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Provocative Futuristic Action Thriller. The Matrix Revolutions marks the final explosive chapter in the Matrix trilogy.

Despite the inevitable law of diminishing returns, The Matrix Revolutions is quite satisfying as an adrenalized action epic, marking yet another milestone in the exponential evolution of computer-generated special effects. That may not be enough to satisfy hardcore Matrix fans who turned the Wachowski Brothers' hacker mythology into a quasi-religious pop-cultural phenomenon, but there's no denying that the trilogy goes out with a cosmic bang instead of the whimper that many expected. Picking up precisely where The Matrix Reloaded left off, this 130-minute finale finds Neo (Keanu Reeves) at a virtual junction, defending the besieged human enclave of Zion by confronting the attacking machines on their home turf, while humans combat swarms of tentacled mechanical sentinels as Zion's fate lies in the balance. It all amounts to a blaze of CGI glory, devoid of all but the shallowest emotions, and so full of metaphysical hokum that the trilogy's detractors can gloat with I-told-you-so sarcasm. And yet, Revolutions still succeeds as a slick, exciting hybrid of cinema and video game, operating by its own internal logic with enough forward momentum to make the whole trilogy seem like a thrilling, magnificent dream. -- Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Revolutions
    great product - the completion of the Matrix trilogy which was an amazing piece of science fiction. can't have the other two movies without this one too !...more info
  • Not bad but ...
    Could have been better. Revolutions was really "Reloaded Part 2" and continued on with pretty much the same theme as the second film.

    One of the more surprising things about this film is that it attempted to resolve some of the issues that were raised in Reloaded (The true identity of Bane, Neo's real purpose etc ) and integrate such issues into a finale. The philosophical issues of free will and fate came to a head in this film and we ultimately see what Neo has to "sacrifice" for the good of all.

    As to the visuals, we are treated to a stunning display of CGI with the invasion of the sentinels but little in the way of actual footage in the matrix itself. It seems that Zion was the focus here and as such, most of the film takes place in this environment (the "Real world"). Overall this isn't a bad thing yet the inhabitants of this realm all look a bit jaded and depressed (lack of sunglight ?) and what's with them all being black ???

    Not a bad finish to a great trilogy. Matrix 1 though still stands alone as one of the great Sci-Fi films....more info
  • Resolution
    The Matrix trilogy is 5 star all the way. In this final chapter, Neo meets with the Machine, but pays a price. The special features on disk two are fascinating and illuminating. With the Matrix trilogy, Andy and Larry Wachowski have provided fine science fiction fantasy which will stand the test of time. As a long time science fiction fantasy lover, I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Hollow at the core but FUN!
    Let me tell you, I was in a grand funk after suffering through "The Matrix: Reloaded." I couldn't believe the Wachowski brothers took such a great idea and turned it into a lead balloon. The first Matrix entry was an ultraslick, hyperkinetic actioner that had me teetering on the edge of my seat for nearly its entire runtime. Everything clicked in "The Matrix," from the intriguing and well-developed characters to the underlying story to the shock and awe special effects. The film even managed to use the action scenes sparingly so as not to overshadow the other elements, something science fiction and thrillers rarely accomplish. Then came "Reloaded," and the gleaming gold of "The Matrix" rapidly turned into rusty iron. Turgid dialogue larded with enough philosophical mumbo jumbo to confound Plato reared its ugly head in nearly every scene. Lord Larry Fishburne, we quickly notice, is turning into this generation's Marlon Brando if the weight gain is any indication. And then there's the action sequences ramped up to insanely high levels. It's like the Wachowskis tried to outdo their own creation and instead created a film that should have bolts in its neck and green paint splashed on its face.

    It was with some trepidation that I hit the play button on "Revolutions." I quickly realized I shouldn't have worried. While the film still boasts enough muttered hokum to make your eyes spin around in your head, it is actually quite suspenseful and entertaining. Even professional boat anchor Keanu Reeves can't completely sink this effort. We come into "Revolutions" with the impending attack of the machines on Zion looming like a dark cloud on the horizon. Neo's in trouble again, of course, and is trapped in some subway station between the world and the matrix. Fortunately, he has a cute Indian family and some sinister chap named the Trainman (Bruce Spence) to keep him company. Obviously he won't stay there long thanks to his buddies Trinity and Morpheus, who kick some serious you know what to get their boy back in the game. It's nice to see the sleek and sexy Carrie-Anne Moss return to her character's roots, that of a hard charging warrior who just happens to look great in black leather, even if it lasts for only a few minutes. Needless to say they manage to spring Neo from his subway platform prison, and not a moment to soon: Zion is gearing up to fend off the machines and they are going to need, as Tom Berenger's character in Platoon so nobly opined, "Every swinging d!ck out in the field."

