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Arm's Reach Natural Original Co-Sleeper
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Product Description

The Original Bedside Co-Sleeper allows your baby sleeps snugly and safely alongside your adult bed. Fits beds between 24" high and converts to a bassinet and a play yard.

The Original Bedside Co-Sleeper is a unique creation that allows you and your baby to sleep safely and comfortably next to each other from the moment you both come home. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, the Co-Sleeper enables you to reach over and draw your baby close for feeding without disturbing the warmth and security of either of your beds. Attached to your bed under the mattress, the Co-Sleeper is securely strapped in place and it easily connects to any size bed, including the California King adult bed. By folding up and fitting into a nylon carry bag with a sturdy handle, the Co-Sleeper is portable and able to fit into the overhead compartment of most commercial airlines.

The Original Bedside Co-Sleeper can be converted to a bassinet that holds up to 30 lbs or until your baby can roll from side to side. The Co-Sleeper also converts into a handsome and sturdy play yard with a double trampoline floor and industry-approved safety locking arms. Not intended for use by children old enough to climb out.

The Original Bedside Co-Sleeper includes co-sleeper frame (natural frame with the natural, tan gingham and pink gingham liners and blue frame with the blue gingham liner), one short liner in either deluxe natural, tan gingham, blue gingham or pink gingham fabric (click on large picture for fabrics), one cotton fitted sheet, one inch mattress pad and fits beds 24" high. If your bed is higher than 24", you can purchase Leg Extension Kits. The patented Arm?s Reach Co-Sleeper Frame is made of powder coated steel tubing and the liner and fitted sheet are made of a soft, machine washable 35% cotton/65% polyester fabric. Measures 40" long x 28" wide x 31" high

  • For bed heights of 24 inches - leg extensions available for larger beds
  • Use as a bassinet, changing table, and playard
  • Connects to twin, full, queen, king and California King mattresses
  • Holds one or two babies comfortably
  • Research suggests that the practice of co-sleeping may reduce the incidence of S.I.D.S.

Customer Reviews:

    This co-sleeper is the best!! If you are thinking of getting anything other than this (i.e., bassinet, `cradle) don't!!! Get this. Item give baby enough room to grow and move. Waking up every three hours is hard enough! With this co-sleeper, you can omit having to leave your cozy bed (if breastfeeding). Just reach over and pick up your baby and feed. It sits right by your bed and is safe!! ...more info
  • No assembly troubles
    Not sure what all the fuss is regarding assembly. I just unpacked and assembled it a few minutes ago with no trouble. Assemble is probably too strong a word, there is no actual assembly or tools involved. As for the weight, maybe 15 pounds, certainly nowhere near 50.

    The instructions seemed sufficient although I didn't really need to use them.

    Basically, if the fear of difficult assembly reported here is your only concern, don't let that stand in the way of choosing this item.
    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I still have two more months before my son is born and I can test this product out for real, but it has been sitting by my bedside waiting for that day. This the easiest thing I've had to set up out of all the baby products that I have bought. It's sturdy and very easily to fold down.

