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NETGEAR PS121 USB 2.0 Mini Print Server
List Price: $85.00

Our Price: $45.00

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Product Description

Netgear USB Mini Print Server PS121 - At home or office, several computers sharing a printer can be a frustrating experience. With Netgear PS121 multi-user access to your printer is now simpler than ever. NETGEAR's USB Mini Print Server does away with the hassles of sharing your printer among multiple PCs. Its easy external USB connection links one USB printer to as many as three PCs, so different network users can run multiple print jobs at the same time from anywhere on a home or office network. The attractive case design looks great in any environment, and its compact size allows you to place it close at hand or out of the way to open up your work area. Easy setup with NETGEAR's Smart Wizard Install Assistant saves you time and effort so you're up and running in minutes. Since no parallel printer cable is needed, it saves you money, too.

The NETGEAR PS121 USB 2.0 Mini Print Server offers:
  • An easy way to share a printer with multiple users on a network.
  • A USB interface that is compatible with most USB printers.
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet connection for fast data transfer.
  • A 1-year warranty.
The NETGEAR PS121 USB 2.0 Mini Print Server makes it easy for multiple users on a network to share a printer, letting you place the printer at a convenient spot for the entire office or out of the way altogether.

Multiple users on the network can share one printer with the PS121 Print Server. View larger.
Easy Setup with USB 2.0
The PS121 works with most USB port printers from HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, and others, and it supports all major Windows operating systems.

Simply plug in the PS121 to your printer with the included USB cable on one end and connect it to your network via an Ethernet cord on the other. The print server features a 10 Mbps Ethernet connection for quick data transfer and an easy-to-use web-based management tool.

Save Time, Energy and Money Using the print server eliminates the need to have a dedicated PC always-on acting as a print server, thus conserving energy and saving money. The print server supports simultaneous print jobs and an on-board memory buffer keeps prints coming out quickly.

The NETGEAR PS121 USB 2.0 Mini Print Server is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
PS121 USB Mini Print Server, resource CD, power adapter, 5-foot USB cable, installation guide, and warranty/support information card.

  • Print server lets you share a printer with multiple users on a network
  • USB interface is compatible with most printers from HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and others
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet port and on-board memory makes for quick printing
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Device measures 3.4 x 0.96 x 2.32 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Works well but setup definitely needs work
    This product is certified to work with only a few printers. The list is on NetGear's site. I tried to make it work with my Lexmark x2350ve(Color All in One). Failed miserably and tech support politely declined any further help. Then tried with Samsung ML-2010. Still did not work. Then read FAQ online and found out that Win XP SP2 interferes with setup so disabled that and now it works just fine. Pls remember to download the latest setup wizard from NetGear otherwise you will not get all the tools. All in all a good product but the 10-15 minute setup is not....more info
  • Finally got it to work with my Mac!
    My dad bought it so that we (2 PC's and a Mac) could all share 1 printer (HP OfficeJet 5610). It was easy enough to install it on the PC's, but the Mac was impossible. The documentation was incorrect, the CD was useless and Netgear's technical support was a joke. I called them and was told that it was an Apple problem and I should call Apple. Then I emailed Tech Support and they replied but what they told me did not work. Finally I added my printer as an IP printer, using HP JetDirect as the Protocol and entered the IP address and chose my driver and the test page printed! ...more info
  • This whole thing was pretty much a "bust"!
    Never have got this product to work. No documentation sent with product. Website for Netgear was confusing, as two different products are posted and there are no markings on the delivered product to tell me which product I have. Could not get telephone support from Netgear due to serial # being marked through due to reconditioned product. This whole thing was pretty much a "bust"!...more info
  • Would not work with my system
    This product was a disaster. I hate is when you spend a few hours trying to figure out how to make a product work land find in the end it is incompatible with your system. I sent this one back for a credit - waste of at least 3 hours of my time. ...more info
  • only 1 problem with the PS121...
    It doesn't work. I spent 3 days trying but it just doesn't work. I have a an Epson R200 printer and I run Windows XP. Probably my fault it doesn't work? Nope... I purchased a Linksys WPS54G and 10 minutes after I had it out of the box it worked. All 3 of my computers print just fine now. Netgear support is worthless. Yes, I tried turning off my firewall... turning off Epson print monitoring, disabled bidirectional support, different spooling options bla bla bla... the thing does not work. Do yourself a favor... spend the extra $40 or so and buy the WPS54G. The wireless ability of the WPS54G is cool since I can put my printer anyway in the house now......more info
  • Bad product, poor customer service
    I have worked with PCs since 1985 and I could not get this print server to work after many hours of trying. There is no point in explaining my experience, it simply should not be this difficult...more info
  • worked with my samsung ML-2010
    If you are not sure it worked with your printer, mine is ML-2010 from Samsung and it worked like a charm. Set up took 10 min max!...more info
  • Netgear PS121 print server
    It works great for printing. I would have given it 5 stars except that the fax and scan functions don't work with the Panasonic KXFLB811 I have attached to it from network PCs....more info
  • Worked Well with Brother HL-2070N Printer
    The PS121 worked well with my Brother HL-2070N and is said to also work with my Brother HL-5140 (although I haven't tested that printer yet). I run XP Pro with SP3.

