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Philips PH61071 Component-Video Cable (6 Feet)
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Product Description

Whether in homes, factories, offices, airports, or on the street, it's hard to imagine a place where Philips is absent. What Philips wants is to make your life and work easier - and more fun! And Philips continuously explores new ways to improve products and to offer innovative products to its consumers. Philips. "Let's Make Things Better".

Get the most from your component-video sources with the Philips PH61071 component-video cable. Perfect for hooking up progressive-scan DVD players, digital satellite receivers, and other component-video-capable devices with compatible high-resolution TVs, computer monitors, or video cards, the cable offers consistent 75-ohm impedance for maximum signal strength, reliable performance, and efficient signal transfers. The cable's 6-foot length accommodates hard-to-reach equipment positions in your living room or office.

  • 6-foot component-video cable
  • Consistent 75-ohm impedance for maximum signal strength, reliable performance, and efficient signal transfer
  • Perfect for connecting compatible home-entertainment components or video cards with compatible high-resolution TVs, monitors, and other devices
  • Black cable color with red, green, and blue RCA-type connectors
  • Model PH61071

Customer Reviews:

  • sweet mama
    these cords are pretty cool for the money they deliver pretty good quality for my hd dvd and i am really satisfied...more info
  • Works, but limitedly
    Works on my older Sony DVD player, but does not work on either of my Cyber Home DVD player or recorder. I don't know if this is a problem with the Cyber Home (a real possibility) or with the cables themselves....more info
  • Does the job brilliantly
    This is a component cable that does its job perfectly. No need to spend on fancy cables -- this one will do you just fine....more info
  • Good !!!
    This cable is good for the use. Why should I pay $40-$60 instead of this!
    Worth for the price....more info
  • Not as good as other, higher priced, cables
    I bought these cheaper cables thinking that all that talk about gold plated terminals, silver content solder, etc. found on other cables was just a way of justifying a higher price. But when I compared the performance of these Phillips cables with Monster THX 500 cables (bought at Radio Shack) and Radio Shack brand cables using my (non digital, low def) Panasonic DVD recorder/player I found that the Phillips cables gave the least bright, least colored, image of the bunch. The monster cables were clearly the best. I would have saved some money by adjusting the TV settings if it were only a matter of color saturation, but I figured ramping up the backlight setting to the max to compensate for the dim image probably wouldn't be that good for the tv.
    Funnily enough, when I did the same test with an older Panasonic DVD player, the original composite cable gave the best image. Go figure. ...more info
  • Cables work just fine
    I'm a firm believer that you usually get what you pay for. BUT - I also recognize that when margins go down for a main product line (i.e. Plasma TVs and such), resellers try to make up the profit with high-priced add-ons. For such a low price these cables work just fine. Glad I didn't spend the premium $$$ for something that probably wouldn't have made any noticeable difference....more info
  • Perfect for the price
    These cables are at a great price and you cant tell the difference between these or the expensive monster cables. Highly recommended....more info
  • Good price
    I just purchased these as an extra set. The price was so low that it was worth it....more info
  • Very good for the price
    because of the good review, i ended up buying this cable and im glad i did. cheap price but very good quality. if only it also has the audio cables to go with it, it would have been perfect....more info
  • Works like it should
    Not a whole lot to say about a cable. It works like it's supposed to, and the picture quality looks good....more info
  • Component Cable
    It works well with my HDTV at a very low cost. Its an excellent value....more info
  • No Complaints
    I bought this product to enhance the picture of my HDTV. I have compared it against my HDMI and the pictures look very similar. The picture is far better than with AV cables. It's well worth the money....more info