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Spyro: A Hero's Tail takes you back to the world that tough little dragon, for all-new platforming adventure! Spyro must save the Dragon Realms from an evil dragon who has planted life-sapping dark gems all over the Dragon Realms. Seek out and destroy all of the Dark Gems to return the lands back to normal. A Hero's Tail is the greatest Spyro adventure ever!

  • Fight to stop the evil dragon from controlling the world
  • Travel through great-looking levels with all kinds of obstacles to challenge Spyro and his crew
  • Choose from 5 characters as you seek out the legendary Dark Gems
  • Use a full set of new dragon powers and abilities, plus new gadgets to help get a tail over Spyro's opponents

Customer Reviews:

  • buy it on sale
    i got this game for christmas totally unexpected. i was very excited as i love and own all of the spyro games. it was hard to get used to the change in button's, but you get over it. i just finished the game today. some of it was very cool. i loved the large worlds and graphics were great. i don't like blink at all! he is so slow!! anyway like i said i finished the game today. you have to gather all 100 eggs and they tell you to take them back to the nursery nanny. so i expect this other world to open up or new abilities or something. but NOOOOOOO. nothing. nada. big, huge, disapointment!!!! i am going to sell mine....more info
  • Worthy of the Spyro name
    So, like most people say, this game is a bit of a departure from the first 3 games on the PS1. The biggest reason for that is that Insomniac is no longer at the helm. But regardless of it's differences, the game is still fun and certainly worthy of the Spyro name, unlike the last release Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.

    Different doesn't always equal bad, and that is quite true for this game. First for the worlds: This is probably the biggest difference from the old games. The old games had overworlds with portals to different levels. How this game differs is that there is just one huge world and accomplishing certain tasks during gameplay essentially opens up the next area. So instead of roaming around and choosing which level to enter, the gameplay is very linear. Finish the task in area A, move on the area B. Finish the task in B and move on to C.

    Along the way there are side missions. Play as sparks in flying first-person-shooter style. Also is the introduction of a mole critter who helps Spyro out by searching underground for crystals. For these missions you play as the mole and kill spiders while making your way along the path which involves using puzzle solving skills and using special moves.

    Basic movements and the camera are still the same. The music is a little different, though still light fare. Breath abilities are actually put to use unlike in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.

    So, yes, this game is different from past Spyro games, but to me that is half the fun. To me, the game makers wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't experiment a little with the games. Just keep a bit of an open mind and have fun. I certainly did....more info
  • Spyro: A Hero's Tail
    I have the demo disk of this and I played it. As it turned out, it was awesome!!! The graphics are pretty great and all. There is a few strange and different things. They all have different voices(except Blink because he hasn't been in recent games), Moneybags is looking different now, and The flame button used to be the circle button and now it is the square button. Charge used to be the square button now it is the circle button. When I first played this game, I thought it wouldn't be all that great. It was!!! I might be getting this for Christmas. If I do, I will play it for quite a while. Since we'll probably have winter break off in school during December,(If I get the game that is)I will play this game constantly. And for all those Spyro Fans out there, I just want you to know this: I am Spyro's Number#1 Fan!! Well, see ya....more info
  • Perfect Spyro Experience
    I was really impressed with the game in general. It's really close to the original Spyro in concept. It's a bit different with different characters and music and such but it needed something different to keep it from getting boring. I'm having a blast with this! ...more info
  • Adult reviewer... Best game I've ever played!
    I've played this game about 5 times now and I can tell you it is the most addicting, fun, frustrating and wonderful game I've ever played! I love Hero's Tail so much that I was going to buy all the original Spyro PS1 games too but after a couple of hours of playing Gateway to Glimmer (aka Ripto's Rage/Spyro 2) I decided against it. The difference between the graphics, maneuverability and camera angles of Hero's Tail vs. Glimmer is enormous. Hero's Tail on the other hand is not only fun to play and lovely to look at, but is incredibly clever, thoughtful, well laid out, and fantastic for both kids and adults alike. A note however: some of the side challenges can be quite difficult and the only way to get through them is to die repeatedly until you've mastered the skills. But persevere and I guarantee you'll be rewarded with many, many hours of addictive enjoyment! A++++...more info
  • This game is the best of all!
    Spyro: A hero's Tail is the best game I have EVER played! I already beat the game..5 days, in 5 days, I beat this. This game is very fun. But, I tell you this, the game is quite confusing at times. Remember the, "I now have a few tips" review? I sent that. You better be thinking me, 'cause that sorta helped me out myself. If this is a help, I'll list the bosses you fight in order: Gnasty Gnorc, Ineptune, Red, And finally, Mecha-Red. Mecha-Red is extremely fun to fight, however, a little hard as well, but very fun. Okay, I'm done, comment as you please...more info
  • Great!!
    This game is great. I like that it is challenging. I like the action. It is a very cool game!...more info
  • If you liked the first trilogy at all...
    ...don't buy this game. While many people try to accept a new entry to a game franchise with an open mind and acceptance for originality, it's necessary for a new game to follow a criteria of it's predecessors at least to some degree - otherwise, it would be a totally different game. Such is the case with Spyro: A Hero's Tail. I'll keep it simple and break up the aspects of the game into their respective components with some regard to the original games:

    Plot: Cookie cutter, but not too bad; Bad guy attacks the good guys and unlikely good guy must stop him after dispatching his henchmen.

