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KitchenAid KV25GOXMC Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Stand Mixer, Metallic Chrome
List Price: $419.99

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Product Description

Equipped with a high-performance, professional-level motor, the Professional 5 Plus Series mixer can effectively mix up to 12 cups of all-purpose flour per recipe. Powerfully churns through double batches of cookie dough and yeast bread dough with ease. 450-watts Bowl-lift design 5-quart polished stainless steel wide-mouth bowl with handle Direct drive transmission, all-steel gears, and all-metal construction Commercial-style motor protection Includes Powerknead Spiral Dough Hook, flat beater, and stainless steel wire whip Multipurpose attachment hub with hinged hub cover Assembled with Pride in Greenville,Ohio Professional 5 Plus Mixer - Cobalt Blue

Thirty percent more powerful than KitchenAid¡¯s previous 5-quart stand mixers, this professional model efficiently tackles heavy loads with its 450-watt motor, direct-drive all-steel gear transmission, and bowl-lift lever that effortlessly raises heavy ingredients up to the beater. KitchenAid stand mixers, constructed of durable die-cast metal, come in a variety of colors and styles that have become American classics.

With a choice of ten speeds and three attachments--flat beater, spiral dough hook, and stainless-steel wire whip--the mixer handles everything from egg whites to meat loaf to pizza dough. Rather than rotating the bowl, KitchenAid stand mixers feature a fixed bowl with a unique mixing action: the beater spins clockwise as the shaft spins counter-clockwise, thus projecting the beater to 67 different points inside the 5-quart stainless-steel bowl. In deference to its power, the Soft-Start feature prevents splashing and flour clouds by gearing up to each speed gradually; then the electronic speed sensor kicks in to maintain a constant speed even when mixing the thickest batter. The bowl features a handle as well as two pins that hook into the lifting mechanism, which consists of a solid metal arm the same color as the mixer and a stainless-steel lever. A hinged attachment hub makes changing attachments easy. For safety, the mixer shuts down if an object obstructs the mixing process or if overloading occurs. The bowl, beater, and dough hook are dishwasher-safe. Assembled in Ohio, the mixer measures 16-1/2 by 12 by 14 inches and is backed by a hassle-free, one-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

What¡¯s In the Box
Stand mixer; 5-quart stainless-steel bowl; flat beater; spiral dough hook; wire whip.

  • 450-watt motor with 10 speeds; 5-quart stainless steel bowl
  • Unique mixing action: beater spins clockwise as the shaft spins counter clockwise
  • Ergonomic handle makes lifting the bowl more comfortable
  • Hinged hub cover flips up, allowing easy installation of attachments
  • Measures 16-1/2 by 12 by 14 inches; includes flat beater, spiral dough hook, and wire whip

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Mixer for about a Year...
    Buy this mixer if you don't mind fixing it every 1-2 years. We had the Pro 5 mixer for just over a year and loved it. Just after the warranty expired the mixer started making loud grinding sounds in the gear box area. We had the mixer repaired and it was not cheap compared to the price we paid for it. It may have the word "pro" in its model name but it's a consumer quality mixer. It's probably worth spending double the price for a real pro grade mixer that will last 10+ years....more info
  • Poor Product Worse Customer Service
    I received the 5 qt bowl lift stand mixer for a Christmas gift.

    It's performance was pathetic from day one but we managed to limp along for six months before it quit altogether. It's elliptical orbit was supposed to make better contact with the food it was mixing, but instead it made contact with the bowl, scratching it and completely throwing the bowl off it's pins. You could not begin to hold the bowl on to the machine even with both hands! It would heat up, give off the 'hot electrical' smell and quit.

    When we called Kitchen Aide, their *first* response was that it was 'operator error.' Sorry folks, but after being a professional cook, I am smart enough to snap a bowl in place over two pins and a button spring-snap at the back. It was insulting on top of having to cope with a mixer that did not live up to even the least of my expectations.

    We called them and they sent a replacement. It worked two weeks, got hot and quit in the middle of mixing 5 cups of bread flour. And the same little snippy customer dis-service agent *argued* that a 5-quart mixer should not have to handle that load. For thirty minutes she tried to force us to believe that it was user error.

    She then had the audacity to suggest we make *half a pizza*, wait half an hour and make the other half of the pizza. What planet does she live on? A $300 machine can't make a single crust pizza? Does that mean I make a half of a loaf of bread at a time, too? That machine should make half a dozen loaves of bread every day of the week for years for that kind of money.