    The reason I gave the NetGear PS121 four stars is that I can't figure out how to prevent a single PJL command page ([...]) from printing on the first job from each application (Word, Outlook, IE, etc.) that I send to the printer without installing the printer and "NETGEAR PS121v2 Smart Wizard" print server software on every PC (the manual method below results in the PJL command page issue) using the install CD. By the way, if you delete the network printer installed by the CD under "Printers and Faxes", the CD will not be able to reinstall the printer because the standard port name is still in the Registry and is seen as being "used" as noted in step 5. You will need to delete these entries before being able to reinstall the networked printer using the CD. Also, don't try to rename this networked printer entry or you'll get a printer error.

    Here are the steps I used to manually install my printer (I don't like loading any software that isn't essential). However, as noted, I couldn't get around the PJL issue noted using this manual method.

    1. Before you begin, install the printer locally to the PC by adding it under "Printers and Faxes" and browse to the printer drivers when prompted. Print a test page to confirm the installation of the printer locally. Once the printer is working when directly connected to your PC, plug the printer into the PS121 Print Server and plug the PS121 into your router. Finish, by plugging in the power supply to the PS121.

    2. Click on Start, then Control Panel, then Printers and Faxes. Click "Next" at the Printer Wizard window and then click to set up a "Local Printer" with the "Automatically detect" box unchecked.

    3. Click to "Create a new port" and then select "Standard TCP/IP Port".

    4. Open the interface on your router/firewall and find out what IP address is being assigned to the NetGear PS121 Print Server. Configure the router/firewall to assign the same IP address to the MAC address of the PS121 Print Server every time. Note: The NetGear PS121 Print Server by default uses DHCP so it will look to your router/firewall for an IP address. If you want, you can log into the PS121 by entering in it's IP address in a web browser. The default username is "admin" and the default password is "password".

    5. Enter the IP address of the NetGear PS121 Print Server. If you like, you can rename the "Port Name" or leave it as the default, which is usually something like "IP_192.168.1.xx". Note: After a "Port" is added, the name cannot be reused even if you remove the printer that uses that port name unless you remove all entries in the Registry referring to the port name.

    6. At the next window, select "Custom" and click "Settings" button.

    7. Under "Protocol" field, select "LPR". For "Queue Name", type L1.

    8. Click Ok, then Next, and Finish.

    9. When prompted, select the printer you installed earlier.

    10. Select to keep the existing drivers.

    11. Type in a name for the printer.

    12. Select "do not share this printer".

    13. Select to print a test page.

    14. The printer shared on the NetGear PS121 Print Server will now show up under "Printers and Faxes".

    Note: I read a post on the Internet that stated the NetGear PS121 Print Server has several open ports. You may want to configure your firewall to block these ports from outside networks as there is no password authentication required to telnet, or print to the device.

    23/tcp open telnet
    80/tcp open http
    139/tcp open netbios-ssn
    515/tcp open printer
    631/tcp open ipp
    9100/tcp open jetdirect

    ...more info
  • Works OK, but. too much work getting there.
    I give this unit 2 stars mostly because it's inexpensive. If you need to network a very basic printer, it might be for you. I purchased it for printing support on an HP OfficeJet multi-function machine. It wouldn't work after several hours of effort and I finally figured that it wasn't compatable with the OfficeJet. I did get it working quite well with a basic HP inkjet printer, however.

    Had this unit not been so cheap, it would have earned one star and a trip back to Amazon. The configuration is not straightforward, and the documentation, while pretty thorough, isn't well organized, so you spend too much time trying to figure things out.