    Characters: Ouch. None of the voices are the same and most sound either over-exaggerated or bored-out-of-their-minds. Spyro has become a dragon who saves the realms because he probably should, and it's practically a chore for him. Moneybags is now a jolly, middle eastern-type trader, not a snobbish, greedy aristocrat. Sparks is a whiny complainer who does his side-missions because Spyro forces him to. In the brief cameo that Bentley has, he's a clumsy, dopey wimp who has to ask Hunter to clear his house out of Gnorcs instead of going in and bashing them himself. The names of dragon elders from Spyro the Dragon have been assigned to weird hermit-like dragons (one of which is quite obviously gay) who live by themselves. The professor, when compared to his previous incarnations, is just plain stupid. The rest of the returning characters are more-or-less the same and the new ones are nothing interesting.

    Setting: Where the heck are we? Not the Dragon Realms I remember. While the environments are large, unique, and original, they lack a certain fantastic element that the original worlds possessed. They also lack transportation via portals - a fun navigation that was a staple of the first three.

    Graphics: I'll give 'em this one. The worlds, characters, and other visuals have pretty good scope and detail.

    Gameplay: If I could sum it up in a single word it would be this: Clunky. The decision to switch the controls for charge and flame is one that I can't fathom and most of Spyro's moves tend to drag (when gliding, for example, Spyro moves vertically [down] almost faster than he does horizontally). Sgt. Byrd's new rocket wings are kind of fun to use, but when he's on land, he's slower than "a Molten Crater Fire Slug". Hunter's playability isn't that bad. And Sparks...well, I'll get to him later.
    Acquiring new breath moves has fun that wears off quickly, and making your way through a single area is like making your way through one unique place five times. Also, most of the things you can acquire at Moneybag's shop (that's right, shop. He no longer sells animals, bridges, and doors)are worthless. A fire-bomb, for example, is supposed to be an upgrade to your flame-breath, but has zero-range and is less powerful against enemies and treasure chests.

    Sound: I already covered voices. As far as music goes, if you were to ask me how a tune for any level in any of the first three games goes, I could probably hum or whistle it off the top of my head. In this game, the only music I can remember is the quirky, annoying, army-march-like music in Sgt. Byrd's levels. Sound effects are okay, but tend to get annoying.

    Mini-Games: Some are fun. Others make you want to shoot yourself in the head. Of the fun ones are Sgt. Byrd's flying levels, Hunter's levels, and maybe a couple cannon-shooting levels. The rest? Bleh! The very worst are Sparks' minigames. A player will come across a crack in the wall (conveniently labeled with a sign that has Sparks' face on it), Sparks will complain about how he'll go into the crack to find an egg or light gem if he has to, and then you'll begin a rail shooter with swarms of enemies, ultra-touchy controls, and a way-screwed-up perspective (as in, it looks like an enemy bug is far away until Sparks flinches and starts blinking).

    Miscellaneous: This game takes "Comic Mischief" and gives it a hypodermic shot to the heart with a syringe full of dumb: A penguin that shivers from the cold. A Zoe whose wand zap "fries one million brain cells". Spyro explaining to a wooly mammoth how he'll defeat it by running around it and strategically hitting it three times. Gnasty Gnorc forgeting about his first encounter with Spyro and accidentally showing his polka-dot (or red heart, I don't care enough to remember) boxer shorts.
    The sheep, another staple of the original series, now look more realistic, but lose their goofy quality, and fodder in general is less creative and more sparse.

    Overall: I personally don't even consider this game to be part of the original timeline, even though it's supposed to be. The characters, setting, magic and technology, enemies, and "culture norms" have all changed. The entertainment value is extremely low and the replay value is even lower. Worlds are big but monotonous. Challenges are either pathetically easy or controller-breakingly difficult and always boring. Boss battles always consist of you running in circles around an enemy while they attack with only projectile attacks. No secret world or reward at the end of the game. No sense of satisfaction after finishing the game, just relief. If you are like me, you probably view the first three Spyro games as videogame masterpieces; original, creative, fantastic, and fresh. If so I would highly recommend you not buy, rent, or even play this game. You will save yourself money, time, and a whole lot of nostalgic heartache. ...more info
  • "A Hero's Tail" flames the Dragonfly
    When I heard about "A Hero's Tail" I had mixed feelings. After "Dragonfly", I wasn't sure about even trying the latest in the series. Well, I was wrong -not only did I try it, I had trouble turning off the PS2. While Vivendi/Universal hasn't got the touch Naughty Dog/Insomniac did, "Tail" comes closest.

