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Sennheiser HD-595 Premier Headphone
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Product Description

SENNHEISER HD-595 -- This high end, open, dynamic stereo headphone with outstanding sound characteristics and excellent wearing comfort. Sennheiser's innovative E.A.R. ( Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement ) technology creates a new kind of acoustic experience. Lightweight aluminum voice coils for high efficiency and excellent dynamics Special diaphragm geometry reduces intermodulation Compressed cellulose fleece reduces total harmonic distortion Frequency response - 12Hz - 38.5kHz Headphone holder included -- ideal for easy shelf and table mounting (horizontal & vertical)

The Sennheiser HD-595 Premier Headphones utilize E.A.R. technology to enable ideal sound and a compressed cellulose fleece to reduce total harmonic distortion. Duofol diaphragms deliver high-resolution to your sounds, and the lightweight aluminum voice coils efficiently transmit sound with excellent dynamics. The diaphragms are designed with a geometry that cuts down on intermodulatory distortion, and the high-quality leatherette headband gives comfort for your head. The 6.3mm stereo jack and 3.5mm adapter are both gold-plated for first-class connectivity, and the 10-foot cable gives you plenty of flexibility along with a wide range of motion. The included headphones holder can be mounted horizontally or vertically. These headphones are backed by a two-year warranty.

  • Open-Aire, circumaural, dynamic, stereo headphones
  • Highest grade components for outstanding acoustic performance.
  • Highly optimized, field-strengthened neodymium magnet systems.
  • Longevity through exchageable components
  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils for high efficiency and excellent dynamics

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent sound, but not for areas with *any* noise
    As pretty much every other review states, these have fantastic sound. I'm not going to get into that, it's been done.

    These are an open design headphone, and most complaints about that have been that there is sound bleed out, that is, that people around the wearer can hear sound. I'm not talking about that, either.

    I'm talking about the fact that I put these on and I can hear any conversation going on just as clear as I could without these on. There is absolutely NO blocking of outside sound. Let me say that again: there is no outside noise reduction whatsoever.

    I was expecting some bleed-through, but it's really surprising to me how clear outside noise, speech and even keyboard clicks are when wearing these.

    Again, the sound is fantastic and my music is the clearest I've ever heard it. As far as that goes, I have no complaints.

    If you are in an office or dorm or any environment with ambient sound, these are likely not going to be for you at all....more info
  • Excellent for music and gaming.
    These are some of the best headphones you can buy at this price point.
    The sound coming out of these is amazing. Very clean and balanced.
    Anyone who says there is too little base is probably use to the over-emphasized base that spews out of headphones designed specifically for portable use.
    Bass is not suppose to overwhelm the music. It is only PART of the music / sound spectrum and should not be booming. That is not how it was recorded.

    Also, if you are on a tight budget, get the HD 555. They have a very similar sound, but not as refined.
    If you can spar the few extra $$$, definitely go for the HD595.
    I listened to both side by side and at first it was hard to hear a major difference between the two. I then had my wife try them....she has a better ear for tone, pitch, etc than me....and right away she said the HD 595 were much better overall.
    ...more info
  • Best headphones I have used.
    I am using these phones mainly for music mixing (because of noise restraints). I cannot fault these phones on any level. I have used AKG 240's in the past and to me there is no comparison. To my ears they tell the truth....more info
  • Excellent product from Sennheiser
    After browsing for over a month I decided to go with HD-595 headphones and I'm very happy with their performance. No added coloration and totally flat response, all corrections done on the equilizer, the way it should be. They are a little loud for people near you but that's the design and I knew it. Playing DVD-AUDIO with these headphones was a totally different experience. Very comfortable and you can keep them for long hours with no problem....more info
  • natural sound, very comfortable to wear
    this is the perfect headphone for mixing music. i bought it after having read dozens of reviews. buy this one and you will not be disappointed! i do music since >5 years....more info
  • best headphones not needing amp
    i've just bought these headphones, i've been using for two days nearly 15 hours :)
    i listened every music type except for metal; basses are perfect and the sound is so clear;
    i watched dvd and played cod4 it's performance is amazing

    and because it's impedance is 50ohm you don't need amp for good sound

    i suggest......more info
  • ALL HD595 Users!!!
    I have had two pairs of HD595's for about 18 months now. They have been great whether I was listening to streaming music from the internet on my computer upstairs or from my receiver in the basement. I have found none better....until now. They are HD595's. Let me explain. My HD 595's originally both came with a rigid 2 1/4" adapter to convert the 6.3mm headphone jack connector to 3.5mm. I had one plugged into the front jack connection of my computer. I would occasionally inadvertantly knock it when I moved near my computer and ultimately bent it. Though I really did not need to replace it as it continues to work fine, I ordered a new one from Sennheiser. The new configuration is not a rigid adapter but more of a dongle configuration. It now hanges directly down and out of harms way. BUT the sweetness of it all is that this new dongle type adapter (for $5.24 from Sennheiser) has raised my HD595's to a new level. I do not know the differences in the way they are built to achieve this new level of sound. I have compared the sound using the old rigid style adapter to the new style and there is a very noticable step up in headphone performance with the new style.