    What follows when the machines punch through the domed ceiling of the city is my favorite part of the film. It's mindless action here, folks, as the CGI effects fly fast and furious. The defenders in the city climb into these giant robotic machines armed to the teeth with massive machine guns and await the attack. Zion doesn't wait long. Giant drills punch humongous holes in the ceiling, followed by trillions of those familiar probes from the first film. Every citizen lends a hand, especially the women. They run around in the pipes and ductwork armed with homemade rocket launchers picking off the sentinels. Meanwhile, Morpheus and Niobe race back to Zion in their ship in a desperate attempt to save the faltering city. Neo and Trinity accept a more difficult mission: flying one of the ships to Machine City in order to strike a most unusual deal. To say anymore about this top secret and desperate mission would spoil the surprise for the two people in the world who haven't seen the film yet. I can say that it involves yet another battle between the Smith clones and Neo. This time around, however, the effects in the showdown look much better than the laughable burly fight in "Reloaded." I cried at the film's conclusion--not because of anything that happened onscreen but because I realized Keanu Reeves would probably continue making movies.

    Seriously though, "Revolutions" was an all around better effort than the second installment. I was better able to weather the bouts of philosophical bunkum here than in "Reloaded." Too, the incredible, over the top CGI war effects helped make up for the huge plot holes--almost. For example, I complained about how the second film removed any sense of danger surrounding the Agent Smith character. In the first film no one dared to stand up to the agents, yet everyone takes a crack at them in "Reloaded." The same thing happens to the sentinels in "Revolutions." Weren't they supposed to be these fearsome, nearly indestructible machines? Then how come mere bullets and homemade rockets can knock them out of the air? For that matter, if humans can build giant robots that move around and respond to the movements of the soldier sitting inside, couldn't they find a way to automatically load the guns instead of having kids tote boxes of ammo around on giant carts? Seems awfully inefficient to me. Anyway, you probably won't think about these conundrums as you watch the combat sequences; you'll be far too busy trying to take in all the amazing effects. I should have gone to see this one at the theater.

    All in all I have to say that the Matrix trilogy is a failure. The first movie will stand for years as a masterful epic, much the way Lucas's original "Star Wars" remains an epochal film, but "Reloaded" and "Revolutions" cannot keep up the pace. Considering the diminishing relevancy of the Star Wars franchise, perhaps the Matrix series is in better company than I thought. I wonder if the Wachowskis will revisit this idea ten or twenty years down the road just as Lucas did?

    ...more info
  • Revolution
    I sort of shook my head as I read some of the reviews of the conclusion of the series.
    I had read early after the first movie that the W brothers intended all along to have 3 levels to the saga. The action part of it was to appeal to a certain segment of the movie public. Matrix 1 certainly captured the attention of the game playing segment of the population but there was an undercurrent to all the movies that wasn't about the special effects.
    I was so surprised that more people didn't catch the King Author references in the movie. There were so many but particularly the ending when the "boat" took the dying king to Avalon.
    The shinning promise of Camelot was no more but the world was left with the hope that should Arthur be needed for the final battle that he would return .
    The other element was that in the end it wasn't the war that mattered. It was what Neo was willing to give that mattered. That in the end that Neo made it possible that those who came after would be able to enjoy another sunrise.
    That all of us have the potential to be the one. I think a lot of people wanted to feel the the hero kicked butt and won and came back the conquering hero.
    But real life isn't like that. In this country during this particular time we have come through a period where we have glorified war and claimed the heroes were the ones willing to fight for glory and gore. The reality is that many of them come back in body bags and a lot come back as amputees-- Their real fight just beginning. Now they have to find a reason for a future after they have given everything they had. They were heroes when they left for war and every one applauded them for going but very few people want to look at them when they come back in pieces.
    Neo gave everything he had and lost everything he cared except his belief that there should be a future. I left the movie feeling inspired and wanting to rise to the potential of being "the One".

    The spirit of Neo lives! YOU BE THE ONE!!! ...more info
  • Entertaining, if unsatisfying finish
    The biggest mistake the Wachowski brothers made with The Matrix Revolutions was assuming the audience had emotionally latched onto the characters after the first two films, when in fact they had not. True Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus are interesting, but the heart of Matrix fandom lies with the intricate philosphical constructs the films created. Matrix Reloaded had philosphical elements, which kept audience interest despite the film's weak plot line. Revolutions, on the other hand, is a pure sci-fi action flick. It asks us to care about the supporting characters in Zion, when we really don't know them that well. As a result the film is a visual feast of impressive special effects, but it feels very empty in the middle.