    We asked to speak to a supervisor and read the instructions right off of page eleven to her. The book said no more than '12 cups' of flour. So five cups of bread flour is too much when the instruction booklet says 12? Hummph! and hogwash! And they suggested that the machine should not run for more than six minutes at a time. . .Six minutes? SIX MINUTES?

    What if I had been making a really stiff dough like pasta? Oh, yeah, that's right. . .it wouldn't make semolina pasta dough at all when I tried it. . .that's right 2 1/2 cups of semolina would not mix and knead on a $300 machine enough to run through the pasta extruding attachment we purchased separately.

    How about trying to grind sausage in six minutes? That isn't going to happen in this life time either. Save your money and skip the attachments even if you break down and buy the mixer.

    The Oster Kitchen Center we had mixed 8 cups of flour for 3 loaves of bread at a time at least 3 days a week for nearly 20 years with no complaints from it or me (plus using the blender, ice cream, food processor, shredder and grinder attachments) until I finally wore it out. . .not the motor, mind you. . .the connector that held the attachments to the motor was so worn down that it was unusable, but the motor fired up just fine. And, yes, it routinely made double batches of semolina pasta dough that I ran through my hand cranked Atlas pasta machine.

    Yeah, they are sending us a new machine, but we don't think we should have had to go through this plus they do not guarantee that it will be any better than the two we have had already.

    And we certainly should not have to had to argue for half an hour that a five quart machine can't handle five cups of King Arthur bread flour....more info
  • Great Mixer
    I love my mixer and am very pleased with the quality. In my experience KitchenAid is a very well made brand. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a stand mixer. This one has the arms that attach to the bowl and the bowl lifts to the mixer head (better and sturdier than the cheaper head tilt models). (Note: this one does NOT come with the plastic bowl guard/pouring shield) I would recommend purchasing an extra bowl, really handy especially during holidays....more info
  • A Great Mixer!
    I really wish people would read the instruction manual before complaining about things.

    Yes, the mixer starts off slowly. This is called the soft start feature. it is intentional. The idea is the mixer starts slowly and ramps up to full speed. This keeps the ingredients from spraying all over the place.

    Yes this mixer is louder than older KA mixers. It has an all metal gear set and they are louder than the older mixers that have a nylon gear.

    I make on average about 6 loaves of bread each weekend, stiff French and Italian style dough. This mixer has never bogged down, quit or failed in any way in my use for nearly one year.

    You will love the spiral dough hook and the wider bowl.

    I own quite a few mixers, 38 to be precises(OK, I am a little nuts) and the 4 I uses regularly the Pro 5+ is the one I use most. You will be pleased. But please, read the instruction Manual.
    ...more info
  • I love it...
    If you're looking for a heavy duty mixer that almost belongs in a restaurant but is really for the home, this is the one for you. A couple of things to be aware of though. This mixer is a bit louder than the artisans. And because it has the lifting bowl design, it's slightly taller. You may want to measure the height of your counter-to-cabinet space. The mixer doesn't fit under some of my cabinets....more info
  • Great Mixer!
    If you love to bake, then you need this kitchen appliance. The motor on this mixer is like the Energizer Bunny. It makes mixing so much more enjoyable, and fun with the addition of the extra attachments. It is very versatile, and with the proper attachment, can even be used to make pasta. Clean up is easy, as you can just detach the bowl for cleaning in the sink or the dishwasher, and the same is true for all of the additional add ons....more info
  • The best planetary mixer ever
    I have been using KitchenAid products for more than 15 years and I have always though that there was nothing I could add to it until I bought the KV25GOXGR. The features in this mixer are simple astonishing, the wide bowl, the security starting system and the power makes it, in my opinion, the best planetary mixer I have ever used. In addition you have all the regular features of a KitchenAid and, of course, the wide range accessories that allowed you to do almost anything in your kitchen....more info
  • Deeply disappointed
    I did lots of research before buying this model. I read the Cooks illustrated article on mixers, read all the reviews on this site and talked to a trusted friend who has a similar model. Everybody thought this machine was wonderful. I beg to differ. This machine is a clunker. I mean that literally, the design reminded me of something out of Detroit in the Fifties where sheer mass was the answer. I am an average guy,go to the 'Y' a couple of time a week but I found trying to move this thing around on a countertop to be a real chore and don't ever slide it or those stupid little rubber feet pop out of their holes and then you've got to tip it over and squeeze them back into their little holes. It also made lots of noise and didn't mix very well. This is the only mixer I've ever had where I had to take a spatula half way through the job and scrape all the stuff up that been evenly smeared around the bowl but not incorporated into the mix. I really found this to be annoying. My Bosch mixer, though much lighter, made of a high impact plastic and engineered,in of all places,Germany outperformed this beast with ease. I feel badly that I wore it out after twenty years. I certainly have no intentions of wanting to pass down this Kitchen Aid to my children they would probably curse me. The ultimate thing about this mixer that made me put it back in the box and ship it back to amazon was the orbiting mixer head that rotates the beaters around the bowl as they turn. Just as you're about to pour something into the mixing bowl, the head comes around and hits the cup and sends flour all over the counter, floor, everywhere... except in the bowl. They sell a plastic gizmo to solve this but shouldn't something that basic and essential to the use of this thing be part of the package and not sold as an accessory? I think think this machine has not evolved design wise from whenever it was first produced and just has far too many short comings.Also it just about didn't fit under my upper cabinets unless I slipped in the one spot I don't have under cabinet lights. Again my upper cabinets are 18" above the countertop as they are in 95% of American homes and most homes now have under-cabinet lights. Wouldn't you think a company making a home appliances would make one that was easy to move around, worked quietly and efficiently and could be easily stored in the average home? ...more info
  • Great, but buy elsewhere
    The KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus (KV25G0X) is a great product, but you should buy it elsewhere. We ordered it from Amazon, and got the Commercial (KM25G0X) instead. We did not want that, so contacted customer service. They said they'd exchange it, but they sent us another KM25G0X. No good, obviously. Then, the customer service representative claimed they could not reliably get in touch with the warehouse, so they had no idea whether they ever actually would get the item they advertise. They said they sometimes substituted similar products. Great.