    So, if you have the old style adapter, or you new headphones come with the old style, contact Sennheiser and get your hands on the new style ASAP. For $5.24 you will not believe the new level of enjoyment you will get from your Senns. Cheers....more info
  • Excelente sound but shared!
    Wow! These are a great headphones great response and quality, but the sound escape from the sides so people talk to me all the time that They dont want to hear my noise! so, not are good for a office enviroment....more info
  • Thanks To All You Previous Reviewers
    In the good old days many audio dealers had headphone listening stations. Usually consisted of a half dozen or so plastic human heads with the headphones resting on them. The same recording was piped into each headphone, so that buyers could travel down the line and compare the products. Although I live near a large metro area, all I could find these days was one audio dealer who stocks audiophile quality headphones, and he will break open a box if a customer wants to audition, a very bad idea as headphones need to be broken in for at least a few days before they reveal their true nature.

    So I had to rely on reviews that I found on the web. Based on the great reviews on Amazon, I bought a pair of these Senns. All I can say is "THANKS" folks. This was a great purchase.

    Prior to this, I owned a set of Grado 225's for many years. Although the Grados are a great set of cans, they sounded too cold and clinical to me. The Senns sound richer, sweeter, more mellow and more impactful. The Senns seem to make the sound of voices and instruments to be very close up, which is something that appeals to me.

    I can't say that the Senns are more "accurate" than the Grados. I have been to many live concerts of many different kinds of music in many different venues. The "live" sound in one venue is different from the "live" sound in another. I have even heard significantly different sound characteristics from different locations within the same auditorium.

    All that I can say is that I like the sound characteristics of the Senns. They remind me of the kind of sound that I can hear at my favorite live venues. Namely clear, sweet, rich, warm and vital.

    After falling in love with listening to my CD's on the Senns, I decided that I wanted to hear my LP's that way too, but my preamp does not have a headphone jack. I bought a Creek OBH-11 headphone amp to fill that void. The amp makes the Senns sound more open, with more air space around the instruments, and also makes the bass deeper and tighter. The Senns are very efficient and do not require the use of a headphone amp in order to be driven to adequate loudness levels, but the amp does improve the sound.

    Once again, thanks.

    ...more info
  • Excellent sound and comfort
    I read many reviews before getting these since few people carry them in stores for people to try out. My biggest concern was getting a big, full bass sound, and these headphones are excellent. That being said, they can't match external speakers with a subwoofer that shakes your chest. The midtones and highs are excellent as well. They are so comfortable that, at times, I've even forgotten they were on. I prefer the "open" style as it doesn't totally cut me off from the front doorbell ringing or the kids calling to me if they need me, but they still block 95% of all external sound. I'd hate to have "closed" headphones in a building that was on fire... These are great - highly recommended....more info
  • Wonderful headphones
    These headphones are comfortable and with great sound. Although the earbuds that came with my cD player work great they hurt my ears so whenever I can I use headphones. These are wonderful....more info
  • Clear Crisp Live Shows
    These headphones deliver clear crisp audio with good mids delivering great live show reproductions. In other words these are audio heaven. I also broke my first pair of headphones, and the clean english speaking customer service representative at sennheiser checked first the date of purchase, had me mail the old ones, and within 4 days I had a brand new pair of headphones. Excellent customer service and world respected sound can be heard in these cans. I recommend to anyone at this price if you are looking for an upfront sound with a customer service to match. These also have lower impendances than the HD 650 and HD 500 IMPORTANT to consider. This means these headphones will sound great on most devices while those other headphones need a headphone amp. (although these sound great on a headphone amp too) for good intro to headphone amps check out [...] in there portable section. The current rig I employ however is just these headphones with the Creative Audigy Sound Card and these sound great. You can actually hear Jerry Garcia's fingers scratch the strings on Morning Dew, and yes you can buy that pleasure....more info
  • Very Comfortable, Long Wearing, & Accurate Reproduction
    Considering the wide range of prices for a solid headphones, not too shabby for a durable set. They still have the 1/4 jack at the end of the cord Sweeeet! I can record ALL NIGHT LONG without ILL EFFECTS! Only my AKGs seem the MOST FLAT but suffer with low output. I don't know if it's my equipment or what, but their seems more warmth n' bottom on The Sennheiser HD595 Pro headset. Lovin' Them!!!...more info
  • Sennheiser HD595 : natural, spacious, excellent, but...
    I recently bought a Sennheiser HD595 headphone. Since I had Sennheiser headphones before, I was expecting the best for my money. And this is exactly what I got! Very satisfied.