    What also hurt is that Revolutions splits up the lead characters, with Morpheus given little to do than play co-pilot for the finale. Potentially interesting characters like Persephone and the Merovingian disappear early on in the first act. And Agent Smith becomes the end boss for the movie because movies like these need end bosses.

    There are two dvd editions available; this 2-disc set, and a huge Matrix collection that contains all the films and bucketloads of bonus material. The bonus material on this set is already pretty decent. If you're not a huge fan but still want to own the movies, this set will fit your collection well.

    Not exactly how the Matrix should've ended, but still a good popcorn flick when you're bored. ...more info
  • Significantly underrated
    This likely superfluous review (I say "superfluous" as most people have likely already made up their mind about this highly unusual trilogy) has been a long time coming. I wanted to be sure how I felt about the movie before commenting on it for others. I enjoyed the original Matrix film but I never saw what all the hype was about. Underneath the wire-fu and the intro philosophy was, I thought, a fairly typical Hollywood action extravaganza disguised by a stylish pair of sunglasses and nifty visual effects. Good but, seriously, what's the hype about?

    To me, the sequels changed that. For one thing, different types of philosophy are explored and surprisingly few plot points are every fully resolved. I don't mean that they're not concluded, just that the Wachowski's don't sit the viewer down and didactically explain why Neo was deleted along with Agent Smith, the machine god couldn't have done that sooner, etc. Basically you have to figure a lot of stuff out for yourself.

    Let's face it, most people (even the cinematic elite) are most comfortable with Hollywood-style storytelling. So an sci-fi/action trilogy that shows a centuries-long war ending by having the pseudo-Christ figure hero sue for peace rather than a James Bond-style ending where the bad guys die and their hideout is destroyed will doubtlessly disappoint some people. Frankly, it's hard to hold that against them considering the rather formulaic, albeit legendary, first movie.

    I was rather ambivalent about the Matrix before the sequels. After the sequels, I'm still not a rabid fan but I really REALLY like the franchise a lot more for it's intellectual honesty and original storytelling.

    I do miss old school bullet time though (last seen in the original Matrix). It seems like the newer bullet time effects we see in the sequels is basically glorified slow motion most of the time.

    And guys? If people don't like the sequels, it's not really a matter of them "not getting it", but they probably just have different expectations from film as entertainment....more info
  • A Better Ending After A Muddled Middle
    After being so disappointed/confused with "The Matrix Reloaded" after seeing it in the theater in 2003, I didn't even see this film on the big screen when it came out, instead renting it once it came out on home video. After viewing, I realized that I missed the wrong Matrix film to skip for a long period of time.

    Whereas "Revolutions" does not come close to the first film in duplicating the originality of the idea, it superbly triumphs the sub-par second film by eliminating much of the philosophical mumbo-jumbo and instead focus on a plot that the average viewer has a chance to understand.

    Essentially, two things happen during the course of this film (I liken it to the Lord of the Rings series, where Frodo/Sam do their thing while the rest of Middle Earth fights Sauron): First, the city of Zion braces for (and eventually does engage) the approach machine army. The special effects in the war scenes are pretty incredible...not anything we haven't seen before, but not even as close to as faky as those in "Reloaded". The other plotline sees Neo and Trinity traveling deep into the heart of Machine City, where Neo ultimately has his final confrontation with the seemingly unstoppably Agent Smith. That final showdown is so intense (and so awaited) that it will raise the hairs on the back of your neck!

    Overall, then, this film falls somewhere in between the originality of the first installment of the trilogy and the over-the-top sequel. Upon the conclusion of "Revolutions", I (and I consider myself to be an above-average viewer of science fiction) was still a bit confused as to what had exactly transpired, but not the utter sense of confusion I felt after viewing "Reloaded". Instead, "Revolutions" prompted me to check out what people were saying on the Internet, and eventually I did grasp the fundamental concept of what had happened.