    At this point we gave up, and ordered instead straight from the manufacturer....more info
  • Kitchenaid Professioal 5 Plus Qt Mixer
    I had a small kitchenaid mixer for years, and loved it so much I moved up to this one. It does a wonderful job on everything you need to mix. The quality is very good I would recommend it to any one....more info
  • Very Nice Mixer
    WOW ! What a change from my little Kitchen aid mixer I have had for 8 years !. I love that you have a slow start opt with this.Altho, the beater is kind of "Odd" in removing it ( head doesn't tilt like my last one ) It does take some getting use to in removing the beater.I really love the pull up bowl ! Over all, I'm 100% in love with this mixer....more info
  • Item great-can't say the same for Amazon
    My significant other really likes the mixer. She was looking at the smaller Kitchenaid Mixer and I surprised her with this one.

    About a week after we received this one Amazon had the next model up at a a lower price than this model. They would not do an exchange....more info
  • I never knew what a difference it could make
    Had I known what a difference this would make with my cooking, I would have bought one a long time ago. Everything is faster, now, and everything I mix, from potatoes to icing, comes out smoother, too.
    There are a variety of things you can make with this mixer, and I use mine a lot. Perhaps not every single day, but almost. I bake bread with it every few days, and I decorate cakes for parties and special occasions on the side. My mixer has never let me down. In fact, I am buying an extra bowl just for convenience, too.
    Sometimes you do get a strange smell when you use it to whip something up. They even tell you in your mixer's manual to expect it and that it is normal.
    I've had mine for almost a year, now, and was waiting until I had it awhile before I reviewed it. But I have yet to have any problems with it.
    It's cut preparation time more than half for everything I've made with it. From cakes to meatloaf and bread. It's sturdy and somewhat heavy, which means it's not going to easily be knocked off your counter.
    It does have a slow start to prevent flour from going all over. However, if you are using a lot of powdered sugar or flour to the point of it being more than half full, you will still want to use the stir speed until it's a little more settled and moist or you will end up with a mess. Not a big one, but a mess nonetheless.
    It comes with a book of recipes, but I've only used a few. I've never had any issues with it handling all the cookie dough and other heavy doughs I've mixed with it, however. In fact, I've made more cookies just since getting this than I did for years before. It's just so convenient and easy that I don't mind. I mean heavy doughs, too, like monster cookies and peanut butter m&m cookies, etc.
    I don't know what else to say about it. I don't think you will be disappointed in this purchase. I'm usually someone who doesn't like to spend a lot of money, but this was more than worth it, and I will be buying my daughter one someday, too....more info
  • The mixer that wouldn't die
    My mother bought this mixer for me when I chose to major in hotel/restaurant management in college. That was back in 1982, and it's still going strong.

