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Sony Cybershot DSCP73 4.1MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
List Price: $486.16

Our Price: $99.98

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Product Description

Looking for a digital camera with big features at a reasonable price? The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73 is just the camera for you. The DSC-P73 features all of the extras you would expect from a camera twice its price, such as 5 area multi-point auto focus, slow shutter noise reduction, manual exposure control and multi-pattern measuring. It even features PictBridge compatibility, so you can print directly from the camera without the need of a computer.Images are outstanding thanks to the combination of a 4.1 Megapixel Super HAD CCD, 3X optical zoom lens, and Sony's Real Imaging Processor. Incredibly, all of these features come in a camera that is compact and easy to use.

With its small size and quick reaction time, the Sony DSCP73 digital camera will be your constant photographic companion. The affordable DSCP73 offers point-and-shoot simplicity with a variety of features normally found in higher-end models. This 4-megapixel camera features a 3x optical zoom, 4-shot burst mode, conversion lens compatibility, A/V connection to view images on your TV, and a high-resolution movie mode that's limited only by your Memory Stick's capacity. For a step up in price, the Sony DSCP93 adds a 5-megapixel CCD, higher resolution LCD screen, and 9-shot burst mode.

Optics and Resolution
The 1/2.7-inch Super HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD allows more light to pass to each pixel, increasing sensitivity and reducing noise, and provides a 4.1-megapixel effective resolution (2304 x 1728). The Real Imaging Processor offers greater clarity and picture quality as well as improved response time and battery life and decreased shutter lag. The DSCP73 has a 3x optical zoom lens that's combined with a smooth 2x digital zoom for a 6x total.

Movie Mode
Capture video with audio at 30 frames per second (fps) at VGA size 640 x 480; the included 16 MB memory card will store 42 seconds of vide at this setting. Movie length is only limited by the amount of storage you have on hand. The Video Mail mode captures a smaller movie (160 x 112 pixels) that's more suitable to sending to friends and family via e-mail.

More Features
The DSCP73 offers the following additional features to the DSCP41:

  • Live Histogram Display: Available in capture and playback, the Live Histogram displays the concentration of pixels at each luminosity value making it easy to evaluate the correct exposure.
  • Manual Exposure Mode: Manual Exposure Mode provides extended control with 46-step adjustable Shutter speed (30 D 1/1000 sec.), and 2-step Aperture control.
  • Conversion Lens Compatibility: Increase your shooting options by adding either telephoto lenses to increase your optical zoom or wide-angle lenses to increase the width of your field of view. You can even add filters for special effects.
  • Audio/Video Output: For reviewing images and MPEG movies, the DSCP73 offers an A/V output for convenient connection to a TV or VCR, this makes sharing images with family and friends easy.

Other features include:

  • Resolution modes: 2304 x 1728 (4.1MP), 2048 x 1536 (3MP), 1280 x 960 (1MP), 640 x 480 (VGA)
  • 1.5-inch, 64K LCD monitor makes framing shots and reviewing pictures easy.
  • Selectable Focus Mode: Monitoring AF (Auto Focus) helps you anticipate the action by focusing even before you press the shutter release.
  • 5 Area Multi-Point Auto Focus: By evaluating 5 separate focus areas of the frame, Sony?s Multi-Point AF system can intelligently focus on the subject and avoid mistakenly focusing on the background.
  • AF (Auto Focus) Illuminator: Briefly illuminating the subject, in low--or no--light conditions, the AF Illuminator helps establish a positive focus lock.
  • Multi-Pattern Measuring: Independently light-metering 49 points of the frame, Multi-Pattern Measuring establishes the optimum exposure, even when highlight and shadow isn?t centered in the frame.
  • Multi-Burst Mode: Captures 16 320 x 240 frames as part of a single 1280 x 960 image which plays back sequentially in the camera (selectable 1/7.5, 1/15, 1/30 second).
  • Scene Selection Mode: With 6 Scene Modes, parameters can be matched to the shooting conditions. Choose from one of the following: Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Landscape, Soft Snap, Candle, or Beach.
  • Slow Shutter Noise Reduction: During long exposures, Slow Shutter NR captures the scene, and then the CCD noise pattern with a dark frame exposure. By subtracting the two, even long exposures can be clear.
  • Pre-Flash Metering: With a momentary pre-flash, the camera illuminates the subject and sets exposure through the lens for accurate flash metering. Adjustable flash level and red-eye reduction ensure great flash shots.
  • 4 Shot Burst Mode: Capture up to 4 shots (fine) or 6 shots (standard) at 1.3 frames/sec. even at 4 MP resolution. Perfect for high speed subjects or fast moving action such as sports.