    So, if you were extremely disappointed by "Reloaded" and vowed to never view another Matrix film ever again, I strongly suggest that you give this one a try, as it completes the story of Neo in way that you can understand (even if it MAY take a little extra help from Internet scribes!)....more info
  • There is something missing in //Revolutions//

    If you've watched the First Maxtrix then you thought it was pretty cool and the most orignal thing you've seen since Anime was ever created. If you've seen the Maxtrix: Reloaded, then you'd think it like any other II sequel; lots of action, not plot at all, and had more meaningless dialouge than before (Take Terminator III). That said Matrix Revolutions loses sight of what made the "first" maxtrix great and turns out to be just another End of the world by the hands of Machines movie with the maxtrix and all its charactes slapped into it. The movie begins where it had left off, Neo is trapped between the Maxtrix and the real world and the his friends have to go and rescue him but they have to get past the Merovingian and his lackys to do this. Once they do all hell breaks loose and the machines invade Zion. The "long awaited fight" between Neo and Smith is a blanant rip off of Dragon Ball Z and is so CGI animated you will find youself skipping to a good part, but there are none (bullet time isn't cool anymore). All in all the two brothers of this "trillogy" killed what people loved about the Maxtrix and waited too long to make sequels. The characters are out of character and Carie Ann moss is so old she looks manish, Keanu Reeves has a receeding hair line, and Larunance Fishburne has gained weight. The best thing for you do is skip this movie and stick to the first Maxtrix. Its not very good. [a 3 out of 5]

    ...more info
    Alas,all good things must come to an end.Revolutions is the third and final chapter in the Matrix trilogy.With the machines mere hours from breaching mankind's last defence,Neo and his comrades must destroy the system and end the war or face extinction.Though not as thought provoking as the first film,Revolutions finally serves up some answers and delivers some truly epic scenes of all-out war.As many sequals go,combat is mostly CG driven and the plot and story seem rushed and might leave some viewers confused.While it is true that none of the sequals can ever match the originality and entertainment factor of the first Matrix film,Revolutions does provide that finality which fans have been yearning for all these years.A wise woman once said,"everything that has a beginning has an end," and through both victory and sacrifice,Revolutions delivers a fitting conclusion to this great trilogy....more info
  • The End of a Trilogy - That's It
    You'll only want to buy The Matrix Revolutions to see how the story ends. There's nothing new here, and the story is so diluted it gets boring. Not worth a second viewing. Still, I give it three stars because of the story behind the entire series. This movie itself only deserves two stars....more info
  • A Five Star Ending
    While it would be hard for any movie to top the original Matrix, this movie attempts to do so. On some levels, it is the best Matrix movie yet. It goes out with a bang. Without ruining the ending, I will say that it is a climactic experience, and keeps you pinned to your seat thirsty for more every step of the way. This movie, as well as the previous 2, belong in the collections of action fans everywhere....more info
  • Not good enough for the budget it had...
    While I loved the entire series, overall - "Reloaded" and "Revolutions" had what, 10 times the budget of the original film - and failed to pack as much of a punch.

    "Reloaded" and "Revolutions" seemed to spend more time building on all the obscure religious references than actually continuing where the first film left off.

    What saddens me the most, in watching these two films, you walk away asking yourself where the budget went? They had millions and millions of dollars, and other than the highway scene and the sentinel attack scene - I can't think of any other significant scenes that would cost a lot to produce - where did all that money go? Sure there was a LOT of CGI, but nothing wild enough to cost millions and millions........more info
    I see no real point in jumping on the whole Matrix-sequels-bashing bandwagon, per se. Sure, it would be oh, so easy to do so, however, I feel that the sequels themselves do a far better job of cannabilising themselves without needing my help.
    Instead, I have chosen to limit my review to one aspect of REVOLUTIONS which I feel completely undermines the entirety of the (so-called) trilogy. Namely, the death of Trinity.
    Sure, tragedy makes for great drama and what can be more tragic than the death of a main character? However, keeping in mind that the Wachowskis emphasised that RELOADED & REVOLUTIONS were in fact a single story/script that they chose to cut into two (Which in itself begs the question, does that mean there's still one remaining Matrix film left to be made? MATRIX RESUSCITATED, perhaps?), well, in killing off Trinity, the Wachowskis made damn sure that the whole dramatic thrust of RELOADED - namely, Neo dreaming of Trinity's demise and trying to prevent it from happening was really just a pointless exercise in wasting the audiences sweet time. And you can read into Trinity's (and Neo's for that matter) demise as much hidden meaning as you like. It still ranks as stupid! Which, ultimately, is all that the Matrix films really are. No amount of faux philosophical rambling (it's called HYPE, people!) can ever disguise the truth (or is that Truth?) - namely, if it smells like, looks like, feels like a turd, you don't have to swallow any coloured pill to make up your mind that it is, in fact, a TURD. You have all been warned. Oh, and steer well clear of chat-rooms inhabitted by sleazes signing on as Morpheus. There ARE laws against that kind of behaviour, you know!
    Oh, and if you ever feel like watching films that are the real deal (ie: intellectually stimulating and mind bending) I recommend VIDEODROME and EXISTENZ, both great films from David Cronenberg....more info
  • "Which creature in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?" Riddle of the Sphinx
    The first installment of the trilogy deals with birth or rebirth. The second deals with life or what we make of life and our choices. The third installment deals with death or our own and mortality; it looks like Neo or anybody involved will never become that creature that walks upon three.