    The sound repartition is vast, covering a large volume. One does not fell enclosed in a tiny space as is often the case with many headphones, but feels in a large space. The sound is so natural that one soon forgets one is wearing headphones and feels the orchestra, the chorus and the soloists are there. One forgets one is listening to a machine and concentrates spontaneously on the music itself. The comfort of the HD595 helps to this : it does not even touch the ear but surrounds it with an almost air-tight velvet seal. Yet, the coupling is excellent : one does not have te press on the earcups to hear the bass better as with many other surrounding earphones. I am not saying the bass is boosted, it is not : bass sounds very natural, "open", with very low harmonic distorsion and no audible resonance. Simply, the coupling to the ear is very well done.

    The mid range is also very natural, and gives a sense of space. Voice definition is total without being exagerated. The high end is clear, transiants are crisp without being aggressive. The timber (tone) of instruments is well rendered : this is most recognisable with purely acoustic (non-electronic) instruments such as violins, cellos, various flutes and especially the triangle and the harpsichord which come out clear without the overly fast attack that one hears in many speakers and headphones that reproduce the transiants with a slight exageration due to the narrower trebble directionality.

    The overall impression is one of classical, almost aristocratic luxury, richness, comfort and, most of all, natural presence.


    Since Sennheiser had been a strong promoter of orthodynamic headphones, I was expecting an orthodynamic. And the HD595 is not. I just happen to like the crisp, analytic sound of orthodynamics and this has been a slight deception. However, this is just a small cloud in an otherwise totally clear blue sky...
    Sennheiser HD-595 Premier Headphone...more info
  • Audiophile Headphones That Are Perfect For PMPs
    These headphones bring together the best of two worlds: high-end, audiophile sound and portable music players.

    I am very particular about the quality of sound, and before I auditioned a friend's 595s, I had assumed that I would need a headphone amplifier to be able to drive the anemic amplifiers in my portable music players. As most of you know, pmps are built for portability and simply cannot accommodate large amplifiers, such as the ones that exist in home music systems. Unfortunately, most audiophile headphones are designed with a high impedance (or resistance), such as 300 ohms. While these types of headphones are perfect for home receivers or amplifiers, they make pmps unlistenable because even at maximum volume, the pmps do not have enough wattage to drive these headphones.

    Imagine, then, my surprise, when my friend told me that the 595s have an impedance of only 50 ohms, surprisingly efficient for headphones of this quality. I am able to plug them directly into my pmps (without the need for headphone amplification) and listen to glorious sound at volume levels that would suit any hard-core rocker.

    The 595s come with two jacks (a 1/4" jack for home receivers and a 1/8" jack for pmps.) They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and they produce stellar sound in all genres. They reveal excellent detail in music, they reproduce bass, midrange and highs without coloration, and they have an excellent soundstange. As evidence of their soundstage, one can identify the venue of a recording and easily place the perfomers in that venue. (While listening to a Radiohead album, I was immediately placed in a recording studio, with the musicians in various parts of the studio. Moreover, while listening to a fine chamber music recording, I was immediately placed in a small concert hall and was able to pinpoint the musicians there as well. The 595s also faithfully and accurately reproduce surround sound from well-recorded movies.)

    It is rare for me to review a product and not find any fault, but this is the case with the Sennheiser HD-595s. And since they were introduced several years ago, their price has been substantially reduced and is now under $200. They are an audiophile bargain....more info
  • Marvelous Headphones From Mixing to Gaming
    I finally purchased these badboys last week after thoroughly reading all the internet reviews and forum arguments/comparisons. And I can say without a doubt that these marvels live up to and go beyond the praise.

