Targus CVR600 15.4 Groove Notebook Backpack
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Product Description

The Groove Notebook Backpack is the affordable backpack for your notebook and all of your gear. The padded sleeve protects notebooks with screens up to 15.4". The front section provides generous storage for CDs, pens, a key clip, mobile phone pocket and a port hole for headphones. In addition, there is an extra pocket for files or accessories and even a side pocket for your water bottle. All these features are designed into a durable nylon case with a PVC bottom for protection against water and wear making this the backpack to own. Limited lifetime warranty Black/Grey

  • Padded Sleeve Protects Notebooks with Screens Up to 15.4"
  • Front Storage Section Includes Padded CD & Mobile Phone Pockets with Port Hole for Headphones, Pen Loops, and Key Clip
  • Extra Pocket for Files or Accessories
  • Side Pocket for Extra Storage and Water Bottle Transport
  • Durable Pvc Bottom to Protect Against Water and Wear

Customer Reviews:

  • Good And Spacious Backpack
    I now have this backpack for over a year. I have to say it is sturdy and roomy. I keep all things related to the laptop inside it, including headphones, power extension cable and a gamepad among others. The only thing that could have been better is padding, not that it is't good, but some laptop bags have better padding to protect the machine....more info
  • Adequate case
    This slip case is a quite adequate case for a 17" Laptop computer for not a lot of money. The case is very light neoprene and has metal hardware which is remarkable considering the price of the case. The inside is divided by a piece of thin nylon into 2 compartments and there is a handy outside pocket with a velcro closure. It is definitely worth the price....more info
  • Poorly Made
    Unfortunately, this case looks much better online than in person. I have had Targus bags in the past, and the ones I have had were wonderful, which was why I bought this one. The problem is not with the amount of room featured inside the case, because there is more than enough room for notebooks and papers and folders as well as your computer. The problem was with the way it was made. The material used was something that would not have lasted long in itself had I kept it, and the seams at the top of the bag were loose, giving me the impression that it was not going to keep my computer safe. The hooks may be metal but they did not seem to be securely fastened to the bag itself. All in all, I was not comfortable carrying my belongings for school in it because it did not feel sturdy enough....more info
  • Targus Notebook Backpack, fits 15.3" laptop
    It really does fit a 15.3" laptop and has a Velcro strip to hold it in place; but as one of the other reviews mentioned, it is not waterproof. So if you're expecting to use this where it rains a lot, the pack is probably not for you. It's not terribly good at carrying things other than a laptop and its accessories. You might be able to fit a day's clothing into the same zippered area that keeps the laptop; or be able to lug around 1-2 textbooks in addition to the laptop. Ok, so why the 4-stars? I use it for work, it works as expected, the manufacturer shipped it out in a timely manner, and it's free from defects....more info
  • Great price for a practical item
    A light weight shoulder bag to carry your 17" laptop at a GREAT price.
    A very difficult item to find, especially at this price!...more info
  • Super Backpack!
    Purchased as a carryall for my computer and other electronics when travelling by plane. The quality of the nylon material is excellent. The zippers glide easily along the track using large nylon zipper pulls. The zippered openings are wide and I love the amount of pockets and compartments that this backpack houses. There are zippered pockets and separate compartments for your laptop, cords & adapters, mouse, hard drive, virtually everything you need to provide you with a mini office when on the road. There is even room enough for an extra change of clothes and a small toiletry kit. The bag easily opens up wide for inspections at the airport and so roomy that everything goes back in as easily as it came out. The padding in the bag that surrounds your laptop is sturdy and thick and provides you with a sense of security that your laptop is adequately protected. The straps are thickly padded for comfort and the bag is waterproofed to keep your computer safe from rain or spills. ...more info
  • notebook case
    Good case. Soft cover, very light and fits like a sleeve around my 17" laptop. Weight is almost nothing....more info
  • Just What I Wanted
    I love it. It's just what I wanted. Perfect for my new 17 inch laptop....more info
  • SJ
    I have been using the bag for about 3 weeks now on a daily basis. Its a pretty nice thing if you need carry a 15.4" computer along with few files.
    The padding is not the best but adequate and the looks are pretty contemporary and plain.
    Not a bad buy for under 30$.

    ...more info
  • Nice bag but beware the zipper
    I have owned this bag (or versions of it) for two and a half years. It's a good bag with lots of pockets (although quite large), and I really like that it has a lifetime warrenty because I've had to use it.