    Following the 'quick start' instructions, you'd surmise that you just plug in the PS121 and install the software. Only after several hours effort do you discover that a number of extra 'little' steps are required to actually get the thing working.

    For example, somewhere in fine print of the documentation is a vague mention of "Server Software" that must be installed on one computer, in addition to the basic print server software. Huh, what server software? I explored the Netgear CD and, lo, I finally found the FSADMIN folder. From there, I installed the software that actually configures the PS121. Would it have been so difficult for Netgear to have, like maybe, put that on the splash screen that appears when you insert the CD???

    Overall, the install software feels sort of, well, inelegant. The FSADMIN is downright buggy (it locked up several times), and the regular configuration is not exactly seamless.

    Elsewhere in the documentation, you find another mention that the server won't be stable unless you give it a static IP address. It makes sense, however, that's not exactly a plug and play operation on the average home network.

    Finally, to echo a couple other reviews, the unit is cheap plastic, it gets excessively warm, and the lights and reset button don't work as described in the documentation.

    But if you need a basic print server for a simple printer, this unit is about as cheap as they come. Just be prepared for the install to be a bit of an adventure....more info
  • Does NOT work with HP Laserjet

    First documentation leaves a LOT to the imagination. As in, there is almost no documentation. The box comes with a "quick start" guide and nothing else. It took a long time to figure out that, I in fact was doing everything right.

    Maybe the PS121 isn't compatible with my printer an HP Laserjet 3030, it is not listed under supported or un-suported printers. Don't know, but the PS121 would hang part way into the first page of every print job.

    The only way to figure out that it has hung is to either ping the device's IP address OR connect to the undocumented webserver that it runs.

    I also own a netgear rangeMax, which has awesome wi-fi coverage (as advertized) but the most aweful setup/install I've ever experienced. For instance you CANNOT setup the rangemax unless you are connected to the Internet. But I digress... ...more info
  • Setup was a breeze for Samsung ML-2010
    Had no problems setting it up for a Samsung ML-2010. This printer was already installed on our laptops (a toshiba satellite and a compaq presario). Did not need to use the printer cd during the process. The only hitch was that the installation wizard chose to change the settings of the printer to "Use the printer offline" which was weird but that can be reset by the click of a mouse (right click on your printer icon and click on "Use the printer offline" to disable it). Entire process from opening the box to setting it up on both laptops took around 20 minutes.
    The netgear website maintains a useful list of compatible printers. Check it out before you buy this....more info
  • No Problem
    I set up my Samsung SCX 4100 to run in my network in about 10 minutes. I have attempted to get the printer to work with a network print server for over a year and none worked. This one had so many rebates attached to it that it came to <$10. At that price it was worth one mre try. The software immediately found the printer on the server and the print server wizard and the "add a new printer port" set up the printer for all of the computers on the network....more info
  • Convenience, plan and simple
    This is a great product for both Windows and Linux machines. I've been using my Linux box as a print server for my network for several years, but this is so much easier. In Linux I use it as a "Networked UNIX (LPD)" printer; the Server is the IP address you assign it from your router, and the Queue is the "Serve Name" found on the "Server Status" tab of the web page of this device; you can also find it's IP address there. Once you get it set up, it's really awesome!

    My only reason for not giving it a 5 is that there seems to be some sensitivity to the order in which you connect things. I find cat5, then power, then printer works without a problem; however, other orders probably work as well....more info
  • Finally One That Works
    After driving myself crazy with the Linksys, I finally found a print server that works with my Epson R280. The setup was a piece of cake....more info
  • Poor Purchase
    Echoing some other experiences: poor documentation, either it sets up right and goes or not; if not, you are D-E-A-D. My was going then quit. As a computer type, I am used to poor documentation and working at setting things up but when the unit does not function as advertised, then it's time to rate it accordingly: specifically, the reset button does...nothing. This renders the unit worthless as it cannot be setup since, once it falls off the network, it cannot be "found" and brought back on-line. The reset sw should allow this but, alas, it does not work as stated by others. Would not buy again and don't recommend unless you like Vegas type odds....more info
  • Mac Users Beware of this Item.
    Despite what it says on the side of the box and the manufacturer's web stie, this device is not Mac-compatible. While there are some "Mac Hacker" sites on the Internet that gave detailed instructions on how to force this device to work with the Mac OS, ultimately, I could not get it to work with my MacBook Pro and Canon S600. I returned it to get my money back. ...more info