    I believe in buying right and buying once, and this mixer epitomizes that philosophy. I doubt I will ever have to buy another mixer in my lifetime (and I plan to live past 100). At cooking school, each kitchen in the classroom was equipped with a standard KitchenAid mixer - four to six classes a day, five days a week, for several years - and not one mixer ever had a problem.

    In high school, I often ate at my friend's house; her mother had received her mixer as a wedding present and had used it almost daily for over thirty years. When her mother passed away years later, my friend inherited the mixer and still uses it regularly to this day.

    Yes, it's pricey for a mixer but buying several cheaper mixers is no bargain. And when you consider how much more convenient, powerful, and efficient this mixer is - and how much hassle and frustration you will avoid by using this one rather than an inferior one - it really is the only practical choice.

    I recommend it!...more info
  • Keeps breaking
    I bought one of these just over a year ago. The gear housing broke after a year and since then it has been in for repairs twice. Both times, it broke again the first time I used it. It cost over [...] to get fixed and takes a month since the part has to be ordered in. I would never buy a Kitchenaid again. Kitchenaid has not been helpful on the phone as the warranty is expired and they say I should just take it in again. They also told me that mixing bread dough is hard on the machine ... then perhaps they shouldn't promote its bread kneading capability so enthusiastically....more info
  • Blue Monster
    Love it and don't know how I baked without it. Shipped fast and is all I expected plus some....more info
  • Best Mixer for the price
    The is the best yet Kitchenaid mixer for the price you pay. This one has the extended polished bowl, the white accesories so that you can wash them in an automatic dishwasher without tarnish them and a powerfull motor of 475W. Excellent product!!...more info
  • Kitchenaid Stand Mixer
    Excellent product! I absolutely love using it. The only problem with the product is how tall it is. You might want to measure your countertop area before ordering. I'm completely satisfied with my order....more info
  • Terrific and even better customer service
    I bought this mixer for my wife for her birthday and we have been amazed at the ease of use and the variety that it added to our cooking. It is very solidly constructed and powerful enough for making bread. The attachments fit well and are well designed for their purposes. The attachments are pricey (but they have a great 25% rebate going on now). I do recommend the "Mixer Bible" to get the most out this great mixer.

    The customer service is also excellent. We had a minor problem with the unit and they immediately replaced it with a new one and pickup was arranged for the old one. I have never had such great support regardless of the product....more info
  • kitchenaid has better customer service than amazon
    This stand mixer does not disappoint. If you buy the accessories and other attachments you can virtually do anything with this; prepare baked goods, make pasta, make ice cream, grind meat, beat or whip eggs, juice citrus, etc.

    I don't mind the lift, but now I wish I bought a model that has a tilt head instead. It seems easier to get the bowl and attachments out with the tilt head.

    Inspect everything carefully after when the package arrives! Make sure everything you have matches the product description! I made the mistake of not realizing amazon DID NOT (forgot to) include the wire whip and spiral knead hook. Amazon could not help me replace these items since it was over a month ago, but Kitchenaid customer service was very kind about it. When they say hassle-free they mean it! They sent me the parts I needed free of charge. All they asked for was the model # under the mixer. Make sure you don't lose that sticker!...more info
  • Great purchase
    Great product, great price. Thanks to Amazon Prime had to pay no shipment fee for such a heavy article. I can't wait to purchase all the gadgets that can be added to the mixer....more info
  • a happy wife
    I purchased this mixer for my wife, and boy did I hit a home run. Great quality and outstanding performance. In my eyes it was a fabulous present because for the next couple of years I can buy the attachments as gifts without the headache of trying to find that perfect gift. the only problem we have had with themixer is that the bowl doesn't lock in solidly enough so when dough is near the end of its kneading cycle it rocks the bowl off the holding tangs. Other than that, fantastic product....more info
  • Everything I Expected From KitchenAid
    The mixer mixes like no other! It takes the work out of mixing and often mixes better than you could by hand (i.e. meatloaf). I look forward to using this mixer for years to come due to it's superior quality....more info
  • professional kitchenaid mixer
    I thought it would be a good idea to have a larger kitchenaid mixer as I already have the smaller one, and have probably had it 15 to 20 years.

    While making large batches of cookies, the old mixer had a tendency to jump around and it seemed to almost take more power than it had.

    However, the new one takes up too much room on my kitchen counter, is very heavy, and only has one bowl that fits. The old one had a smaller size bowl also which was good for cake frostings.