    I owned it for about a year and a half before the zipper for the main compartment broke. I sent it back to Targus, and they (pretty quickly, I admit) sent me another (smaller version of the) bag. I then went overseas with my bag. Now, in less than a year, the zipper has broken again. I can still zip it if I am very careful, but most of the time it falls open. Unfortunately, I now live West Africa where it is difficult for me to send the bag back to claim the warrenty on it again and where it is difficult for me to find a replacement laptop backpack.

    So, if you plan to stay in the U.S. with this bag and don't mind the hassle/time of sending it back to the company for occasional repairs/replacement, this is an affordable backpack for your laptop. If you plan to go overseas with it, invest in something a little more durable.......more info
  • just what i wanted
    This is the case just what I wanted in the reasonable price. My new 17 inches widescreen Toshiba laptop fits in well. As people have mentioned, this is not water-proof. The material made for this case is a little be flexible and may strech a little bit when I hold the handles. Thus, there is a little bit safety concern to me. Overall, I like this product....more info
  • Great case - price is right.
    Keeps my laptop from getting dinged up + has enough space for basic peripherals - very good deal!...more info
  • Targus Notebook CVR200
    When you don't want to carry a full backpack and need just enough to carry the computer, power brick and a few CD's this is what you want. The bag provides good protection for my Powerbook and is very easy to cary and open for inspection if you travel with your computer....more info
  • Great Bag!!
    This bag is a perfect blend of protection and ease of use. It is thick enough to protect, but not heavy. It also has the advantage of a pocket for small accessories. Fits my 17" Toshiba Satellite 300 really well....more info
  • Best bag ever owned
    I have been using this bag for over 2 1/2 years and I can't believe how durable and reliable it has been. I use it with my 17 inch HP laptop, and drag it around a Marine Corp base working in server closets. It can handle any abuse I put it through. It has many convienent pockets to carry my network cables and supplies. The zippers work well, however one recently broke and I am having to RMA it to Targus. There is a lifetime warrany on their products. Targus customer support is great, and without question or documentation, were willing to repair or replace my backpack and no charge. Thanks Targus....more info
  • Great Qualitiy for a Great Price
    I'm not a "road warrior". That is, I have a 17" laptop I rarely take out of the house. But, sometimes I'll pack up and head to Panera and work from there having lunch, etc. For this type of travel, I wanted something simple to protect my machine. Originally, I purchased a neoprene slip case, but it had no strap. I quickly returned it after one trip of lugging my "brick" a few blocks to a friends house and set looking for something similar but with a strap.

    I found this to be the PERFECT solution for me! It is NOT a big heavy bag with lots of compartments and bells and whistles. It's not much larger than my original slip case but it has a sturdy strap and my machine fits well and carries nicely. And it is less expensive than the slip case I originally purchased.

    For me, when I take my machine, I don't take my AC power adapter (when my battery dies it's time to stop driking coffee and go home). I pack only my mouse in the side pocket. It would be bulky and buldgy if I put in the ac adpater, but would be ok if I needed and for the type of travel I explained.

    I'm very please with this product - It fits my needs very well. If you are a "road warrior" and need to pack a lot of stuff (documents, books, gadgets and accessories, etc.) for your plane trip, this may not be the case for you. But, for light local travel, this is probably what you are looking for....more info
  • Fits a Dell Studio 17 !!!!
    WOW - I had my doubts about ordering this case!

    I have a Dell Studio 17 widescreen with the 9 cell battery.
    This case fits perfectly and I still have room for my charger, some papers and some other little things!

    I've looked and looked for reviews that mentioned a Studio 17 and could not find one. The only thing that I'm a bit disappointed in is that the shoulder strap and the rings it hooks to are plastic. At least it has carrying handles if the plastic breaks. But other than that it's wonderful!
    The price is an extra plus! I looked at a SwissGear 17 inch slip cover at a retail store while out of town it was nice (not a big as this one - it didn't have that much extra room) and it was $45! They've got to be kidding! It's hard to find an extra large slip cover but this was highway robbery!

    It's a shame that this product wasn't in any of the local retail stores like Staples, Best Buy or even Wal-Mart! But then again - Amazon usually has them all beat on their prices regardless of the item anyway!!...more info
  • too small
    it's too small for a 17" laptop, because can't fit the power adapter, or other staf, like mouse, etc....more info
  • Great Case
    The case is small and easy to store. My computer fits nicely in the case and is well protected. If you just need a basic case without a lot of storage, this is a good case for you. If you need a lot of storage, look for a bigger case....more info
  • All you need
    Good piece of gear; my 17" Macbook Pro fits nicely; easy to use at airport, and price is right. Also makes nice cushion/insulator when working from lap....more info