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Swiss Tech Utili-Key 6-in-1 Multi Tool
List Price: $12.99

Our Price: $5.34

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Product Description

Includes bottle opener, #1 Phillips screwdriver, micro eyeglass screwdriver, serrated knife blade, straight knife blade, #1 flat screwdriver

  • Swiss Tech #UKCSB-1 6 In 1 Stainless Steel Multi Tool

Customer Reviews:

  • A great, compact, easily transportable tool
    I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend, and although he thought it was kinda hokey at first, he ended up loving it. It goes on your keychain like any other key, but snaps off easily by just opening it up (the blades.) The two screwdrivers heads work fine and are very hard and don't dull or warp with repeated use. The blade is RAZOR sharp and has yet to dull. It is small, but can cut through so much. A great overall buy....more info
  • Easy way to have a Knife and Phillips handy

    I have been looking for a way to carry a knife super easily.
    This definately qualifies! - yeay

    Also I can usually find anything to use as a flathead screwdiver, but a Philips is always harder to find - you have to actually get a real screwdriver for that! Luckily this has one of those too.

    It's about the size of a large regular key.

    OK - What is the deal with Bottle Cap openers?
    I mean why does every little tool have to have one?
    Is it some sort of dovenment requirement or something?
    And why do they market it as the universal tool everyone needs?
    I havent needed a bottle cap opener for 20 years now.
    Ohh well - at least it doesnt get in the way.

    It also does have a baby flathead that is so stubby that is almost doesn't seem usefull - we shall see....

    It is a bit hard to Open, but since that is what keeps it on the keychain - I guess thats fine. Besides I'd rather have a knife or phillips around even if it is hard to open, than not have one altogether.

    I do not like the way it comes off of the keychain when you open it.
    I have dropped my keys once or twice in the process, And I could see them falling into a mudpuddle or something one day.

    It is fairly sturdily constructed - but I feel like a little to hard of a jerk trying to loosen a screw might just loosen/bend the hinge into uselessness.

    Even with it's faults it is really nice having a knife everywhere I go.
    Overall I really like having it....more info
  • Great Keychain Multitool
    -Six tools easily fit onto keychain for portability wherever you go
    -Small, lightweight
    -Looks like a key enough that those around you do not notice that you are carrying a knife at all times
    -Knife is very sharp and whole tool is durable

    -Bottle opener requires extreme caution due to knife blade and is therefore difficult to use

    Overall, I would highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Always with me
    The Utili-Key has to be one of the most convenient multi-tools out there. I don't go anywhere without it, and it gets a lot of use in all kinds of circumstances.

    It's the size of a large car key. When it is locked on the keyring, it isn't going anywhere unless and until I am ready to use it. The screwdriver heads are fully functional and sturdy, although there is a risk of getting cut on the knife blade if it is handled carelessly (not like I'd do that, but this isn't a kid's toy). The blade is sharp and stays that way very well.

    If you like being prepared for anything that might happen, this is a must-have tool for you. Check out the rest of Swiss-Tech's product line as well.

    One warning: Do _not_ carry a Utili-Key in anything carried on a plane. Scanners do know what they are and how to find them. Stow it instead because it will be confiscated otherwise. I hate taking it off my keychain when I travel, but it must be done....more info

  • Swiss Tech UKCSB Ulti Key 6 in 1 Keyring Tool
    Works well, I mainly got it to have a pocket wire-stripper. Since this is my main use for it I would have loved if the serrations were cut into the tool at different depths to handle different gage wires a little better. ...more info
  • Swiss Tech 6 in 1 keyring tool
    Great compact tool that fits perfectly on your keychain. Knife is sharp and the tools are minimalist but extremely usefull in a pinch. bottle opener is a nice plus. A little hard to open but keeps it securly on your keyring....more info
  • High quality unobtrusive utility gadget
    When I first noticed the Utili-Key at my retailer, I thought the $10 price was a little high for something so small and simple, but the stainless steel finish seemed well done, and it looked like a high-quality tool so I bought it anyway. I have since found out that the tool also comes in a gold color (titanium nitride) at some retailers.