    I'm thinking of trying to sell the new one and start using my old one again as it's really not convenient....more info
  • Best Mixer
    I bought this KitchenAid Mixer for my daughter as a Christmas gift because I have had one for years and I love it. This model has a super strong motor and mixes batters and doughs so well that I find no drawbacks to using it. I've even been able to mix very stiff biscotti dough without the mixer pausing or hesitating. I like the slow start feature which prevents flour and other powders from spattering out of the bowl. It has a lift/lower mechanism for the bowl which doesn't alter the height of the mixer, making it easier to use if under the counter. If you do have room on your counter this mixer is convenient, otherwise it would be quite heavy to lift each time you needed to use it. The mixer, bowls and accessories are sturdy and high quality, probably because they're still made here in the USA. You will not be disappointed with this KitchenAid....more info
  • I would not buy a different mixer
    If you bake heavy bread doughs or large batches, this is the mixer for you. I had a slightly smaller Kitchen Aid mixer, which I also loved, but the extra size and motor power of this model is invaluable. It is a beautiful machine. It is heavy and quiet, and very powerful, like an expensive luxury automobile. It is also very beautiful, I have it in red, and it is just gorgeous with my red le creuset pans (they have the exact same color and finish). It has a very useful feature where it starts out slow when you first turn it on, then gradually speeds up. This keeps things from slopping out of the mixing bowl. There are three things I do not especially like about this mixer, but you will notice I give the machine 5 stars anyway. The first problem is really minor. It takes some degree of coordination to get the bayonet at the back of the mixing bowl attached to the mixer. The other two problems stem from the top of the mixer not swinging up, as it does on the smaller mixers. Using the plastic chute accessory to load ingredients is a bother, so I soon stopped doing that. When I put ingredients into the bowl, it is kind of an awkward, messy procedure. Then, when you finish mixing, it is also awkward to get the beater out of your food product. If something were to happen to the machine I own, these problems would not keep me from buying the same exact machine again. For people who cook large batches, this mixer is just wonderful. If you don't really need the volume, you would be happier with one of the smaller mixers, the top of which swing up. ...more info
  • KitchenAid KV25GOXWW
    I have been using this for a few weeks now and it has made everything I have mixed in it better, smoother. I am glad I purchased this model because with wet dough it does seem adequate but I would not have wanted anything with less power. I also like the wide bowl that this model comes with compared to the other models, so it is easier to add ingredients. The only thing that I don't like is having to drop the beaters in the mixing bowl to take the bowl off the mixer. I would recommend this to a friend....more info
  • KitchenAid Mixer
    I have enjoyed my new KitchenAid. I'm thinking that I may have liked the smaller model that has the beater that tips up instead of having the bowl lifter, as it is awkward sometimes working around the beater. Overall, I am happy and can mix a lot in a short amount of time....more info
  • great mixer
    it works great, it saves you a lot of time in the kitchen. and very easy to clean....more info
  • Alway perfect!
    This is my third KitchenAid - not because they have worn out, but because I donate my old ones to my children who can't afford one right now. I wouldn't use any other brand than KitchenAid especially for a mixer. I just used the bread dough hook this week to make cinnamon rolls and it worked marvelous - the rolls came out light and tender and delicious. I'm 71 years old and KitchenAid Mixers are fairly heavy, but I have mine stored close to the counter so I don't have to lift it very far. My mother gave me hers when I was first starting house and I have had one every since. This model is great if you are a heavy baker. Some models are more for just cakes mixes and mashing potatoes, but this one will do it all!...more info
  • KitchenAid Professional 5 Quart
    Having taken up cake decorating as my new hobby, I needed a bigger, more powerful mixer than my little KA hand mixer. I opted for this KA Pro 5 quart, because of it's higher wattage (450) and bigger bowl. I absolutely love it! It is such a time saver. Easy to clean and maintain, I hope my mixer will outlast me. I found an excellent deal on Amazon, and still have to see it ANYWHERE, at a cheaper price. My shipping was free, and I had it in my hands three days after I ordered it. Would definately recommend this mixer!!...more info
  • Kitchen Aid 5 Plus 5: A Joy To Use

    I had wanted the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for years. After going through several other mixers, I became convinced that Kitchen Aid was clearly a leader in its field. My father, who was a chef and restaurant owner, always used Kitchen Aid in his restaurants and at home.

    I embarked on the research about which model was going to be best for my kitchen. At first, I was very attracted to the Artisan Series, liking the looks and color choices available. But I discovered this series featured a smaller motor (375-425 watt) and bowl capacity. After discussing this with a couple of chef's I know, I came away determined to buy the 5 Plus 5. With its larger 450 watt motor and deeper larger 5 quart mixing bowl, I knew it could stand up to the heavy use it got in my kitchen.