    The graphics are good, the levels big, challenging and fun. Sargeant Byrd is about the best part of the game. His mini-games I went back and played repeatedly. A plus for this edition is that you don't run out of lives, although fodder can be hard to come by. And it was just too much fun to flame, freeze, bash, and bomb the Gnorcs, over, and over, and over...

    As much fun as this was, it has several drawbacks. Moneybags has this strange accent -kinda sleazy meets smarmy. You have to pay Moneybags to transport within levels. The story just doesn't seem to matter, and there was little interaction between Spyro and other characters. The progression and challenge was uneven: some of the tasks were almost impossible, others too easy. I spent way too much time trying to complete several of the mini games, but blew by the so-called bosses.

    My recommendation? Play this Spyro! Beg, borrow or buy the guide, and dash, bash, dive and freeze your way to dragon hero-dom.

    And Vivendi -next time, more edge, more interaction between the characters as the story progresses. Hey, just more story. Spyro is back!

    ...more info
  • Going to buy
    Despite the unsatisfied reviews of some people I am going to buy this game anyway. Mainly because I love Spyro and I want to own all the Spyro games. I just wish the Spyro Season of Fire and Spyro season of Ice were available for the PS2 format instead of just Gameboy! :(...more info
  • Not what I'm used to...
    Ok, first off the controls are different n take a lil getting used to and I don't understand the reasoning behind switching the buttons for charging and flaming. But I got used to em fairly quick. I was a little hesitant to buy this Spyro game after wasting $55 on Enter the Dragonfly (a major disappointment) but I took a chance and I'm glad I did. This Spryo game is a definite improvement over the previous game. I was a little disappointed that each realm only had one or two seperate worlds and I'm not a big fan of the fact that Sgt. Byrd now does the speedways as opposed to Spyro and one character I loved from other games is Sheila... where is she?! I do like Blink though but couldn't they have added him w/out bootin Sheila? Also, although he makes an appearance I was a lil disappointed that Bentley had no minigames. Overall, this game did not disappoint. The graphics are really tight and the tasks are challenging (esp the speedways which in previous games were fairly easy.. now they are more difficult to complete.) I gotta give this game an B+...more info
  • Not as good as the origional, but still good
    This game is alright. It is A LOT better than the last one, but the original Spyro games are still the best. I would rent it first, then buy it....more info
  • Fun but different
    After the last game Spyro Enter The Dragonfly, I wasn't about to put out 50 bucks again so I decided to rent it first. Turns out it's not bad. It's not the same as the first 3 but it's ok. The levels are huge, the graphics are vivid and the controls work really well. The story and missions are about the same but hey, it's Spyro.
    I think that the music and "Monet Skies" that were used in the first 3 Spyro's gave it a magical feel and that is lacking in this game. The new music gives the game a Caribbean feel. I also don't like what they did to the character of Moneybags. He was a English stuffy snob in the first 3 and they should have left him alone. I can't pinpoint the accent but they made him really obnoxious.
    I also don't like the new voices. They are horrible! Spyro use to have a little bit of an edge but his new voice makes him very wimpy.

    All in all the game was fun to play and I've decided to buy it. ...more info
  • Spyro: A Hero's Tail rocks!!!
    I don't have this game yet, however, I happen know that 3 days from now I'm getting it for Christmas. And I have the demo of this game. It rocks!!! When I beat the game, I'll give advice to those having trouble with the game!!! See ya!
    ...more info
  • Really good game
    After reading some of the reviews of this game on a Gamer's magazine and on-line I was afraid even to play it thinking that I was going to lose my time and money! So I went to the video rental store and rented it.

    I liked this game as much as a liked the first three Spyro games for the PS1; I like even more Spyro because he is now like a cool "Teenager Dragon" and Sparks can talk! and has his own mini game!. Moneybags looks kind of cool in his new costume, he is wearing a hat and clothes that makes him look like and old merchant from Europe.

    The mini games were a challenge for me on all the past versions of Spyro, but Hunter, Sgt. Bird and Blink changed that and was fun this time, specially the flying parts that for me were frustrating before.

    I consider Spyro a good game for kids since is not as violent as many others games are. I play a lot of Mature rated games full of blood and violence (hey, I am 36 years old) but they make me tired, Spyro is awesome and I can play this games for hours and hours of enjoyment.

    My recommendation, rent the game first, if you like it, buy it, if you don't like it, you had only lost the rental money and a few hours of your time.
    ...more info