Direct Printing
The Cybershot DSCP73 offers PictBridge functionality, which enables you to transfer pictures from your digital camera to a compatible printer--such as the Sony PictureStation DPP-EX50--without a PC or image-editing software. Images can be viewed and selected for printing right on the camera's LCD, with menus for print quantity, date, and index print.

Storage and Transfer
Images are stored on Memory Sticks, and the Cybershot DSCP73 is compatible with Memory Stick Pro media--for storage up to 1 gigabyte. The included 16 MB Memory Stick will store 8 Fine and 14 Standard 4.1-megapixel images. The DSCP73 transfers images to PCs and Macs via a speedy USB 2.0 connection (which is backward compatible with USB 1.1 ports).

Power and Size
The camera is powered by two rechargeable NiMH AA-sized batteries (2100 mAh). The included adapter/charger provides power while you transfer images from the camera to your PC. It measures 4.63 x 2.13 x 1.38 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 7 ounces without Memory Stick or batteries.

What's in the Box
This package contains the Sony DSCP73 digital camera, 16 MB Memory Stick, two AA-size NiMH rechargeable batteries (NH-AA-DA), battery charger (BC-CS2), A/V and USB cables, wrist strap, and CD-ROM with photo editing software.

Sony Photo Vault
The optional Sony Photo Vault mini CD burner eliminates worry about running out of space on your Memory Stick when travelling. It burns images to mini CD-R's without a PC interface--just connect your camera using a USB cable. The Photo Vault also has a Memory Stick slot (compatible with Memory Stick Pro and Duo) and features a built-in photo album capability to display photos on a television screen using a television's standard AV input.

  • 4-megapixel sensor (2304 x 1728) captures enough detail to create photo-quality prints up to 11 x 14
  • 3x optical zoom plus 2x digital zoom for 6x total
  • High-resolution movie mode with sound; A/V output to TV; 4-shot burst; histogram display
  • Compatible with Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro media; includes 16 MB card
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (NiMH rechargeables included); connects to PCs and Macs via USB 2.0

Customer Reviews:

  • Go with a Kodak....
    I had a Kodak camera for years that I absolutely loved. We took it ice skating and ended up falling on it. Therefore, my family bought me this Sony for my b-day and I have to say this is the worst camera I have ever owned. If you have any movement (such as action shots or small children) the picture always comes out blurry. What a pain! Also, the picture quality is horrible. I will not purchase a sony again and am going back to a Kodak....more info
  • User Friendly.
    For the price, this is a first-class camera. It is well known that a digital camera is only worth the quality of pictures it produces. The Cyber-Shot creates excellent images, that even an amature, like myself, can create.
    It will capture beautiful shots, using the pre-recorded Scene Selecters:

    Soft Snap: provides a sharp accent of your subject with a hazy background.

    Candle: Lets you take perfect images of your partner over that romantic candle-light dinner.

    Twilight: Those night time shots of the city lights come out perfect.

    Landscape: Clear wide long shots that will not get any better.

    For basic value for money, and for an amature like myself, this digital delivers and more....more info
  • I'm in love with this camera.
    I actually originally went to this page through Google to see if they were still selling this model. I have to say that this is a really good camera for casual photography, and is even still a good camera for being a 4.1 megapixel camera (considering you can purchase 6, 7, and even 8 megapixel cameras now).

