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Spyro A Hero's Tale
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Product Description

Spyro: A Hero's Tail takes you back to the world that tough little dragon, for all-new platforming adventure! Spyro must save the Dragon Realms from an evil dragon who has planted life-sapping dark gems all over the Dragon Realms. Seek out and destroy all of the Dark Gems to return the lands back to normal. A Hero's Tail is the greatest Spyro adventure ever!

  • Fight to stop the evil dragon from controlling the world
  • Travel through great-looking levels with all kinds of obstacles to challenge Spyro and his crew
  • Choose from 5 characters as you seek out the legendary Dark Gems
  • Use a full set of new dragon powers and abilities, plus new gadgets to help get a tail over Spyro's opponents

Customer Reviews:

  • Very fun - a bit child-like.
    The fun factor is very high is this game. Easy to learn and play. Great for escaping reality into the happy land of Spyro. Not an award winner for originality. A bit child-like in nature but overall very enjoyable. This is what games should be. There's enough blood and violence and darkness in the real world....more info
  • Whole Day Addiction. . .
    VERY ENTERTAINING, addictive, and fun.

    Graphics were fine, colorful and pleasant, but not shockingly beautiful like in "Harvest Moon" or "Myst" games. They are probably average for games released in FY05, which is to say fairly crisp and enjoyable.

    I shelled out the $50 for this game because I have a cold and I thought it might help take my mind off my runny nose. It sure did! The afternoon flew by (and today I feel much better). So far the hardest challenge has been successfully completing 1:42 Sgt. Byrd flying-obstacle-course/shoot-em-out. It took me, well, more than 10 tries. (We'll leave it at that. I'm not a very talented computer-flier.) Otherwise, the enemies seem to die pretty easily when confronted with my fire-breath. The challenges are varied, and the game provides lots of exploration adventure. It requires many drago-acrobatic maneuvers, most of which are achievable within 1 to 3 tries. (Not too frustrating, which is good for a 30+ adult who is relatively new to gaming.)

    Overall, I would recommend it for kids or for the kind of adults who have tried Halo and found themselves stuck in a corner getting shot by everyone else. You know . . . the adventurer types who enjoy exploring fun environments and blowing up the occasional ugly bad guy, but who get bored by too much violence. ---MATA...more info
  • More Spyro fun!
    This game was pretty fun, the graphics were just beautiful. When I first got the game, it was rather difficult to beat since I was playing the original Spyro games for Playstation for so long. But than I eventually got use to it, grew to like it more and more. The game play is excellent! Spyro is re-mixed in this nice new world where everything seems connected and its like your traveling through a great big maze of colorful, cheerful, and foreboding dark worlds. You have plenty of new task to complete as well as some old ones that are vaguely familiar.
    Old Task:
    1. Collecting gems.
    2. Destroying enemies for gems.
    3. Flaming weaved baskets and ramming steeled/iron chest.
    4. Egg Thieves, catch the thief of course, to collect an egg. Although the thieves look a LOT different now and there are ten eggs to a set, that if you collect them all, allows you to receive or get to do something special.
    5. Ramming through cracked walls or blowing through blocked off entrance ways with a cannon.
    6. Spark Shooter, which is different but still familiar, not as hard as the original shooter from Spyro: Year of the Dragon for Playstation.
    New Task:
    1. Completing St.Byrd flying levels.
    2. Hunter Level, where you play as Hunter using a bow to collect an light gem and egg.
    4. Blink, where you play as a mole to collect 5/10 Dark Gems.
    5. And other random characters that need your help throughout the game.
    6. Collecting Light Gems.
    7. Collecting Dark Gems.
    Old Moves:
    1. Flame.
    2. Jump.
    3. Walk.
    4. Running (although its more of a "bucking," gallop now).
    6. Head bash.
    New Moves:
    1. Double Jump.
    2. Electric Breathe.
    3. Water Breathe.
    4. Ice Breathe.
    You can also buy different missiles or collect them about the world to beat enemies that might be out of reach. There are also a number of items you now have to buy. Instead of collecting gems to collect them all, you now have to collect them to buy things. Money Bags has changed a LOT! He is now more annoying than ever, having you hand over your gems to buy items to get farther in the game in shops in the home world, he even has his little portals where you can buy them which cost twice as much in the mini worlds! There are Spark Keys you have to collect to open locked chest that ether give you a Light Gem or an Egg, there is also a nice new set of horns that you can buy that increase the damage and force your Head bash move does, there is a bottle of butterflies that you can buy too that allows you to have an extra set of full life incase you die and much more!
    You can also play as difference characters in the game, besides the ones already listed above, like Flame or Ember. Of course, you have to collect all ten eggs of a set to play as one. When you do though, they still have the voice of Spyro, so it kind of takes away from being that new character.
    The Worlds?
    There are numerous worlds that you travel to and at least four homes worlds where you start from.
    1. You first start at Dragon Village, where it is has two other worlds you can travel to, Crocovile Swamp and Dragonfly Falls. You also have to defeat Gnasty Gnorc again, who looks pretty pitiful and cheesy compared to him being the villain in Spyro the Dragon, the first game on Playstation.
    2. The second place you travel to, after defeating Gnasty Gnorc and getting the electric breathe is Coastal Remains, which you also travel to its two connected worlds: Cloudy Domain and Sunken Ruins. The Boss of this entire new world is Ineptune, who reminds you vaguely of the villain from The Little Mermaid.
    3. After defeating her you go to the home world of Frostbite Village, which also has Gloomy Glacier and Ice Citadel. After getting all the Dark Gem, you than get to face Red, well, kind of. And you travel to the last world...
    4. Stormy Beach is the last home world and is one of my favorites. The two other mini worlds in this place is Molten Mount/Magma Falls and Dark Mine, but there is also Red's Laboratory where you can finally defeat Red once and for all!
    Overall I give this game four stars. The reason behind this is, even though it's a nice game and fun to play, it can get very confusing and things seem all mused together, with barley any distinction between the worlds within the home worlds....more info
  • Spyro Hero's Tale
    This game is a challenge for this older person to play. But, I get stuck on certain levels at times. Its fun to figure out the levels....more info