling a story about a group of people is difficult. It can be hard for a story to find focus and it can be hard to wrap up without seeming to leave subplots dangling. That, in a nutshell, is what I found problematic about this movie.

    Viewers might also want to know that the story moves on from broad comedy (no pun there, but thanks) to something rather sad. The conclusion seems almost sit-com-esque in a sudden reconciliation of several relationships, which seems a disservice to the characters.

    Given these reservations, why four stars? There's an absolute dearth of "Oceans Eleven" type flicks for women. This is probably as good as is gets for a while, so we may as well enjoy. In addition, Julie Walters is in top form -- worth it just to see her performance. The aristocratic performance of Annette Crosbie ("No front bottom!") added a great deal, as did that of other supporters Linda Bassett, Celia Imrie, Geraldine James, Penelope Wilton, Philip Glenister, and delicious John Alderton. So, in a sense, I award four stars -- if not full stars -- simply for getting this talented and charming lot together.

    I viewed this on a home theater with a very large (133") screen and large complement of speakers. Even so, it was difficult to catch all the dialogue. Anyone with the slightest hearing impairment will probably want to use the subtitle feature on the DVD. The large screen was a treat for catching wonderful wide shots of English countryside.

    "Calendar Girls" is certainly worth a look, though to my surprise I doubt it is a film I will care about seeing again soon. The film's limitations, despite the hilarious premise and stellar cast, will relegate this one to the back of the shelf....more info

  • naughty but nice
    When Annie Clark's husband dies of leukemia, her best friend Chris Harper happens upon an idea to honor his memory after finding a pornography magazine belonging to her son. A group of women friends in their fifties from Yorkshire's normally staid Women's Institute pose in the nude ("not naked!" we are reminded in the film) to produce and market a pin-up calendar, the proceeds of which would benefit the hospital where John was treated and died. Starting with an initial print run of 500 calendars, the women meet international acclaim, including an appearance on the Jay Leno Show, and raise $1 million for the hospital. There is nothing erotic or even sensual in this lighthearted British comedy (rated PG-13). All the women's poses are strategically obscured by potted plants and the like. Instead, in addition to the mischief-making comedy, there are surprisingly powerful sub-themes of body image, aging, grief and loss, community, and memory. The film is based upon a true story from 1999. I was prepared to dismiss this film but instead enjoyed it for the lighthearted fun that it is....more info
  • Calendar Girls is a good thing
    I like to see movies where ordinary folks do extraordinary things, and Calendar Girls pulls this off with a little heart and a twinkle of the eye.

    Helen Mirren as Chris and Julie Walters as Annie lead the exceptional cast.

    The ladies of the local chapter of the Women's Institute meet regularly where they hear lectures from horticulturalists and others who speak on topics that aren't exactly exciting. Annie's Husband John is a nice chap who develops leukemia. Annie and her family and Chris spend a fair amount of time at the hospital waiting on an uncomfortable sofa - the kind of sofa that matches a hospital waiting room with magazines spread out from years past.

    The Women's Institute does a calendar every year - usually on some agricultural theme. When John passes away Annie and Chris get the idea to do a different calendar. They want to take tasteful nude photos of themselves and make this the new WI Calendar. Any proceeds they plan to use to replace the worn out old sofa at the hospital.

    The Calendar becomes a huge hit, sells tens of thousands of copies, and suddenly the 50-something homebodies are juggling their previous domestic lives along with reporters and offers from Hollywood. The narrative conflict begins in the second act as the families feel neglected and the women begin to have a little friction (Annie, who has just lost John, thinks that Chris is shamefully neglecting her still-living husband.) The third act feels a little rushed. There are many movies that are made a little loooooong, but this film wraps up as if the writer, director and editor looked down at their watches and said "well, we've only got ten minutes left, lads, better wrap things up!" Things are wrapped up - and pleasantly - so I recommend this movie. It probably misses the under-30 demographic entirely, but for anyone who likes the idea that a woman over 50 could be sexy, this movie is a nice shot in the arm....more info

  • Calendar Girls is wonderful!!
    Fascinating story of efforts to raise money in the most unconventional way possible - a nude calendar of middle-aged women. Loved the way it was done, the story line and the actresses. The sublety used for the photography is fantastic. Plan to enjoy it for many years to come....more info