    I bought this camera for myself in January 2005, and it's reaching its two-year mark, and still works close to perfectly. It'd actually still be working perfectly if I didn't accidentally drop it so many times on hard surfaces (more than three hard falls!). In my opinion, it takes great quality pictures, slightly above-average video if there is good lighting, and takes great pictures even without flash. It's definitely a better camera than my dad's Fujifilm 7 megapixel camera, too. I think my camera still has another year or two on it, if I could be less clumsy. I've also gotten a lot of comments of photos I've taken. People have said that I have a really good camera, and that it takes excellent pictures.

    I used to take a lot of pictures of bands, and they've always been pleased with them. It does surprisingly well in dim environments. Lately, I've been taking a lot of still life pictures for fun, and got a lot of good feedback on the quality of this camera.

    There is only one problem I have with this camera, however, and it's that it eats up batteries really fast. I'm not exactly sure of what is considered good battery life for a digital camera, but I have to charge my batteries every day.

    Overall, this has been a really good camera to me through concerts, parties, film shoots, landscapes, still lifes, and amateur "artsy" photos. I'll be incredibly sad when I have to part with it....more info
  • Not as good as expected
    This is my second digital camera, my first one was Olympus D-560 3MP. I am not at all a sophisticated user, and here is my experience with two cameras. Compared to the Olympus one, I am very dissapointed at the quality of the Sony pictures, especially after reading all the positive reviews. When taking pictures of a moving object in automatic mode, the pictures turn out very blurry. It did not happen with my Olympus one. I checked in the manual and found out that you can adjust the shutter speed but only in manual mode. However, i am not sophisticated enough to also program the focus, the light, etc. in the manual mode. I just want to have faster shutter speed in automatic mode, but I can't seem to know how.

    One plus though, this Sony camera takes pictures much faster than my old one. But given the choice of having quality pictures vs. having a lot of picture with low quality, I would go for the high quality one. I just spent a week vacation abroad and the picture quality was so bad that I end up deleting a lot of them. The blurriness did not really show on the tiny LCD screen but you can not miss it on your computer screen. ...more info
  • USER
    I orderd this P-73 as it is cheaper than the repair estimate on my P-72 owned from 3/03. The P-72 worked fine until it crapped out. Symptoms are a blurred spiked display on the LCD, snaping a pic returns the same crap on the stick. I would have tried another brand (Minolta?) but have sticks and bats on hand for the Sony brand. UPDATE..Having used this P-73 for a while, it is a great improvement over the P-72. Greater detail and MUCH faster recovery time for multiple shots. I give it 5 Stars. As an aside, I had a school mate that claimed that every grade over a "C" was wasted. Same for cameras, every thing over 4 pix is a waste unless you are doing bill boards. ...more info
  • Sony Cybershot DSCP73
    My husband & I wanted a good digital camera but did not want to spend a bundle. We own other Sony products and know the products are usually high end. We are pleased again with another Sony product. The camera is a little bulky, but the pictures look wonderful and the capability is amazing. More than enough to keep us non-techies amazed!...more info
  • Unsatisfactory pictures
    I bought this camera after reading several positive reviews. I found that this camera has good features, is easy to use and has a battery charger. But to my dismay the picture quality was below par and didn't meet my expectations. The picture brightness with this camera is lower than a Nikon I had bought 18months ago. Most of the pictures appeared dim and a little dull wheras Nikon pictures at the same spot were brighter. I'm returning this camera. I will probably spend some extra dollars to buy a canon or a Nikon...more info
  • Great for pictures -- not great for videos
    We bought this camera as an upgrade from our Canon A40. The big feature for us (after the fabulously quick shutter speed) was the ability to take unlimited videos. (Most other cameras limit the video length because they must buffer the image, whereas Sony cameras can write directly to their memory cards.)

    However, we've decided to return the camera. There are 3 movie modes. With a 256 MB memory stick (about $100), you get about 3 minutes of video on the best setting. On the medium setting, you get 10 minutes of video. The third setting does give you 2 hours of video, but is completely unusable. The audio is very poor and the image is blurry and pixelated.