    Now that I've had it for a while, it seems well worth the money. This product was made in China and unfortunately I have seen some low quality steel tools that were made there, thankfully this one is an exception. The tool opens and closes precisely and seems to have tight tolerances. The serration's on the lower knife portion seem to have been carefully cut. It looks as though one side of the Utili-Key is slightly more polished than the other, probably for marketing reasons as the more jeweled side was facing up in the retail box. This is a minor point as the other side still looks just fine.

    When I first bought the Utili-Key, it was not clear to me that it would open up a full 180 degrees. That would have been okay since the tool is completely functional when opened 90 degrees. There are no springs involved, and it appears to be made of out of exactly 3 pieces of steel. It clicks into either of the two open positions with a bit of pressure and stays in place fairly well, but it is not locked into position which means that it can still close up on your finger if not used carefully. The knife is very sharp and it could cause an accidental injury during the use of the philips part of the tool since the blade is opposite the philips head.

    The tool is so small and unobtrusive that I cannot imagine why anyone would not want to have the easy convenience of it right on the old key-ring. The length of it is just slightly shorter than the ignition key for my vehichle. Even if you carry other types of multi-tools or a pocket knife, it would be worthwhile to have this in case you forget your other stuff.

    I really enjoy discovering clever well made products and this one is a keeper. ...more info
  • handy and easy to use in a pinch
    I like that this fits on my keychain and it looks like a key - it's not a tool that I would use around the house because it's not the easiest to hold but on the go it's a great idea. I've already needed to use the screwdriver and the knife part is handy to use for opening packages. I'm assuming you can also use this for protection - they say to hold your keys as a weapon and if needed, these would be THE keys to use! ...more info
  • Very slick tool...
    I bought this with a swiss-tech multi tool (see separate review), in addition to a leatherman squirt p4 to replace my old basic swiss army knife. This is a perfect tool if a) you don't need pliers or b) you value small size. The knife is sharp and suited well for most tasks. The screwdrivers will work for light-duty tasks. Yes, it's difficult to open with one hand, as are all keychain tools. Yes, it comes off your keyring when you open it; this is a positive for me though. I think it's tough to use these things while on a keyring. As for the bottle-opener: no, you don't want to be tending bar with this. But to open the occasional beer? Seriously, grow a pair. Not that difficult. Best of all, this thing is TINY. It takes up practically zero room/weight on your keychain, and as mentioned, you can breeze through airport security with it. I primarily use the leatherman just because of the pliers and overall heavier-duty of it, but the utili-key is probably suited for about 95% of the tasks that I use the leatherman for. ...more info
  • Nice little addition to my key-ring
    Nice little tool overall. It replaced a small swiss army knife that I EDC'd for nearly a decade. I use it to pry, gouge, slice, saw into... whatever I need at the moment. I don't think it could ever fully replace even the smallest multi-tool... BUT this is small enough to easily fit on a key-ring. I keep it with me all the time.

    I disagree with the negative review below. The serrated blade and knife point on this thing is SHARP. Last thing any healthy young man would want is a sharp piercing / cutting blade to open accidentally in ones pocket. I for one would NEVER pocket-carry a tool that opened that easily. I would never recommend a tool to others that was THAT unsafe.

    I have never had a problem opening the utili-key, and it is safe to pocket....more info
  • Solid product
    This mini tools is pretty small, but packs a lot in that size. It works very well and can't be beat for convenience. The blade is razor sharp and I was a bit afraid it would open in my pocket, but with a fair amount of use it still stays closed without a hint of problems.

    The vendor shipped quickly and I had no problems there either....more info
  • Great Tool To Have Around
    This tool is about the same size as a key, has multiple tools, and works. I can't say the blade will last that long, but the cerrated edge should alway work. All of the tools have come in handy at one time or another.

    I recommend this tool....more info
  • Handy Tool
    The first thing that I grab when I do not have a tool to work with would be my keys. Since this tool hangs from my key chain I always have something to work with. The blade is plenty sharp and used the most. The philips screw driver and bottle opener are also very handy. They get a little loose on the key chain over time, and I missplace one every year or two. So, I keep a small supply. Several people have adoped the use of this gadget after seeing mine. They are so compact that you never think about it until you need it. Great Product....more info
  • Neat gadget!
    I found you cheaper than the stores in the mall by about 40%! What a neat gadget for my husband who carries them around. This you can put on your key chain and not be too bulky in your pocket. Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Good product if you don't plan to use it a lot.
    I did not like how big my previous keychain was (Blue Metro Knife and Key Ring Bottle/Soda Opener) so I decided to get this based on the great reviews.


