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Battlestar Galactica
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Product Description

Presenting the Original Soundtrack to the Sci Fi Channel Original Mini-Series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA starring Edward James Olmos (MIAMI VICE, STAND AND DELIVER) and Mary McDonnell (DANCES WITH WOLVES, GRAND CANYON). Renowned composer Richard Gibbs (BARBERSHOP 2, STEP INTO LIQUID, I SPY) evocative score combines ethnic percussion, vocals, synth and orchestra to capture all the humanity and pulse-pounding excitement of this critically-acclaimed relaunching of the legendary BATTLESTAR GALACTICA saga! A must for all generations of GALACTICA fans!

Customer Reviews:

  • BSG Fan
    I was very pleased with the music selection on the CD. Out of all the songs on it, there is only one I pass on. Even if not a Battlestar Galactica fan, still very pleasant to listen to - reminds me of something between Bravehart and Gladiator....more info
  • Excellent and different
    The first thing I noticed about the show was the music- it fits the mood perfectly and is not the usual fare that tries to tell you what to feel. Then again, BSG 2003 doesn't need that. It enhances the action and doesn't distract.

    Excellent and very different...just like the show.

    ...more info
  • Diehard original series fans won't want to read this.
    The new Battlestar Galactica series on SciFi Network has radically "re-imagined" the original, upbeat 1978 cult series as seen through more jaded, post-9/11 eyes...and it works. The series is dark and melancholy - a moving story that plays upon the emotions of loss, defeat, and hope, and even moreso through its music.

    The new score by Oingo Boingo's Richard Gibbs reflects this tone through a minimalistic score meant to pull at the heartstrings rather than make you salute the Colonial Fleet. With its Middle-Eastern chord progressions and vocals, distant ambient sounds and sparse percussive sequences, the individual pieces set moods and play to emotions, and do so masterfully.

    Old-school BSG fans who (as I did at the tender age of 17) want to regale to the shiny happy 1978 version may find this new series difficult to connect with, since it combines bits and pieces of the original story with some very radical and interesting departures. I suspect this will impact listeners' interest in the soundtrack as well. That disco-era space opera feeling is nowhere to be found in the series, nor in the new soundtrack.

    If you long for triumphant, feel-good trumpet lines, go buy an Aaron Copland CD. In producer Ron Moore's universe, however, the human race is nearly extinct. That calls for a minimalistic, tense, and melancholy score. For listeners who are looking for moving, emotive and ambient washes that reinforce this 2005-era remake: this is a great CD.

    - weave...more info
  • Battlestar Galactica Sounttrack
    The Musical Score is excellent. The Disk arrived with no damage at all. Good deivery over all. ...more info
  • Emotion Evoking
    Although this is just the mini-series, a lot of the elements established in this soundtrack permiate the regular seasons. Also, the calm yet erie emotion that is evoked is very powerful and adds to the dynamic power of the disaster that has befallen humanity to the scope that Battlestar tries to reach. Watching the miniseries again after having listened to the soundtrack makes it that much more poignant. Scenes are that much more powerful, and that's without the standard hollywood blood and explosion (such as when the ships without FTL drives are abandoned to save the rest of the survivors... it's the music that really dramatizes their fate.) Some tracks may seem a bit repetative, but you can't have the full battlestar experience without this soundtrack. ...more info
  • Beautiful and Haunting
    I was really captivated by the music while watching the mini series, It never overwhelmed the imagery, didn't try to sound over the top. It worked it's magic in a very subtle manner.

    I was so happy to learn of the release of this soundtrack. I had really missed most of the music, because it was so subtle. This music is beautiful and haunting in some spots.

    The series is pretty good, too! And this is coming from a non-Sci Fi fan....more info
  • For a small-time composer...
    ...this is an amazing score. The direction taken was a refreshing change from the usual bombastic orchestral or, god forbid, the synth that we are so used to in productions of this genre. I was very pleased with the end result. The tribal drum rolls, light synth, and passionate vocals really made this score stand out from everything I've heard in recent years. Though some may find the styles of several tracks to be repetitious, I can be very sure that the soundtrack deserves at least an honorable mention. Though Bear McCreary should also be credited for several tracks. Many of the better ones too. Look forward to the release of the first season's soundtack....more info