    We're disappointed that Sony didn't offer a movie mode in between the terrible 160 mode and the Standard 640 mode. A friend's Sony, now over 4 years old, has such an inbetween setting, and we figured this would be an example of the quality of this Cybershot's lowest setting. Not so!...more info

  • Worst Camera I Ever OWNED!
    This is the worst camera I have ever owned in my life. I had a fuji 1.3 mega pixle camera that took better pictures than this one! I have taken this camera on 2 vacations now, and both times I brought along my Olympus SLR film camera, and both times, the Olympus pictures are clearer, brighter and all but maybe 1 will work, with this stupid Sony Cybershot, I end up deleting 3/4 of the pictures because they are blury or have all kinds of funny things happening, the only pictures that do work with this camera is during the day time, or in bright lighting. On the first vacation I went on with this camera, my friend brought along her kodak 1 megapixel camera she got free and it turned out better pictures, as did my Olympus, on the second vacation I returned from today as I write this, I just downloaded my pictures, and deleted 2/3's of them because they are so bad, the ones that came off my film camera are perfect! My sister also has the exact same camera which she brought with her, and as I went through her pictures, same thing over 2/3's of them didn't work, I would have just assumed I'd gotten a defective camera if it was only my Sony that did not work, however hers didn't either, I would also assume perhaps it was myself that was the problem, however, I took a number of the exact same picture on this Sony as well as my Olympus (as a back up and thank god I did) and the pictures from the Olympus, as well as every other camera I have ever used, have come out fantastic, on this camera though, they come out horrible, so bad in fact that I'm embarrassed to show people! Believe me, if I hadn't gotten it free as a present I'd be writing a nasty letter to Sony, as it is though my next camera I'm saving up for and buying from a brand that does nothing but photography equiptment, therefore knows what they're doing. Sony makes great TV's and home entertainment systems, anything else I've bought from them, or known someone who has, has been junk, their camera, their car stereos, their computers! Sony should stick to TV's and Home Theater, it's what they're good at, camera's not so much, unless you're looking for something cheap that you'd only use in the day, even then I'd recommend a disposable, they even work better than this camera!...more info
  • Excellent Picture Quality
    This camera is amazing for such a low price. I paid $200 for it plus $62 dollars for a SanDisk 512MB Memory Stick Pro. I definitely recommend getting that memory stick. It allows you to take 249 fine quality pictures at 4MP (image size 2304 x 1728) and 2994 in VGA mode, which is an image size of 640 x 480. The 16MB memory stick it comes with takes only 8 pictures if used at 4MP and 97 in VGA. The pictures are still very clear and crisp in VGA.

    I've been using the camera for days and I still haven't had to recharge the batteries it came with, which were half empty by the way. It's very small and light. Plus it looks great. The only thing is that it's a bit bulky so you can't fit it in your pocket. It's very easy to use. I still haven't read the manual and this is the first digital camera I own.

    It comes with software but you don't really need it. You can use MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop to resize, rotate or whatever it is you want to do and it still retains the picture quality. I don't know if this happens to everyone but when you plug in the USB, it says that it's a hi-speed USB device plugged into a non hi-speed USB hub. It also says that it might not function at reduced speed and that you need a hi-speed USB host but that's not true. It functions just fine. Another thing is that if you take off the flash, the picture will look kind of yellow if the area is not well lit. That's the only complaint I have. Go ahead and buy it while the price is still low. You won't regret it....more info
  • Great camera
    This is our first digital camera and so far we love it. It feels very solid and the pictures are really great. The camera is very easy to use for pictures and for video. I have not used any of the different picture settings but I did read the manual and they seem easy to use.
    The camera comes with batteries and a charger but no AC adapter. This is the only reason (no AC adapter) I gave the camera 4 stars instead of 5. I would recommend buying the AC adapter so you don't use the batteries too fast or an extra set of batteries so you always have a charged pair of batteries....more info
  • Everything you might need... and maybe more!
    When Sony made this camera, they were thinking of people like you and me, who were looking for a good camera, with a good resolution, enough features, and of course, not to spend too much.
    The camera 's 4.1 mp resolution allows you to get perfectly detailed 8" x 5.33" prints, if you want them.
    Other features, like manual exposure, and scene modes, allow you to get more pro, so this isn't a simple point and shoot camera if you want to do some tweaks to yor photos. The P73 helps you to take pictures like a professional without having to be one.
    The P73 takes about 1 second to power up, and for continuous shooting, you only have to wait about 1 second between pictures.