    It looks like Neo (Keanu Reeves) is going to have to make some Neolithic choices. While the people of Zion prepare for their eminent, annihilation Neo not knowing what the larger picture is the stress his instincts and search for a better solution.

    For those people that are not interested in the big solution. We have plenty of action and agent Smith running amok or several moks are not only threatening mankind, but the matrix itself, and even more. It is threatening the machine world.

    At one point, Neo finds himself in a subway station which they collect train station, between two worlds; I think that it would have been more dramatic if they had called this construct "The Waiting Room" as that's what they were called in days of old.

    The Blu-ray version has all the standard extras including voiceovers picture is a picture and the initial advertisements; most of these extras repeat themselves in other extras.

    The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real (Popular Culture and Philosophy)
    ...more info
  • "Where there is a beginning, there is an end..."
    The film picks up from where The Matrix Reloaded left off and continues to shed light on Neo and his quest to save humanity. The "mother of all battles" awaits and this time it all comes to an end...
    Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lawrence Fishburne, Hugo Weaving, and the rest of the cast have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are exceptional to say the least! All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)! Very well written and very well presented, the movie is without a doubt one that can be watched over and over again.
    The plot, the setting, the SPECIAL EFFECTS, the music, and the battle scenes are all EXCELLENT! The Matrix Revolutions is guaranteed to provide for an evening's entertainment. In addition, it is one of those films that gets you and keeps you thinking long after it's over.
    In conclusion, the Matrix Trilogy, as a whole, is one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection!
    ...more info
  • Is this the Sci Fi Channel?
    After watching this movie i wasn't as dissapointed as i when i saw the Matrix Reloaded, because i wasn't expecting much better. I was surprised that this movie is actually a little worse than the one before it. To me their wasn't even much fighting in this movie. To me there was just guys in robot suits, screaming, shooting aimlessly upwards. When watching the two sequeals to the Matrix we forget how great a movie the first one was. It was groundbreaking and very entertaining. Somehow the sequels turned into something that belongs on the Sci Fi channel and not on the big screen. The two sequeals contained nothing but cheap acting that was overdramatic and it seemed like everyone was trying to hard. Some parts of these sequals I thought I was watching Star Trek. After watching these sequals i think it is better if we pretend that these were never created or were not realated in any way to the first Matrix. Seeing how terrible the sequals are, that should not be a hard task....more info
  • The funniest (unintentionally) movie I have ever seen
    I knew from the start, when Reeves was alone in the subway, that I was in trouble. "Sweet god, they are going to let him act with himself!" I think, were my exact words.

    This movie is horrible. The acting is enough to convince me that I should pack all my things and head to Hollywood straight away. No talent required apparently. It makes me scream for the days of excellent and bogus coming out of Reeves mouth.

    Matrix 3 oozes cheese in a way that would make Ed Wood's Plan Nine seem like Citizen Kane by comparison. Revolutions insults the viewers intelligence in ways that make the skin crawl. For example, how many times could it explain why they couldnt get the original actress whom played the oracle back? Changed cells? I think I counted three at least. I found myself screaming at the T.V. "OKAY!!!! I GET IT!!!!".

    A prime example of a Movie turning into a product that takes itself way too seriously, the third Matix film will forever in my mind be a horrible horrible thing. Unless you are having some friends over and want something to rag on for a while, avoid avoid avoid.

    On the bright side, you could turn off the volume is very pretty to look at.

    ...more info
  • Spoiler** Don't bother...
    I warned you. Don't see this movie - it ruins the whole concept. Instead of being the great liberator, it turns out Neo was nothing but a software upgrade. All the same violence, all the same villain, all for nothing but a sunset. Ugh. What a rip off....more info
  • man machine as defence?
    the primary defence of zion is in the hands of man operated machines - which are also designed in the shape of man - for a man to sit in and operate them. they have a machine gun fitted to each hand. is this the best that anybody would think of to ward off swarms of attacking sentinels? even traditional machine guns in stone bunkers as used in the two world wars would have been much more effective than these man machines.

    apart from this the plot is also a bit too convoluted to merit any special mention.

    matrix 1 was fantastic. reloaded was eye candy par excellence. but revoutions is a let down!...more info