    My little review may be a bit premature since I've only had them for a week and they probably haven't been fully 'burnt-in'. Nonetheless, I am very impressed with the performance and clarity these cans are able to dish out from audio mixing, playing games, watching films and listening to all styles of music. These headphones deliver on every aspect and they do it extremely well. They are the absolute highest end for the non-audiophile and are cherished by many seasoned listeners.

    For mixing, the spatiality really gives you an unbelievable perception of the location of the instruments so you can produce a better mix. I use to own the AKG240s which were quite good, but they really didn't have a wide soundstage. The soundstage on the hd595 is wide and upfront. The sound produced is quite linear and uncolored. No booming bass or screaming highs. The best word to describe it is 'accurate'. Though pro musicians generally use reference monitors for mixing, these are wonderful for the amateur bedroom musician. They're also very good for mastering.

    For gaming, these are probably the best sounding headphones. Forget about those cheap gamer cans. This is the clarity and spatiality that will give you a great sense of your surroundings in games such as BF2/2142.

    For movies, these are just fantastic. With a dolby headphone decoder, it really gives you an amazing surround sound experience.

    For music, I listened through every category and I didn't find one that sounded even average on these headphones. From classical to jazz to ambient, it just opened up new and old songs with clarity that i've never heard before.

    Just two more things. I've been using these straight from my laptop's sound card. So I could only imagine what they would sound like when connected to a receiver or headphone amp. Also, they felt a bit uncomfortable at first. Maybe it was the velvet against my skin that was awkward. However, after about 2 hours of usage they were the most comfortable headphones i've ever put on even with my glasses.

    This is just a fantastic product and i recommend it anyone who's looking to enhance their listening experience....more info
  • Good for anybody
    Great Headphone.

    I have a head of enormous size, but I feel absolute comfort with this headphone.

    The sound coming out from this headphone is very clear, and the headphone works great for PC, home theater system, video game and etc.

    The headphone-jack cable is connected only to the left side of headset, and you don`t have to be bothered by anyting dangling in front of you anymore.

    If you have a big head and looking for a headphone of comfort and quality, I would recommend this one because this is the only headphone that really worked for me.
    ...more info
  • headphones
    Excellent headphones for the $. I own Stax, Grado, Beyerdynamic...all very good and so are these!...more info
  • Excellent headphones--Fuller sound from Grado SR-60
    I bought these cause I needed something more comfortable then my Grado SR-60. I have to say these are excellent head phones. They do sound a little more tinny compared to the Grado. I listened to both and the I would say the Grado sound more fuller for 1/3 of the price of the Senns. I also have a midlevel sony headphone and the sony's are more comfortable. This is my third midlevel headphone and I sould say each headphone has something to say about. The sonys are very comfortable with so so sound, the grados have excellent sound but comfort is an issue if you want to listen to hours of music and the Senns seem to be excellent all around in comfort and sound....more info
  • phantastic sound
    Fabulous sound. Extremely comfortable for long sessions. I have no comparison to the less expensive Sennheiser. But this beats all else I have ever listened to. Very crisp, very high definition. Works also very well on a laptop or iPod/iPhone. ...more info
  • Great Entry To Audiophile Headphones
    These are Sennheiser's entry level audiophile headphones. They are excellent in sound quality, bass performance, and soundstage. Since they have an impedence of 50 ohms, most any device can power them from a portable mp3 player to an integrated amplifier. They are comfortable, lightweight and stylish. The HD595's are a step up and competitively priced.

    I really cannot fault these headphones in any way. They are not closed headphones, so others may hear noise as you listen. Not a lot of noise, but it is there. You may find your ears get a little hot if you listen for extended periods of time. That is a good thing as we all need to remember to give our ears a break periodically.

    Many audiophiles recommend burning in your headphones. There are many ways to do this. The objective is to have all the components settle in and perform at maximum efficiency. I can't say that my ears are finding major changes in the sound quality as I pass the 100 hour mark. My suggestion, listen to them and enjoy them.

    Overall, the HD595's are an excellent value and will provide years of pleasurable listening....more info
  • Truly great headphones
    Still breaking-in this baby.

    You hear instruments and instrument vibrations that you've never heard before. Also you hear stereo separation that you've never heard before. I mean hearing different instruments playing on right/left channels very clearly. You are able to judge the right/left bias the recordist has set for the instruments. This was never highlighted to such a degree by other headphones (like MDR-V900 and 5 other consumer grade headphones) Amazing!!!

    If you're a low resolution (mp3) music listener, you better not go for this one. This is meant for professionals who can't compromise on quality and who listen to high quality recordings. These cups could disappoint you if you listen to low resolution music or bad recordings, cuz it will highlight every bad detail there is.