    - Low price / Great features
    - Easy to use
    - Good battery life
    - Optical Zoom
    - 6 Scene modes
    - 3 Additional modes: Manual / Program / Auto (point + shoot)

    - LCD fonts are tiny and hard to read
    - Smart zoom only works at low resolutions (1mp - 3mp)
    - Included 16MB MemoryStick is not enough (only 8 pix @ 4.1mp)
    - Included "Picture Package" doesn't have any edit capabilities
    - Picture Package Software crashes sometimes causing damaged JPGS

    Sony should give away larger MemorySticks with their cameras, but I guess that's their strategy... if you buy a camera, you will need another MS.
    If you buy the CyberShot DSC-P73 consider buying at least one 128MB MemoryStick (holds 64 pix @ 4.1MP) but I'd reccomend a 512MB that holds about 242 photos @4.1MP, so you can go on vacation and take enough great pictures without having to worry for the MS capacity.
    A spare set of batteries and a carrying case would be a great companion as well....more info
  • Good price point, and a decent product overall
    The camera has done well in the few weeks that I have had it. It has taken nice high-quality pictures, and it was simple enough that even my mother, who is horrible with technology, was able to figure out how to use it to pretty much its fullest potential. I liked the layout of the buttons and the simplicity of the interface.

    For the price though, it is perfectly natural to expect some gripes. For one, in medium-low light conditions, the LCD is far too dark, and it can be quite difficult to see anything, even if it really isn't that dark out. Secondly, it is a pain not to be able to zoom in or out during filming the movies (though, with the short amount of time offered by memory cards, the movie function is not really meant for significant filming). Overall, however, the product preformed admirably, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a camera like this in its price range....more info
  • Ooooops!
    Well the camera is cool for such a price, real bargain ;) But i do have one question and i was not able to find the answer in the instructions book. Well, after taking a picture when i want to enlarge my picture with the Playback Zoom, i'm able to zoom it but i can't save the zoom! Why? I don't know what's wrong, the book doesnt say anything about it and the menu button doesnt' work when i try to zoom the picture. I'll apreciate if somebody can give a piece of advice. please drop me a line at info
  • Outstanding Value
    I purchased the Sony DSC P73 a week ago for $235 at a local retailer. I have an older 2 megapixel Sony digital camera, also, that I have been pleased with. I wanted this camera because it has a higher resolution than my old camera, and it also has a viewfinder, which was lacking on my 3-year-old camera. After using this camera for a week, I am very happy with my decision to purchase it. It has many features that make it an outstanding camera for a very low price.

    I am very pleased with the performance so far. My pictures have been very crisp and clear. I like being able to snap pictures rapidly, which is a big improvement over my old Sony. I especially like the zoom feature, which is much improved over my old Sony, whose digital zoom was worthless. Pictures taken with the digital zoom on this camera are very clear. I did a close-up of my cat using the digital zoom, and every individual hair can be seen in the photo. I also tried the macro feature, which allows for close ups as close as 10 inches. I photographed a page of the user's manual, and every word in the photo is clear.

    I was worried about using rechargable AA batteries, but I have taken many pictures and videos this week, and I have not had to recharge yet. I plan to buy the rapid recharger and two more batteries, so I will always have charged batteries on hand.