    1. Be sure to set it up in the room that you are going to use it in. I made the mistake of opening it up in my living room and then I had to fold it back down to fit it through my doorway to get it back into my bedroom.
    2. The sheets that go with it are too expensive! I bought portable crib sheets and they fit just fine. They may be made for a mattress that is slightly narrower and longer, but they have an elastic fitted band which makes them perfect for the mattress in this co-sleeper. Plus they are about $8 as opposed to $15, available at BabiesRUs and there are more colors to choose from.
    3. Be sure to measure the height of your bed first! My mattress is only 18 inches high, so I'm going to have to adjust the bed frame to make it work.
    4. You don't have to pay $180 for it. I found it at for $155 including tax and shipping. ...more info
  • Heavy and bulky
    I purchased one of these for my baby due in November because I thought it would be easy to use - to have a play yard and a sleeper in one. I was wrong! This thing is hard to put together and hard to take down - and there is no way I would even bother packing it around for a play yard - it's way to bulky and heavy!!
    The mattress it comes with is to hard so we had to purchase a portable crib mattress to put on top of the mattress it came with. I think I could of spent 150 dollars on other things for my baby. ...more info
  • Not Essential
    First, this is a high-quality product. However, now that my daughter is 3 months old, she is in her own room across the hall. This was quite a lot to spend on something that she has outgrown already. If you want a co-sleeper, I would recommend the mini. The original takes up half of the side of my bed which made getting in and out of bed very difficult, particularly in the first weeks after my c-section. I bought bed risers to make it tall enough next to my bed, and it was still awkward to bring my baby to bed to nurse.
    Also, you don't need the co-sleeper sheets; just buy general sheets for a play yard. They're cheaper....more info
  • We love this!
    We were given this co-sleeper by a friend and absolutely love it. The baby is close by and it makes night time feedings go much smoother....more info
  • Sturdy, attractive, and versatile
    We received the original co-sleeper as a gift. We also considered getting a mini co-sleeper and a pack'n'play or similar playard.

    The main advantage of the co-sleeper is that you can attach it to your bed so you can reach your baby without getting up. The original co-sleeper can also be used as a playard. The playard capacity is up to 50 pounds, most brands are only rated to 30 lb. Similarly the bassinet level rating is 30 lb. and most brands go to 15. The co-sleeper itself is about 2 or 3 pounds heavier than a typical playard. The width is 28" so the co-sleeper can go through our 29" doorways without collapsing, unlike several playards that are around 31".

    There is a trick to collapsing the top bars - you have to pull the bar upwards when you press the buttons, then it's easy. (otherwise you can push until your thumbs are purple and nothing happens) This is explained on their website and SHOULD have been included in the manual.