    You could use the cups literally as a high quality tiny/small external speakers. Can't imagine wearing this in a public place unless you want the people around to clearly (yeah it's very clear) listen to your music.

    I feel the build quality could be better. Hope the plastic materials last long enough.

    Based on the sound quality and coverage, I think the HD595s truly deserve 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • Sennheiser HD-595
    Great set of headphones. Easy to wear for extended periods of time. Excellent clarity and sensitivity. Highly recommended for all types of music. These phones do not require a preamp to deliver rich, full sound....more info
  • Excellent Headphones
    Before buying these I had been a very satisfied owner of a pair of Sennheiser HD590's for a few years. I must say these are yet quite a big improvement on even those headphones. One great thing about these headphones is the low impedance they use (very easily powered without the assistance of an amp). Fantastic choice for PC users such as myself. This is very possibly the best option for the money. The sound is much, much cleaner, and the bass is still just as deep as ever. The design is a huge improvement as well. These are not nearly as bulky as the 590's, with a much more snug, and very comfortable fit. The over-ear design allows for several hours of comfort, as opposed to most on-ear phones, which used to irritate and make my ears very sore after short periods of time. These headphones can get very loud. I keep system master volume at about 50% and usually wind up turning the volume way down on most applications....more info
  • The best value for mid-range priced headphones
    Like most reviews, these cans are simply the best value for the money. Now, since they are open headphones, loud music might bother others in a quiet environment.
    Sound quality is very neutral. So neutral that it can sound boring at times. Headphone amplifier is recommended....more info
  • Pricey and is not without flaws, but worth every penny.
    I bought a pair of these Sennheiser 595's a good while back, perhaps late August of 07. My first impression when I got them was... well.. not good. They were huge, heavy (compared to earbuds), gave me headaches after even a half-hour of use, I was using it exclusively on an iPod (which doesn't have the power to drive the bass... not to mention a filtered sound), and I had spent so much money on a pair! If I would have written this review after the first week of use, it would have been a 2/5 or 3/5.

    As time went on, I got used to the weight of the phones (they really aren't heavy, but if you've never worn real headphones before you'll be in for a surprise), and I slowly began to appreciate the better sound quality over my previous pair of headphones. Until not long ago, I didn't realize that the iPod was a horrible choice to run these cans on. I had plugged the headphones into my computer - and to my surprise - everything sounded worlds better! Only 2 days ago I had finally noticed the equalizer and had set that to "Loudness" in iTunes. It really is an experience to be had, the music sounds so vibrant and clear. Each sound can be easily distinguished from the rest - you'll be picking your music apart like never before. Of course, individual results may vary. I noticed some computers have inferior/different sound hardware. I tried setting it to Loudness on the iMac in my commercial art class and it was absolute bliss. On my home PC, however, it sounded better but not as mind-blowing. It must be my less-than-perfect integrated sound ;)

    So if you're thinking about purching a pair of 595s, consider using an EQ or an amp, depending on what you're going to use it on. You'll get noticably better sound.

    Let's move on to the negative aspects of these phones, starting with the size. The 595 is big. Comfortable, but big. The cord is very long. It also has a 6mm plug by default with a soft adapter which is also very big. These issues can all be VERY annoying depending on what you're going to use these phones for.

    My second gripe with these phones is the amount of sound which leaks out. Because they are supra aural headphones, they are actually supposed to do this - it improves the soundstage which helps fight the "agh the music is in my head!" feeling you get with closed headphones and instead defines a clear left, right, center, and woofer. Or at least, this is what I've been told. All I know is that it can be very annoying for people nearby to hear your music almost as clearly as you do! Also, don't expect any noise cancelling with these phones - you lose a decibal of the outside world, if even.

    So there are clearly some things about the 595 which can be a deal-breaker, depending on who you are. I would not recommend 595s to someone looking for something to use on a plane or someone who would plan to use them on a bus. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great sounding headphones at a great price (well, for what you're getting anyway)....more info
  • Wow. Best headphones ever (for the price, imho).
    Yow, these are great. Crisp highs, low lows, comfortable, highly efficient, relatively affordable. The driver is fantastic.. The highs are so crisp and clean even during heavy bass. It takes very little to drive 'em... a little sansa mp3 player can push these to near ear damaging volumes. I don't know if there are better out there... I've not found any. Certainly much better than my last pair of Senns, 575s. Maybe a pair of electrostats (stax, etc) would give these a run, but those are expensive new. If you listen to music for the music, get these. ...more info