    I loved the video mode on my old camera, so I wanted that feature on the new one. I haven't tried the fine mode, because I don't have a pro memory stick, yet. I'm using the 128 mb stick that I used with my other camera. I like being able to record for a longer time than my old camera. And I also like having the larger image size of 640 x 480 for playback, but I do miss the option of a 320 x 240 image size. I think that this would allow for longer recording with good playback resolution. I don't think Sony allows for this option on any of its digital cameras anymore. I also have used the email mode for recording video. This is great for sending movies to family, or for posting video on web pages, as the file size is small. This camera also has a video editing feature that allows you to delete sections of unwanted video before downloading. I have found this a very useful feature.

    Multiple folders can be created in the camera to keep photos of different events separate for ease of organizing for playback or downloading.

    I installed the Picture Package software that came with the DSC P73, but I probably won't use it. With it, you can create slide shows, and you can view thumbnails of all your pictures. I can already do this using Windows XP, but I think Windows 98 users would like this software.

    Overall, I think that this is an excellent camera at a very reasonable price....more info
  • pretty cool for what you pay
    I just bought the p73 and I am pretty content with it. altough bulkier than the exilims of casio, I like the fast cycle times between shots, which often caused me to loose nice pictures before with my old digital camera. The video is quite good considering it's just mpeg, and good for those moments when you wished you had brought your camcorder. I am using the mem stick pro 256 meg so there is alot of room for short videos as well as pictures. The preflash works pretty well in low light, an added benefit is that it catches the attention of my baby so all our shots have her looking straight at the camera. I havent tried the more advanced features yet, altough I am saving up for a wide angle lens to attach onto this toy. It is a bit heavy for a small cam, but then I realized that it was the battery which was accounting for much of the weight....more info
  • Great camera!!!
    I've had this camera for over 2 years now and it still takes beautiful pictures! Easy to use and very durable, I dropped it a couple of times and NOTHING happened. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • The best cam i had ever bought.
    This is the best cam, it takes pics, it has a timer, it can record videos WITH sound, i swear if you buy this you will not regret it....more info
  • Very excellent camera
    I recently bought this camera and i love it very much takes great quality photos too, i think sony makes good cameras overall i give it 5 stars....more info
  • defective or really not worth
    initially it was working ok but after a while the screen blanked out....only to be found that there was a problem with the LCD...i dunno but i think it was a defective piece. i am awaiting my new camera as covered under warranty...more info
  • I regret I bought this.
    For quite sometime lured by media publicity I thought Sony a good brand. But this was not at all true for digital cameras. I bought this P73 for myself and an HP 4 MP camera for my cousin much cheaper than Sony. Both 3x Optical zoom. The HP one was far better in image quality. Main problem is that photo quality is not so good. It lacks sharpness and in most of the natural occassions becomes a bit hazy. This fact becomes annoying because your friend who has a Cannon or an HP camera will take sharper pictures better than you in any light conditions. Also, in the same price you might look for something higher than 3x optical zoom, say 5x or so in other brands. Also during video, every option of adjusting to light conditions etc will be shut off, another irritating fact.

    Not recommended....more info
  • Overall, a great camera
    As about two or more reviewers got this for the holidays, and so did I. I have to say, this camera is great. I'll just break down pros + cons because it's an electronic device


    - With the 4.1 megapixels, picture and video quality is clear and crisp.
    - Easy menus.
    - Overall easy to use if a beginner.
    - Many different ways and styles to take pictures.
    - Very durable, as Sony products are mostly all trustful.
    - Love the zoom in and zoom out features.
    - Easy to delete videos and pics.
    - Easy to connect to a computer or a television.

    - The memory stick that came with this is only 16MB which is only 8 pictures and 42 secs for video. Luckily, I also got a 256MB memory stick seperatly and I can take about 120 pics and 11 min for video.
    - The batteries were not charged up when I recived the product.
    - Sound on the videos are sometimes weak.

    Overall, this camera is great, but make sure to buy a seperate memory stick or you will only have 42 seconds of fun with the video and only 8 pics....more info