    I had a lot of reservations after reading other reviews here but am glad I chose to keep the co-sleeper and expect it to use it constantly. Also, the Arm's Reach canopy is really strong and beautiful and I'm confident it'll keep the cats out....more info
  • Okay, but a little large for an infant
    I think this is a great quality product, and I love the idea of it. However, I find that my son whose 7 weeks old is just not comfortable in it. It's not very soft and it's just so big for him right now. I can get him to sleep in it only if he's completely zonked out beforehand.
    I think the mini co-sleeper might have worked better for us in the beginning. The original might be better as he gets older and can use the play pen part of it.
    I do have to add that directions were somewhat difficult to understand without going over them many, many times....more info
  • Does what it says
    This product does what it says - it remains by bedside - is sturdy - saves you getting out of bed when feeding and is comfortable enough for my baby who has been sleeping there for over three months. It is a little short but this is OK and is still safer than a normal bassinet. ...more info
  • Terrible to assemble
    After my husband and I put this together using the TERRIBLE directions, we've been using this as a free-standing bassinet for the past 5 months (not attached to the bed, as some people do). My daughter has been sleeping in it just fine. However, we attempted to fold it up to take it with us on a weekend away from home recently. What a nightmare to collapse! Again, the directions are of absolutely no help. It was impossible to get the whole thing into the carrying case and get it zipped up. Also, this thing weighs a ton. I now realize I need to buy something else to use when travelling. How annoying. Bottom line: if you're going to set this up and never take it down, it's fine (once you initially get it put together, that is). However, if you think you'd like to use this on an occasional overnight trip away from home, forget it! ...more info
  • Good for keeping baby close
    I bought this to have baby close by for night time feedings. I saw it in a store before buying online and chose it over traditional bassinets which seemed very small and pack-n-plays which seemed kind of flimsy. The mattress is firm and feels very safe where as the pack-n-plays mattresses seemed to have a lot of give to them, which didn't seem very secure. I can't complain about the quality of this product however, I will agree with other reviewers that it was difficult to put together and I don't think it would be easy to travel with because of the difficult set-up and how heavy it is. Also I am not using the straps to secure it to the bed, because I don't feel they are necessary. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep baby close without having baby in the bed....more info
  • Received Yesterday, Returning it Today
    I just received our co-sleeper yesterday but am returning it today. I purchased the co-sleeper because my seven-week old son sleeps great when he sleeps with us, but slept very poorly in his bassinet. If you haven't bought a bassinet yet then I can see how this product would be just as good, but it basically is a large bassinet. I thought it would be directly even with our mattress so I could snuggle my son at night, but the mattress sits a couple inches below the side of the co-sleeper, making it impossible to cuddle up with him. ALSO...the mattress it comes with is EXTREMELY HARD. I know babies are suppose to sleep on hard surfaces, but this is so hard it has to be uncomfortable. VERY DISSAPOINTED. We also have a pack n' go bed which is pretty much THE SAME thing as this co-sleeper. The only difference is the co-sleeper has one side that folds down....more info
  • safe and close
    i found this very nice. close at hand to keep baby near. i wish it was about 1 inch taller. but it is so nice to have our daughter next to us and to know that she is getting the benefits of sleeping near us but with out the fear of us smothering her. very easy to set up and take down....more info
  • We love our Co-Sleeper!
    We love using our Co-Sleeper. We were not comfortable having our baby sleep across the room in a crib, and I was initially worried about having the baby sleep in our bed. The Co-Sleeper lets our baby sleep close enough that a paranoid mom like myself can hear him breathing in the night, and can reach him quickly when he wakes up. I also love that it is easy to pull him into our bed for nighttime feedings....more info
  • Not what I expected
    I got the original thinking that I would be able to nurse my baby while he was still in the co-sleeper. But you can't, you must lift the baby out of it, which completely wakes him up. He just ended up in bed with me, while the co-sleeper collected dust.
    I found assembly to be average. If you have a brain in your head, you can assemble this. It's not "intuitive" and I think that is what most people complain about.
    My son hated the play yard. But that is just him!
    Overall, I wish I hadn't gotten this, as it wasn't what I expected....more info
  • Perfect for working/nursing moms
    I used this co sleeper with my son up until he was 7 mos old. He is now 2 and we are expecting our second any day now. I can't wait to set it up. It was a lifesaver when I returned to work because my son nursed every 2 hours up until 6 mos old. I didn't have to get out of bed to feed him and it made him feel safe to be next to his mommy and daddy.

    The mattress they provide is too firm so I suggest you get a portable crib mattress that will fit. I haven't tried the one I got yet so I'm not sure which one is ideal.

    I personally didn't set it up so I can't relate to the concerns of others. My husband sets it up and takes it down which is not often. We use a second-hand playpen on trips. He hasn't complained about it. Maybe some sighs of frustration. Still well worth it....more info
  • A definite must have!!
    I can't imagine not having had this product when our baby was a newborn. We absoultely loved it. Yes it is big but you can use it as a pack and play when your baby begins to pull up, we have just turned it into a play yard and it works wonderfully. I will admit that it was hard to put together the first time, but converting it to the play yard was a snap. I would reccomend this product to new parents any day. A definite must have!!!...more info
  • Not advised for after a C-section.
    I read all the reviews on this item and fell in love with the idea of having my baby close to me at night without being in the bed with my husband and I. After having an unexpected C-section, my limited mobility, and discomfort made the arms reach seem impossible. Which it was. The "original" version is huge. It took up more than half the length of our bed. Which made getting in the bed at the foot of the bed, and wiggling my way up, after having surgery an impossible mission. Especially since we have a high bed. I was way too sore to move like that. And, trying to get out of the bed was just as difficult. Especially if you were in a hurry.

    Once I healed from my surgery and attempted to sleep in the bed with the arms reach, I found that it did not come up level with the mattress. This meant that I had to lean over quite a ways to pick-up the baby. And, from a some-what laying position, this is puts quite a strain on the back. It would be easier if I could sit-up, but, since this version is so long, I couldn't even do that (unable to put my legs over the side of the bed).