    When it arrived, I unpacked it and after reading the instruction book thoroughly, set it up in literally seconds. This is a very big small appliance. I fortunately, have huge counter space, so I set it up under the cabinets within reach. For anyone having limited counter space or limited use for this model, a smaller machine might be a better choice.

    Performance: This is a real workhorse of a stand mixer. It whips egg whites and heavy cream quickly and easily. The balloon whisk is ideal for use with dishes which require that a lot of air be incorporated into the mixture you're creating.

    The spiral dough hook does a fantastic job with kneading doughs for breads, biscuits, pie crusts and rolls. This is a fairly quiet machine that doesn't rock or shake when working with larger batches of batter.

    The mixing paddle is perfect for blending cake batters, or whipping mashed potatoes, or one of a hundred cooking tasks requiring mixing. One irritant is that the bowl is so deep, that you have to stop the machine for mixing, to scrape up dry ingredients from the bottom of the bowl.

    Changing your different attachments is quick and easy. Simply turn, remove, and insert your next accessory. The bowl is stainless steel, making it ideal for chilling before beating egg whites or heavy cream or making a flaky pie crust. I simply chill my bowl and attachments in the freezer until ready to start.

    Cleanup is very easy. I hand wash my attachments and my bowl. They cleanup in literally seconds. The mixers exterior wipes up easily. I use a Clorox cleanup to wipe any spatters off and keep it looking shiny.

    Though at $319.00 this is an expensive stand mixer, it can quickly pay for itself in saved time and effort. So, if you are a serious cook who uses stand mixers on a weekly basis, I highly recommend the Kitchen Aid 5 Plus 5.
    ...more info
  • Love this mixer
    This mixer is awesome. A huge difference over my 25 year old Sunbeam. If you are used to a tilthead mixer, this one does take a little getting used to. Other than that, its awesome. ...more info
  • Used my mixer for the first time, and it delivered
    I just made my popular khachapuri modification using my mixer, and I have to say it delivered well. I am a one man show in our kitchen as my wife doesn't cook, so when I make khachapuri it can get overwhelming. There are times during the recipe where things have to be done at one time, and there are parts of the recipe that used to wear my arm out (like folding cold butter into the flour). With the mixer, I just set about its way as I complete other tasks. The best part is the easy and convenient cleanup. I had my khachapuri done and all utensils cleaned from start to finish in 2 hours (including 1 hour of refigeration on the dough and 50 minutes cooking). No way I could do that when I was using my elbow grease for everything. Adding the shredder attachment worked very well for the cheeses. I can definitely see that I will be using my mixer on a regular basis going forward, and I already plan to experiment with new recipes....more info
  • Kitchen Aid... now that's Gold!
    I purchased a Kitchen Aid Professional 5 Series in Caviar... not that I needed a new one, and it was breaking my heart to surrender the old one. My husband told me to get it for my birthday. I already had a Kitchen Aid mixer that is so old I can't remember when I got it. I know I have had it at least fifteen years... that mixer looks as good today as the day I got it! I have baked and cheffed for a living so that mixer has gone the mile and back... now my daughter is the proud owner of this old Kitchen Aid mixer. She uses it for everything. I tell you I had a love affair with that machine! In my opinion, there is nothing on the planet that compares with a Kitchen Aid as far as quality craftsmanship, dependability, durability... and the old white mixer? She is as white as she was when I originally purchased it... after hundreds of loaves of bread and cakes. Not even a scratch! Find you have a problem with a paddle or a whip? No worries! Kitchen Aid will send you another one free of charge with a smile in their voice and with speedy delivery! Where do you get customer service like that in this day and age? Want to pamper yourself? Go get that Kitchen Aid... you will never be sorry! Guaranteed!...more info
  • don't trust customer service
    It broke in the first month i bought and they changed for a new one.I moved to Japan and it broke again.Called the official seller here and they refused to fix it because i didn't buy here!!Even if i would pay!!And when e-mailing to the customer's service they started lying saying the person who said it could be fixed quit...and blablabla...and they couldn't do anything, i have this big useless machine that i have to pay to throw away!!NEVER AGAIN KITCHEN AID!...more info
  • Perfect balance of size, cost and power
    If you want to get a stand mixer, you should get a Kitchenaid. That goes without saying, in my opinion. But deciding which one to get is tough. You need to balance size, cost and power. The 5-quart Pro is a very good balance of the three. $299 is a great price (and it can go below that too). I highly recommend it....more info