    - Very lightweight, and the key profile means that you won't notice it much. It is also easy to go through metal detectors with this because it looks so much like a key. I hate having to take my knife off in the car at airports.

    - Easy to remove. The top of the two pieces form a clamp that locks when it is closed. So you just open it up, clamp it around your keyring, and it is locked. Very easy to remove, but won't fall off. This comes in handy if you are at a metal detector and need to remove it quickly. No hassle of having to thread it through a keyring.

    - Blade is fairly sharp.

    - Useful. This is a great item for people who don't want to deal with a mini-knife on their keyring and want something small.


    - Blade is short. Blade is about 3/4 ", and the rest of the blade is serrated. This makes it more difficult to cut things. Secondly, you have to open up the keyring to cut things since the blade is on the inside (see picture). Not only is this awkward as well, but this means that whenever you have to cut something, by opening up the blade you will unlock the top clamp, and it will come off your keyring. It's easy to lock back on, but this is not a tool you are ever going to be able to use with one hand to quickly open up a box or cut something.

    - Design. It took me awhile to notice there are actually three screwdrivers (2 flat and one Phillips). The two flat heads are at the top of the key. One is so small it is pretty much useless for anything other than eyeglasses. The Phillips head is better, but you have to open up the key to use it. I can see it being very easy to cut yourself while using this to unscrew something. The bottle opener is the same way. Be careful trying to open that 6th or 7th beer because you are likely to slice your thumb off if you are not completely focused on what you are doing. It also takes a little more effort to open a bottle than with something like a Swiss Army knife bottle opener, because you don't have much to grip onto to get leverage. Not to mention it takes two hands to open up the knife to open a bottle, and then again, the knife will come unlocked from your keychain, meaning you almost need to put your keys in your pocket, hold the bottle with one hand, Util key in the other, open bottle, then take out your keys and re-lock it.

    Overall, I think this is a pretty good device for the minimalist who likes the idea of having something in an emergency, but I would not recommend this for anyone who plans to use it on a regular basis. You will be much better off with something bigger that is easier to use. Anyone considering this product should take a look at it's actual design and then picture in your head how you would use it, and you will probably realize where its limitations lie....more info
  • Sneaky Tool I take and use everywhere
    I've carried mine through 20 airports without issue. The last trip I took, I forgot to put my keys on the travelator and the TSA agent actually held them in his hands, bounced them around a little to get a better look and put them on the scanner. No one has noticed it. If they do I'll get another one but I've gotten more than my $10 out of it. One of my favorite tools ever....more info
  • Great tool
    This is a great tool. One of the best things about it is that it hangs easily on your key ring and can be removed and put back with ease. I use it several times a week, and it beats carrying a pocket knife around with you. I think everyone should have one....more info
  • Poor design
    It's a great idea, but I've cut myself using this thing one too many times....more info
  • A neat and handy little tool...
    We have all needed a pocket knife, screwdriver, or bottle opener and have been unable to find one, right? Well this thing is so small and useful that there is no reason to not have it on you. The knife is sharp, and the other tools are perfectly funtional. I gave one of these to each of my groomsmen, and they all loved it. I also got one for myself, and unfortunately it broke inside of a month. The clasp part that holds it onto your keychain snapped off, so now it is just a pocket tool. The only other complaint I have is that it is VERY difficult to open; I actually chipped a fingernail a couple of times while trying to open it. All of that aside, it is still a neat, handy little tool, and is a good value for the price....more info
  • Not just another key
    The utili-key I have is one I found one day. I picked it up and thought it looked kind of cool. Hardly did I know that this little tool would be used so much and how handy it has become. So handy in fact that I had a friend comment on how they wanted I was able to find one here and buy it for them as a birthday gift. You'll be surprised how often you'll use it...great item....more info
  • SwissTech tools are great
    I've owned both the 6 in 1 and the 8 in 1 keyring tool and both are easy and wonderful to own. The 6 in 1 has a slightly better knife edge but both are extremely useful. The key shape solves the bulkiness problem caused by traditional pocket knives. I highly recommend this product as well as other SwissTech gear....more info