    The idea of this item is wonderful. But, it ended up to be more of an inconvience. I will probably use it as a playpen, but at this time, I have taken it down and resorted to using the crib for my 3 month old.

    I hope this helps. ...more info
  • Way too difficult to be portable and poor sleeping surface
    I though it was just me but after reading several other reviews I see that others agree on just how difficult this thing is to assemble/disassemble. The locks are impossible, the items do not quite fit right, and it would be impossible to get this thing into its "travel bag." The mattress is thin and very lumpy; each fold in this mattress causes hard lumps. I bought this product thinking I could use it as a portable play yard after my baby out grows the co-sleeper aspect but there is no way. I recommend you avoid this product! ...more info
  • Great product, needs better mattress
    I've been co-bedding with my 5 month old son since he's been with us, but we recently decided to move to a co-sleeper to give my husband and I a bit more space. I have friends who used it and read all the amazing reviews so it was a no brainer. We've run into a few problems: First we have a modern platform bed that is low to the ground and even at it's lowest the co-sleeper is several inches to high so we've had to switch bed frames for now. Second the co-sleeper mattress is rock hard and actually sits down about 4 inches from the divider- since I'm used to having him in my arms for night nursing I didn't want to have to reach in and pick him up. We solved both of these issues by purchasing 2 portable crib mattresses. Now he has a softer surface to snooze on and I can simply slide him over to nurse or roll myself right up to him... we'll have to remove one of the mattresses once he's a bit bigger so he doesn't fall out, but for now it works! Hope this helps!

    *** I'm adding this a few months after use- I like the idea of the extra space offered by having the co-sleeper attached to the bed, but our son is now 9 months old and has actually slept in it only a handful of times... still prefer to have him in the bed with us! ...more info
  • A portable crib that sits away from the bed is easier to use
    I have used the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper for the past three months, and I have found it convenient to have my daughter close by to breastfeed during the night without having to go into a different room. I appreciate having my baby close by, but still having enough room in our queen size bed for my husband and me.

    As mentioned in other reviews, the mattress is thin and much harder than the firm crib mattress required for safety. Even with an additional thick mattress, my baby seems uncomfortable, and she sleeps better in her crib when she takes naps during the day.

    The divider between the co-sleeper mattress and my mattress is raised, requiring me to pick up my baby to move her to my bed to breastfeed. Because the co-sleeper is right next to my bed, I can't simply swing my legs over the side of the bed to sit up. I either have to sit cross legged or kneel on the bed. It doesn't sound like a huge inconvenience, but when you are getting up every three hours, it would be nice to just swing your legs over the side of the bed.

    The co-sleeper also takes up a lot of space and when I need to get out of bed, I have to scoot all the way to the end of my bed to get out. I have a small bedside table that causes me to have the co-sleeper a little farther down. It can be difficult to manuever down the bed when I'm carrying my baby.

    Since I have to sit up, pick up my baby, and move her to my bed to feed her, I tried a portable crib that sits slightly away from the bed and it was much more convenient. ...more info
  • I'm not that happy with the co-sleeper
    I bought this thinking it would be perfect. I love co-sleeping with our children, but knew it would be too crowded with both my husband, myself, our 3 year old for half the night and the baby. So we got the co-sleeper for the baby to sleep in. It wasn't as great as I had heard....

    My main complaint is that the co-sleeper is too low (even with the leg extensions). My 10 pound newborn (and now 17 pound four month old) is just to heavy to lift awkardly out of the co-sleeper and onto the bed when it's time to nurse.

    My other complaint is that the mattress of the co-sleeper is too hard. You might as well let your baby sleep on the floor, it's that hard.

    Additionally, it's so hard to get out of bed with the co-sleeper there. You have to crawl down to the end of the bed to get out.

    I think we will just be putting my baby's crib in our room, it would be much more comfortable for him (The mattress is much nicer) and easier for me to get him in and out of.

    Considering the price and the above complaints, I wouldn't reccommend buying a co-sleeper.

    ...more info