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Cables To Go - 29607 - 12ft Ultima HD15 M/M SXGA Monitor Cable (Black)
List Price: $26.19

Our Price: $10.56

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Product Description

The Ultima Series of PC cables from Cables To Go combines style, quality, performance and value, while giving you the ultimate in cable technology. The sleek design of the molded connectors makes them easy to grip. The connectors are color coded to match the ports on your personal computer or notebook, ensuring a simple connection. The charcoal gray cable jacket not only matches your case but disappears behind your desk leaving a clean organized look. Constructed with UL tested and certified cable, the Ultima Series meets the rigid standards of everyday use. The cable is double-shielded with a dual foil and braid. Copper foil wraps the undermold, while a 360-degree solder-to-connector shell and cable braid create an end-to-end shielding solution for a noise-free connection.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Quality Product
    This connection is not cutting edge anymore but I hoped I would get a reasonably crisp image from my PC to my flat screen. This was indeed the case and I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Cables To Go - 29607 - 12ft Ultima HD15 M/M SVGA Monitor Cable (Black)
    Great Cable! I use it everyday to watch HDTV with great picture quality.
    Fast shipping!...more info
  • Great Cables
    Needed to hook up my PC to my LCD TV, both of which had VGA ports. Cables work great....more info
  • So far so good
    The cable has worked perfectly. I plug my computer in a 26' TV, and the image is perfect: nearly as good as if it was a HDMI cable. The size is also optimal: 12 feet (~3,6m), not too big, nor too small. Excellent purchase....more info
  • Love it !!!
    I also bought this cable to connect my Sony Bravia TV to my laptop. After consulting with both Sony and Dell I learned that an HD-15 connection would give me a better picture than an S-video connection.

    Now here's the nifty part.... My nefarious intention was to play Region 2 DVDs on my laptop's DVD drive and "export" the picture to the big screen TV. It works perfectly! I can now watch European DVDs without sqwinting at my laptop's little screen. IMPORTANT WARNING - In order to do this one must change the region code on the DVD drive and the drive will only allow the region code to be changed a few times before it "locks in." If you're going to do this I recommend having a DVD drive that you can leave on the foreign region all the time and another for any Region 1 DVDs that you might want to watch....more info